Surprising My Girlfriend With A Trip To Hawaii!


NOTE: This video was filmed weeks before everything going on in the world and also before our dog Cookie passed away. I still wanted to share these fun memories.
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  • Husky
    Husky8 måneder siden

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know this video was filmed before everything happening around the world. It was also before our dog Cookie sadly passed away. Thank you for all the love and support you've shown to Rosanna in this tough time. What should I surprise her with next? She really deserves it. ❤️❤️

  • Kimayaa Rajesh

    Kimayaa Rajesh

    29 dager siden

    How come cookie is there

  • Growlithe Puppy

    Growlithe Puppy

    Måned siden

    Hey there Husky I love your vids and Ro is lucky to have you also what 4 seasons is that?



    2 måneder siden

    Cupcake Corner yess

  • Cupcake Corner

    Cupcake Corner

    3 måneder siden


  • Caitlin Goddard

    Caitlin Goddard

    3 måneder siden

    You should totally give her an engagemant ring like seriously you guys need to get married

  • Shelby Hernandez
    Shelby Hernandez20 timer siden

    Hawaii sounds a lot of fun As a vacation, Maybe my boyfriend can take me To Hawaii as our Vacation date That would be so Romantic and wonderful-That would be our dream Vacation date Their😍🥰💖

  • Rose Gold
    Rose GoldDag siden

    when I saw Greyson in the pineapple float the first thing that came to mind was the doughnut :)

  • Kat Srilanchanarak
    Kat SrilanchanarakDag siden

    I know a lot about Hawaii.😁

  • Mark Gitschel
    Mark GitschelDag siden

    Your hair is so stupid !

  • yasmin patel
    yasmin patel2 dager siden


  • Rox Y
    Rox Y2 dager siden

    Phones in toilets are for emergency reasons of course 🙄

    CASEY SHERIDAN2 dager siden

    me on that toilet calling room service: Yeah hey ummm can u get me toilet paper

  • Evelyn's Fun channel
    Evelyn's Fun channel2 dager siden

    Ha ha Rosanna was looking at the Mirror and then husky said One hour later 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😅

  • Amanda Schaffer
    Amanda Schaffer4 dager siden

    Blueberry:hi blueberry Ro is your owner

  • HuskyGamez
    HuskyGamez5 dager siden

    your welcome husky

  • Fatima Hussain
    Fatima Hussain6 dager siden

    Who else thinks Husky should've proposed..? I feel really bad for the gal.

  • Todd
    Todd6 dager siden

    when he said 2019 was an absolutely our of control year boy oh boy you do not know what's coming

  • Mia Lurack
    Mia Lurack7 dager siden

    Aww that’s nice of you,you should surprise her with a real car

  • Hattie Nichols
    Hattie Nichols9 dager siden


  • Aleksija Veleusic
    Aleksija Veleusic9 dager siden

    Mike should propose to Ro soon! I've been waiting for a year!!!!

  • Madison SantiagoBraga
    Madison SantiagoBraga10 dager siden

    the left side means you are married and the other you are single. the left would be taken as well.

  • Marziyeh Shahraeini
    Marziyeh Shahraeini10 dager siden

    My birthday

  • Cailin Sayers
    Cailin Sayers12 dager siden

    💍U 2 r a Perfect Couple!💍

  • Maida Eman
    Maida Eman12 dager siden

    when are you guys getting married just love ur couple so cute ❤️✨

  • Kapilendra Yadav
    Kapilendra Yadav12 dager siden

    I feel like you should proupose to ro

  • anusha bhandari
    anusha bhandari13 dager siden

    And goes in the right hand on the on the sister finger

  • Avinaba Chatterjee
    Avinaba Chatterjee14 dager siden

    Those koi fish are huge

  • Scarlett Dewey
    Scarlett Dewey14 dager siden

    iv been to the big iseand

  • Mystic Queen
    Mystic Queen15 dager siden

    6:19 (or pretty much any video/picture she's in) This is how you know that Ro KNOWS she's adorable. I mean, who could resist such a sweet and adorable face/personality like hers?

  • Natalia Malouf
    Natalia Malouf16 dager siden

    So pretty I want to be there right now.

  • boxerchick83
    boxerchick8316 dager siden

    You nice:)and sad

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams16 dager siden

    Baby Gray is so cute!

  • Juanita Mendoza
    Juanita Mendoza17 dager siden

    You guys are to adorable

  • Linay Raath
    Linay Raath17 dager siden

    I love you're video's

    SRINIKA SATHISH18 dager siden


  • unicorn fam
    unicorn fam20 dager siden

    This was made on my birthday😃

    ANASTASIA GOMEZ21 dag siden

    The ring when you found the right one it goes the left ring finger so does your wedding ring because the left ring is close to the heart they say your wife or husband are in your heart.

  • Talle’s Lifeee
    Talle’s Lifeee21 dag siden

    17:18 to swore!!!

  • MTF11
    MTF1122 dager siden

    Ro: it’s 2020 we can do whatever we want Corona: am I a joke to you?

  • Yvette Wong
    Yvette Wong23 dager siden

    Ro: (gets surprised by a trip) also Ro: the donuts smells delicious only in Ro fashion 👁👄👁

  • Imogen Middlemass
    Imogen Middlemass24 dager siden

    Rosanna is so lucky

  • Imogen Middlemass
    Imogen Middlemass24 dager siden

    500 replies husky wow 🤩

  • Imogen Middlemass
    Imogen Middlemass24 dager siden

    Hi husky

  • Anabella Martel
    Anabella Martel26 dager siden

    Also, you should go to Rincón or Aguadilla. There’s really cool apartments. And you should go to San Juan, because it’s super cool and there’s a lot of Puerto Rican dishes in a few restaurants there.

  • Anabella Martel
    Anabella Martel26 dager siden

    You guys should go to Puerto Rico. I live there. It has really cool beaches and it’s a small, but cool island. You should take Ro there

  • Nthabiseng Masina
    Nthabiseng Masina28 dager siden

    Ro you make me laugh when you're running and you fell🤣🤣🤣

  • Nthabiseng Masina
    Nthabiseng Masina28 dager siden

    Ro you making me laugh when you at the water

  • Andrew Rico
    Andrew Rico29 dager siden


  • Ellie’s awesome channel
    Ellie’s awesome channel29 dager siden

    right side taken and left side single

  • Luis Martinez-Orbe
    Luis Martinez-Orbe29 dager siden


  • Gillian Morgan
    Gillian MorganMåned siden

    Husky is the BEST boyfriend ever!! And Ro is so cute and I would love to be friends with both of them!💖

  • Slime Queen 2005
    Slime Queen 2005Måned siden

    Don’t be shy marry her

  • Ben Souza
    Ben SouzaMåned siden

    Poor cookie😭

  • Luna Angel Rosewood
    Luna Angel RosewoodMåned siden

    if Ro had waited till May to give mike the stuff, she would have forgotten😄

  • Cow UwU
    Cow UwUMåned siden

    My dog is sleeping on me and I'm watching this

  • Rajeshree Sangoi
    Rajeshree SangoiMåned siden

    You both are so cute

  • Ella Bella
    Ella BellaMåned siden

    Why do your flower crowns remind me of frozen one when the trolls make a wedding for Anna and Kristoff

  • Ragu Shiva
    Ragu ShivaMåned siden

    They give an I pad ..... look near the bed

  • Jonathan Wassabi
    Jonathan WassabiMåned siden


  • Gina Zarantonello
    Gina ZarantonelloMåned siden

    I agree, when you two are standing next to each other you are soooooo much bigger than her!!!!!!❤🤣

  • flamingo lover
    flamingo loverMåned siden

    You're so kind.😘

  • Rekha Naidoo
    Rekha NaidooMåned siden

    Please make more vidoes with rosanna pasino

  • marklex giralv
    marklex giralvMåned siden

    My name is grace

  • Zoe Cleghorn
    Zoe CleghornMåned siden

    2020 is worst

  • Mari Pardi
    Mari PardiMåned siden

    Ok know one can lie he is one of the best boyfriend ever❤️

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s ShowMåned siden

    Ro will be a great mom

  • ajwa ayat
    ajwa ayatMåned siden

    this is not your real hair

  • Caroline Aestuo
    Caroline AestuoMåned siden

    I’m just watching the video when you surprised row With a trip And when I watched the video of you surprising Row with a new puppy 🐶 I was confused because you said blueberry didn’t have a sister or a companion and I’m watching The video right now and now I understand that cookie 🍪 passed away🥺😢😭☹️🙁😞

  • Jigs Castro
    Jigs CastroMåned siden


  • Chip Crahan
    Chip CrahanMåned siden

    Take her on a nother one to a Different place

  • Erin Blake
    Erin BlakeMåned siden

    Was that is so sweet 😊😊😊😊

  • Coco The Potato
    Coco The PotatoMåned siden

    Rosanna: Its 2020 you can do Whatever you want 2020: I dont think soooo..

  • Always Roses
    Always RosesMåned siden

    Is she ok

  • memey channel
    memey channelMåned siden

    Malaysia is a very special place

  • memey channel
    memey channelMåned siden

    You should go to malaysia

  • iixCxrgi 🎃
    iixCxrgi 🎃Måned siden

    i wish i was there with her. thats my dream place to go... love you ro and husky!

  • EIisa Fung Unicorn
    EIisa Fung UnicornMåned siden

    Husky when will you ever repose to Rosanna cuz molly already got married and I really want RO to get married cuz she is just so pretty and fashionable

  • Meredith Walters
    Meredith WaltersMåned siden

    Oh my gosh I know the cookies are the best

  • Giselle Lira
    Giselle LiraMåned siden

    where are the FRENCHIES

  • Mariette Moyo
    Mariette MoyoMåned siden

    Hiii l am sorry about Cookie

  • megan bordios
    megan bordiosMåned siden

    Im sensing an engagement very very soo i mean i hope so

  • Littlest Unicorn
    Littlest UnicornMåned siden

    Who else is watching NOlocal videos so late a night

  • Karen Maktabi
    Karen MaktabiMåned siden

    imagine having ro as your aunt 😍 baby grey is one lucky dude 😂 the amount of treats and sugar desserts he's gonna get to have and taste with her being a baker?! UNREAL 😩❤️

  • Brittany Brooks
    Brittany BrooksMåned siden

    Who ever reads this have a great day You’re so sweet

  • Avery Ritchie-Smith
    Avery Ritchie-SmithMåned siden

    Wedding on left

  • Paul Atrady
    Paul AtradyMåned siden

    cookie passed away

  • Nicole Chua
    Nicole ChuaMåned siden

    Love the fact that she ignores that they are going to hawai and smells the donuts

  • Meghan LeMieux
    Meghan LeMieuxMåned siden

    l think the flower goes on the left side cuz your wedding ring goes on the left side so it goes on the left!!

  • Tanjila Farzana
    Tanjila FarzanaMåned siden


  • Meghan LeMieux
    Meghan LeMieuxMåned siden

    l cant belive you went to Hawaii

  • Aubrey Ababon
    Aubrey AbabonMåned siden

    rash guards do protect you from rashes because people who surf (aka me) wear them so when they are paddling out their chest doesn't rub up against the board and give you a rash hence the name rash guard.

  • M C
    M CMåned siden

    Anyone notice that baby Grey was in a pineapple floaty identical to Ro's donut....

  • Ella Woo
    Ella WooMåned siden

    I find it so cute that ro was wearing her backpack the entire tour

  • Aimee Dowen
    Aimee DowenMåned siden

    Hi Mike, I said this to rosanna aswel SO sorry about Cookie she is so cute, hope you are okay in this tough time

  • Aathaniah Diaz
    Aathaniah DiazMåned siden


  • Ming lun Kong
    Ming lun Kong2 måneder siden

    Ro is definitely wife material she comes prepared with like baking equipment and she can bake for Husky (her boyfriend) I wonder how it tastes😋😋😋

  • Khekishe Kiba
    Khekishe Kiba2 måneder siden

    Baby grey look so cuteeeee

  • Sabrina Fu
    Sabrina Fu2 måneder siden

    To all those sayin they should get married, Mike and Ro are one of the sweetest couples ever and they love each other very much but I think they need to take their time and since everything Ro has been through it would be a little difficult and to tie the knot so early after the losses she’s been through it might be painful for her to have her wedding without her best friend cookie and her dad papa pizza

  • Hillary Ascencio
    Hillary Ascencio2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one when I saw cookie I freaked out cause cookie died

  • glen judge
    glen judge2 måneder siden

    that the fastest plane ride in existence

  • glen judge
    glen judge2 måneder siden

    how many of you want Ro for president

  • Eve Vlogs
    Eve Vlogs2 måneder siden

    I have seen this video to much and when Ro walked the hotel room she left the door open and the suitcase at the door .

  • Rachel Fionerin
    Rachel Fionerin2 måneder siden

    I think they are ready to get engaged now ^_^

  • Simply_Bella2316
    Simply_Bella23162 måneder siden

    Mike is literally the best boyfriend for Ro! Love you guys! ❤️