Teaching My Son How To Drive!


It's time to teach my son how to drive! He needs to choose a car! A portion of this video was sponsored by CarGurus. Learn more about CarGurus here: cargur.us/FPbkH
What would be YOUR dream first car??
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  • The Good man
    The Good manTime siden

    Get him a Lexus there the be reliable Luxury cars you can get

  • Kailen Reddy
    Kailen Reddy2 timer siden


  • Brock Daly
    Brock Daly4 timer siden

    He should get a Genesis GV80, that is what Tiger Woods was driving when he flipped his GV80

  • Sleepy Xc
    Sleepy Xc6 timer siden

    You should make him save up for his own car

  • Ritvik Dutta
    Ritvik Dutta7 timer siden

    He should get a Tesla cyber truck

  • shsmustangs
    shsmustangs9 timer siden

    get the kid a camry....car will get be able to get over 200k mi and will very rarely ever leave him stranded. my mother had a 91 had over 250k and ran like new until she bought a brand new one

  • Carlchr
    Carlchr11 timer siden


  • Lewis Newstead
    Lewis Newstead11 timer siden

    Linchon should drive to school in a peel p50

  • AMG 44
    AMG 4413 timer siden

    I think Lincoln should get a Lincoln 😂or a Ford

  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye14 timer siden

    Get a cummins

  • kaushika mangela
    kaushika mangela15 timer siden

    He should get a Mercedes Benz AMG g63

  • Minu Soyza
    Minu Soyza15 timer siden

    at high school I would drive the tesla roadster

  • Victor Padilla
    Victor Padilla15 timer siden

    I’ve been driving since 13

  • Kasper Ljung
    Kasper Ljung16 timer siden

    Get him a delorean.

  • Joshua Worster
    Joshua Worster16 timer siden


  • Maxim Barbier
    Maxim Barbier17 timer siden

    the raptor

  • Quinten de Bruin
    Quinten de Bruin18 timer siden

    Tesla model 3!!!!!

  • Tobias de Bruin
    Tobias de Bruin18 timer siden

    I’m 3 months older than Lincoln, but I have to wait until I’m 18 to drive a car because I live in the Netherlands :(

  • robin 255
    robin 25520 timer siden

    Dodge Hellcat

  • Jok NQ
    Jok NQ22 timer siden

    Lincoln drives monster truck and automatic as a first real car 15 years old wheni was driving manual car as 9 year old kid

  • Mohammad Omar Omari
    Mohammad Omar Omari22 timer siden

    How old can i be to drive in CA Sac I am 15 RN

  • William Searle
    William SearleDag siden

    MODEL 3 or a Ford Focus/fiesta

  • Himesh Sahoo
    Himesh SahooDag siden

    That guy had cross classic century black

  • Priyanka Nikam-Jadhav
    Priyanka Nikam-JadhavDag siden

    Tesla model x

  • Courtney Kirkmann
    Courtney KirkmannDag siden


  • Bryce Simpson
    Bryce SimpsonDag siden

    A Tesla model s performance

  • JohnnyMan3dBoss
    JohnnyMan3dBossDag siden

    You said something about southern Utah, The Stradman lives in Salt Lake city, you guys should do a video together, he has some amazing cars, my favorite is the Bugatti Veyron.

  • Jerry Rivera
    Jerry RiveraDag siden

    BMW M5

  • Holykirito
    HolykiritoDag siden


  • Ahmad Hassan
    Ahmad HassanDag siden

    Buy him a 2000 Toyota Camry

  • Jarett Shurter
    Jarett ShurterDag siden

    Get a gt500 Shelby cobra mustang

  • Munkh Zorig
    Munkh ZorigDag siden

    is it okay for me to drive at age 14 and 6 food 3?

  • Amran Singh
    Amran SinghDag siden

    Nissan gtr r34

  • CO Yaqui
    CO YaquiDag siden

    Get him a Supra or gtr

  • Scotty J.
    Scotty J.2 dager siden

    A Subaru Crosstrek would be pretty good! That parking lot definitely felt a bit small for that gigantic truck, lol.

  • Cash Herdes
    Cash Herdes2 dager siden

    2018 Ford F-250 6,7 power stroke And if someone says It BlOwS bLaCk SmOkE mmm boi the back slapping 5 year old will come and slap u in the back

  • Scott Barclay
    Scott Barclay2 dager siden


  • Paul Cimijotti
    Paul Cimijotti2 dager siden

    Jesus loves you:)

  • Chelsey Ruwo
    Chelsey Ruwo2 dager siden


  • Jacob Snyder
    Jacob Snyder2 dager siden

    Blue tesla

  • Eduardo Cabanas
    Eduardo Cabanas2 dager siden

    Rolls Royce

  • Vilmos Süveg
    Vilmos Süveg2 dager siden

    Ford f-150 white

  • Palaash goyal
    Palaash goyal2 dager siden

    Buy him Toyota supra or a merc c class

  • Maddie Jones
    Maddie Jones2 dager siden

    Can you should You should get I Lincoln you should go to Lincoln car I know his name is Lincoln but I think a LinkedIn car would go good for him

  • Alexey Nikolenko
    Alexey Nikolenko2 dager siden

    Or he should drive a tesla

  • Alexey Nikolenko
    Alexey Nikolenko2 dager siden

    He should drive a cyber truck

  • Mesut Kağan Sevimli
    Mesut Kağan Sevimli2 dager siden

    bmw i3 or ix

  • Adolph Smith
    Adolph Smith2 dager siden

    Real monster truck

  • JJ Cobra
    JJ Cobra2 dager siden

    Get a Toyota Prius

  • FireZoid
    FireZoid2 dager siden

    I paused at the Rolls-Royce damn

  • EverythingTeslaPro ETP
    EverythingTeslaPro ETP3 dager siden

    He should definitely get a Tesla maybe the model 3 or y

  • Echo Gaming
    Echo Gaming3 dager siden

    I would say get lincoln a tahoe. My 2000 tahoe has been very reliable and it can pretty much go anywhere

  • Timukagaming
    Timukagaming3 dager siden

    He shod drive with tesla

  • Dudes Rule
    Dudes Rule3 dager siden

    He's pretty neat with driving

  • Anthony Zelaya 18
    Anthony Zelaya 183 dager siden

    Chevy Colorado

  • Jaxsen Liles
    Jaxsen Liles3 dager siden

    It's what's inside families like on this I will scream

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez3 dager siden


  • Its Merciless
    Its Merciless3 dager siden

    He should get a Japanese car like a 370z or a Subaru wrx Sti

  • Nikola Jevremović
    Nikola Jevremović3 dager siden

    When he learn to drive manual, then hi is a driver.

  • VR Gaming Experience
    VR Gaming Experience4 dager siden

    Tesla model x

  • Jace Weathers
    Jace Weathers4 dager siden

    Hi I love your chanil

  • D8 N8
    D8 N84 dager siden

    Try a Mazda Miata MX5

  • djmrex
    djmrex4 dager siden


  • Hriday Arora
    Hriday Arora4 dager siden

    He should drive Tesla

  • Oliver Hobbs
    Oliver Hobbs4 dager siden


  • willow piggy book 2
    willow piggy book 24 dager siden


  • CorbinPlayzAmongUS
    CorbinPlayzAmongUS4 dager siden


  • Tùng Lâm Vũ
    Tùng Lâm Vũ4 dager siden

    Lincoln should get a custom Tesla Model 3 like that old Grey Model X

  • J Gang
    J Gang4 dager siden

    I got my first car when I was five

  • videos videos
    videos videos4 dager siden

    Blue roadster

  • Viggo Zaar
    Viggo Zaar4 dager siden

    get him a volvo 240

  • Amanda Agreste
    Amanda Agreste4 dager siden

    Omg I feel so old I remember watching his videos and he was in like 4th grade

  • Luke Soka
    Luke Soka4 dager siden

    i think he should get a model 3. im 16 in 3 months and that’s what i’m getting. my mom just ordered the model x and she test drove the model 3 and she’s obsessed with it. a tesla would be good for him especially since you guys are really invested into tesla

  • lukie a
    lukie a4 dager siden


  • Ismael Rojas
    Ismael Rojas4 dager siden

    Hahah my dad also taught me at the church it’s always like that

  • Neo Vadivelu
    Neo Vadivelu4 dager siden

    A supra

  • Panasonic Viera Tv
    Panasonic Viera Tv4 dager siden

    He should get a small car first then should go for a big one

  • Michael Lidster
    Michael Lidster4 dager siden

    burn outs at church.

  • Sebastian Zoppe
    Sebastian Zoppe4 dager siden

    Citroen 2cv

  • Sebastian Zoppe

    Sebastian Zoppe

    4 dager siden

    Dats a gud Car for Lincoln

  • Mounia kettaf
    Mounia kettaf4 dager siden

    A Model 3 preformance

  • yeet yoi
    yeet yoi5 dager siden

    He should get a Mercedes-Benz s class 550 it's a really nice car but it's expensive. Or he can get a audi Q7 2021.

  • Team LF
    Team LF5 dager siden

    Toyota Tacoma will be mine in a few months and I am super excited

  • Bryan Templeton
    Bryan Templeton5 dager siden

    I hate driving because I have anxiety

  • L60F
    L60F5 dager siden

    The best car might be a 2015 Camry

  • Brandon Redfearn
    Brandon Redfearn5 dager siden

    Toyota Tacoma 2014 white, red, or grey and black. Also must be 4w4

  • edits
    edits5 dager siden

    The Ford raptor

  • 311mdub
    311mdub5 dager siden

    Lincoln should get a 1992 geo metro..

  • 311mdub
    311mdub5 dager siden

    You guys live on hidden valley? Looks like A certain area of Utah you live in

  • Tschoony
    Tschoony5 dager siden

    ive been waiting for this

  • Safuan Bhuiyan
    Safuan Bhuiyan5 dager siden

    He should get either a smart car or Nissan 350z

  • Boom
    Boom5 dager siden

    not a fast one

  • Emma Stubbs
    Emma Stubbs5 dager siden

    Living in the south my brother learned how to drive on dirt roads before he got his permit.

  • Kiki And James Adventures
    Kiki And James Adventures5 dager siden

    Chevrolet is a good car

  • Jasper Vanast
    Jasper Vanast5 dager siden

    mercedes amg g63

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep755 dager siden

    A 25,000 dollar car is why to much for a kids first car

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep755 dager siden

    I believe they should raise driving age, 16 for permit 17 for license

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep755 dager siden

    A Lincoln

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep755 dager siden

    A classic car

  • MrJeep75
    MrJeep755 dager siden

    Must be nice to have all those high dollar cars

  • El Confleys
    El Confleys6 dager siden

    A ss clone