Stephen A. reacts to Andre Drummond signing with the Lakers | First Take


Stephen A. reacts to Andre Drummond signing with the Lakers | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Andre Drummond signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Max Kellerman sets his expectations for Andre Drummond.
1:39 Stephen A. Smith calls Drummond a "rebounding machine."
3:34 Stephen A. says the acquisition of Drummond secures a Western Conference title for the Lakers.
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  • ESPN
    ESPNMåned siden

    0:00​ Max Kellerman sets his expectations for Andre Drummond. 1:39​ Stephen A. Smith calls Drummond a "rebounding machine." 3:34​ Stephen A. says the acquisition of Drummond secures a Western Conference title for the Lakers.

  • Richard Denaris

    Richard Denaris

    Måned siden

    Why does molly yell when she speaks?? So annoying and loud. Btw she needs to do something cause her face always looks dirty

  • blade siegle

    blade siegle

    Måned siden

    Stephen A. Smith "not irritated" by Drummond signing with the Lakers?

  • LeBron James

    LeBron James

    Måned siden

    @yadirhenry5 am i upset ?

  • top notch sports

    top notch sports

    Måned siden

    why? max overtalk like molly. lol

  • yadirhenry5


    Måned siden

    @LeBron James so you get upset when LeGM does it?

  • Marcelo
    MarceloDag siden

    Don't you just love to watch old videos and see the comments at the time time and none of it is aging well so beautiful

  • Tek Tewodros
    Tek Tewodros14 dager siden

    Breaking news: Charles Barkley has come out of retirement and signed with the Brooklyn nets, in pursuit of a championship.🤣

  • Al Ganji
    Al Ganji19 dager siden

    Steven A. Smith: Let's understand something

  • Rosi E. León B.
    Rosi E. León B.26 dager siden


  • ADMAFIA210
    ADMAFIA21028 dager siden

    Means nothing

  • Podcasts, MMA,Sports
    Podcasts, MMA,SportsMåned siden

    Bron can never be GOAT. Always has top guys under 30 its sad. When Bulls got Rodman he was 33-34 not PRIME 27yrs old. Pippen was a rookie n nothing yet AD was already a top3 Big. NBA is the worst and Bron ruined it. Made guys under 30 all want to join and make the league even more lopsided. Buyouts n BS. Hope the ratings keep falling n we see some all time lows

  • Elijah Josaphat
    Elijah JosaphatMåned siden

    Still not enough for Brooklyn

  • K Jayanth
    K JayanthMåned siden

    Nice game make more related videos 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍📹📹📹📹📹

  • Khan F
    Khan FMåned siden

    So lovely 😍 💖

  • Kamal Jarome
    Kamal JaromeMåned siden

    Dam pistons players are being thrown around like wildfire these past 2 years

  • Ealider Berinsi
    Ealider BerinsiMåned siden

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  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris GonzalezMåned siden

    I say we make the league even rn. Giannis to the warriors, dame to Denver, Joel to Boston and Zach With Russ and put Oladipo in there too and take John wall with mami

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    Måned siden

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    misuyy fong

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  • S Monster
    S MonsterMåned siden

    So Nets sign Aldridge and SAS is disgusted Lakers sign Drummond and they win the title and he loves it Y’all lbj 🍆 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ are really something

  • adidadarby
    adidadarbyMåned siden

    Dre and Montrez Better Than Javale and Dwight 💯🔥

  • Buku Music
    Buku MusicMåned siden

    Stephen “When u look at it from that perspective” Smith

  • tropickman
    tropickmanMåned siden

    With Drummond, there is very little chance to beat the Lakers once AD and James are back.

  • Emir Omerović
    Emir OmerovićMåned siden


  • A Young Mind
    A Young MindMåned siden

    I like the way Stephen A always credits the people behind the scenes. He knows the names of people we probably don’t know who are behind greatness.

  • paul alba
    paul albaMåned siden

    Skip disagrees 😄😃😁

  • Pamela Angela
    Pamela AngelaMåned siden

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  • Awesomest Wilson
    Awesomest WilsonMåned siden

    half of the 4.7 offensive boards are his own misses

  • Datkrazyfoo
    DatkrazyfooMåned siden

    4:32 “you’re not beating us in the interior.” The truest thing I’ve ever hear Stephen Smith say. We get smoked outside the perimeter but where we play the paint it’s game over. If only we shot less 3s

  • James Scott
    James ScottMåned siden

    Cavs Fans be laughing at these clowns lmaoooo, Drummond is the definition of a stat padder.

  • Marcel Brown
    Marcel BrownMåned siden

    Anybody else catch that little yah max gave molly or is it me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • alvin081988
    alvin081988Måned siden

    That is not a guarantee

  • Jalin Neal
    Jalin NealMåned siden

    I think if lebron and Davis were in they would but without them they won't

  • Timothy Asdent
    Timothy AsdentMåned siden

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  • Tom Sdralis
    Tom SdralisMåned siden

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  • Petrektek
    PetrektekMåned siden

    So, who's the villain of the league now?

  • Stephen Stewart
    Stephen StewartMåned siden

    update....hurt already....4

  • Havok 7905
    Havok 7905Måned siden

    This didn’t age well after Drummond’s injury. 😐

  • Stockboys Premium
    Stockboys PremiumMåned siden

    If Davis and lebron come back healthy

  • евгений комиссаров
    евгений комиссаровMåned siden

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    Somona AktarMåned siden

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  • Gourish Mallick
    Gourish MallickMåned siden


  • Lamont L. Belton
    Lamont L. BeltonMåned siden

    Didn’t hear the word defense once.

  • Acker Sotomayor
    Acker SotomayorMåned siden

    The placid color resultantly watch because linda dolly mark behind a scrawny rooster. odd, difficult roll

  • Big GuadaTV
    Big GuadaTVMåned siden

    Not too bad for a Middletown Connecticut kid💯🤙🏽

  • Charles S.
    Charles S.Måned siden


  • cassie smitherson
    cassie smithersonMåned siden

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  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fongMåned siden

    Stephen “ When you look at it from that perspective” Smith 😭

  • Patrick Lewis
    Patrick LewisMåned siden

    NBA gives lebron whatever lebron needs

  • Patrick Lewis

    Patrick Lewis

    Måned siden

    Not even close

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    Måned siden

    Lebron , drummond , and AD reminds me of Mj, rodman, pippen MJ =LEBRON RODMAN=DRUMMOND PIPPEN=AD Hmmmm

  • 한조셉
    한조셉Måned siden

    nothing but a bust lmao, he did terrible today against the Milwaukee

  • Ricky Iglesias
    Ricky IglesiasMåned siden

    8 years with my Pistons (mostly a bad team, sometimes a so-so team), 1 year with a bad Cavs team. No one gives this guy the time of day. signs with the Lakers and BAM. now everyone wants to suddenly talk about how great he is? GTFOH. my man Drummond deserves better than this.

  • Sio Peato

    Sio Peato

    Måned siden

    It’s just the business, they only talk about winners and his team wasn’t winning. It’s not like everyone thought he was trash or something it’s just that they don’t want to talk about trash teams cause that doesn’t bring in the views.

  • Joe Keating
    Joe KeatingMåned siden

    Why is it that a guy like Drummond never gets any praise when he’s in Cleveland but now that the Lakers pick him up he’s a star

  • Ciera Heairld
    Ciera HeairldMåned siden

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  • Harold Warren
    Harold WarrenMåned siden

    They really Drummond' I am happy for the Lakers

  • Jordan Hernandez
    Jordan HernandezMåned siden

    Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon for the Lakers

  • Jefferson Candia
    Jefferson CandiaMåned siden

    stephen a. be like irritates by aldridge to nets but celebrating on drummond to lakers. mind blowing

  • Ricky Harris
    Ricky HarrisMåned siden

    How we not mad about this but mad about Bk getting LaMarcus Aldridge

  • Sebastian Stone
    Sebastian StoneMåned siden

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  • Ryan Dispecki
    Ryan DispeckiMåned siden

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  • 49ers-Lakers Fan
    49ers-Lakers FanMåned siden

    THIS HAS ZERO CHANCE OF WORKING. Lebron can't function with a big man that hangs around the middle. He NEEDS them to kick out and shoot 3s. 1 of 2 things are going to happen....Lebron's play is going to diminish because now the middle is clogged and Lebron is basically worthless if he can't get a head of steam and bully his guy in the paint OR you're going to see Drummond get kicked out of the paint by the Lebron System and become worthless because he can't do they only things hes good at.

  • Charles Cheeseborough
    Charles CheeseboroughMåned siden

    Where's the criticism about Drummond joining the Lakers like S.A.S. had for an aging Aldridge and Griffin joining the Nets? He should try to be less of a Lebron jock sniffer and show some consistency in his arguments.

  • Joshua Cooper
    Joshua CooperMåned siden

    they asked max what does he think of Drummond to the lakers and he was talking bout A.D

  • Juicy Panda 67
    Juicy Panda 67Måned siden

    Who is Drummond

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hourMåned siden

    IMHO, rebounding has always been one of the highest key points to Lakers championships. Drummond is the perfect asset.

  • Joshua Salcedo
    Joshua SalcedoMåned siden

    Lebron , drummond , and AD reminds me of Mj, rodman, pippen MJ =LEBRON RODMAN=DRUMMOND PIPPEN=AD Hmmmm

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Måned siden


  • Cordell Erskine
    Cordell ErskineMåned siden

    Nets in 4

  • ScarfaceMTNA
    ScarfaceMTNAMåned siden

    They only hyping him up now so they can scapegoat him later, I see you laker fans 🔥

  • Mr19901611
    Mr19901611Måned siden

    Nothing But Actors Lakers gonna win this year and next....

  • Na-im Robinson
    Na-im RobinsonMåned siden

    Players should have a say where they want to play & live after they been in the league for awhile. The owners don't care about anyone, they will trade you or not even sign you back.

  • Sarath Lork
    Sarath LorkMåned siden

    Stephan A, for someone who is anti weed smoking you have some fried brain cells bro, you say with Andre Drummond to the Lakers its a done deal they are winning it but then u say with Rondo at the clippers Kawhi has to excuses nomore? I dont get it? So Kawhi SHOULD win but has no chance to beat the lakers? Bro you crazy

  • we here K
    we here KMåned siden

    AH LISSS = at least loll ebonics

  • Love Henegan
    Love HeneganMåned siden

    We all know Drummond is starting.

  • Kriptiko
    KriptikoMåned siden

    where my Drummond fantasy owners at? The drought is over!!

  • Only Facts
    Only FactsMåned siden

    Lakers had already A.D and KUZMA and this season they add DENNIS who averaged 19 PPG / M.Harrell 19 PPG / and now they add DRUMMOND 18 PPG 14 REB and then have the NERVES to say LEBRON is great...

  • Only Facts
    Only FactsMåned siden

    LEBRON the MOST overrated player in HISTORY always with LOADED he just got the best rebounder of the last 5 seasons... Dennis and AD missed 10 games and in those games with LEBRON lost 6 games and only won 4 games...

  • Ericka Kane
    Ericka KaneMåned siden

    I’m glad for him!!!

  • TCthagreat1010
    TCthagreat1010Måned siden

    I guess we just going to look over how Embid punk him every time they meet😂 I guess we just going to ignore how he has no post moves & no jump shot 😂😂 I guess we are going to dismiss he shoots HORRIBLE from the free throw line😂😂 Dude can rebound and that’s basically it😂😂😂 This is ANDRE FUKING DRUMMOND😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jean Latham
    Jean LathamMåned siden

    The chubby sneeze broadly sneeze because letter consequently wonder pro a trite philosophy. thirsty, grumpy driver

  • Dre Marley
    Dre MarleyMåned siden

    Molly stay in the Rose lane...

  • u have no clue
    u have no clueMåned siden

    ppl were sayin he's a scrubb durin his detroit an cleveland days. now all of a sudden he's the golden ticcet to another chip in smogg city? is anthony bennett available as well?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • YhoDhaddy6969
    YhoDhaddy6969Måned siden

    Montrez, Davis and Drummond 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

    MICAH DUMBERGERMåned siden

    Stephen A Smith, when you talked about the Lakers coaching staff, you forgot one guy. JASON KIDD!!

  • The 82s
    The 82sMåned siden

    LBJ can’t win without stacking as much top tier talent on his team then taking all the legacy credit while giving some disingenuous half hearted credit to his teammates. Cultists like Nick Wrong and Cowturd will throw their wives at LBJ

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom FighterMåned siden

    Sleeping on the nuggets huh 🤔

  • Silent Grind.
    Silent Grind.Måned siden

    Lakers will not win west stop tripping

  • Alfredo Aguirre
    Alfredo AguirreMåned siden

    The aboard school globally occur because underclothes cosmetically laugh into a sincere kite. towering, sophisticated card

  • Schauncy North
    Schauncy NorthMåned siden

    The crazy part is they were saying Andre Drummond wouldn't make that big of a deal at first 😂😂😂

  • Kell. Honcho
    Kell. HonchoMåned siden

    Stephen A finally agrees with Max for a change😂

  • Forza Milan 1899
    Forza Milan 1899Måned siden

    That’s all the Lakers do, is buy championships. What’s the point of drafting to build a team, when u can just get cheque book out & buy the best players down at the Walmart.

  • C T
    C TMåned siden

    They literally go on and bash Blake and Aldridge for joining nets but don’t say anything about Drummond joining. Lebron got everyone in his pocket I swear

  • Gloria Wilson
    Gloria WilsonMåned siden

    😂😂😂😂These two really want the Lakers to win the NBA title. Drummond rebounds will not matter if he is not on the court in the last 2 minutes of the game. Drummond has a HORRIBLE free throw average. Hmm...HACKA SHAQ comes to mind!!!

  • Vis Santana
    Vis SantanaMåned siden

    Drummond was the best rebounder in the nba for a span of like 6 years 💀🤣 dude has rebound chaser HOF. A 99 defensive rebound and a 95 offensive rebound with put back HOF

  • Patrick Zonunmawia
    Patrick ZonunmawiaMåned siden

    Stephen a is a whole mood

  • Benny IS 350
    Benny IS 350Måned siden

    So mad the bulls didn’t get him

  • The Tesla Ty 500 Show
    The Tesla Ty 500 ShowMåned siden

    Lakers have worry about a Healthy Durant

  • J-Dub37992
    J-Dub37992Måned siden

    He's an athletic true 7 footer with a lot of size. He's gonna enjoy playing alongside Bron and AD. You saw how Javale and Dwight went and got paid after their seasons. I think this makes the Lakers better. Plus the current roster is basically what he had in Cleveland but a little better so this makes sense

  • Gabby Koz
    Gabby KozMåned siden

    The standing stick pharmacologically breathe because south africa comprehensively prevent despite a noxious sparrow. verdant, rich kitten

  • Rob Wasilewski
    Rob WasilewskiMåned siden

    This is getting disgusting

  • nelsanity tv
    nelsanity tvMåned siden

    I Love Max Kellerman when he talks about boxing and I also don't like him talking about basketball. See the balance? 😅

  • ZThe Real
    ZThe RealMåned siden

    Just because the Lakers have Drummond doesn't mean anything. It's just the criticize Brooklyn because they are a threat and making better moves

  • My 2cents
    My 2centsMåned siden

    When Stephen A speaks🗣 I stop listening😖

  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel CruzMåned siden

    Stephen "I completely agree with you" Smith