Tesla Model 3 price cut and many improvements


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  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru MburuDag siden


  • xVOLTx
    xVOLTx3 dager siden

    $30k. I'd buy one today.

  • Max
    Max3 dager siden

    Tesla is so cheap in Norway. Meanwhile in Sweden 560 000 sek for base model.

  • prabaj84
    prabaj844 dager siden

    What about ID4? They surely will kill niro.

  • Dungeons Heroes
    Dungeons Heroes5 dager siden

    next time just choose a different country from tesla's website Bjorn to show different prices. no need for translation or anything

  • Dungeons Heroes

    Dungeons Heroes

    5 dager siden

    @Bjørn Nyland you mean the prices? i think you might be right because here to Greece for example model 3 costs 1500 euros more than it does to italy. "my" configuration long range + red + white interior + hook costs 60170 euros with taxes included

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    5 dager siden

    It's not the same.

  • SB
    SB5 dager siden

    Och i Sverige kostar TM3 Performance 700.000 kr...staten som påstår sig vilja ”rädda” miljön.

  • Kaisersozze
    Kaisersozze6 dager siden

    Price difference is $1500(CAD). When buying a $75000(CAD) car that really doesn't matter.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty6 dager siden

    Tesla in Denmark confirms that SR+ in the New version will be delivered from China with better batteries. So hopefully the build quality will also be better.

  • Daniel Stoica
    Daniel Stoica7 dager siden

    Still very expensive in NL....

  • Yngve Andersen
    Yngve Andersen7 dager siden

    Heard rumors that heated steeringwheel is coming to 3&Y, anybody know more?

  • Pedro o Raposo
    Pedro o Raposo8 dager siden

    We need a price cut in Portugal. The Model 3 LR in red is above the limit for the environmental fund subsidy (€62.7k)

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    6 dager siden

    also wireless phone charging now thrown in for free

  • Peter sort
    Peter sort8 dager siden

    Hay Bjon have you seen why the price of the modle 3 has gone down? Eroupe is getting Model 3s from China not Freemont with all that means

  • rafaelcordoba13
    rafaelcordoba138 dager siden

    Wow... here in Sweden the long-range costs 600,000 kr. That explains why there are so many EVs in Norway...

  • EVPaddy
    EVPaddy8 dager siden

    I don‘t know what‘s wrong with Tesla in Spain, here a SR+ starts at €49k! Crazy.

  • Henry Pym
    Henry Pym8 dager siden

    The new heat pump is only going to be for cars delivered in 2021 (reportedly mid 2021). Generation before that will still have the old one.

  • Henry Pym
    Henry Pym8 dager siden

    It's the new LFP battery without cobalt that is increasing the range. It also improves the SOC and makes it so that you can in fact charge up to 100% without adding to potential battery degradation.

  • Angus Oksesteg
    Angus Oksesteg8 dager siden

    Now The only thing that the model 3 needs is a hatch opening and HUD display. and maybe a 7-10.000€ price cut. then it would be perfect for me. Hopefully that will happen when produced from Berlin. Then no one will be able to compete! heated steering wheel and ventilated seat would be nice!

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    8 dager siden

    What will happen with existing order’s? Probably be done with the updated model ?

  • Last Rebel
    Last Rebel8 dager siden

    Starting prices in finland is SR+ 48690€ Long range 59990€ Performance 65590€ Saw a headline in news today that they are planning to trible our car taxation in next 10 years in finland.. After that my current diesel powered old C class merc will cost 2200€ a year! :) i used to dream about Tesla but i think i will just buy a Pickup truck and start a riot! :D

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    8 dager siden

    was at 1090. Norway is THE key market for EVs and has always been the trend setter in all other markets. 60% EV share of all new sold cars.

  • Riccardo Danesin
    Riccardo Danesin8 dager siden

    hi, it's not only for the pump but also for a modification of elektronic control that now model 3 have more performance and more km. for the rest, super!

  • bilgyno1
    bilgyno19 dager siden

    No price cut in Holland yet. They will probably wait for the end of the year, because there will be an EV spike due to some tax benefits decreasing in 2021. However, this is promising for the Model Y, as it is highly overpriced (and not even delivered). It needs to be at least €10k less.

  • Gianluca Parodi
    Gianluca Parodi9 dager siden

    You should test the range of the 2021 Model 3 Long Range

  • J.K
    J.K9 dager siden

    How come its so much cheaper than sweden?

  • nickie Redshaw
    nickie Redshaw9 dager siden

    Great job Tesla well done . Thanks for the video

  • Coach D A
    Coach D A9 dager siden

    Much of the range increase comes from a software update that affects the HVAC and motor control efficiency. So even older cars will see an increase!

  • Manish Patel
    Manish Patel9 dager siden

    Can I share my referral link on here?

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    9 dager siden


  • Matthew Harker
    Matthew Harker9 dager siden

    also wireless phone charging now thrown in for free

  • Fabio Marzola
    Fabio Marzola9 dager siden

    Nice new wheels, both aero and Uberturbine

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt9 dager siden

    Not in Spain, here is 50.000€ the chepeast one!

  • ErlendBels
    ErlendBels9 dager siden

    Etter å ha prøvd ut Polestar 2, hvem ville du kjøpt av standard Polestar 2 og Tesla M3 long range?

  • ErlendBels


    9 dager siden

    @Bjørn Nyland Men hvis du ser bort ifra rekkevidde og ladehastighet, ville du fortsatt sett Tesla forran Polestar? Og hva tenker du i forhold til støy i disse bilen, er den ene bedre enn den andre? Ser Tesla kommer kanskje med dobbel glass, så kan jo endre seg litt. Takk for svar! 😊

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    9 dager siden

    Model 3.

  • Martin Svensson
    Martin Svensson9 dager siden

    Still same price in Sweden with these changes...base model start at 559 900:- which is a crazy big difference!

  • Martin Svensson

    Martin Svensson

    5 dager siden

    One small detail that I just found out is that there's no VAT on EV in Norway, hence the price difference.

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    9 dager siden

    performance shows 507 km range, for example, versus your 567. That's a pretty huge difference. Maybe the range increases are yet to come to Canada.

  • MrAlyout
    MrAlyout9 dager siden

    What will happen with existing order’s? Probably be done with the updated model ?

  • Glenn Millam
    Glenn Millam9 dager siden

    I saw where Elon said that the FSD beta comes out next week. I can’t wait to test it. We’ll see if it’s worth the price.

  • Graham, King of the Britons!
    Graham, King of the Britons!9 dager siden

    I still hate the nose. It should be like the roadster but taller

  • Yves Van den Broek
    Yves Van den Broek9 dager siden

    S & X also range increase, new Panasonic chemistry is the reason for the range increase, 3 has more increase due to possible heat pump

  • Aminreza Pournorouz
    Aminreza Pournorouz9 dager siden

    Electronic cars are still expensive, limited and expensive used market and usually early adaptors pay quality,... price.

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez9 dager siden

    All S 3 X Y models have increase range. The change seems more related to the Panasonic announce of few months ago to increase the range of 2170 by 5% by year until 20%.

  • Jack Holiday
    Jack Holiday9 dager siden

    Tesla is to expensive for such bad quality. I like the technology but it’s a crappy car if it comes to building quality. I had closer look to 12 cars in some years.

  • Jack Holiday

    Jack Holiday

    9 dager siden

    @Bjørn Nyland Bjørn I do respect your very much! But the building quality is low. You can’t compare this with state of the art. Agree to disagree.

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    9 dager siden

    Incorrect. The build quality is quite good on Model 3. I have owned my Model 3 Performance for 1.5 years and driven 72k km now. I just had two minor issues with it. Works like a charm.

  • Darren Prior
    Darren Prior9 dager siden

    Yeah thanks Elon. My four week old M3P is now worth a stunning $9,000 less. Setting fire to money seems to be a badge of honour with Tesla Fanbois. So %$##ing pissed off I'm never going to buy anothert 4 wheeled iphone from Tesla again. Complete bullshit.

  • Peter
    Peter9 dager siden

    Great informative video, thanks for sharing!!.....

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton9 dager siden

    Single motor RWD in blue Key Features Deep Blue Metallic Paint 18'' Aero Wheels All Black Partial Premium Interior Autopilot Tow Hitch Warranties Limited Warranty 4 Years / 50,000 total miles Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty 8 Years / 120,000 total miles Price £42432 on the road best price Norway krone 514149.58 This is cheapest Tesla model 3 in UK

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton9 dager siden

    Where be as AWD Premium Interior Includes: 12-way power adjustable front and rear heated seats Premium audio - 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound Premium Connectivity (1 year included): Satellite maps with live traffic visualization In-car internet streaming music and media Video streaming Caraoke Internet browser LED fog lamps Interior floor mats All Interiors Include: Center console with storage, 4 USB ports and wireless charging for 2 smartphones Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection Power folding, heated side mirrors Music and media over Bluetooth ® Custom driver profiles Auto pilot is a £6800 option

  • Jimmy Junior
    Jimmy Junior9 dager siden

    Hvordan er det med leveringstid?

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    9 dager siden

    It's written in the bottom of the configurator: November this year for LR and Performance

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton9 dager siden

    You cannot be compare the prices to the UK by just converting the currency. UK model 3 Red standard performance 267 miles 0-60 5.3s £40490 €44696.68 AWD duel motor long range £46,990 AWD duel motor performance £56490 UK car are considerably more expensive than yours Standard range RWD car come with this 12-way power adjustable heated front seats Premium seat material and trim Upgraded audio - immersive sound Premium Connectivity (30 days included): Satellite maps with live traffic visualization In-car internet streaming music and media Video streaming Caraoke Internet browser

  • BitterGosling
    BitterGosling9 dager siden

    Interesting about the range increases. I am in Canada, and the car has changed on the website (chrome delete, etc) but the range increases don't yet match yours. The performance shows 507 km range, for example, versus your 567. That's a pretty huge difference. Maybe the range increases are yet to come to Canada.

  • Blue Planet

    Blue Planet

    8 dager siden

    The range is the exact same. But north America Uses EPA range test and Europe uses WLTP range test Meaning the EPA (north America) is actually much closer to the real world driving. So in a perfect condition and low speeds you might achieve even more than advertised sometimes but driving varies depending on condition that's why EPA estimates based on different conditions

  • xX3essoXx
    xX3essoXx10 dager siden

    No price cut here in Dubai

  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith10 dager siden

    No HUD, no mood lighting. Nobody ever mentions that there isn't any option for Matrix LEDs either.

  • JohnnyZenith


    2 dager siden

    @Bjørn Nyland I hear you but it should be there as an option. By the way I love your channel!

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    10 dager siden

    Model 3 has interior lights. But it can't change color. As for HUD, I don't care about it. Matrix LED would be nice though.

  • kostas sidiropoulos
    kostas sidiropoulos10 dager siden

    Looks like they only lowered the price in Norway.

  • creator generator
    creator generator10 dager siden

    Ack! 567km range on WLTP?? The EPA in N.America has it at 507km which is realistic.

  • Glenn Westbye
    Glenn Westbye10 dager siden

    In Norway Standard range + £33000 - LR £37000 -Perf.£ 41000 or in EURO - 36000-40000-45400 - $ 42000-47800-53000 Even better with TEZLA bank loans with offers 0.25% per year - "0" cash 10 year repayment EURO 317 pr. month

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje10 dager siden

    What a interesting car, that can run 0,2s 0 to 100 km/h, while only have a top speed of 12 ;'D

  • Alex Teiusanu
    Alex Teiusanu10 dager siden

    @Bjørn I hate that my model 3 doesn't keep its tail lights on after I get out the car. The headlights remain on for a while, but the tail lights go off immediately as soon as you get up from the driver's seat. Did you notice that? Is it just me that is annoyed by this? I had a model S and that kept all the lights on for a while (front, rear, rear license plate). Maybe could be fixed in a software update? I wonder about the model Y if that does the same.

  • Bill X
    Bill X10 dager siden

    Not in boring belgium

  • Thomas Rædkjær Petersen
    Thomas Rædkjær Petersen10 dager siden

    Wow, the norwegian price is so much cheaper than the danish. Even though there is no tax on it in Denmark. Why is it so much cheaper, is the VAT 0 i Norway

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    10 dager siden

    No import tax and no VAT on EVs in Norway.

  • slarti bartfast
    slarti bartfast10 dager siden

    No price cut in the UK. Rip off price here compare to the US.

  • Matija Kešpret
    Matija Kešpret10 dager siden

    @Bjørn Nyland: hey, why do you compare LR AWD with Polestar2, just purely due to all wheel drive ? If one does not see this as a necessity, then SR+ with updated range is closer comparison. Recently, Polestar2 got tested by EPA and it received 233 miles (372km) of range (way below than what P claims), while updated SR+ would have 263 miles (420km) and it charges faster than Polestar2. Also, Tesla was usually very close with their estimates to real EPA numbers, often actually exceeded it.

  • H Mussavi
    H Mussavi10 dager siden

    I can’t wait for my lease to end next summer with bolt ev for sure standard range plus with heat pump it going to be my number one option

  • Alex Ayscough
    Alex Ayscough10 dager siden

    Price cut after VW ID 3 sells more cars in six weeks than the Model 3 sold in Norway the whole year.

  • Cameron Anderson

    Cameron Anderson

    9 dager siden

    Pre orders. VW still desperately trying to move 1st edition cars that have been sitting on parking lots for the past year with software bugs.

  • Qais Maaitah
    Qais Maaitah10 dager siden

    Base model is $22000 AUD more expensive in Australia than in the US :(

  • Rickard Hill
    Rickard Hill10 dager siden

    Well if the purpose of lowering the price in Norway is due to sell more cars, then why wouldn't they lower in other countries as well? Compared to Sweden Norway have quite a big discount.

  • Christian Hermansen
    Christian Hermansen10 dager siden

    Chrome delete looks ugly - it makes Polestar 2 even more attractive now

  • slarti bartfast

    slarti bartfast

    10 dager siden

    That's just like, Your opinion man.

  • Rune Gulbrandsen
    Rune Gulbrandsen10 dager siden

    And eniro has propper paint 🙈 or better at least

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    10 dager siden

    No problem with the paint on my Model 3. Even after 72k km and 1.5 years.

  • vulgarsonic
    vulgarsonic10 dager siden

    Agree on pretty much everything except for the Uber turbines, ugliest rims ever on a Tesla

  • J05BNL
    J05BNL10 dager siden

    It has USB in dash tot protect sentry mode footage.

  • k
    k10 dager siden

    "Chrome" doesn't look that bad after all, especially on the white one

  • Kasmopaya
    Kasmopaya10 dager siden

    10:16 actually as far as I know, white was included already 2019, a few months after MC Hammer was bought. Because of paint problems with the black colour.

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    10 dager siden


  • Mack
    Mack10 dager siden

    Wish they would cut the price here in Japan too, its stupid expensive for even the SR+...

  • Nuno Lourenço
    Nuno Lourenço10 dager siden

    Where does these (EU sold) come from, China or USA? Also, what diferences there are in the batteries between manufacturing regions? I read somewhere that china model3 had different chemistry to make it more competitive in the Eastern markets and were the first ones to get the heat pump in, but I'm not sure...

  • TfGamess
    TfGamess10 dager siden

    It looks so good now! Love it!

  • mich lab
    mich lab10 dager siden

    I want to buy a model 3 LR , in France price is 57800 Euro - ecological bonus 3000 = 54800 in Norway 449.900 NOK = 41000 Euro !!! I'm shocked 😮

  • Abraxas Tulammo

    Abraxas Tulammo

    10 dager siden

    French supercharging just became 25 % more expensive! 😱

  • Thor Arne Rugsveen
    Thor Arne Rugsveen10 dager siden

    I think the only way for Tesla (& Polestar) to sell more cars in Scandinavia / Europe is to have a model (3) with a vertical back door, not that coupé shit. Without a vertical back door, a Tesla will never be in my garage. Looking forward to more videos with Pawel.

  • Paal Robin Gule
    Paal Robin Gule10 dager siden

    Hei. Jeg har kjørt ca 1100 mil med min 2019 - Dual Motor Performance AWD med 18-19" hjul. Nå skal jeg bestille en helt ny og da med 20"hjul. Har du benyttet 20" hjul på

  • Steffen Renz
    Steffen Renz10 dager siden

    Hi Bjorn, The Release Notes for the upcoming 202.40.7 software: „Your car's range has increased with new software that improves the efficiency of the motors and the climate control system.“

  • Henrik Willaume-Jantzen
    Henrik Willaume-Jantzen10 dager siden

    I ordered a LR FSD last week, and they just sent me a mail yesterday telling me that my updates are in place for my order. Except i didn’t make any updates. The picture in the mail shows the Model 3 with the new trim and the price i roughly 5000$ less than my original order. I’m exited... Hope you are spot on on the heat pump... BTW - great channel - except for all the eating in the car... :-D

  • Tom Erik Myrdal
    Tom Erik Myrdal10 dager siden

    But do the Autopilot works in EU? Becouse EU decided that auto stiring and driving cant swing fully in roadswings is that true? And Soummen is not posible if you stand more then a few meters from the car? Is that correct Bjørn? Hope you make a video of whats realy works and what almost work abd things like that.

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    10 dager siden


  • Sapient Budgie
    Sapient Budgie10 dager siden

    Prices in Canada are still stupid high for such a cheap interior. Model y performance is 85,000. Taxe and options it’s 100,000 Canadian dollars.

    JHT AUTO ACC10 dager siden

    tesla is destroying the competitors with the price cut and more improvements and the competitors are not even out of the market yet.

  • Eamon Fitzpatrick
    Eamon Fitzpatrick10 dager siden

    Not sure the range increase is the heat pump as the Y has also picked up more range, but less than the model 3. It could be the Y increase is pure software. Not to sure about the new performance wheels, I would much rather have the old 20" carbon. The new wheels do all look more aerodynamic so could be part of the range increase as well.

  • CoolSilver
    CoolSilver10 dager siden

    Nope I'll take the old console any day. The sliders aren't a good thing. I didn't like them in S/X. They catch crumbs and dirt. They are harder to clean and after a while sound grit is stuck in the slide channels. Plus the opening is smaller. I also cover up my phone at night. Uber wheels are sooo gooood. I agree on AP. I thing EAP needs to come back permanently but take some the Nav on AP items out. Only driver activated functions and basic summon and autopark.

  • CoolSilver


    10 dager siden

    I forgot, no mats or homelink for Tesla. Only one connector with UMC now too. All those need to order from Tesla shop website.

  • Heiko Lang
    Heiko Lang10 dager siden

    No price cut in Germany yet!

  • Robert Chow
    Robert Chow10 dager siden

    I think Elon Musk is really trying to push for 500,000 units sold in 2020.

  • Gary GB
    Gary GB10 dager siden

    What you mean is Tesla are being forced to drop prices because of cars like polestar2 + ID 3 etc... It's knee reaction to competition. If the other cars weren't chomping at Telsa healers then prices won't drop so quickly! Roll on competition to help electric car prices to get below combustion models :-)

  • Abraxas Tulammo
    Abraxas Tulammo11 dager siden

    Supercharger prices have gone UP in most European countries it seems... shieeet 🙄

  • Mait J.
    Mait J.11 dager siden

    1:00 omg hahaha imagine that

  • Anton
    Anton11 dager siden

    The price cut wasn't because Tesla's sales were dropping. Elon only did it as a joke 😂. We love you Elon! ❤️

  • Hugo Silveira
    Hugo Silveira11 dager siden

    No price cut in Portugal...

  • Vitaly Savicks
    Vitaly Savicks11 dager siden

    Meanwhile in UK model 3 costs 40K while id3 is 30K

  • James Dubben
    James Dubben11 dager siden

    Great, Thanks for the timely update covering this.

  • Miguitas Migas
    Miguitas Migas11 dager siden

    No price cut in Portugal too. LR for €59600. Also interest rate is 1.75% for loan or 1.5% for leasing.

  • TeslaKim
    TeslaKim11 dager siden

    I did a test drive on ID3 two days ago and when I talked with the sales rep. about the interest he said that it is 1,99% if u pay 35% and 65% loan, but TM3 has 0,25% with only 1000 NOK deposit and loan the remaining... If i had full loan on ID3 the interest would become 4,2%! no-brainer to me...

  • G H
    G H11 dager siden

    Nice vid Bjorn! I have to say that I bought the sr+ in Norway one year ago for 370 kNOK (plus wheels etc) What I feel now is that the price difference between sr+ and long range is significantly less though, I would have bought it at this price

  • Franck Harth
    Franck Harth11 dager siden

    The raise in autonomy is not coming from Heat pump as, if I'm not wrong, the heating is not part of wltp autonomy evaluation.

  • lane0mator


    10 dager siden

    @M Lang The increase in range comes from better battery capacity, around 5 % more capacity (gross)

  • M Lang

    M Lang

    10 dager siden

    more efficient Battery heating will have an impact

  • Robin Johansson
    Robin Johansson11 dager siden

    Took delivery of my model 3 kr 2 weeks ago got included wireless charger and usb c but orherwise the old model. Power liftgate and extra range would be Nice but no big deal really. Think i prefer the old consol and wrap it

  • Blue Planet

    Blue Planet

    8 dager siden

    I like the old center console a lot more. Looks more futuristic, it looks really nice with a wrap. The new looks old actually. But other upgrades like range increase and power liftgate and black out trim is great. If the double layer glass is true it will be quieter for sure

  • Valentine Wang
    Valentine Wang11 dager siden

    I’m Chinese, before Shanghai Giga model 3 SR was around 50,000 euro. Now it’s 31,250 euro.

  • Christophe Leijnen
    Christophe Leijnen11 dager siden

    No price cut in Belgium either, no no... And only if the model 3 was a hatchback... ID3 is cheaper and more practical.

  • theRealRindberg
    theRealRindberg11 dager siden

    HOLY S¤!7 Tesla is cheap in Norway!!! In Sweden a model 3 cost about 200 000 more (sek and nok is currently about the same)... about 30% cheaper in Norway WTF!

  • Gregory Greg
    Gregory Greg11 dager siden

    Fun fact no price cut in the UK....

  • Shoeless Joe
    Shoeless Joe11 dager siden

    I'm hoping Tesla can crush the prices of EV's below them and make the whole market cheaper. Although I suppose that depends what their competitors margins are like.

  • Shoeless Joe

    Shoeless Joe

    10 dager siden

    @Abraxas Tulammo Good point.

  • Wayne Russell

    Wayne Russell

    11 dager siden

    Competitors all negative margins.

  • Abraxas Tulammo

    Abraxas Tulammo

    11 dager siden

    How much is the Dacia, 15000 EUR?

  • dallatorretdu
    dallatorretdu11 dager siden

    Samn in italy price increased by 700€??? Better that I keep mine and change it when the second gen or 3rd arrives

  • Baran Güler
    Baran Güler11 dager siden

    Cash is king. How many bags did you need to fit 600k😁

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    11 dager siden

    A full load of Tesla.

  • Tero Piispala
    Tero Piispala11 dager siden

    Finnish prices are same. 48690€ for standard range+, 59990€ for dual motor long range and 65590 for performace. That's all we got and still too expensive for most. Finnish people don't want rear wheel drive because of winter.