Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess


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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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  • Call Me Conor
    Call Me Conor11 dager siden

    Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.

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  • that1guy
    that1guy57 minutter siden

    “...and constantly interrupted by commercials” *ad plays* 😳woah, that’s talent

  • ꧁ rxckqbye ꧂
    ꧁ rxckqbye ꧂Time siden

    This is the moment I realized that I grew up with cable and we didn't get cable fees.... what

  • ꧁ rxckqbye ꧂
    ꧁ rxckqbye ꧂Time siden

    "When I was in high school I would come home almost everyday" What do you do drew when you dont come home?

  • Devilflier
    DevilflierTime siden

    Constantly getting interrupted by commer- *cuts to ad*

  • Kieran Bratson
    Kieran BratsonTime siden

    Is cable just american for normal tv? We just buy a decoder over here for like 20 dollars than thats tv, forever

  • Mike Boggs
    Mike BoggsTime siden

    oh my god me and my dad watched attack of the show all the time!!! I got to meet Sara Underwood when I was like 12 at comic con.

  • sam e
    sam eTime siden

    sir criminal minds is amazing

  • Kaitlyn Harrison
    Kaitlyn HarrisonTime siden

    the only thing satisfying about tv is feeling apart of something with a series launch or the olympics. however i've decided i'd just go to my moms if I ever want to watch tv when I move out, we have cable tv too and i haven't used it once since high school (2013)

  • Annabeth Maxey
    Annabeth MaxeyTime siden

    At 9:36 an add popped up 😆

  • Jahnavi Singh
    Jahnavi SinghTime siden

    Nah I watched criminal minds because 12 year old me thought Matthew Gray Gubler was hot and that carried into my 20s. The first five seasons were pretty good tho

  • ChrisE827
    ChrisE827Time siden

    Don’t talk shit about SVU.

  • why tho?
    why tho?2 timer siden

    me before this video, after 7 years of no cable wishing i had cable: 😔 me now, enlightened and glad my family doesn't have to pay so much for shitty cable: 🥰

  • OhElvira
    OhElvira2 timer siden

    Nope Australia is the same AND we only have one cable provider that blocks any good show they broadcast from being on Netflix or Prime. 👍🏼

  • A CP
    A CP2 timer siden

    Protect drew from Comcast, direct tv, spectrum, charter, dish network ASAP.

  • everyone's_uncle_charlie
    everyone's_uncle_charlie2 timer siden

    I will not stand by and listen to disrespect about Criminal Minds!! Yes they're all the same but I have an unhealthy emotional attachment to it. Also some of the cases on that show are wild.

  • Kyle Heck
    Kyle Heck2 timer siden

    Scrubs and house m.d. were legitimately good shows, but yeah most of them are total shit

  • fuckyou666420
    fuckyou6664202 timer siden

    Maybe the only channel I miss is MuchMusic from here in Canada. I watched it every day in like 2006-2007 which was my middle school days. Kinda like MTV. But, they haven't shown any music videos since like 2009 so that ship sailed long ago.

  • Aphro
    Aphro2 timer siden

    I'm not white and I unironically enjoy HGTV. Yes I know it's heavily scripted. I just love watching home renovations and house hunting with my mom.

  • tunechi amoré
    tunechi amoré2 timer siden

    thank you for making this helpful vid for all of us to send to our old family members 💖

  • Grace Pizarro
    Grace Pizarro2 timer siden

    I guess you could say that about crime shows like Miss Anatole, Poirot, broadchurch, and as you said the drs shows. Crime shows I find are fantastic, especially British or European ones. They may be similar but there’s always something different enough so I still love a lot of these shows haha

  • Mc Donald’s
    Mc Donald’s2 timer siden

    Drew doesn’t look like the type of guy to watch football but he does and that’s cool

  • Sloth
    Sloth2 timer siden

    dude, criminal minds is amazing. its nothing like the rest of them.

  • That chaotic Bisexual
    That chaotic Bisexual3 timer siden

    7:39 my mom is watching property brothers as we speak, she’s white

  • K9 sidrat
    K9 sidrat3 timer siden

    Nice mid roll 👌

  • Anja D.
    Anja D.3 timer siden

    Just as Drew finished saying "and constantly interrupted by commercials," the video cut to an ad, lmao.

  • T-RexXD225
    T-RexXD2253 timer siden

    Who wants to bet this is the only Drew Gooden video NOlocal hasn’t demonetized?

  • zeranzeran
    zeranzeran3 timer siden

    I like hearing you talk about TV

  • jake
    jake4 timer siden

    my grandmother has cable and she uses it for two (2) very exciting things which r the church channel and hallmark

  • otters are pretty dope
    otters are pretty dope4 timer siden

    Involving all those "american government organizations that catches all the bad guys", mom watches all of those shows 😂😂😂😂 I feel like middle aged mothers watch those shows tho.

  • HD White
    HD White4 timer siden

    Literally all my parents watch on TV are the law enforcement shows, like blue bloods, ncis, hawaii five-o, magnum pi, and those are just the ones I know the names of.

  • Owen Loves DoGs
    Owen Loves DoGs4 timer siden

    Seal team is good tho

  • Shuchi
    Shuchi4 timer siden

    this felt like a last week tonight episode lmao

  • Starzies
    Starzies4 timer siden

    in my house we only use cable for 90 day fiance, HGTV, sports and the news

  • go to MLockGaming
    go to MLockGaming5 timer siden

    impractical jokers is the only show on my television

  • Fartlicker Support Group
    Fartlicker Support Group5 timer siden

    Magnum pi is a treasure don’t you ever forget that

  • webyy 27
    webyy 275 timer siden

    Drew: there's always movies stopped by commercials Also drew: puts ad right after that sentence. Oh ok

  • Bmo
    Bmo5 timer siden

    Yeah Optimum TV is exactly as bad as spectrum.

  • CoasterFan15
    CoasterFan155 timer siden

    I’m sorry but ‘And constantly interrupted by commercials’ and then getting and ad left my dying

  • Bmo
    Bmo5 timer siden

    Fun fact a few people who worked at G4 went Machinima/Inside Gaming on to found Funhaus, Bruce and James. G4 was awesome lol.

  • Hannelore Korsman
    Hannelore Korsman5 timer siden

    “Constantly interrupted by commercials” *3 second commerial interrupts*

  • The Umbrella Academy Simp Hargreeves
    The Umbrella Academy Simp Hargreeves5 timer siden

    "Makes you love and respect the government..." They literally have a plot line in Criminal Minds where the government doesn't do shit, and all of the charcters hate cops, lol

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee5 timer siden

    Spectrum is a goddamn parasite to my family cause my family can barely pay the bill all the way and they are fucking assholes cause sometimes they cut off the internet without notifying them. I stick with netflix and hulu its way cheaper than cable.

  • liz s.
    liz s.6 timer siden

    with shows like ncis- at least for me- the fact that its all basically the same thing over and over is literally why i watch it. i have anxiety drew

  • Kelsey Myers
    Kelsey Myers6 timer siden

    Okay okay okay but crime shows are the best.

  • Cameron Kwong-Murphy
    Cameron Kwong-Murphy6 timer siden


  • Stephen Elder
    Stephen Elder6 timer siden

    “...and constantly interrupted by commercials” *ad plays* Nice

  • Amber Violet
    Amber Violet6 timer siden

    J A S M I N E

  • rtchoke Hearts
    rtchoke Hearts6 timer siden

    No Drew, do you expect me to not have forensic files and American pickers playing in the living room all day??

  • Marcie
    Marcie6 timer siden

    I have an “older relative” who still watches cable except it’s my 28 year old sister

  • Foo eht Etak
    Foo eht Etak6 timer siden

    Remember when TLC was still “The Learning Channel”? Also the National Geographic is slowly turning into TLC sadly. I recently tried to watch National Geographic on cable and that’s all it was.

  • Peter Burman
    Peter Burman6 timer siden

    Sportscenter was indeed the best show on TV for a time. But now it's political nonsense and people nobody likes yelling at each other!

  • Panna Johns
    Panna Johns7 timer siden

    But you gotta admit that Bones was the absolute best like I was WORSHIPING that show, and I still am, including The Mentalist, Castle, Criminal Minds. The only CSI/NCIS franchise I watched just as much as Bones was CSI:Miami, like they are old classics and I could never hate them

  • Jackie Edgin
    Jackie Edgin7 timer siden

    There is only one show that is only on cable and is actually really good which is emergence.. it’s another robot kid in normal suburban family show but it is really good in my opinion

  • Priscilla Rocha
    Priscilla Rocha7 timer siden

    I like that I can cancel Netflix mid-January and then rejoin in August without paying a cent of a cancellation fee

  • Joe M
    Joe M7 timer siden

    All the sports i need to watch, i use a free streaming service. Grandmastreams has been pretty good. There's no need to ever get cable lol

  • Kyberion
    Kyberion8 timer siden

    I like how these companies don’t realize I’m cheap as shit and I just go hey is put locker still up

  • Brittany
    Brittany8 timer siden

    Me watching this on my lunch break 👀

  • Taylor Christine
    Taylor Christine9 timer siden

    Watching this felt like watching the presentation that my young film prof gave in a telecommunications class

  • Nick
    Nick9 timer siden

    Why I clicked: masked singer Why I stayed: because I, TOO, hate spectrum....

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos9 timer siden

    Yo I'm pretty sure someone already said this and I'm only at 1 minute rn, but masked singer came from Korea and the one where u pick and choose who is a singer or not came from the Philippines

  • slylover123
    slylover1239 timer siden

    Remember SPIKE TV?

  • Zeptosmaakyouses
    Zeptosmaakyouses9 timer siden

    Who else watched Drew’s ad about teeth and then immediately got an ad for smile direct club?😂 Cosmic commercial coincidence. Beautiful

  • Laverne Reyes Reyes
    Laverne Reyes Reyes9 timer siden

    Danny Gonzalez

  • Kyle Bear
    Kyle Bear9 timer siden

    Idk Scrubs and the Good Doctor feel different than the others?

  • puteri jasmin
    puteri jasmin10 timer siden

    man american cable sounds like it sucks... the cable company my family uses sounds wayy better is called astro and not only do we have cable but we can record shows to watch later and they are all accessible by our phone via an ‘on the go’ app -astro go where we can watch the on demand library of movies and tv shows completely ad free - you could even watch live tv on there so... want to watch live sports games but your not at home? no prob!

  • mikileigh robertson
    mikileigh robertson10 timer siden

    I love anime so I have no problems

  • Jennifer R.
    Jennifer R.10 timer siden

    Lmaao why did this video just radicalize me

  • Jennifer R.

    Jennifer R.

    10 timer siden

    I hate consumerism

  • quiplo
    quiplo11 timer siden

    Damn, I’m British and we have a sort of British version of cable called “freeview” which runs similarly but honestly has some decent channels and shows. And you may have noticed from the name. It FREE. Because it’s basic tv that most people should be able to access. Yes you have to pay for a tv license but I’m pretty sure it’s no where near as much as cable is.

  • artfacekillah
    artfacekillah11 timer siden

    Every time I go to my grandparents house I wonder how anyone could enjoy television these days

  • Cerealwithafork
    Cerealwithafork11 timer siden

    The only cop show I like is Psych because the entire show is just making fun of cop shows.

  • Dorifto ?!?!?!
    Dorifto ?!?!?!13 timer siden

    I’m so happy I read-found your channel, and I’m a huge sports fan btw, High update: went on a rant to my mom and felt super smart telling her we should get rid of cable since only she uses it to watch one show!!. She replied with, I have money and because the NOlocal’s told you I guess it’s right. 🤦‍♂️ I swear she tries to act old

  • FuegoRicky
    FuegoRicky13 timer siden

    The math part made me feel like i was watching matpat

  • sketchy
    sketchy13 timer siden

    The CSI shows were top tier television when I was young😂😂

  • Johnny Capone
    Johnny Capone14 timer siden

    Do You Remember MXC That Japanese Game Show? Also should make a Vid abour 90's Nickelodeon Game Shows Like Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, Double Dare ECT. . .

  • Johnny Capone
    Johnny Capone14 timer siden

    I am White, Good Job. "I Do Watch HGTV"

  • tpodole
    tpodole14 timer siden

    5:30 OK, but *why* there is "O Canada" in background while US flag is slowly fading in?

  • miiiikku
    miiiikku14 timer siden

    You can watch the movies the way they were meant to be. In 720p censored and constantly interrupted by commercials. Writing is not that easy, but grammarly can help. This sentence is grammatically correct, but its wordy.

  • M Davison
    M Davison15 timer siden

    in the uk we have freeview and it’s really good 🥺

  • PrincessPubert
    PrincessPubert15 timer siden

    Has anyone else noticed the weird porn channel section of the guide when you’re looking for a channel to watch or is that just something we don’t talk about?

  • Never Fall
    Never Fall15 timer siden

    We’ve tried to cancel out direct tv like 10 times and finally they said they would, then got charged the next month

  • Sam Ngubane
    Sam Ngubane15 timer siden

    And in 2 years, Brian became the CEO.

  • Zayn
    Zayn15 timer siden

    9:34 he put a commercial their .-.

  • Arlyn Serrano
    Arlyn Serrano16 timer siden


  • Froyoyo
    Froyoyo16 timer siden

    9:36 I got an ad just as he said that

  • Lucas vdH
    Lucas vdH16 timer siden

    "constantly interrupted by commercials" *commercial starts playing*

  • angeltheya12
    angeltheya1216 timer siden

    These are Asian TV shows more interesting in Asia than their American adaptation.🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MFbond1
    MFbond116 timer siden

    "Constantly interrupted by commercials" -Ad plays lmao

  • xerohmega
    xerohmega17 timer siden


  • Viktor Reznov
    Viktor Reznov17 timer siden

    8:11 - when I was in high school I would come home almost every day Poor Drew, raised on the streets by a pack of wild pigeons

  • Ralph Lauren Gabas
    Ralph Lauren Gabas17 timer siden

    Drew: 9:35 "And constantly interrupted by commercials" *Then suddenly Grammarly ad pops up* Me: Huh... I see what you did there... xD

  • 10peppermill
    10peppermill17 timer siden

    I dont think I've ever watched a youtuber who uses their mid rolls as a comedic tool, well done.

  • Aaron Cardoza
    Aaron Cardoza18 timer siden

    Oh lord, I thought I was getting scammed in the worst way possible with Spectrum's crappy internet service and I now know there are worse things in this world: Spectrum's crappier cable service

  • Wolf97N
    Wolf97N18 timer siden

    I cut the cable over 5 years ago and never looked back. I honestly forgot how many commercials were in tv until I was in the hospital and just had the tv on in the background. That really made me stop complaining about the 2 ads in front of a youtube video that are either less than 30 seconds or I can skip after 5. But I've been subscribed to Netflix and Hulu for the past half decade and it's been fine. Oh and amazon prime which I honestly forgot existed until people began raving about the boys, their UI on the app is baaad. Eitherway, now it's a game of, I'm subscribed to Netflix and Hulu, a friend has HBO and Disney+ and that's pretty much anything I'd ever want to watch. Let alone youtube being the platform I watch the most on probably, and cable is already a distant relic. Also, you mentioned the Debates in your video, but I watched them livestreamed by Cspan on youtube, so don't even need cable for that. Honestly I think cable is on life support and the second a true sports streaming service comes out, cable will die. I don't like sports personally, but I think they really are the only thing keeping tv alive. I mean my parents cut the cable too, my father uses NOlocalTV now since he likes to watch a lot of the competition shows like survivor and amazing race, but the cost of NOlocalTV is so much cheaper for the same stuff he was getting, I can't believe more people don't know about it. I legitimately think the only people with a cable subscription are those who don't know about online tv providers, or live somewhere with metered home internet, which at that point, I feel so sorry for them. Anyone remember Ajit Pi's video on all the stuff you can do with 1tb of internet a month? So so wrong. I use more than 1tb of internet on my phone each month, just with google photos backing up my stuff, streaming youtube, going online. Imagine a family with 4 children having to use 1tb a month. Especially now with Zoom classes for people in school. All in all, something I keep forgetting is youtube is a free service. There is more content to watch on youtube than you can in thousands of life times, and you aren't paying for it. There are ads. It's the greatest deal. Then high quality productions of shows are also great, but the ones with the biggest budgets like HBO, Amazon, and Netflix are the ones putting them out. Cable, you're paying thousands of dollars a year, to watch fairly low quality content WITH ADS. I'll never complain about a youtuber doing a sponsorship either. They're making us free content to watch. I keep my ad blocker off on youtube, I use to have it turn off for certain channels, but now I do it for the entire site just because this is free, I've got to let the people making this content earn revenue so they can keep making it. People complain a lot about youtube, and there is a lot of fair criticism to be made. But compared to cable companies? They're saints and perfection. Their algorithm is getting good too, for instance this video. I'm not even subscribed, this was just on my home page and seemed interesting. NOlocal has gotten so good at recommending I will go weeks without checking my subscription feed, cause if it's something I care about, it'll be on the home page. Their algorithm is only getting better for recommendations. My WatchLater is actually getting full because there are sometimes so many recommendations it gives on a page I don't want to click one and forget about another. There really is endless content, and a few 30 second ads to keep that going is something I'm more than willing to do.

  • M Gutierrez
    M Gutierrez18 timer siden

    I used to work for Spectrum on the business side it was bullshit. If we ever didn't add the price in of the broadcasting fee in before giving the total amount to verify we would have to get back on the phone with the customer and go back over the pricing and let them know we would have to add the 13.50 to their monthly total. Most of the potential clients would become extremely hesitant in the fact that we already had to raise their monthly price. Or it would raise the price high enough that they decided it wasn't in the best interest for them. There was also alot of unprofessional management and sales agents that never got disciplined for unacceptable workplace behaviors. But yeah i can second that Spectrum sucks ass

  • M Gutierrez

    M Gutierrez

    18 timer siden

    Alsooo! The upgrading system is shittt!!!! They literally told us when we were doing the math for any upgrade that if the total price of there package was less than what they were paying monthly that we had to add on extra stuff (sometimes with out even notifying the customer that there was additional channels or whatever they decided to add on) to make sure it was more than their current price so there was no way we could actually save people money. Im honestly so glad I no longer work for spectrum it was an extremely toxic environment in not only the people but also the sales ethic.

  • worm sizzler
    worm sizzler19 timer siden

    You can watch live sports on Amazon, and other useless live stuff on hulu.

  • Pantskat Vantas
    Pantskat Vantas19 timer siden

    I feel like... this is more a "fuck spectrum" rant

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans20 timer siden

    NOlocal TV is actually super legit ngl

  • ShiaVoice
    ShiaVoice20 timer siden

    this is so much funnier to me cause I actually work for Spectrum lol and the TV Broadcast fee is actually $16.45 now lol so your even more screwed

  • Kevin Maryles
    Kevin Maryles20 timer siden

    They lost an entire generation by refusing to change with the times. For me, they lost me with the excessive, unskipable ads