TATTOO ROULETTE - Fortnite Edition...

He really did it....
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  • Bbbby
    Bbbby5 måneder siden

    Our tattoo artist is getting Red Bull sponsorships what is your doing not texting or touching kids

  • Matthew Izaguirre
    Matthew Izaguirre6 måneder siden

    Does anyone see mythic drum gun and this was posted 1 year ago

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum8 måneder siden

    Why do you even chill with that clown Roman ?

  • Dunblane 73

    Dunblane 73

    5 måneder siden

    Roman is in the military now

  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez9 måneder siden

    Quarantine vibez🙃

  • xKrunchyToastx
    xKrunchyToastx9 måneder siden

    the days before Apple Pay LOL

  • Silentry1
    Silentry111 måneder siden

    Banks: Romeo is out here getting red bull sponserships what is your tattoo artist doing? Me: not messing around with underage girls.

  • Austin Hyde
    Austin HydeÅr siden

    Alex the type to forget money in his pocket, and walk around hungry broke.

  • Member
    MemberÅr siden

    Bruh Tokyo Ghoul in the background

  • Edwin Lozano
    Edwin LozanoÅr siden

    What happen to Roman

  • noone youneedtoknow
    noone youneedtoknowÅr siden

    What is my tattoo artist not doing uh Idk not talking to under aged girls.

  • AcidFN YT
    AcidFN YTÅr siden

    They have pay pal can’t they pay?

  • Uncle Levi's Hitman
    Uncle Levi's HitmanÅr siden

    If you are reading this you are the best I hope you are the best day or night 🙂

  • Wees
    WeesÅr siden

    Apple Pay?

  • Bean Boys
    Bean BoysÅr siden

    Red bull sponsor shows a monster can 0:29

  • Kimbaa
    KimbaaÅr siden

    Only Adapt can spell ‘Tattoo’ wrong 0:09

  • B Bateman
    B BatemanÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to see clown with a balloon and go play with it

  • Bianca Hernandez
    Bianca HernandezÅr siden

    Well your old tattoo artist is texting under age girls

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan JohnsonÅr siden

    9:51 We got a donut LMFAOOOO!!

  • Jake McCrary
    Jake McCraryÅr siden

    I would pay people to not get FoRtNiTe tattoos

  • Kro
    KroÅr siden

    "Wtf is your tatto artist doing?" - Banks 2018 Me: Not being a paedophile ;)

  • Matt C
    Matt CÅr siden

    Lol my tattoo artists isnt a child molester

  • Yara
    YaraÅr siden

    Who's here after Romeo's accusations? 😫🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Elijah Tutor
    Elijah TutorÅr siden

    R.I.P P90

  • shadowbanned -
    shadowbanned -År siden


  • energybio
    energybioÅr siden

    p90 just got vaulted

  • Nathan Official
    Nathan OfficialÅr siden

    Fortnites gay except for creative

  • lmao,cb
    lmao,cbÅr siden

    fucking virgins are going to regret this

  • Nugget Boy
    Nugget BoyÅr siden

    "Our tattoo artist is getting Red Bull sponsorships what is yours doing?" Not being a pedo

  • Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic

    8 måneder siden

    Nugget Boy lmao 😂

  • Silentry1


    11 måneder siden

    Man someone already had this? Damn glad I wasn't the only one who thought the same.

  • Matt C

    Matt C

    År siden

    Fuck you beat me to it !!!!

  • Guns n Wheels

    Guns n Wheels

    År siden

    Dion Tonna I can't find anything on it, why can't someone just say something about the allegations.

  • Dion Tonna

    Dion Tonna

    År siden

    @Guns n Wheels google it

  • Curt Wrong
    Curt WrongÅr siden

    Romeo the nonce

  • Darian_Yuh
    Darian_YuhÅr siden

    And.... it’s vaulted

  • D0ty FN
    D0ty FNÅr siden

    The p90 got vaulted in season 9

  • marcel frilles
    marcel frillesÅr siden

    wells fargo does cardless atm if you have your phone

  • JEF
    JEFÅr siden

    6:06 nothing better than some water when ur hungry

  • Grafzaaiers
    GrafzaaiersÅr siden

    Obviously Alex knew he had those 20's, just didn't want to pay dinner for the both of them. When everything else failed he magicly finds the money in his pocket. Like you won't check your right pocket if you're looking for money xD You can clearly see it in his face too when Banks confronts him lmao

  • Isaiah Lozano
    Isaiah LozanoÅr siden

    1 spin

  • overflex
    overflexÅr siden

    Romeo out here messing with under age girls

  • forhns
    forhnsÅr siden

    what is your tattoo artist doing.talking to kids lol

  • Julian Escobar
    Julian EscobarÅr siden

    6:15 you guys probably caught mercury or Venus you might think their stars but if they were facing eastern then it would be for sure planets cause they reflect the suns light so they look like stars

  • Jay 2607
    Jay 2607År siden

    Sa is f word 20 times In description says pg family friendly

  • Light Clan
    Light ClanÅr siden

    I love Paul brothers

  • Clown Slayer
    Clown SlayerÅr siden

    What happened to Roman why he not in vids anymore?

  • Jacob
    JacobÅr siden

    Well here’s the thing....

  • CreeperSlayer69
    CreeperSlayer69År siden

    Should’ve got the default

  • Kaley 688
    Kaley 688År siden

    Romeo is out here texting teenager girls.

  • LK6Gaming
    LK6GamingÅr siden

    My tattoo artist is asking to get his ass licked.

  • Rico Suave
    Rico SuaveÅr siden

    Still in the game thooo

  • Wette92
    Wette92År siden

    Seen this vid like 3 times but I feel bad for this man

    GTA MIDNIGHTÅr siden

    Fun fact: they don’t spin the wheel until 3:45

  • Dead channel

    Dead channel

    År siden

    You are my hero

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan SanchezÅr siden

    Yo that star on romans neck looks hella Stupid

  • Nathaniel Vargas
    Nathaniel VargasÅr siden

    I live like 1 minute away for where u were filming

  • Pablo Tescobar
    Pablo TescobarÅr siden

    Wow how sad 😂

  • Gmoney Melton
    Gmoney MeltonÅr siden

    P90 is vaulted now lol

  • olek pacek
    olek pacekÅr siden

    they thought the p90 is getting vaulted and its still here 2019 31th january

  • Anas Hayder

    Anas Hayder

    År siden

    31th 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • uzi11


    År siden

    still here now

  • Ace Ko
    Ace Ko2 år siden

    Adapt is the the type of guy to to heat a freezer and say "I'm making water bitches!!".

  • Gunner Colp
    Gunner Colp2 år siden


  • Tubby Editz
    Tubby Editz2 år siden

    Do you have a fortnite support a creater

  • That Epicia
    That Epicia2 år siden

    Where did Roman go??

  • Mikey , luke , cam , kaylain
    Mikey , luke , cam , kaylain2 år siden

    I would want the llama with confetti coming out of its head because i would put the p90 right next to the llamas head

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh2 år siden

    What a waste of time😂😂Alex you dumbass lmaooo

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh2 år siden

    Adapt knows the dolan twins lol

  • Movie Monster
    Movie Monster2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to say he forgot all his money and then find some in his pocket

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad2 år siden

    “I don’t check my right pocket” 😂😂

  • Cooperative Rat
    Cooperative Rat2 år siden

    Why. Wtf.

  • nekuha
    nekuha2 år siden

    3:47 is first spin YW

  • ToRadForU
    ToRadForU2 år siden

    theres something called apple pay

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez2 år siden

    Alex is me forgetting I have a 20 in my pocket😂

  • look at Curry man
    look at Curry man2 år siden

    they've hot rock bottom of being desperate at this point...

  • mi ke
    mi ke2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put money in his pocket walk around looking for a way to get money then find the money like 2 hours later

  • Ty Visual
    Ty Visual2 år siden

    Where tf have u been

  • Lukas Andreasson
    Lukas Andreasson2 år siden

    You are a fucking idiet whay did you rost and sey thats blink VII dud he has NO hands end you bulid him off that

  • Frosty Stories
    Frosty Stories2 år siden

    where u been!

  • Matt Florio Vlog
    Matt Florio Vlog2 år siden

    How can i Join FaZe and how can i live in the FaZe House ???

  • ttv x1Day
    ttv x1Day2 år siden


  • OrangeMemes
    OrangeMemes2 år siden

    The last cod vid you made was 11 MONTHS ago and bo4 just came out

  • Raps_Raps
    Raps_Raps2 år siden

    2012 adapt would be ashamed of you today, your passion was cod and now look at you, successful, but only from jumping on what’s popular (fortnite) i much prefer 2012 adapt than now

  • GreatGrandpaSway
    GreatGrandpaSway2 år siden

    FazeSwayy pin me

  • Kilmvrr
    Kilmvrr2 år siden

    Just got out of jail been in there for 4 years, let me go watch some new Faze adapt cod vid..... WTF IS THIS?!

  • ELM


    2 år siden

    Kilmvrr how have you been in jail for 4 years and you uploaded a video 3 years ago. FAKEEEE

  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • 21mk1
    21mk12 år siden

    Adapt is the type on guy to play Fortnite duos and when his teammate does he walks into the storm when there is 1 person left and dies then he said he can't get my loot now

  • Small Man Cam
    Small Man Cam2 år siden

    You could have just payed the food with PayPal 😂😂

  • mrbenji
    mrbenji2 år siden

    Why was the new vid taken down?

  • shawne joiner
    shawne joiner2 år siden

    Let Fe4rless join the FaZe clan

  • ItsEthan
    ItsEthan2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to bully someone publically on NOlocal for faking clips

  • Martin Heggoe
    Martin Heggoe2 år siden

    do a video on FaZe barry

  • Cameron Janowski
    Cameron Janowski2 år siden

    Ok, why?

  • Lydia GORGONIO
    Lydia GORGONIO2 år siden

    When is adapt going 2 upload its been almost a month

  • Floe Clan
    Floe Clan2 år siden

    U suk tenser is a god

  • JIT
    JIT2 år siden

    please do youtubers in real life again that shit was soo funny just watched the one wit jev

  • Vanessa Silva
    Vanessa Silva2 år siden

    Awesome tattoo to Romvn.

  • Scott Murray-Burrows
    Scott Murray-Burrows2 år siden

    your fucking dume

  • Its Toolio
    Its Toolio2 år siden

    It’s been a month.

  • RizzlesRizz
    RizzlesRizz2 år siden

    Can me and you please 1v1 on fortnite

  • Calvin Hume
    Calvin Hume2 år siden

    Dead channel

  • Zdawg
    Zdawg2 år siden

  • David Smith
    David Smith2 år siden

    Jev and Rug are the only active OGs

  • Youssef Omar
    Youssef Omar2 år siden

    Adapt is the kinda guy to swim in a pool and say he shoured

  • ceeday Roy purdy
    ceeday Roy purdy2 år siden

    Go fuck yourself addick

  • San man is de best he should be in FaZe
    San man is de best he should be in FaZe2 år siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy who would get up on stage at the cinimare and sing its evrey day bro...

  • Nako Blacksome
    Nako Blacksome2 år siden

    Rug is the stupid one Banks is the Aggressive one *** Rain is 1 of 3 funniest**** Adapt is the dumb one*** Faze apex is the normal one ** Fuck jev Lucas is 2/3 funniest**** Thomas is the intelligent one** Teeqo is the weird one* Why is censor in faze Kay is oke** Cheo is also the intelligent one**** Sensei is oke The amount of stars is how much i like the person

  • Daquavious
    Daquavious2 år siden

    Come back to yt ;(