Squad Builder Showdown BUT Each Section You Switch Fifas


It's just a normal Squad Builder Showdown... BUT EVERY SECTION IS ON A DIFFERENT FIFA!!! Working our way from the retro Fifa 18 all the way back to Fifa 21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Retro #SwitchFifa
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  • ben rothwell
    ben rothwell17 timer siden

    did anyone else realise on fifa21 andy put goe jomez😂😂

  • Ryaan Butt
    Ryaan ButtDag siden

    Pfff Goe gomez instead of joe gomez Come on Andy

  • Fill@PieNo!
    Fill@PieNo!Dag siden


  • Bader Abusuliman
    Bader AbusulimanDag siden

    This is one of the funniest squad builder showdown

  • John MacTavish
    John MacTavish2 dager siden

    'Goe Jomez'

  • Bark
    Bark2 dager siden

    Goe jomez

  • Fynn Krause Football
    Fynn Krause Football2 dager siden

    Should've put Iniesta in goal for Andy😂😂

  • Dylan LUFC
    Dylan LUFC3 dager siden

    Don't be dissing Rodrigo at Leeds

  • King of Turtles
    King of Turtles3 dager siden


  • DannyBoyGame
    DannyBoyGame4 dager siden

    Joe Gomez More Like Goe Jomez

  • Aryan Beast
    Aryan Beast4 dager siden

    Did anyone realise he sed goe jomez😂

  • Ben Ives
    Ben Ives5 dager siden

    Sos but Goe gomes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • chunky_nath
    chunky_nath6 dager siden

    defo need to do more of these ... bloody funny as !!

  • Sverxz54 YT
    Sverxz54 YT6 dager siden


  • :0
    :06 dager siden

    You should do it on a draft on we fut and then make them play against eachother

  • Nova_Geno
    Nova_Geno7 dager siden

    “goe jomez”

  • Atomic Llama
    Atomic Llama7 dager siden

    Anyone gonna realize how he spelt Joe Gomez, Goe Jomez????

  • Chrissy Roberts
    Chrissy Roberts7 dager siden

    Anybody notice that Andy write down goe jomez instead of joe Gomez lololol

  • Haris Hassapis
    Haris Hassapis7 dager siden

    goe jomes

  • Dark
    Dark7 dager siden

    It’s not complicated

  • Joe G
    Joe G7 dager siden

    Hiro Nakamura be going through time

  • Ethan Creasey
    Ethan Creasey7 dager siden

    James hasn’t touched a fanny before

  • Thiago Nogues
    Thiago Nogues7 dager siden

    This is seriously hands down one of the best vids ive seen in a long time

  • Tekk Stormz
    Tekk Stormz7 dager siden

    I guessed the rules before they were even said, come on James

  • Thomas O brien
    Thomas O brien8 dager siden

    Goe jomez

  • Benjamin Bessemer
    Benjamin Bessemer8 dager siden

    You should do this with Tom

  • Anikait Awa
    Anikait Awa8 dager siden

    Teacher: The test is not confusing The test: Squad Builder Showdown BUT Each Section You Switch Fifas lloll

  • Ben Trainor
    Ben Trainor8 dager siden

    Andy's face when James said right-wing😊🙁

  • 1playgeme6
    1playgeme68 dager siden

    How jomez? I’m confused

  • Rajbir
    Rajbir8 dager siden

    One of the best Sbs of all time

  • brzy34
    brzy348 dager siden

    It made sense to me straight away

  • Mrwaffles69
    Mrwaffles698 dager siden

    Do this with 16 and 17

  • Dylan the goat
    Dylan the goat8 dager siden

    Did any one notice how he go jomez

  • Luca Lopezpineda
    Luca Lopezpineda8 dager siden

    Do it with W2s next plzzzzzz

  • Aminnn
    Aminnn9 dager siden

    "50 year old man" 😂😂

  • IG Freddie
    IG Freddie9 dager siden

    Andy write goe jomez

  • Nonof Yourbuisness
    Nonof Yourbuisness9 dager siden

    22:34 Chelsea cbs = rudiger and Thiago silva Napoli cbs = Manolas and koulibaly

  • elliot wallace
    elliot wallace9 dager siden

    You should make it so if you don’t use the trump card it counts as an extra goal for you so then you can debate wheather to do that or not

  • Leo Stimpson
    Leo Stimpson9 dager siden

    goe jomez lol

  • Adam Neill
    Adam Neill9 dager siden

    “How the turns have tabled Andy” 29:22

  • Farid Sagman
    Farid Sagman9 dager siden

    This was fire you should do it again

  • Benjamin T. Orrego
    Benjamin T. Orrego9 dager siden

    james is probably the funniest guest u have had on SBSD

  • Fadi Goanmy
    Fadi Goanmy9 dager siden

    The force is strong with this one!

  • Cobie Boyd
    Cobie Boyd9 dager siden

    Are we all just gonna ignore he spelled it goe jomes and said it that way

  • neil b
    neil b9 dager siden

    Feel sorry for them playing that rubbish fifa 21 that is so bad the rules dont work during matches. And always get showboating thats ott

  • Haris Farooq
    Haris Farooq9 dager siden

    Oh how the turns have tabled - Andy 2021

  • Barney Cad10
    Barney Cad109 dager siden

    any one noticed andy has 2 icons

  • smg123
    smg1239 dager siden

    Ny god...i haven't watched aj in years

  • kangaroobollocks
    kangaroobollocks9 dager siden

    I don’t think this is any different to sb on Fifa 21 😂

  • Michael Susnjer
    Michael Susnjer9 dager siden

    should have kept each player at the position and club that he was at in the FIFA that you picked him for.. i.e. on the fifa 19 midfield round, pretend that ronaldo and torres are still la liga cards, and on the fifa 20 fullback round pretend arthur and coutinho were still at barca

  • RMOG
    RMOG10 dager siden

    Goe Jomez

  • Party 13
    Party 1310 dager siden

    This just did not work but was such a good video 😂

  • Driipeliseo
    Driipeliseo10 dager siden

    so basically you can just play fifa 21 you just made it long youve ran out of content ideas

  • James Games
    James Games10 dager siden

    when you relies the rules at the end of the game : /

  • 12 Bedford Road
    12 Bedford Road10 dager siden

    andy should get miniminter on sbsd

  • Johan Verhoog
    Johan Verhoog10 dager siden

    whats the song on 13.29?

  • Ben Craggs
    Ben Craggs10 dager siden

    Idea: do it from fifa 21 to fifa 18

  • Jacob Otero
    Jacob Otero10 dager siden

    I dont know why but it got me when James said oh how the turns have tabled 29:20 😂

  • J Cahun
    J Cahun10 dager siden

    These 2 sbs is the only FIFA content I watch

  • conner shennan
    conner shennan10 dager siden

    can someone tell me the james yt

  • L L
    L L10 dager siden

    My favourite video so far something different

  • Javan Allen
    Javan Allen10 dager siden

    Nobody else noticed how Andy could have had Varane, Ramos and Any laliga goalie

  • Spronkles12
    Spronkles1210 dager siden

    Andy and James content is elite

  • Fraser Cornwall
    Fraser Cornwall10 dager siden

    “It’s not over the line” who just thought of mark goldbridge then

  • Max B

    Max B

    9 dager siden


  • If you Would
    If you Would10 dager siden

    This comment is impossible to reply to

  • Brianphillip MB
    Brianphillip MB10 dager siden

    Goe gomez

  • Clem Clem
    Clem Clem10 dager siden

    Great video idea love the creativity andy

  • Johey Christian
    Johey Christian10 dager siden

    So James woke up and chose violence.

  • Archie Austin
    Archie Austin10 dager siden

    27:14 goe jomez

  • PDB clan
    PDB clan10 dager siden

    “Oh how the turns have tabled”

  • absofam init

    absofam init

    10 dager siden

    Turned, the tables have

  • Bustaarchie Team frog
    Bustaarchie Team frog10 dager siden

    Hwang he Chang Hwang he Chang Hwang he chang

  • Tyler McCue
    Tyler McCue10 dager siden

    Andy really wrote goe jomez 💀💀💀

  • Ollie Hull
    Ollie Hull10 dager siden

    you should do this in reverse haha

  • NRN_Light
    NRN_Light10 dager siden

    27:35 when you get Joe gomez on wish

  • MU5C
    MU5C10 dager siden

    Goe jomez😂😂😂🤣

  • Иван Спасов
    Иван Спасов10 dager siden

    Haven't watched you in a while but you are still doing great this vid is amazing keep up the good work and stay safe!

  • Fight Culture
    Fight Culture11 dager siden

    Jesus your forehead is fucking wam

  • svanik batra
    svanik batra11 dager siden

    Didnt show the 3rd goal

  • Tyron Bails
    Tyron Bails11 dager siden

    Love the content Andy keep it up buddy

  • Makimbo 2010
    Makimbo 201011 dager siden

    Why did Andy say goe jomez

  • Steinar Kjarra
    Steinar Kjarra11 dager siden

    This is a fun idea but, maybe do it so you spin a wheel of Fifas every round and use the one that you landed on and then you could end up playing Fifa 19 or 18

  • Samuel Scott-dearing
    Samuel Scott-dearing11 dager siden

    pls do a SBSD with miniminter

  • Lucas
    Lucas11 dager siden

    is it just me or do they wear the same glasses?

  • riccodude
    riccodude11 dager siden

    Can we get a sbsd with tekkz

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow11 dager siden

    Wait reus is at Barcelona? 1:35

  • Toby Rawlings
    Toby Rawlings11 dager siden

    Honestly one of my favourite vids ever 😂😂😂

  • LIztaX
    LIztaX11 dager siden

    I loved this so much do this more!!!

  • Brunnel Nizera
    Brunnel Nizera11 dager siden

    Goe jomez

  • Average Dan
    Average Dan11 dager siden

    So this is what the bottom of the barrel looks like

  • Matthew Coop
    Matthew Coop11 dager siden

    Goe Jomez 😂

  • Nic Nettelbeck
    Nic Nettelbeck11 dager siden

    Hey Andy I just finished watching all of your squad builder showdowns in order it was a lot of work but it was worth it and I hope you see this comment keep being awesome

  • Versatility
    Versatility11 dager siden

    Go jomez? Never heard of him

  • Tarik Eljazovic
    Tarik Eljazovic11 dager siden

    My guy typed Goe Jomes, Who td is Goe jomes, Did u mean Joe Gomez? loool

  • Manus Geerlings
    Manus Geerlings11 dager siden

    How the turn have tablet 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Mitchell
    Ashley Mitchell11 dager siden

    That heroes reference 🔥❤ Unfortunately think everyone else is young enough not to get it 😅

  • Keaton Mortimore
    Keaton Mortimore11 dager siden

    There is drogba

  • Ben Goddard
    Ben Goddard11 dager siden

    James needs to make this into a series. He is next level

  • tom bath
    tom bath11 dager siden

    Do…or do not. There is no try."

  • Abe Fifa Mobile
    Abe Fifa Mobile11 dager siden

    Messi is bloody insane in fifa

  • Wolves ay we
    Wolves ay we11 dager siden

    “ I put Goe Jomez “