Testing 5 CRAZY Among Us MODS!


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  • Infinite
    Infinite7 dager siden

    if you like the video, the new map will come out tomorrow 👁👄👁

  • Salmon Labra

    Salmon Labra

    5 timer siden


  • kit Meow Meow

    kit Meow Meow

    7 timer siden

    Iam a Big fan

  • Natalia Yee

    Natalia Yee

    8 timer siden


  • Jessica Zhq

    Jessica Zhq

    8 timer siden

    👁️👅👁️ 👁️👄👁️

  • MegaBaljitkaur


    8 timer siden

    Hello Caylus!!!!!!!!!!

    CHIN YUK XIN Moe11 minutter siden

    when he fail like many times he say he gonna win .

  • Matt Ryerson
    Matt Ryerson22 minutter siden

    Done I like

  • Leik Ocibac
    Leik Ocibac42 minutter siden

    every one what you just see is a man that needs cheats just to win but still loses

  • Sofija Kemlerennbbh
    Sofija KemlerennbbhTime siden


  • ayoh pih
    ayoh pihTime siden

    Are you sure i want new map

  • kyle Torres
    kyle TorresTime siden

    Hao you are a ap

  • Caven Chew
    Caven Chew2 timer siden

    Oh hey wazpop to you to infinite

  • Abdulkarim Algamal
    Abdulkarim Algamal2 timer siden

    Interesting clickbait

  • Mathew Grace
    Mathew Grace3 timer siden

    I don’t like clayus

  • Marilyn Perlas
    Marilyn Perlas3 timer siden

    hey i played that too

  • ukulele
    ukulele3 timer siden

    Whats that title?

  • Xdgamer YT
    Xdgamer YT3 timer siden


  • Hiram Nicholls
    Hiram Nicholls3 timer siden

    Looks like the car is a rocket

  • Nazar Udeen
    Nazar Udeen4 timer siden

    Game name plz

  • Dad and deejhon Bevan
    Dad and deejhon Bevan4 timer siden

    I’ve literally played this game before It’s the exac same how!!! That’s sick

  • edward a
    edward a5 timer siden

    What is the 1st mod

  • kuya gab
    kuya gab5 timer siden

    none public games:

  • baladewa pare
    baladewa pare5 timer siden


  • Caroline S-T
    Caroline S-T6 timer siden

    At 5:34 he sees green in space yet at 6:25 he also sees green on the floor dead..... Wut?!?!

  • Kumari Deepika Deepika Kumari
    Kumari Deepika Deepika Kumari6 timer siden

    This is just among us freeplay

  • claudia cristovani samudra
    claudia cristovani samudra6 timer siden

    Wow cool

  • Niranjan R
    Niranjan R7 timer siden

    first mod please make kill cooldown 0 speed full task full kill distance full please make

  • Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara
    Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara7 timer siden

    i play in skeld


    Caylus can you give a link?

  • Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara
    Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara7 timer siden

    my name in that games is illus

  • Seth Hamonds
    Seth Hamonds7 timer siden

    What’s popung

  • Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara
    Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara7 timer siden

    i want to play bye

  • Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara
    Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara7 timer siden

    you want to play or no

  • Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara
    Nur Adriana Qaisara Nur Adriana Qaisara7 timer siden

    lets play with me

  • Tin Valenzuela
    Tin Valenzuela7 timer siden

    how to download that

  • Terri Fraser
    Terri Fraser7 timer siden

    Click bait

  • Brayden Chan’s World
    Brayden Chan’s World7 timer siden

    you can vent infront of them

  • Tim'sLife
    Tim'sLife8 timer siden

    How can we play this?

    CHRISTO ANITOE8 timer siden


  • Tham Mapping & Games
    Tham Mapping & Games8 timer siden

    They Are Genius.

  • Autumn Healy
    Autumn Healy8 timer siden

    What is the first game called

  • Bryann Corsiga
    Bryann Corsiga9 timer siden

    When your the imposter and you killed someone and report they will know you kill

  • Rapha Alenton
    Rapha Alenton9 timer siden

    Are you caylus in the Other game?

  • Adian Mercado
    Adian Mercado9 timer siden

    I think the name of the map is the polus hq

  • VANESSA Faller
    VANESSA Faller9 timer siden

    Can you put the game links in description?

  • Daphne Nicole Berondo
    Daphne Nicole Berondo10 timer siden

    Youuuuu sucksss at among us hahah

  • Mama Ces Mama Ces
    Mama Ces Mama Ces10 timer siden

    Skeld + polus + mira=skelusra

  • Chandrish Nani
    Chandrish Nani10 timer siden

    It's y8

  • dinky donky
    dinky donky10 timer siden


  • Najwa Khaira wilda
    Najwa Khaira wilda11 timer siden

    Who ITS name game i go download 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Brian Philip Ilango
    Brian Philip Ilango11 timer siden

    Bro this is boring

  • Charlie Mick
    Charlie Mick11 timer siden


  • Charlie Mick
    Charlie Mick11 timer siden

    Nice hair

  • allyson shean
    allyson shean11 timer siden

    Roses are red blood in among us is too if green did not kill it must be you!

  • Ma Aileen Fernandez
    Ma Aileen Fernandez12 timer siden

    Thanks for 2.9k likes

  • Beckham Patta
    Beckham Patta12 timer siden

    Click the link

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese12 timer siden

    It would be Skolus HQ

  • Yadira Valdelamar
    Yadira Valdelamar13 timer siden

    The first one I have on my computer and you have to stay as far away from the body to win. :3

  • Christine h
    Christine h13 timer siden

    Caleb in this video maker make their speed the limit of task and make their speed 0 and 0 cool down

  • shadow the dino
    shadow the dino13 timer siden

    I just wanna say think beffore you kill

  • ThatGamingGuy2
    ThatGamingGuy213 timer siden


  • Brooke Wagner
    Brooke Wagner13 timer siden

    No it won’t caylus

  • SoJa Sisters
    SoJa Sisters13 timer siden

    Dude where is the horror part

  • Saleem Ramjohn
    Saleem Ramjohn14 timer siden

    Meep 5:15

  • Mario Grant
    Mario Grant14 timer siden

    How did you get that Among Us

  • Mario Grant
    Mario Grant14 timer siden

    How did you get that Among Us

  • Saleem Ramjohn
    Saleem Ramjohn14 timer siden


  • Saleem Ramjohn
    Saleem Ramjohn14 timer siden

    Also at 5:02

  • Saleem Ramjohn
    Saleem Ramjohn14 timer siden

    Funny surprise at 4:20

  • Hazel Comet
    Hazel Comet14 timer siden

    the mirus

  • Kade Reasoner
    Kade Reasoner14 timer siden

    I just moved into my new house it has a pool and two lemon trees

  • Lucas Ngo
    Lucas Ngo16 timer siden

    sekledus HQ

  • JohnKalogirou Official
    JohnKalogirou Official16 timer siden

    Who else was fooled by the clickbait?

  • Ondrej Haveta
    Ondrej Haveta17 timer siden

    Whats popin

  • Jarrett Lancaste
    Jarrett Lancaste17 timer siden

    what is the game called infinte

  • seiom jvony

    seiom jvony

    16 timer siden

    This is funny

  • Vani
    Vani17 timer siden

    The video was so wierd

  • seiom jvony

    seiom jvony

    16 timer siden


  • KakarotplayzYT
    KakarotplayzYT17 timer siden

    Links to the games?

  • Kevin Boulos
    Kevin Boulos18 timer siden

    What’s popping

  • yoyomynameisjoe
    yoyomynameisjoe19 timer siden

    Bruh i found this game like 3 months ago

  • Mr Ghoul
    Mr Ghoul19 timer siden

    I changed my name on Among Us to be Infinite so I can get the real Infinite more suscribers

  • KensterBooster
    KensterBooster19 timer siden


  • KensterBooster
    KensterBooster19 timer siden

    The first one sux

  • Kenth andrei Llego
    Kenth andrei Llego19 timer siden

    What the name of this game

  • KensterBooster
    KensterBooster19 timer siden

    Links pls?

  • fizu fazleena
    fizu fazleena19 timer siden

    You're crazy dude

  • Brain Power
    Brain Power19 timer siden


  • Georgie
    Georgie19 timer siden

    0:38 roblox playing among us

  • Fares Potter
    Fares Potter20 timer siden

    Put linj for the games pls

  • Willow Admin Dubai Marina
    Willow Admin Dubai Marina20 timer siden

    Stop saying frick

  • COLE the gaming MASTER
    COLE the gaming MASTER20 timer siden

    the phumb nail is clickbait and hes begging for likes and saying 6 days ago that if i like the video the new map will come out tomorrow... it did not so very bad content buddy. DISLIKED but im subscribed and i like most of his videos. keep it up man but still dont clickbait that much please

  • Madelein de heerk
    Madelein de heerk20 timer siden

    Bro i want to pl

  • alina apopii
    alina apopii21 time siden


  • alina apopii
    alina apopii21 time siden

    So funnnu3

  • alina apopii
    alina apopii21 time siden

    Omg i love cars plz no same and I have wast in roblox

  • زينب امويس
    زينب امويس21 time siden

    hahahahaha (つ≧▽≦)つ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lovita Choudhury
    Lovita Choudhury21 time siden


  • Fatma Ashkanani
    Fatma Ashkanani21 time siden

    Tell me The game or unsud first Game I want

  • FNaF Music Channel 8D
    FNaF Music Channel 8D21 time siden

    Someone Know The Adres At Among us Online I want Play Among us Onlinee Plsss Infinite Give Me Adres At Among Us Online ;] \ you are here ok dont go here I SAY DONT GO HERE GOODBYEEE im want adres at among us Onlineeee

  • SamuariTaco
    SamuariTaco21 time siden


  • Thepro Masters
    Thepro Masters21 time siden

    2:02 look at green HES using hacks

  • Bhavya Saraswat
    Bhavya Saraswat21 time siden

    caylus: gets scared at 6:00 me : bro im a kid i didn’t even get scared lol

  • Doris Díaz
    Doris Díaz21 time siden

    teo mí hao did get hhea

  • Playa Rhyme
    Playa Rhyme22 timer siden

    Whats the game name

  • Yousef Khaled
    Yousef Khaled22 timer siden

    Infinite / Caylus. Can I Ask You A Question