Surprising The Kid Laroi with $10,000 PC

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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptMåned siden

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  • Slush_57 Channel

    Slush_57 Channel

    7 dager siden

    @Rxlphy shut up

  • YNW_Cap


    7 dager siden

    Hey adapt

  • rob wilson

    rob wilson

    7 dager siden

    Same day on juice wrld birthday rip juice 💙

  • Hazze ت

    Hazze ت

    19 dager siden




    29 dager siden

    @MrBеаst hi

  • Hydrxlic
    Hydrxlic37 minutter siden

    Faze laroi

  • Flxxy Zzzz
    Flxxy Zzzz3 timer siden

    Rip juice wrd

  • awesome 88012
    awesome 880127 timer siden

    Tell me whyyy tell me whyy, it was him and not me

  • ReLic_34
    ReLic_347 timer siden

    The kid Laroi looks like disc no cap

  • nibeer subhan
    nibeer subhan10 timer siden

    yo i play on 30 frames

  • Claps GGS
    Claps GGS12 timer siden

    Faze laroi😳

  • Jordan Bench
    Jordan Bench16 timer siden

    that shit no more than 2k and probibly has a shit ram and psu

  • NotSHOT
    NotSHOT21 time siden

    WTF 10,000$ I wish I had 500$ one 🥺

  • Ricky
    RickyDag siden

    This is face adapt in 2020. Poor guy.

  • Lenny Githui
    Lenny GithuiDag siden

    Does it come with a remote

  • Kallen Strickland
    Kallen StricklandDag siden

    whats laroi gonna do with that ?

  • LeanWalhalla
    LeanWalhallaDag siden

    faze laroi?

  • Andrew Luna
    Andrew LunaDag siden

    The only reason I disliked the vid is I don’t want to see people exercise on a pc vid.

  • Redav
    RedavDag siden

    now me :) lol

  • D9 Korin
    D9 KorinDag siden

    rip juice mane 💔

  • Jason Hawrys
    Jason HawrysDag siden


  • Fw Joni
    Fw JoniDag siden

    faze rug what’s in the video ?

  • marrdvfx
    marrdvfxDag siden

    giving a pc to kid laroi is like pouring water into ocean

  • Tejas Reddy

    Tejas Reddy

    Dag siden

    Ok so?

  • Nathan antreas
    Nathan antreasDag siden

    When he hate the pc and he is going to say. So I get get back

  • Those Small guys
    Those Small guysDag siden

    It’s like he couldn’t afford it himself

  • Universal


    19 timer siden

    I guess he was going to buy one, but Faze Adapt didn't want him.

  • rodolfo jaramillo
    rodolfo jaramillo2 dager siden

    10,000$ pc with two sticks of ram hahaha

  • VOLA
    VOLA2 dager siden

    Laroi repping all the Aussie lads 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Karmz
    Karmz2 dager siden


  • Tyhum
    Tyhum2 dager siden

    Faze laroi?!?!?!

  • Zaine Brewer
    Zaine Brewer3 dager siden

    Love Laroi fr

  • Hailh Habte
    Hailh Habte3 dager siden


  • Hailh Habte
    Hailh Habte3 dager siden

    All the shut

  • Liam Wilkinson
    Liam Wilkinson3 dager siden

    Laroi xaned up

  • ItzParkour
    ItzParkour3 dager siden

    laroi look like robby from cobra kai

  • Kevin Antezana
    Kevin Antezana3 dager siden

    Anyone know the song name that’s playing when he’s at the gym

  • Christian Palmer
    Christian Palmer3 dager siden

    nice bru

  • bugattixlily .
    bugattixlily .3 dager siden


  • Ross Grand
    Ross Grand3 dager siden

    where does he live?

    SUPER STRIKE 124 dager siden

    What’s the song called when they were in the gym working out?

  • Liam Voley
    Liam Voley4 dager siden

    Faze Laroi?

  • AKA Ruinz
    AKA Ruinz4 dager siden

    FaZe Laroi

  • Visionary
    Visionary4 dager siden

    Adding banks intro style definitely brought flashbacks to the good old days

  • clickbait
    clickbait4 dager siden

    nah laroi still a snake messed up what he did to his homie that helped him so much and his music = garbo

  • clickbait


    2 dager siden

    @SkarSZN Using that mentor/partner (marcus) kid, using that chick to get to swae lee, apparently setting up skies with a 14 year old lmao & etc. the way he operates is pure sus

  • clickbait


    2 dager siden

    @SkarSZN it aint just that homie he got a video taken down on youtube cus it exposed his comeup story how him n his family snaked a bunch of guys that helped him before he got signed

  • SkarSZN


    2 dager siden

    He didnt do anything jarad popped everything he had so he didnt go to jail and had an od at the airport laroi couldnt help it jarad refused to go to jail he killed himself so he didnt have to suffer bc he had over 50 years of prison on him

  • Night X
    Night X4 dager siden

    R.I.P Juice WRLD

  • Killua :
    Killua :5 dager siden

    I really want a pc but I live In a Hispanic house hold and we don’t have much money ima tell my dad to download current

  • lui ferris
    lui ferris5 dager siden

    faze b

  • Ninqa TGT
    Ninqa TGT5 dager siden

    I hope he used that pc to make that song whats it called? Without you

  • Brandon Games
    Brandon Games5 dager siden

    What is his stream name gonna be

    CHOPPA RPG5 dager siden

    pov: you are in the comments trying to find if the kid laroi's girlfriend is in the video

  • Mnsz YT
    Mnsz YT5 dager siden

    “does it come with a remote 💀”

  • libin mohamed
    libin mohamed5 dager siden

    what happen to faze bakes youtube

  • RTM Tricks
    RTM Tricks5 dager siden

    Laroi is such a great kid

  • noble
    noble5 dager siden

    I néed a pc I'm only on 30fps trying to make and stream content but can't

  • Sweezy
    Sweezy5 dager siden

    i would do anything to switch places will adapt when he went paintballing with juice and laroi😔that would be the best day of anyones life😭💯

  • DudHud09
    DudHud095 dager siden

    laroi needs to keep surrounding himself with good people

    DAWSON KIRBY5 dager siden

    Must be nice to have someone who is able to get him something he want to do in life

  • Benas Vaitekunas
    Benas Vaitekunas5 dager siden

    Say to banks to make vids

  • Logan Sparkes
    Logan Sparkes5 dager siden

    I love kid laroi so much love his music he’s my fav game

  • Bored Mahn
    Bored Mahn5 dager siden

    not the kid Its The King Laroi

  • TTV_DANIEL on crxck
    TTV_DANIEL on crxck6 dager siden

    Whats the song called ft adapt

  • Static-Impulse07
    Static-Impulse076 dager siden


  • lol jstn
    lol jstn6 dager siden

    now surprise me with a 700$ pc :)

  • malcolm marshall
    malcolm marshall6 dager siden

    Bro Laroi seems mad respectful ngl

  • Lego Mods
    Lego Mods6 dager siden

    It says 999k views its a sign fly high

  • ItsTheKidSlxp
    ItsTheKidSlxp6 dager siden

    I forgot about you Banks

  • Brady Neff
    Brady Neff6 dager siden

    Look at dis bruh dis vid over a month old man cant even get a million views a 16 year old Makes banger vids than your whole crew bruh

  • AtlasShadow xXx
    AtlasShadow xXx6 dager siden

    I love the kid Laroii especially partly because of juice wrld rip

  • outcast mel
    outcast mel6 dager siden

    Ķïd Ļöéáī ïş ţ&h. Ğöť

  • Rikka
    Rikka6 dager siden

    Let’s gooo

  • Zinx Viko
    Zinx Viko6 dager siden

    i think his name is laroi bc in french king is roi and also in french it could be la roi/ le roi anyone agree?

  • Melissa Rathwell
    Melissa Rathwell6 dager siden


  • jack gets buckets
    jack gets buckets6 dager siden

    Laroi is a goat he has been through so much in his life and now look at him he is a f*ucking beast

  • Jackson Bryan
    Jackson Bryan7 dager siden

    i honestly didnt know laroi is australian

  • Thomas Cicero
    Thomas Cicero7 dager siden

    Digital storm is probably the worst prebuilt PCs

  • M4L x Sky
    M4L x Sky7 dager siden

    Lmao was just listening to him and this is what I find

    TUBROCKO297 dager siden

    Kid Laroi is gonna be a legend

  • shifty 3456
    shifty 34567 dager siden

    larois face when he mentioned juice

    VIBES WITH DA KID K7 dager siden

    faze adapt me and u have the same birthday june 5 but why in the thumbnail u looked more happy than laroi

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum7 dager siden

    Laroi is weirdddd af. Kid prob has like 21IQ

  • Fluid Moon
    Fluid Moon7 dager siden


  • Fluid Moon
    Fluid Moon7 dager siden

    im a big fan of the kid laroi

  • BizzieFN
    BizzieFN7 dager siden

    damn ya'll had to mention juice😢

  • Toxic on cd
    Toxic on cd7 dager siden


  • AJ Grant
    AJ Grant7 dager siden

    Who else is here after watching the savage series by kid laroi cuz u saw Faze Adapt

  • Messigician Lionel
    Messigician Lionel7 dager siden

    no wonder i saw you and 24kgoldn in without you

  • 1pump Clan
    1pump Clan7 dager siden

    at the start wasnt that room faze h1ghsky1's setup room

  • Chris Hammond
    Chris Hammond8 dager siden

    Seeing the clip with juice 😫😓

  • Drazzy
    Drazzy8 dager siden

    FAZE LAROI 🔥🔥🔥

  • Andrija Peric
    Andrija Peric8 dager siden

    Mocking faze clan

  • Dilly Horton
    Dilly Horton8 dager siden

    The song they were talking about is so done I think

  • Tempest
    Tempest8 dager siden

    auz the goat tho

  • idkwhoiam
    idkwhoiam8 dager siden

    He could already buy that lol.

  • Nancy Batista
    Nancy Batista8 dager siden

    adapt ne simping for kid laroi

  • binzie
    binzie8 dager siden

    he went from making trickshot videos to buying people $10,000 pc's its crazy what money can do

  • Ryan Cormier
    Ryan Cormier8 dager siden

    RIP Juice Bro

  • Kelly
    Kelly8 dager siden


  • FellowNoob
    FellowNoob8 dager siden

    The thumbnail though.

  • Jack Xbox 30
    Jack Xbox 309 dager siden

    When ever u say ya you sound like xxxtenction

  • Farmy
    Farmy9 dager siden

    He’s rich why don’t he just buy one? 😂

  • Carmen Koch
    Carmen Koch9 dager siden

    adapt rlly bleepin out the cuss words 😂 i’m soo good off faze i need some adult comedy

  • Vxbezz -_-
    Vxbezz -_-9 dager siden

    tell me why i just figured out laroi has a accent

  • Mee Reh
    Mee Reh9 dager siden

    Where’s rice gum

  • Loged Mite7171
    Loged Mite717110 dager siden

    Sup to laroi

  • Gavin Reese
    Gavin Reese10 dager siden

    2when u post on dec.1st but he has thanksgiving tmr lmao