Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Car!

What do you think of our new car??
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This channel is for videos that more closely follow the experiences of my life. This includes gaming, vlogging, friends, family and more.
I had so much fun surprising my #Girlfriend with a new #Car! What is the next #Vlog I should make? What else should I surprise her with? We drove the car around the house and her reaction was absolutely everything! I'm so glad she liked it.
Let me know what other kinds of videos you'd like to see! I will be reading through the comments!


  • Husky
    Husky2 måneder siden

    Fixed a few things and reuploaded! What do you think of our new car?? 😂😂😂

  • Eduardo Ceballos

    Eduardo Ceballos

    4 dager siden

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a video were you make Ro a romantic movie date and bring her favorite food and wach her favorite movie ps you two are soo cute together:)

  • Sully Parrish

    Sully Parrish

    9 dager siden

    @SxmplyStrxbery Love your pfp

  • anastasia mares

    anastasia mares

    20 dager siden

    Hey at least she clapping about it

  • Dylan Walklin

    Dylan Walklin

    20 dager siden

    I was hoping to see a full sized car but this was better then what I was expecting 🤣

  • Daniel Shalom

    Daniel Shalom

    Måned siden

    Super shalom 😇

  • Andrea Velasquez
    Andrea Velasquez4 timer siden


  • Gracie Brooks
    Gracie Brooks15 timer siden

    Get her a house... But a toy house 😂

  • Gracie Brooks
    Gracie Brooks15 timer siden

    Surprise her with another DOG!

  • Blue_Refrigerator [;-;]
    Blue_Refrigerator [;-;]Dag siden

    dang you guys have moneh to burn this is a joke i respect them both

  • javier Vazquez
    javier Vazquez2 dager siden

    It suck

  • Nimra Fiaz
    Nimra Fiaz3 dager siden


  • Mia Lurack
    Mia Lurack6 dager siden

    You should surprise her with a real car she deserves it.

  • christina steele
    christina steele8 dager siden

    you are so nice i love your vids

  • Adrian m
    Adrian m9 dager siden

    I watched you when i was in highschool (Your casts) and seeing what you became made me sick.

  • Grace Woodill
    Grace Woodill11 dager siden

    Who thinks they should just get married already

  • Kendra Roller
    Kendra Roller12 dager siden

    I love your videos! That car looks so cool! Have a good day! Love you Ro! P.S. I am a kid.😁

  • Addie Mae
    Addie Mae12 dager siden

    Who laughed hard when rosana crashed the car

  • Steven Doyle
    Steven Doyle14 dager siden

    When ro crashes

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen15 dager siden

    My mom has a tesla its blue and gliteri

  • sxnny day
    sxnny day15 dager siden

    5:38 15:31 *Omg lol*

  • Mudasar Raja
    Mudasar Raja15 dager siden

    My sister watches you

  • Jason Larsen
    Jason Larsen16 dager siden

    You should put the dogs in the trunk

  • Piyush Suryavanshi
    Piyush Suryavanshi16 dager siden

    Your girlfriend is rosanna I am right

  • Marcus Lonshein
    Marcus Lonshein18 dager siden

    I came from ro's channel and I'm a sub so generous

  • sai kamal
    sai kamal21 dag siden

    omg the fastest car ever omg it is faster than lamborghini i dont like u bro i thought u are really bringing her new car 😢

  • DeAnna Rogers
    DeAnna Rogers21 dag siden

    I love your videos

  • Callie Martin
    Callie Martin22 dager siden

    I think I want one so much

  • Jill J
    Jill J24 dager siden

    “Mike, this is amazing. Why do I fit in here?” 😂 This video makes me so happy.

  • CarsoNation
    CarsoNation25 dager siden

    I want one and I am 20

  • Paulo Bernardo
    Paulo Bernardo25 dager siden

    why am I watching this.....??????

  • L A
    L A26 dager siden

    Why aren’t you posting

  • jarred nathalie
    jarred nathalie26 dager siden

    Hi husky why are you not posting videos😢

  • Alexander Pearson
    Alexander Pearson29 dager siden


  • Sofia Reyes
    Sofia Reyes29 dager siden

    I wanted one of these, and looked at the price. Wow 500 dollars??


    how can you even continue to say "h to the usky husky" on a video like this... if you're over your past at least don't butcher that intro on this

  • Edlynne Paez

    Edlynne Paez

    6 dager siden

    I don't understand why ur so pressed?

  • Emily Szeto
    Emily SzetoMåned siden

    Husky: makes this video. 1 month later: I watch it Rosanna: no way Me: knows Rosanna is a baker but ignores it Me again: Husky is never going to break up with her

  • Majestic Espeon
    Majestic EspeonMåned siden

    Do a scare prank on Ro or Steph

  • Alaska Jack
    Alaska JackMåned siden

    Nice hair girlfriend 😂

  • Damien INSANE-O
    Damien INSANE-OMåned siden

    California ruined this guy

  • Arianna Forsyth
    Arianna ForsythMåned siden

    I love Ros new car I want it

  • Kumar A
    Kumar AMåned siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 so funny

  • Zai
    ZaiMåned siden

    just to raise awareness... husky you didn’t censor anyone’s license plates..

  • Zai
    ZaiMåned siden

    Fix your hairstyles husky!

  • lets learn something new
    lets learn something newMåned siden

    Post a new video please 🙃

  • Dwayla Romo
    Dwayla RomoMåned siden

    please play Among Us with with Rosanna and Dustin😁

  • Alaksa
    AlaksaMåned siden

    damn, i can't believe blue got away with that 4 gate against the zerg 6 pool in 2020 :O

  • Liza Rowena Jane
    Liza Rowena JaneMåned siden

    please can you do a pottermore sorting video...??

  • Yen Dean
    Yen DeanMåned siden

    You’re my new favorite NOlocal couple.

  • Yen Dean
    Yen DeanMåned siden

    Oh my gosh!!! Ro driving.... hilarious!! I laughed so hard!!

  • Metalman200xdamnit
    Metalman200xdamnitMåned siden

    Super Mario Kart secret character Ro.

  • JasonfromMinnesota
    JasonfromMinnesotaMåned siden

    So she didn’t actually get

  • zoe h
    zoe hMåned siden

    I laughed so hard when she drove done the driveway and crashed into the pillar-

  • Wacky Wibbs
    Wacky WibbsMåned siden

    Did u and Ro ever get married

  • Brooke Sledge
    Brooke SledgeMåned siden

    can you only eat red food for a day

  • Itz_Paula
    Itz_PaulaMåned siden

    I love how coconut do that half blink thing it's so adorable 😍

  • nidhi's craft world
    nidhi's craft worldMåned siden

    13:14 I can't stop laughing 🤣😂😂😂

  • Mandy Justice
    Mandy JusticeMåned siden

    what is with your hair

  • Loren Mendoza
    Loren MendozaMåned siden

    this was so funny

  • sophie fleming
    sophie flemingMåned siden

    I bet she loved it

  • Macie McGhee
    Macie McGheeMåned siden

    Is it just me or is everyone loving roe’s new short hair

  • Lilly Palmer
    Lilly PalmerMåned siden

    Okay first, Ro is so beautiful!! And when are you going to propose to her!?!? We all want to know!

  • megan bordios
    megan bordiosMåned siden

    vlog idea proposal eeehhhhh

  • chopseh
    chopsehMåned siden

    You gotta get a Husky decal on that thing

  • ed lover
    ed loverMåned siden

    How did this guy get her? Out of his league

  • Alondrachips777
    Alondrachips777Måned siden

    Like my favorite song says Mary her anyway dude you’ve Been dating for 1 or 2 years marry herrr

  • Kendall Schillinger
    Kendall SchillingerMåned siden

    had to look up how much it was yup $600 damn rely wanted one

  • KJ Adipotti
    KJ AdipottiMåned siden

    It was funny when she crashed the car

  • Wolfie R
    Wolfie RMåned siden

    hey mike! can you play AMONG US for your next video??? (pls??...)

  • Blanca Delgado
    Blanca DelgadoMåned siden

    She was super excited becaise she thought it was a real one😂😂

  • Kaylee Rangel
    Kaylee RangelMåned siden


  • Ghada Hussien
    Ghada HussienMåned siden


  • TheReal Pumpkin
    TheReal PumpkinMåned siden

    Husky: as long as she doesn’t crash it Ro: crashes the car lol

  • Anika Kumar
    Anika KumarMåned siden

    Surprise ro with a ring

  • Taylor Steimle
    Taylor SteimleMåned siden

    At first I thought that they didn't get a big red bow for it and I was very dissapointed 😂

  • Bhooloham பூலோகம
    Bhooloham பூலோகமMåned siden


  • Rumia Surtiani Pangaribuan
    Rumia Surtiani PangaribuanMåned siden

    Can you suprise ro with a minny dog salon please btw love you

  • Amadeus Folego
    Amadeus FolegoMåned siden

    meh.... :`-(

  • •Coco_Pxff•
    •Coco_Pxff•Måned siden

    Where can I get ooonne

  • WoWmemeo
    WoWmemeoMåned siden

    This is a strange starctaft video

  • wijdan
    wijdanMåned siden

    who else came to this video after seeing a "Husky" comment?

  • Philip Btr
    Philip BtrMåned siden

    rip HuskyStarcraft, what happened bro

  • RenaXO06
    RenaXO06Måned siden

    It’s things like this that just make your day and your heart 💜 full 😂

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee HunterMåned siden

    Ro can you post on tic tok pls

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee HunterMåned siden

    Ros hair is beautiful like her

  • Roberto Zárate Mendoza
    Roberto Zárate MendozaMåned siden

    something happed with your lips! there kind of blue!!!!!

  • Adrian Escutia
    Adrian EscutiaMåned siden

    I’m dying she crashed and I bursted out with laughter o my glob u guys are perfect together

  • Victor Tecum
    Victor TecumMåned siden

    That is one big battery

  • Malisha Skipper
    Malisha SkipperMåned siden

    Love it

  • Bria
    BriaMåned siden

    i love coconut and blueberry

  • Kelley Salvo
    Kelley SalvoMåned siden

    Mike. Back up Ro. Ok Mike. Ok stay there and I will... be right back Ro. oh 🥺🥺 My heart melts with that Pouty lip

  • Kelley Salvo
    Kelley SalvoMåned siden

    Ro. Shakes her booty Me. Isn’t this why we all love Ro❤️❤️❤️ Love you Ro

  • Tanjila Farzana
    Tanjila FarzanaMåned siden

    ha ha ha funny car

  • Ayesha Zafar
    Ayesha ZafarMåned siden

    I was dying when ro hit into the wall🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elisandra Villegas
    Elisandra VillegasMåned siden

    Am I the only one just waiting for him to propose to her

  • marceloMTn
    marceloMTnMåned siden


  • Julie Siciliano
    Julie SicilianoMåned siden

    AHAHAHA I LOVED THIS, I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING (I am binge watching ur vids) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Swanson
    Jennifer SwansonMåned siden

    I love watching you guys having fun

  • Cook With Love by Annie
    Cook With Love by AnnieMåned siden

    I know this is also other people's idea too I'm not trying to copy you but Ro should go through some McDonald's line in that and see what happens.

  • Cook With Love by Annie
    Cook With Love by AnnieMåned siden

    Ro: *puts the giant bow on her head Me: *does the exact same thing every Christmas/Birthday

  • Ikari
    IkariMåned siden

    The first five people to reach this message will inherit the powers of the heavens

  • Dash STW
    Dash STWMåned siden

    She should put the dogs in the hood!!

  • Emily Rojas
    Emily RojasMåned siden

    can you play animal crossing again or pokemon please

  • Alishia Naidoo
    Alishia NaidooMåned siden

    Husky: I am not a 100% sure what I am doing. Me: 100% of the time I don’t know what I am doing! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Swenor
    Aaron SwenorMåned siden

    Excitement for weeks. The look on her face got me smiling.😁