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  • Gian Villaflor
    Gian Villaflor4 timer siden

    hahaha im gonna tell it on jelly

  • daniel scott
    daniel scott5 timer siden

    Crainer, jelly trolled you with scaffolding and lava

  • Ebrahim Hasnain
    Ebrahim Hasnain13 timer siden

    please use the diamonds for something theres no point to have them if your not going to use them

  • Amanda Scott
    Amanda ScottDag siden

    One trillion bed more like 1 dollar bed

  • Amanda Scott
    Amanda ScottDag siden

    But sorry crainer

  • Amanda Scott
    Amanda ScottDag siden

    Crainer forgets to close the trap door lol

  • PlainA
    PlainA3 dager siden

    2:56 fFlLoOpPpPyY.....................aAnNdD...............pPlLoOpPpPy.........................tThHeEfFiIsShH

  • Steven Clarence B. Almazan
    Steven Clarence B. Almazan3 dager siden

    Lol you

  • Katherine Reodique
    Katherine Reodique3 dager siden

    Crainer the yellow wool means you why you add yellow wool in the payment

  • William Lynch
    William Lynch3 dager siden

    He realizes that he used yellow wool right

  • MrEmann
    MrEmann3 dager siden

    Wow the editor went crazy this vid!

  • Evan's Pokéworld
    Evan's Pokéworld4 dager siden

    3:01 why would you cook floppy and ploppy

  • Jelly Bobbins
    Jelly Bobbins4 dager siden

    what’s your plans I love you

  • FondIsCraftYT
    FondIsCraftYT4 dager siden

    Paid: 2 diamond Builder: Put tons of jukebox which cost diamond

  • Rose08ART
    Rose08ART4 dager siden

    The day they figure out how to use a ender chest the world will end.

  • meenakshi Gupta
    meenakshi Gupta4 dager siden

    Craner jelly steel the ender drangen. You should steel the elder Guardian there’s only one temple

  • Katherine Reodique
    Katherine Reodique4 dager siden

    Yeah thats ture someone diffrent

    TANG SU MEI, PRISCILLA4 dager siden

    lol that a troll

  • Nicole Vazquez Tello
    Nicole Vazquez Tello5 dager siden


  • 14251-Mohammed Motasim M Alaulaqi
    14251-Mohammed Motasim M Alaulaqi5 dager siden

    Crainer you forgot to close the trapdoor

  • Latoya Johnson
    Latoya Johnson5 dager siden

    Johnny ?b!ys!!?🗼🗻😝vkf

  • Loke Ehrnbecker
    Loke Ehrnbecker5 dager siden

    7:05 i thought you would be kind and help jelly but nope hahahaha

  • Jason Brehmer
    Jason Brehmer6 dager siden

    Yea he left the trapdoor open

  • Kilerzzz
    Kilerzzz6 dager siden


  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta6 dager siden

    you know his house is going to get destroyed by jelly bcoz he is more pro

  • Tahseen bano
    Tahseen bano6 dager siden

    2:48 here instead of putting a the reason for the weird sound he should have made a funny edit to blend in with the mic issue

  • Tahseen bano
    Tahseen bano6 dager siden

    00:06 wait I did not know that Crainer used Danish font on NOlocal

  • turtlenoob gamer

    turtlenoob gamer

    3 dager siden


  • Jason Brehmer
    Jason Brehmer6 dager siden

    Jellys gona get coknut balled on tiktok

  • Valder Mårdh
    Valder Mårdh6 dager siden

    pause at 0:25 hahahha

  • Wilma Amores
    Wilma Amores6 dager siden

    You are so road

  • Kaitlyn Golden Girl
    Kaitlyn Golden Girl6 dager siden

    You shouldnt use yellow wool on the troll bc the builder might know its you dude!

  • Precy Reyes
    Precy Reyes6 dager siden


  • Loreto Padama
    Loreto Padama6 dager siden

    Seriously Crainer really love Fish and boats

  • alior king
    alior king6 dager siden

    So he payd 2 dimonds and there was enchantment table and more items that use dimonds to make And not talking about how there is no builder its just them

  • sharunnizam
    sharunnizam6 dager siden


  • Vicky T
    Vicky T7 dager siden

    Arrr he left his trap door open

  • Zozo g̸a̸c̸h̸a̸a̸a̸
    Zozo g̸a̸c̸h̸a̸a̸a̸7 dager siden

    Crainer this time DONT EAT FLOPPY!!!

  • Asser Ashraf
    Asser Ashraf7 dager siden

    Jelly didnt flip your housee

  • Poppy
    Poppy7 dager siden

    You left the trapdoor open 😱

  • Harriet Owen
    Harriet Owen7 dager siden

    I love how he forgets to close his trapdoor with diamonds In

  • Bbbf Adventures
    Bbbf Adventures7 dager siden

    This moment cracked me up 2:04

  • Bbbf Adventures
    Bbbf Adventures7 dager siden


  • Richard Cook
    Richard Cook7 dager siden

    jelly has a secret base under is tent in a corner after you found the base dont go to the secure chest its a troll go underneat his crafting table

  • gersomarnel sison
    gersomarnel sison7 dager siden

    oh no oh no oh no no no no 😢😢

  • Saden Hazem
    Saden Hazem7 dager siden

    Crainer whn u say oh Look that bed sory i m dwing a hosw stoor

  • Habibah Zahra
    Habibah Zahra7 dager siden

    your house is side ways

  • gearge patricio
    gearge patricio7 dager siden

    jelly beans 😋

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    This is not an troll server this is jelly server

  • Anggun Sulistio

    Anggun Sulistio

    7 dager siden

    This is jelly server

  • Cillian McKenna
    Cillian McKenna7 dager siden

    Crainer u left the trapdoor open where u hid his diamonds

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    Don,t ever prank ur friends or else he Will troll u

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    Trolls are illegal

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    Pls troll slogo

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    U are ileggal

  • Anggun Sulistio
    Anggun Sulistio7 dager siden

    Jelly is poor Don,t prank jelly

  • Greed Official
    Greed Official7 dager siden

    Trapdoor open

  • farell fax
    farell fax7 dager siden

    i wil subscib

  • Stefanie Surpas
    Stefanie Surpas7 dager siden

    house is upside down!!!!!!

  • Stefanie Surpas
    Stefanie Surpas7 dager siden

    crainer jelly is going to prak you go owt of town!123 boomboom

  • Alexander Javier Waje
    Alexander Javier Waje7 dager siden


  • Yasin Sameja
    Yasin Sameja7 dager siden

    I love how crainer leaves the trapdoor open and talks as if nothing is wrong

  • Promo Px
    Promo Px7 dager siden

    crainer you r getting trolled next episode

    MINI GAMER7 dager siden

    I died laughing while hearing this sound dude 2:56

  • beckbro jack
    beckbro jack7 dager siden

    get reddy

  • beckbro jack
    beckbro jack7 dager siden

    crainer jelly is going to troll you he made a video he said you trolld him so he is asking us to help him then i said no so thats why i told you

    MELON LORD7 dager siden

    He has danish youtube

  • Alfred Mosante
    Alfred Mosante7 dager siden

    Jelly deffeated the ender dragon on that server

  • brenda Ly
    brenda Ly7 dager siden

    Creiner jelly troll you

  • James Briton
    James Briton7 dager siden

    im gonna tell jelly about the diamond s

  • Tim Schuurmans
    Tim Schuurmans7 dager siden

    the builder made your house on its side

  • Mason L
    Mason L7 dager siden

    can they just use their diamonds and not seal them

  • Nabhanyu007
    Nabhanyu0077 dager siden

    Why don't you use your diamonds for tools instead of hiding it and jelly or Slogo stealing it

  • Steven Laloon
    Steven Laloon7 dager siden

    Your mean

  • Mingze Zhou
    Mingze Zhou7 dager siden


  • Rylanio Urahono
    Rylanio Urahono7 dager siden

    Crainer watch out jelly is going to troll you in his next video

  • SlovakiaBall 123
    SlovakiaBall 1237 dager siden

    Crainer is Selfish

  • sunny boy
    sunny boy7 dager siden

    nooooooooooooooooooooooo!! you forgot to close the trapdoor hiding your barrel! you had it so good!!! 😥

  • Janina Coleen Callanta
    Janina Coleen Callanta7 dager siden

    CRAINER Jelly is gonna troll you at the next episode of his vlog

  • Ahmed Al Ameen
    Ahmed Al Ameen7 dager siden

    Jelly is coming to troll you

  • Loren Snyder
    Loren Snyder7 dager siden

    YOU ARE SOOO MEEN!!!!!!!!

  • Lama Zaarour
    Lama Zaarour7 dager siden

    i mean crainer not trainer

  • Lama Zaarour
    Lama Zaarour7 dager siden

    trainer when you where saying this is the best mincraft series your vids are french words. it is saying sett 577k gagner for 2 doge sides etc. Are you french????

  • Brandon Hernandez
    Brandon Hernandez7 dager siden

    Jelly is going to troll you

  • Scratched Pear
    Scratched Pear7 dager siden

    If you make a ender chest nobody can take your stuff because it will be classed as theirs and only their stuff will be in it

  • Alan Weldon
    Alan Weldon7 dager siden


  • Alan Weldon
    Alan Weldon7 dager siden

    Hey crainer you ready to be trolled hard? Don't forget about your house! Lets just say the Builder does not like you and also do not steel jelly's diamonds

  • ikes_playzroblox
    ikes_playzroblox7 dager siden

    poor jelly :/

  • ikes_playzroblox
    ikes_playzroblox7 dager siden


  • Jr Marschel
    Jr Marschel7 dager siden

    Craner you should have put dirt in the chest do when the builder sees it he'll troll jelly just like he trolled you

  • Nacho
    Nacho7 dager siden

    Crainer jelly wants to troll you

  • Suzanne Bellar
    Suzanne Bellar7 dager siden

    Crainer your house is now sideways 🤦

  • Amar Bader
    Amar Bader7 dager siden

    Crainer jelly's fan told him where your dimands is change it please

  • Josiah Carretero
    Josiah Carretero7 dager siden

    hay crainer i'm am going to snitch on you of what you did to jelly.haha get noobed

  • Jr Marschel

    Jr Marschel

    7 dager siden

    Your the only noob her- never mind craner is a noob

  • Aaron Dominguez
    Aaron Dominguez7 dager siden

    Negative 200iq he puts yellow wool in the jets hat jelly is paying you should've put lime wool then it would've been more believable

  • Haja Jasem
    Haja Jasem8 dager siden

    Crainer jelly going to blow up your house

  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez8 dager siden

    Ir so mean I'm unsubscribing

  • Fnaf Tube
    Fnaf Tube8 dager siden

    In cow town you should hide your diamonds in your chair

  • Jr Marschel

    Jr Marschel

    7 dager siden

    @Fnaf Tube would you maybe want to play together sometime

  • Fnaf Tube

    Fnaf Tube

    7 dager siden

    @Jr Marschel I play Xbox and phone

  • Jr Marschel

    Jr Marschel

    7 dager siden

    Smart do you play Xbox mincraft

  • Aferdita Syla SF
    Aferdita Syla SF8 dager siden

    you know cranier you said 1 fish was floppy and the other was bloppy but you wirght floppy and floppy the fish lol

  • Nether Freak Ultima
    Nether Freak Ultima8 dager siden

    Er Crainer...your house is sideways The builder trolled you

  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez8 dager siden

    Jelly need some revenge

  • SuperSamX1
    SuperSamX18 dager siden

    You made a mistake giving yellow wool