SPYING ON MY BABY & Holiday Gift Wrapping! VLOG

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NEW VLOG!! Spoiling Ms. Peach and preparing for Christmas!! Try out the Furbo and save $25 with code ‘HOLIDAY25’ hello.furbo.com/ClaudiaSulewski
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Water bottle: amzn.to/38oRrb4
Planner: www.papier.com/us/dancers-32041
Music by trees and Lucy
Contact: BusinessClaudiaSulewski@gmail.com
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  • Billies Avocado
    Billies Avocado19 dager siden

    4:50 Shark 😅😂

  • Joe Harten
    Joe HartenMåned siden

    lol peach saying "hi mom" on the thumbnail

  • Behshid Behrouzi
    Behshid BehrouziMåned siden

    anyone else have Claudia's discount not show up with the link?

  • J G
    J GMåned siden

    892 comments from 2.37M subs. Lockdown?

  • Manaia Rosalia
    Manaia RosaliaMåned siden

    She’s so adorable

  • Nat Louise
    Nat LouiseMåned siden

    What I want to know is if she finished what was on that dinner plate all at once. I see so many people who appear thin/slim/average sized/whateveryouwannacallit serve up portions which I think are quite big and still somehow remain slim?

  • Jhennipher Barbara
    Jhennipher BarbaraMåned siden

    ... i have the exact same water bottle and for the same reason

  • Jhennipher Barbara
    Jhennipher BarbaraMåned siden

    i wish i saw the furbo thing before christmas!! i would have gotten it for my sister and her dog bentley!!

  • Woopsie YT
    Woopsie YTMåned siden

    No one: Me thinking it's about this furbo toy:

  • Iris Iota
    Iris IotaMåned siden

    Dear Claudia, I am a big fan of the way in which you spread a lot of positive messages concerning self-love, mindfulness, healthy living, etc. But I would really like to warn you about the extent to which you endorse capitalist culture (combined with insustainability and climate change inaction). The multitude of unnecessary products you present on this channel never fails to shock me. Please understand that being vegan is definitely a great step towards sustainable living, but your efforts on this front are currently completely snowed under by your capitalist, unsustainable buying and endorsing habits. Please watch this lovely video: nolocal.info/have/video/nHyLaJGctJKrnHg and undestand how companies repeatedly keep convincing consumers that they now need a new completely useless product (eg: how in the early 20th century Gilette became a massively succesful company simply through their advertising strategy of convincing women that their body hair was shameful and unhygienic, source: nolocal.info/have/video/mHWqf6ebqWts06Y). Please know that you are advocating for the 'Gilette's of 2021', and please stop, I know you're better than that. Love, Iris

  • JazVaughn
    JazVaughnMåned siden

    I was honestly so sad she didn’t do blog mad those were literally my FAVORITE VIDEOS

  • Emily Ross
    Emily RossMåned siden

    Paris’s whole bottle wriggling while she wags is the cutest thing ever.

  • K C
    K CMåned siden

    she looks like billie

  • Preslee Carson
    Preslee CarsonMåned siden

    You’re gorgeous and awesome keep being you 🙂🙂🙂

  • Sanaa Johnson
    Sanaa JohnsonMåned siden

    So no one seen Billie just me okay

  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia GonzalezMåned siden


  • angel hill
    angel hillMåned siden

    Where did you get the pink notebook planner?

  • Katrien Knox-Nielsen (ACS Beirut Student)
    Katrien Knox-Nielsen (ACS Beirut Student)Måned siden

    ik christmas finished but u neeeeeed to get shark a furbo

  • Amber Pierce
    Amber PierceMåned siden

    I’m surprised that Finneas hasn’t introduced you to Party Monster by the Siamese, you are so much smarter than him lol

  • Sarah Nicole
    Sarah NicoleMåned siden

    you're glowing 🥺

  • blue dog
    blue dogMåned siden

    THANK U CLAUDIA FOR THE PLANNER SHITTT. i've literally been struggling to find a planner that'd suit me. will def buy ur recommendation

  • Hazel Price
    Hazel PriceMåned siden

    Where is the record player stand from, I love!!!!

  • Christophe Vanhosbeek
    Christophe Vanhosbeek2 måneder siden

    When do you wanna get married and have kids? 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗just asking, i love your videos!

  • Eleanna Serrano
    Eleanna Serrano2 måneder siden

    7:11 when finneas said DO IT made me laugh so hard LOL

  • bilwvs -
    bilwvs -2 måneder siden

    KEJSSHSH SHARK IS SO FUNNY PLEASE , he was like “ where are my treats at “

  • Star S hi
    Star S hi2 måneder siden

    What lip combo are you wearing in the furbo clip? Beautiful!

  • Malar Vizhi
    Malar Vizhi2 måneder siden

    When she was doing cookies..I seriously thought it was billie

  • Miles Astin
    Miles Astin2 måneder siden

    dude, u guys have a murakami flower pillow and a BILLIE figure in ur guest room? them b*tches expensive as f*ck

  • Aiman Asyraaf
    Aiman Asyraaf2 måneder siden

    6:40 awhhh i just realized that finneas is wearing ashe'e merchh that's soo cutee they're such a good friend

  • Luis Bel
    Luis Bel2 måneder siden

    The spectacular base descriptively vanish because ink fortuitously wander to a motionless uncle. whimsical, next power

  • Sophia Gonzalez
    Sophia Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    shark at 4:49 lmaoo and at 5:50 one second of billie but thank u Claudia for making me addicted to writing in my journal everyday it feels so nice to express my feelings and my whole day out but writing it. Love u!

  • Bianca Velasco
    Bianca Velasco2 måneder siden

    I have a pitbull named Peaches too 😭

    MARIAHHH2 måneder siden

    Omg the white patch on Peaches neck fur looks like a music note! 🎶💞 1:25

  • Maria Newman
    Maria Newman2 måneder siden

    What is the planner called ?

  • h. faris
    h. faris2 måneder siden

    How can someone be so pretty??

  • Sarrinah Fatima
    Sarrinah Fatima2 måneder siden

    Dude my exams just ended and just coming back to watch her vlogs is just soo relaxing

  • Ahmed Sheashaa
    Ahmed Sheashaa2 måneder siden

    5:49 billie's green hair right there😁😁

  • aj sf
    aj sf2 måneder siden

    Bought that planner straight away

  • Alaina
    Alaina2 måneder siden

    I just ordered that water jug. The color legit looks poop brown when placing the order but yours is a black color lol

  • Nela Malecka
    Nela Malecka2 måneder siden


  • Cecelia Munro
    Cecelia Munro2 måneder siden

    Just wanted to say that I have been watching your videos since you started and it has been so cool seeing your life come full circle. You have put so much hard work into your videos and seeing them evolve through the years, as well as just seeing you evolve over the years as a person, has been incredible! I have loved watching you grow as a person and creator for so long. I literally remember watching your videos when I was in middle school (I am now about to graduate from college)!

  • Rose M Fall
    Rose M Fall2 måneder siden

    Wait where are the journals from? 🤔

  • Sydney Desbrisay
    Sydney Desbrisay2 måneder siden

    You should actually give the gifts on Christmas.. I used to put gifts in a stocking for my dog as a joke but now he expects it and gets so excited when he sees it..one year I forgot and put an old toy in and he sulked the whole day

  • Mia Faesy
    Mia Faesy2 måneder siden

    Omg my family has used homemade reusable cloth bags for all occasions since I can remember!! I didn’t realize others did that too!

  • Fleur Peters
    Fleur Peters2 måneder siden

    your editing skills really have gone though the rooooof I love it

  • Sparkles1331
    Sparkles13312 måneder siden

    Gotta move those Grammy's to make room for the Furbo... HAHAHA. This is why you're awesome, Claudia.

  • Sleepy Kitty
    Sleepy Kitty2 måneder siden

    Claudia their is a major problem that needs to be solved, some creek released this song on billies birthday and the hole song is just how he wants to touch her etc. please tell Billie so she can take it to legal action. It’s a horrible song it’s called “happy birthday Billie ellish” by hepatitisbud. And this song was being made when she was 17.

  • Vampire-Diaries-fangirl 314
    Vampire-Diaries-fangirl 3142 måneder siden

    Nice to know that my room is not the only one. But mine is way worse.

  • #landauer#cantique Cindy68
    #landauer#cantique Cindy682 måneder siden

    Pity she did not make a vidéo with billie eilish

  • Shanna Lin
    Shanna Lin2 måneder siden

    hi!! whereeee do u get your jewelry?

  • Trishna Bhachu
    Trishna Bhachu2 måneder siden

    Try the TikTok leggings !!!!!!!!

  • Leah Chen
    Leah Chen2 måneder siden

    Claudia has mastered the ability to make even printing b&w paper aesthetic

  • Hannah Donell
    Hannah Donell2 måneder siden

    There’s a setting where other people can watch your pet make sure you shut that off.

  • Vani
    Vani2 måneder siden

    I feel like Claudia and Finneas are going to be such good parents

  • monkelshit
    monkelshit2 måneder siden


  • Leticia Perry
    Leticia Perry2 måneder siden

    Tell me where I find Claudia replacing the Grammy with the Furbo to be the funniest thing in the world

  • Sadam Koorga
    Sadam Koorga2 måneder siden

    She looks very lazy

  • SincereLsabel
    SincereLsabel2 måneder siden

    I loveee Claudia soo much 😩💜

  • Emmaline
    Emmaline2 måneder siden

    Claudia, can we please hear a just a tiny bit of the podcast where you were auto-tuned? I died laughing listening to you guys explain it while I was working out 🤣 literally laughing while planking!!!!!!!! (This was at home not at a gym)

  • lesxjl
    lesxjl2 måneder siden

    Are any of Peache’s presents durable? You should do a review on them 🐶 they seem really fun, but I have a husky and she destroys EVERYTHING!!! 😂❤️

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith2 måneder siden

    fangirling over finneas’ ashe shirt 🤩

  • jenna puhzoo
    jenna puhzoo2 måneder siden

    the intro I love ah

  • MKB Kashif
    MKB Kashif2 måneder siden

    I will not say that I am a poor but I will say that I make Vlog in Village Life I think you must visit once I hope you will not be disappointed ...

  • Ines Vieira
    Ines Vieira2 måneder siden

    That planner looks dope, what brand is it or where can we get it?

  • Swanki W
    Swanki W2 måneder siden

    That Journal is so cute!

  • Kollmann Sára
    Kollmann Sára2 måneder siden

    You made me cut my hair and i love it, thank you!

  • Ana Lucia Arteaga
    Ana Lucia Arteaga2 måneder siden

    i feel claudia could play violet in a live action version of the incredibles

  • Ana Lucia Arteaga
    Ana Lucia Arteaga2 måneder siden

    finneas' ashe merch tho

  • WasteIand
    WasteIand2 måneder siden

    imagine having a fraction of Claudia's talent - I could never cut my own hair and look decent

  • Sara Sa
    Sara Sa2 måneder siden

    0:10 - where are those sunglasses from?

  • Cara Jacoborio
    Cara Jacoborio2 måneder siden

    I use the same treats for my dogs

  • willknoval
    willknoval2 måneder siden

    Claudia, where did you get that 1996 necklace from?? Help another 1996 baby out 🙃

  • Kalina Koynova
    Kalina Koynova2 måneder siden

    I love how she is reusing grocery bags as gift wrapping paper. I did that too. I think it is such a cool idea

  • Raeesah
    Raeesah2 måneder siden

    Their dog is literally cutest

  • Aly Reyes
    Aly Reyes2 måneder siden

    Dude! I got the Furbo camera from my boyfriend and it’s my FAVORITE thing ever.

  • Alexander Underwood
    Alexander Underwood2 måneder siden

    Very awesome video,two months ago I got the same product from replicaclubs..ru

  • Sadeee Tee
    Sadeee Tee2 måneder siden

    Have been watching since your middle school days! So happy for you, love you!!!

  • Yummy Food Secrets
    Yummy Food Secrets2 måneder siden


  • Cara Selby
    Cara Selby2 måneder siden

    That Peach toy montage had me cacklinggggg 😂

  • ambreen mariyam
    ambreen mariyam2 måneder siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how Maggie Baird gentrified highland park?!

  • Karen Alejandra
    Karen Alejandra2 måneder siden

    Claudia you ARE MY FAVOURITE VLOGGER you just make it so comfortable to watch you while enjoying our days and idk :') keep it up we love you

  • Aisha 93
    Aisha 932 måneder siden

    6:43 he was wearing Ashe’s T-shirt 🥺

  • Mira P
    Mira P2 måneder siden

    2:47 noo way, I also bought this bc I don't drink nearly enough water

  • Magdalena Lorek
    Magdalena Lorek2 måneder siden

    It is really sad how you treat your dog, no wonder she destroys your sofa

  • Dev Kapoor
    Dev Kapoor2 måneder siden

    4:25 talking about dog treats and very subtly flexing a Revolve award and a couple of Grammys. Okay!

  • Sarah Daniels
    Sarah Daniels2 måneder siden

    i spy billie i love their relatoinship oh my GOD

  • Billie Elish
    Billie Elish2 måneder siden

    Billie elish 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷👍

  • Billy Summerford
    Billy Summerford2 måneder siden

    Ah yes. Moving the Grammy for the dog camera😂🧡

  • Tamar Liparteliani
    Tamar Liparteliani2 måneder siden

    Hey, Im new here👋🏻 what is she self-taping for? For acting?

  • Emily
    Emily2 måneder siden

    omg i'm totally getting this planner, so cute! LOVE YOU CLAUDIA :)

  • jaleb
    jaleb2 måneder siden

    It’s 2am and I just bought a Furbo

  • shalia eilish
    shalia eilish2 måneder siden

    i live for her videos🥺

  • Yahliya Yisrael
    Yahliya Yisrael2 måneder siden

    I literally love Claudio so much

  • Sarah Sage
    Sarah Sage2 måneder siden

    Have you ever thought about showing more of the acting side of your life. I’ve always been interested in acting but don’t know where to start! ❤️

  • Alexis Cronan
    Alexis Cronan2 måneder siden

    who the hellllll makes cookies that smalllll??? u LA people confuse me sometimes...

  • Kathy Phan
    Kathy Phan2 måneder siden

    Just realized i’ve been watching you for about 10 years!!!! Comment back so I know it’s real🥺❤️

  • Brandon
    Brandon2 måneder siden

    Finally purchased a Furbo! Thank you Claudia!

  • Zoe Skinner
    Zoe Skinner2 måneder siden

    Absolutely LOVE that you wrap your gifts in repurposed material!!

  • Amanda
    Amanda2 måneder siden

    Okay for real though I LOVE that Eat Pastry cookie dough 🥰

  • Makayla
    Makayla2 måneder siden

    UM. IS DAT PEPPER? idk why people are saying shark? sharks live in water...