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  • Aileen
    Aileen2 måneder siden

    Toms lavender deodorant works wonders for me

  • Aileen


    2 måneder siden

    I mean Tim’s hehe

  • isabella beaver
    isabella beaver3 måneder siden

    she looks like billie with sunglasses on woahhh

  • Daeliexioy Oge
    Daeliexioy Oge4 måneder siden

    She kind of looks like that main character girl from the show Beauty and the Beast🤎🤎🤎

  • hunted- receipts1
    hunted- receipts14 måneder siden

    Who remember hers vid called (pointless video) it 10 years ago brrhhhh

  • Candice
    Candice5 måneder siden

    European organic brand Weleda has aluminium free deodorants. I love the citrus one so much. Love your channel xx from France

  • Yna Manalo
    Yna Manalo5 måneder siden

    Your living THE life🥺

  • Nikt_Ważny
    Nikt_Ważny5 måneder siden

    Czy sa tu jacyś polacy ?

  • •Audreamer •
    •Audreamer •5 måneder siden

    I wish you wld include music favourites as well! I used to look forward to your song reccos in your favourites video!! 😫

  • Pri Ferraro
    Pri Ferraro5 måneder siden

    Hello, I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌌🌟💗💗

  • Taylor Valdes
    Taylor Valdes5 måneder siden

    Can I marry you

  • Adela Logan
    Adela Logan5 måneder siden

    Commenting so it doesn’t say “666 Comments” anymore.

  • lu 08
    lu 085 måneder siden

    Idk what americans have lmao but here in Germany there are deodorants without aluminum in every drugstore also from every big brand lol

  • Kelly Christine
    Kelly Christine5 måneder siden

    dove deodorant has been my bitch since 5th grade lol it made me so happy to see this make the cut

  • Aniz Catalan
    Aniz Catalan5 måneder siden

    Chile, lemme just buy everything-

  • Unicorn Awesome
    Unicorn Awesome5 måneder siden


  • Despina Vapheas
    Despina Vapheas5 måneder siden

    Hi Claudia! I've been using Schmidt's deodorant for a long time now and I've been loving it. No Aluminum, no propylene glycol, no artificial fragrance, and it's vegan!

  • Thảo Dược Phòng Trị Ung Thư
    Thảo Dược Phòng Trị Ung Thư5 måneder siden

    Bạn xinh lăm chúc bạn có nhiều clip hay và nhiều người mến mộ

  • FiveFootZero
    FiveFootZero5 måneder siden

    Still love love love NATIV deodorant. It’s the only one that cancels out BO for me. The other one I like is arm and hammer “essentials” natural deodorant 🖤

  • Michaela Villanueva
    Michaela Villanueva5 måneder siden

    idk why but she reminds me of mandy moore.

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -5 måneder siden

    why everything you use gotta be so expensive 😩

  • Galacto2435
    Galacto24356 måneder siden

    It's interesting to see what people who have money buy.

  • Rachel
    Rachel6 måneder siden

    Love that "register to vote" comment at the end 😉

  • hellomynameisclara
    hellomynameisclara6 måneder siden

    Yes beauty bakery! Black owned and amazing!

  • Keyena Kler
    Keyena Kler6 måneder siden

    I love how your channel has evolved🦋💙

  • Emily Bouma
    Emily Bouma6 måneder siden

    love the video!! can you pls do a video reviewing all the natural deodorants youve tried?

  • Gigi Rios
    Gigi Rios6 måneder siden

    Might have to literally buy all of this stuff lol

  • Anna Sandberg
    Anna Sandberg6 måneder siden

    The Kopari coconut deodorant is INCREDIBLE! It’s completely natural but works so well!! You need it if you’re looking for a natural one that actually works and doesn’t leave you smelly

  • Jimmy Gregory
    Jimmy Gregory6 måneder siden


  • Julia D
    Julia D6 måneder siden

    The first time I saw your channel I was in 7th grade, now I’m a sophomore in college. Time flies by so fast Love your channel girl ❤️

  • eva masters
    eva masters6 måneder siden

    Regards to podcast I have no idea where to leave comments, I listened to dr Gabor mate, he points out trump is a candidate with childhood trauma, that’s why he acts like he does. Also reading the medical medium, cleanse to heal reveals scented candles and air fresheners are a major cause of toxification and lead to headaches.

  • Mirian Mineros
    Mirian Mineros6 måneder siden

    Love Claudia video !! Her and Megan Batoon are my favorite Videos to watch ... sometime I feel like they could possibly be good friends if they met .

  • Alva D.
    Alva D.6 måneder siden

    Omg I always put lotion on my feet before I go to bed too!!! I have to, I can’t sleep when my feet are dry lol

  • Julia Lynn
    Julia Lynn6 måneder siden

    I'm not one to idolize people, but I just want to grow to be like Claudia

  • Julia M.
    Julia M.6 måneder siden

    matcha latte tutorial plzz

  • Roselle Benedicto
    Roselle Benedicto6 måneder siden

    HAHAH why is peach deciding to be in here? i doont know

  • Aleeza Jaojoco
    Aleeza Jaojoco6 måneder siden

    Great video for light, summer, and dewy makeup recommendations. If I may, Kopari has worked really well for me in the past, and has a very subtle scent, and smells natural. I love it so that's my aluminum-free, natural deodorant reco!

  • Jill & Kayla
    Jill & Kayla6 måneder siden

    Liquid Chlorophyll also eliminates body odor! I just put a dropperful or two into my warm lemon water every morning, my dad even puts it into his coffee because it has no taste.

  • Cole
    Cole6 måneder siden

    wheres the video where you showed how you edit your videos and make thumbnails?

  • Erika French
    Erika French6 måneder siden

    Dove uses inmate labour... aka slave labour.

  • Jaylynn Rose
    Jaylynn Rose6 måneder siden

    you need to use moisturizer AND spf

  • Kamila A.
    Kamila A.6 måneder siden

    you should try the arm and hammer deodorant, best i've ever used.

  • Maria Dumitru
    Maria Dumitru6 måneder siden

    I like your current brow look way more!

  • Vivid X
    Vivid X6 måneder siden

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  • Karoline Lunde
    Karoline Lunde6 måneder siden

    U give me so much inspiration❤️❤️ i get so inspired every time i watch ur vids✨✨

  • Lena Narla
    Lena Narla6 måneder siden

    There recently was a study that alluminium in Deodorants is not bad and does no harm at all. So you donˋt have to leave it out!

  • selenity
    selenity6 måneder siden

    Claudia could literally make a video/take about anything and it's just so fascinating lol.

  • Beth OW
    Beth OW6 måneder siden

    !!!!!!!! Text VOTER to 26797 !!!!!!!Please vote 🙏🏽the current President literally horrendous so please text and vote !!!! Please thanks the rest of the world

  • Kate Dandolion
    Kate Dandolion6 måneder siden

    Ok but I can’t stop seeing billie when I see her esp w the pic in the thumbnail

  • csaba csucs
    csaba csucs6 måneder siden

    I would like to request facetime (with/from) billie and finnies or email address if possible !? Please!help me :) THANK YOU!

  • mmademozel
    mmademozel6 måneder siden

    Drinking through a straw makes you gassy btw

  • Emily Urban
    Emily Urban6 måneder siden

    People keep telling me I look like you so I had to come check out your videos (and I think I kinda see it??)!! You have the most adorable personality! ❤️

  • kate v
    kate v6 måneder siden

    This makeup look was SO PRETTY

  • Nikki Charlene
    Nikki Charlene6 måneder siden

    92 degrees? *laughs in Las Vegas*

  • Ana Judith
    Ana Judith6 måneder siden

    whenever I watch your videos I end up feeling hella ugly, can I be you pls?

  • Monique Flores
    Monique Flores6 måneder siden


  • Maha Shah
    Maha Shah6 måneder siden

    amazing! love watching these :)

  • Gabi santos
    Gabi santos6 måneder siden

    Claudia is definitely the best woman in the world bro

  • mads
    mads6 måneder siden

    i can’t tell if the music in the background is music that claudia added or if it’s finneas making music in his studio 😂

  • Yogawithli
    Yogawithli6 måneder siden

    Your'e glowing!

  • Bloody gore
    Bloody gore6 måneder siden

    wow. i hate myself and my life. :)

  • Madeline Stambaugh
    Madeline Stambaugh6 måneder siden

    it makes me sad that she says girlfriend not wifeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Somewhere Rainbow
    Somewhere Rainbow6 måneder siden

    She looks and sounds like Billie .

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo6 måneder siden

    92 is chill in Vegas it has gotten up to 115 degrees this month

  • Brooke Domark
    Brooke Domark6 måneder siden

    For one of your videos could ypu react to your first few videos I think that would be so funny😂

    SOPHIE DETORIE6 måneder siden

    the only entertaining lifestyle youtuber

  • Busra Kumsuz
    Busra Kumsuz6 måneder siden

    Im watching this while its winter in Australia and we all wishishing its summer

  • KenmaPlsDateMe
    KenmaPlsDateMe6 måneder siden


    MAANI MM6 måneder siden

    the way her voice changed when she wore the sunglasses

  • Zineb Yazami
    Zineb Yazami6 måneder siden

    Am I wrong or that body lotion has the same name as Finneas' esthetician ? (ppl who listen to the podcast know what I'm talking about)

  • Rachel Steingesser
    Rachel Steingesser6 måneder siden

    “bite while you’re drinking” had me 😳 hahaha

  • Sm Taou
    Sm Taou6 måneder siden

    My fav NOlocalr forever 🥺 her vids are awesome.

  • nicolette barba
    nicolette barba6 måneder siden

    You should check out Native for deodorant ! It’s super nice and when I use it I smell good all day !

  • Rachel Fernandez
    Rachel Fernandez6 måneder siden

    Try Native deodorant its fantastic, lasts all day. Its aluminum free too!

  • Aline McEntee
    Aline McEntee6 måneder siden

    The way you inspire me

  • Audriana Cristello
    Audriana Cristello6 måneder siden

    claudia is the person who could talk about literally anything and i’d listen to her explanation without hesitation! love her so much !!

  • joud alsulami
    joud alsulami6 måneder siden

    Ur so pretty:)))))🤍

  • Claire Foran
    Claire Foran6 måneder siden

    please stop supporting amazon :( buy from producers directly if you can! a couple facts: carbon emissions from the delivery can be 35 times greater at Amazon (because of the insanely fast shipping), the CEO Jeff Bezos makes more money PER SECOND than the average US median worker makes per week, Amazon has threatened to fire a group of already highly underpaid employees for who spoke out against the company's environmental policies and lack of action towards climate change and last but not least, amazon employees have consistently reported unsafe and grueling conditions are their warehouse. Seems to me that the SPF you mention here has their own website ( so you can support the company directly and that scarf you linked could be found easily on and that way you are supporting a local artisan. Anyways just some suggestions from a previous amazon buyer haha there are really always other alternatives!

  • Nosipho Mbuyazi
    Nosipho Mbuyazi6 måneder siden

    A subscriber from South Africa 💞💞sending you all my love. Your videos make me so happy. I don't care what you do! As long as you upload, I'll watch and like😍😍

  • Jeanettsfilms
    Jeanettsfilms6 måneder siden

    My favorite brand is agent nateur for skin care and deo amazing quality and it’s 100% clean ingredients. A lot of company’s don’t really disclose a lot of info on their products. They green wash which is they say it’s clean but it’s really not. Love the video btw 💕 have a great day!

  • Selina Sch
    Selina Sch6 måneder siden

    this video screams first world problems

  • Cici-Melody
    Cici-Melody6 måneder siden

    Can u plz tell Billie and finnias that I love them and they are the best brother and sister ever, and I will meet the 1 day

  • Joella Blake
    Joella Blake6 måneder siden

    Thanks for sharing this great video,you are so helpful,I love your channel, I purchased the wonderful one from last month

  • AsadoDeConny
    AsadoDeConny6 måneder siden

    I'm waiting for Claudia to put it so I can put subtitles in Spanish🧘🏽‍♀️

  • Bil 18
    Bil 186 måneder siden

    Im obesessed with her videos she's so cute😭😭😭

  • Rose réglisse
    Rose réglisse6 måneder siden

    So I just stopped listening to Claudia's podcasts go watch this video and now I'm going back to the podcast. I'm obsessed, its been 8 years. I need help !

  • ams
    ams6 måneder siden

    i want to live her lifestyle.

  • Dj melisaa with angel
    Dj melisaa with angel6 måneder siden

    Listeb my music that i created come and see babes

  • kaur
    kaur6 måneder siden

    Claudia is me putting everything back where it belongs to not ruin it lol but anyways truly loved this video 💖 she’s so cute 🥺💖💖💖 and those sunglasses are cuteee 😻 I literally was looking for some good hair masks so thanks for the recommendations

  • Vendulka Faktorová
    Vendulka Faktorová6 måneder siden

    I have so many freckles under my eyes and over my nose it is kinda annoying but it looks good on you by the freckles pens

  • jasmine-eve
    jasmine-eve6 måneder siden

    Loved this :) Just listened to the new podcast ep and I have some ideas about convo topics: - What do you think about people who think COVID is a hoax? - What is your favourite conspiracy theory? - Do you believe in aliens? - Are you afraid of dying? These are really random but I think asking unique questions like this to each other would be interesting as a listener. Must be hard coming up with content when not much is going on but still love the pod and you guys

  • Tony Wise
    Tony Wise6 måneder siden

    Theres no ring on her left not watching the rest of the video im sad

  • Iara Acosta
    Iara Acosta6 måneder siden

    Me gusta mirar sus vídeos aunque no entienda lo que dice me encanta verlos igual. i love u🤩😍

  • Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez6 måneder siden

    things that I can’t live without: Claudia’s videos 😭😂💗

  • Sunskriti Singh
    Sunskriti Singh6 måneder siden

  • jasmin
    jasmin6 måneder siden

    video idea: react to your oldest videos when you were a teenager

  • Cecilia Sevilla
    Cecilia Sevilla6 måneder siden

    Girl you said 92 degrees 💀 it was 109 in NorCal this week

  • angel hill
    angel hill6 måneder siden

    Would love a scarf tutorial❤️ love you queen🤍

  • Samantha Claire
    Samantha Claire6 måneder siden

    It’s weird to see the hype with freckles now . When i was young , i got bullied for my freckles and now thoses girls are drawing them on their skin. The table have turn bitches hehe love your video Claudia as always!

  • Venise Zaki
    Venise Zaki6 måneder siden

    You should try the Native deodorant you will seriously love it and they have amazing scents 👌🏼 I will subscribe to anyone who subscribe to my channel ♥️

  • Gossip Gal
    Gossip Gal6 måneder siden

    The way she pronunciates every "T"