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  • Elliot Scholes
    Elliot ScholesMåned siden

    Is there any chance at all we get full team this Friday because the website does say the team will get revealed and released on Friday January 22nd

  • Armz Minasian
    Armz MinasianMåned siden

    Nick When is the best time to buy the actual TOTY players. Thanks!

  • Domancave
    DomancaveMåned siden

    It’s always defenders first. Always.

  • Jamiestu
    JamiestuMåned siden

    am i the only one seeing his 24 mil

  • Marro van Krieka
    Marro van KriekaMåned siden

    XI refers to the big bang release of 11 TOTY's!

  • Levin Berthold
    Levin BertholdMåned siden

    When should I sell my prem and Bundes rares

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh NihhMåned siden

    I heard there adding Prime Lingard To Sbcs

    HURDOROMåned siden

    Niiick, should i sell my mbappe and buy basic cr7? Or is there a chance, that mbappe risess aswell?

  • Alexandro Souto Cintrao
    Alexandro Souto CintraoMåned siden

    Bale and ibra lmaoooo theyre not ever getting a special card after speaking out against ea

  • sssonz
    sssonzMåned siden

    should we save fodder?

  • jens hansen
    jens hansenMåned siden

    i love you bro

  • Matti Mcfc
    Matti McfcMåned siden

    Let's go!!! Mbappe is up 20% and I literally considered selling him the last 5 days :)

  • ashton cap
    ashton capMåned siden

    sooooo whens the best day to open packs???..

  • Oliver Kirk
    Oliver KirkMåned siden

    When should I buy mbappe

  • Miquel Cabanas
    Miquel CabanasMåned siden

    I did the icon sbc and got baby pele. Finally!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernardo Eggesbø
    Bernardo EggesbøMåned siden

    Will the attackers be available in packs this Friday?

  • Wijkagent Peter Spijker
    Wijkagent Peter SpijkerMåned siden

    When sould i buy toty ramos? Plz

  • Some Guy
    Some GuyMåned siden

    Woudnt it make sense to open packs for only defenders since there should be ver few people opening, yet they still need to somehow supply the market. Wouldn't that increase your chance of packing someone.

  • Lloydnyako
    LloydnyakoMåned siden

    i got mid klose yesterday and now i want to delete my club

  • England 1 Iceland 2
    England 1 Iceland 2Måned siden

    this is how i think toty will be. Friday DEFENSE AND GOALKEEPER Saturday Midfielders And 12th man vote Sunday Attackers Monday full team Tuesday upgrade Packs with full toty and 12th man in packs friday toty ends. yes i think toty will only be a 1 week promo

  • The Clutch Playz
    The Clutch PlayzMåned siden

    So should I sell my whole team?

  • Aabbb Aaa
    Aabbb AaaMåned siden

    Sort of got bored with fifa last night decided to sink a lot of my fodder into the icon pack, who walks out baby Johan Cruyff.

  • Pepinho 42
    Pepinho 42Måned siden

    Stepovers 😭😭😭😭

  • Amey Sutar
    Amey SutarMåned siden

    Should I open all my packs on first day of toty attackers in packs or wait untill all players are in packs?

  • DazedVornado
    DazedVornadoMåned siden

    Isnt it usually Defenders, Midfielders, the Attackers?

  • Can CorpeX Baykal
    Can CorpeX BaykalMåned siden

    On the loading screen we see toty XI so i think they gonna release the whole team at the same time

  • Adam Zakhir
    Adam ZakhirMåned siden

    Hey Nick, I am not sure if you will see this but I was recently wrongfully market banned on my account and I was wondering if you could help me out. I have all the proof and evidence on why it was wrong.

  • Twinstarz11


    Måned siden

    Good luck. But it's gone. 99.9 percent you ain't getting it back

  • Zia Ul Haq Hamidi
    Zia Ul Haq HamidiMåned siden

    Have nick spent fifa points on this account? If yes how much?

  • GM Comps

    GM Comps

    Måned siden

    @Zia Ul Haq Hamidi he will probably increase after the promo as cards will start to rise like the meta players like mbappe and Neymar

  • Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    Måned siden

    @GM Comps shit the world without fifa points??? That's ridiculously good let me ask you now Mbappé is 660k on Friday after promo would he drop to 600k? I think 20% he might

  • GM Comps

    GM Comps

    Måned siden

    @Zia Ul Haq Hamidi yeah he’s probably the best trader out there and has the most transfer profit in the world currently

  • Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    Måned siden

    @GM Comps for real 24 mil only with trading? I have not alot of knowledge so I believe you but it is unreal

  • GM Comps

    GM Comps

    Måned siden

    Nope he just trades

  • Christian Guzman
    Christian GuzmanMåned siden

    Can’t wait for the servers to go down 🚫🧢

  • t3sp7
    t3sp7Måned siden

    Is it better to wait till they’re all in packs to open you packs because there’s more of them so it’s more likely to pack them??

  • GM Comps

    GM Comps

    Måned siden

    Yes of course but i might be to tempted as soon as they release it but if u have patience wait

  • The Legend
    The LegendMåned siden

    Hopefully it’s a full team release on Friday, the loading screen has XI so potentially the full 11 on Friday, and maybe for the first time they will release a “bench” over the week

  • Ramsay Locke
    Ramsay LockeMåned siden

    Should I sell my 10 Varanes??

  • Samuel Fehe
    Samuel FeheMåned siden

    omg im actually sooooo hyped!!!!

  • Crandall536
    Crandall536Måned siden

    Non repeatable mid icon pack comes next during this 30 period, then it will be mid icon repeatable with mid or prime non repeatable during that period, and so on.

  • Muhammad Danial Iman
    Muhammad Danial ImanMåned siden

    If im not playing this weekend league would the best time to buy be sunday night or this Friday?

  • Mark Foley
    Mark FoleyMåned siden

    Should I buy my new team on Friday or later

  • jamie banks
    jamie banksMåned siden

    I did mine I had 200k plus did 86 rated for nothing I sold my 87 Dalglish who I traded for and I ended up with his 90 rated version so massive dub for me

  • Otaku _ a9ly
    Otaku _ a9lyMåned siden

    Nick I don’t think it’s going to be a positional release , I think it’s gonna be a full release

  • Otaku _ a9ly

    Otaku _ a9ly

    18 dager siden

    @2Tucked my psn is Ressurection-F

  • Otaku _ a9ly

    Otaku _ a9ly

    18 dager siden

    @2Tucked ooh sorry I forgot 😅😂

  • 2Tucked


    18 dager siden

    @Otaku _ a9ly did u add me on ps4? Or drop your psn on here

  • 2Tucked


    22 dager siden

    @Otaku _ a9ly nice add me on there my psn is TwoTuck

  • Otaku _ a9ly

    Otaku _ a9ly

    22 dager siden

    @2Tucked ps4

  • Nathan Barnett
    Nathan BarnettMåned siden

    If ea don't give us a Muller sbc, it will be interesting to hear their reasoning for leaving him off the toty voting.

  • The Mac
    The MacMåned siden

    I sold everything

  • JRayC2002
    JRayC2002Måned siden

    Is anyone actually hyped for team of the year? What else is there other than players you won’t pack.

  • Graham C
    Graham CMåned siden

    an 85-rated squad (+ a totw squad) for an 86-rated player. it's like someone looking you in the eye and telling you they're ripping you off as they take your money.

  • Matias Lehtinen
    Matias LehtinenMåned siden

    Nick, your transfer list is full of RATS!! Clean up man!

  • Bram Limburg
    Bram LimburgMåned siden

    GUYS do i sell promes or keep him i dont know what to do can someone help please sell on thursday?

  • Jessie
    JessieMåned siden

    You want a Ferrari , you can craft that during Toty

  • Ben Good
    Ben GoodMåned siden

    Hopefully they drop all players on Friday who agrees

  • Tarek Hammad
    Tarek HammadMåned siden

    Guys dont listen to this guy he doesnt wear glasses like runthefutmarket

  • Ralph Kaijim
    Ralph KaijimMåned siden

    What will be the buy time of toty’s?

  • Duzza JDB9
    Duzza JDB9Måned siden

    When should I buy inform Ronaldo 93?

  • Ben Nash
    Ben NashMåned siden

    Praying the full toty drops on Friday

  • Chri3 COD King
    Chri3 COD KingMåned siden

    Nick if I have a base or mid icon how can I get you to open it ?

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar FloresMåned siden

    Favorite youtuber NO 🧢

    CASPERAMåned siden

    Something tells me Kent is going to be an SBC

  • MambaCapalot
    MambaCapalotMåned siden

    I hope they release a flashback Rooney man

  • Joshua Aburto
    Joshua AburtoMåned siden

    Base mid was finally worth it. Wasted only 120k and got mid cruyff. Back to back years with untradable mid cruyff😭

  • Darren Kizito
    Darren KizitoMåned siden

    So I have 35 packs so far, should I wait till next Friday when all toty cards are out or open then this Friday when the first positions are out

  • Pranav Bhardwaj

    Pranav Bhardwaj

    Måned siden

    better to save till all of em are in packs imo

  • Thomas Homes
    Thomas HomesMåned siden

    I'm investing in la liga wingers to link with Joselu.

  • BartSoprano
    BartSopranoMåned siden

    I want TOTY Ramos so bad!! I play almost untradeble team and have 7,5 mil for a crazy team. Do you guys have suggestions who to get in the attack?

  • Luca The Italian
    Luca The ItalianMåned siden

    Isn’t mbappe like guaranteed in because one of the toty’s needed to be younger then 23

  • Mega Drip

    Mega Drip

    Måned siden

    Alphonso Davies man

  • Cloverfield


    Måned siden

    Haven't heard that rule before but davies will get it over him for sure

  • Santi
    SantiMåned siden

    What if they release team of the year nominees after TOTY?

  • PhysixFN
    PhysixFNMåned siden

    When do u think I should buy vVD gold card will he drop on toty or ?

  • PhysixFN
    PhysixFNMåned siden

    When do u think I should buy vVD gold card will he drop on toty or ?

  • PhysixFN
    PhysixFNMåned siden

    When do u think I should buy vVD gold card will he drop on toty or ?

  • Ruben Bouwman
    Ruben BouwmanMåned siden

    What do you think ramos Wil cost?

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah KhanMåned siden

    How is your record so good but i was watching your twitch fut champs live and u just about got gold2

  • Kanye4Prez
    Kanye4PrezMåned siden

    When to buy baby cruyff

  • Anirudh Thakur
    Anirudh ThakurMåned siden

    My goal is to pack CR7

  • Jose Carranque
    Jose CarranqueMåned siden

    I’ve saved somewhere over 100packs for toty I’m praying for some luck. They’re not the best packs available but I’m just trying to get lucky

  • drpepperfc
    drpepperfcMåned siden

    Think van dijk for 190k is a good price considering he will be out of packs for toty?

  • Benedict Schwarz
    Benedict SchwarzMåned siden

    I’m kinda new to the channel and was just wondering what team nick supports ?

  • Macc and Cheese
    Macc and CheeseMåned siden

    When will foder be lowest

  • Krypt. Echo
    Krypt. EchoMåned siden

    Not sure when best day to buy team is, panic is starty stoppy atm, need to buy icon?

  • Impulse
    ImpulseMåned siden

    I have a rulebreaker reus and a 92 totw lewandowski should i hold onto them got them for very cheap ?

  • Luis CC
    Luis CCMåned siden

    I have a feeling that they will put all the players into packs from the start and will continue to add content to get people to buy fifa points and use their packs.

  • Krypt. Echo
    Krypt. EchoMåned siden

    Prime xavi or mid mattheus in a CM 4-4-2 next to potm Bruno?

  • Fred Owabor

    Fred Owabor

    Måned siden

    @Krypt. Echo oh yea my bad Hahaha

  • Krypt. Echo

    Krypt. Echo

    Måned siden

    @Fred Owabor read again bro haha

  • Fred Owabor

    Fred Owabor

    Måned siden

    POTM BRUNO any day of the week

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin LeeMåned siden

    You prolly wont see this but im watching your vids everyday while studying my ass off for online semester! Been really helping me out with everything. Thank you Nick, keep up ur content

  • Adham 17
    Adham 17Måned siden

    love the vids of you and nep when you talk about the 6pm content

  • Артём Нурдинов
    Артём НурдиновMåned siden

    Guys when are u opening packs? Waiting till full team in packs or just opening on Friday? Pls share your thoughts.

  • Alonso Urrunaga

    Alonso Urrunaga

    Måned siden

    Full team

  • Ean Cafaro
    Ean CafaroMåned siden

    You actually think they’ll be in packs for two weeks, I’m not sure about that

  • CiTiZeN_ErAzEd_ ErA
    CiTiZeN_ErAzEd_ ErAMåned siden

    Why are people looking forward to toty? Fut is still gonna be rigged and shit no matter what side you have it's comical.

    BAZ GAMINGMåned siden

    What if all 11 Toty is in packs on Friday

  • Albin Persson
    Albin PerssonMåned siden

    Any chance that we are getting all of them on friday?



    Måned siden

    No its over the week

  • Mitchel
    MitchelMåned siden

    When you tubers say base/mid icon packs aren't worth it as prime/moments players are coming out it just shows how far from reality they are. Not everyone has 20 million

  • Mitchel


    Måned siden

    @jesuskehh h don't worry mate I've got pele 👍

  • jesuskehh h

    jesuskehh h

    Måned siden

    Get gud

  • Joep Van Leeuwen
    Joep Van LeeuwenMåned siden

    What is the best way to craft SBC's/players?

  • Lars.Berg.Damsgaard
    Lars.Berg.DamsgaardMåned siden

    When is the right buytime? Day and time?

  • Cussen4
    Cussen4Måned siden

    If cards are released by position and next week we have all cards out together, will prices be cheaper this week coming up to the TOTY release or next week?

  • Didier YaKonik
    Didier YaKonikMåned siden

    I dont agree That only the Strikers will arrive on Friday , i think all Players will be there on Friday

  • Andrew Wright

    Andrew Wright

    Måned siden

    No they always do positions first

  • xSkadush
    xSkadushMåned siden

    I hope that they will drop the full team friday because they are so late and it's also the first time they start on friday

  • Celtic fan
    Celtic fanMåned siden

    HELP FIFA FANS!!! WHO SHOULD I BUY?? 92 Mid Puskás 🇭🇺 92 Prime Butragueño 🇪🇸 91 Prime Drogba 🇨🇮 91 Prime Torres 🇪🇸 90 Mid Eto’o 🇨🇲

  • Griffoir


    Måned siden

    El Buitre prime sounds lovely

  • Liam Gamliel

    Liam Gamliel

    Måned siden

    All dont worth the money's, gold ronaldo is better and cheaper so you can get another good player

  • Celtic fan
    Celtic fanMåned siden

    Will top-tier meta icons (i.e 92 Mid Puskas), drop in price with TOTY?

  • jesuskehh h

    jesuskehh h

    Måned siden

    Yes in the past panic

  • RTG Horsin
    RTG HorsinMåned siden

    hey i’m kinda new to fifa, i have 87 mahrez but when i logged onto the game today the card is grey and says “not found” on the top. can someone please explain what’s going on?

  • ElGranDero17
    ElGranDero17Måned siden

    muller is getting a sbc, you heard it here first

  • GG_rattepatat


    Måned siden

    @Nathan Barnett no lol was to “you heard it here first” to be clear :)

  • Nathan Barnett

    Nathan Barnett

    Måned siden

    @GG_rattepatat Yeah he doesn't deserve one. 14 goals and 26 assists in a year is just not good enough and deserves to go unnoticed.

  • GG_rattepatat


    Måned siden

    No lol, very easy to predict

  • Mo Bamba
    Mo BambaMåned siden

    Soo what would you guys do cuz i will have 10 icon swaps in like 2 days and my question is: should i get 2 ultimate packs and 1 base icon pack or should i get the base or mid icon pack?

  • Jasp


    Måned siden

    Nah. Go for the mid / base

  • Steff GI

    Steff GI

    Måned siden

    Well the ultimate packs are shite but there are high chances of you getting a base icon out of the base or mid icon pack so i’d go with the ultimate packs and the base icon pack bro. Maybe you’ll get lucky and pack something good out the ultimate packs

  • EniS Nizzy
    EniS NizzyMåned siden

    You're output audio is so low bro

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan DipasqualeMåned siden

    I've pack a toty card the past 3 yrs in a row, KDB twice and de ligt last yr. That being said I save packs every yr. and I've never packed a toty from saved packs they've always been from the league upgrade packs. Hopefully I can keep the streak going.

  • Eddy malou
    Eddy malouMåned siden

    Yo when should i buy 88 xavi?

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99Måned siden

    When should we open our saved packs?

  • Asger Bill-jessen

    Asger Bill-jessen

    Måned siden


  • James Hodkinson
    James HodkinsonMåned siden

    Hey guys, I want to buy Neymar and mbappe for my team but don’t know whether to buy them now or on the weekend could you guys help me?

  • Steven Zonder
    Steven ZonderMåned siden

    My goal is to get toty Ramos sooner than later

    KXNGGMåned siden

    Will promo cards (not in packs) crash in price?