testing my new 14,600 IQ IMPOSTOR ALARM screech...


Disguised Toast showcases the insane power of noises in Among Us.
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  • Bobtherealman
    BobtherealmanDag siden

    I was not ready for the Canadian national anthem lol

  • Jęsteçtivę Gąming0
    Jęsteçtivę Gąming0Dag siden

    I still wonder what smajors accent is

  • Sinadi Ranathunga
    Sinadi Ranathunga2 dager siden

    Grown ups : U cant become famous only by gaming Toast : WeLp !

  • Rogamu
    Rogamu2 dager siden

    I find the way Smajor says Toats sooooo funny... Toost XD

  • Big Claps
    Big Claps3 dager siden

    Does anyone else just hate Scott's voice or is it just me

  • BenYourFriend
    BenYourFriend4 dager siden


  • Kerem Give
    Kerem Give4 dager siden

    thumbnail looks like an scp

  • Cody Sohm
    Cody Sohm4 dager siden

    The Canadian national anthem though in “bowm”

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro5 dager siden

    What was the glitch?

  • Noah Teeter
    Noah Teeter6 dager siden

    JESUS loves you and will never leave you

  • Snack that cracker jack snap back
    Snack that cracker jack snap back6 dager siden

    Everyone: *about to throw someone out the fking airlock* Toast: *moan*

  • Stendaal Cartography
    Stendaal Cartography6 dager siden

    Toast new merch idea: (0:47)Don't bring out the horse, please! -PP

  • Jack McDonough
    Jack McDonough9 dager siden

    I muted the video as she continued singing

  • Mojojojoboy
    Mojojojoboy9 dager siden

    I love how the subtitles say “IPhone” when they say Aipha

  • J Bailey
    J Bailey10 dager siden

    I miss seeing the face cams

  • TheHmongTroll
    TheHmongTroll10 dager siden

    I watched the horse game in a stream😂 too funny

  • United EA
    United EA10 dager siden

    Why was she singing the Canadian anthem?

  • xisnothappy
    xisnothappy10 dager siden

    why does dumbdog lowkey sound like mrbeast

  • iCustoms
    iCustoms10 dager siden


  • Kathryn Spiers
    Kathryn Spiers10 dager siden

    Omg I didn’t know toast was Canadian! I’m Canadian and I recognized that she was singing the anthem lol

  • FishGuruWildRun
    FishGuruWildRun10 dager siden

    Pretty sure it’s “Taps”

  • tanfeez fahim
    tanfeez fahim11 dager siden


  • Emma
    Emma12 dager siden

    Toast: "Nyeeeghhh!!!" Peter: *Votes*

  • Jedidiah S.
    Jedidiah S.12 dager siden

    Lol tina such an airhead

  • Clutch Reacts
    Clutch Reacts12 dager siden

    *Toast* : “An innocent person would be sus of both of you.. And im not” I was like wtffff until he said “neither is scott”

  • Daniel Pervin
    Daniel Pervin13 dager siden

    toasts iq just gets higher the more video he makes of among us XD

  • jade provost
    jade provost13 dager siden

    Canadian anthem = god save the queen??

  • RogueSystem087
    RogueSystem08713 dager siden

    i'm waiting for like .....the evolution of the horse strat

  • Naro
    Naro13 dager siden

    6:31 that whyyyy though 😂 am i the only one who thought it was funny ?

  • Emily
    Emily13 dager siden

    "Is that god save the queen?" unCULTURED

  • Spangled Avenger
    Spangled Avenger13 dager siden

    when toast spells out imposter as he lies XD

  • Franco Fernandez Allasina
    Franco Fernandez Allasina14 dager siden

    These are all crazy people and i enjoy it

  • Annette Jervis
    Annette Jervis14 dager siden

    You were singing o canada

  • MiloTheRedPanda
    MiloTheRedPanda14 dager siden

    "Is that god save the queen?" Canadians: - _ -

  • Lisa Tsai

    Lisa Tsai

    13 dager siden

    Americans: ❓👄❓

  • olivia nienhuis
    olivia nienhuis14 dager siden


  • rex Previously
    rex Previously14 dager siden

    Let's have a good microphone and then set it so it clips constantly. Please add a compressor! :/

  • ChouhouinNeko
    ChouhouinNeko14 dager siden

    im just waiting for someone to shot no to hafu saying deafen. it gets so annoying always hearing her say it

  • Popato


    14 dager siden

    If you do that or don't follow any of her stupid rules, you get blacklisted from "her" lobbies. The issue is the is the one organizing this, so no one wants to risk losing the access to these games and the viewership that comes with it. Only Toast can get away with it cause his following is much bigger...

  • William Brown
    William Brown14 dager siden

    Who would ever prefer to be outsmarted by anyone other than Toast? Like, if it’s a 50/50 w/ Toast I’d just vote w/ Toast. Being outsmarted by anyone is somewhat understandable, but w/ Toast? W/ that big brain it’s totally understandable.

  • TheGarlov
    TheGarlov14 dager siden

    Keeps getting impostor and keeps winning - Still complains about getting it :D

  • niniven niniven
    niniven niniven14 dager siden

    T Toaast

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg14 dager siden

    13:27 DK should be so ashamed not knowing his neighboUr's national anthem.

  • Bean Juice
    Bean Juice14 dager siden

    I thought the telescope was random

  • Funni Gameing
    Funni Gameing14 dager siden

    WOW SO HIGH IQ!!!! SO AMAZING!!! LIKING AND SUBSCRIBING BRO!!!!! Among us is fucking DEAD and stupid youtubers like you killed it.

  • clash of magic

    clash of magic

    14 dager siden

    Pls stfu, no one asked for your opinion

  • فراس القريعي
    فراس القريعي14 dager siden

    That was pretty annoying

  • Kacperek
    Kacperek14 dager siden

    Can you explain me why they voted out Peter?

  • Steven Di Jorio
    Steven Di Jorio15 dager siden

    People still play amongis?

  • Jason Vincent
    Jason Vincent15 dager siden

    Hafu lobby Sees sprout Nobody: Me: what is up guys? It's syyyykkuuno here!

  • Karashote
    Karashote15 dager siden

    why does hafu take it so seriously who cares

  • clash of magic

    clash of magic

    14 dager siden

    Pls stfu, no one cares about your opinion

  • Angeli Kengier
    Angeli Kengier15 dager siden

    The rustic note socioeconomically file because pajama ipsilaterally fence unto a alluring ounce. psychotic, peaceful mask

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito15 dager siden

    Toast is a modern-day Caligula.

  • Jack Thomas
    Jack Thomas15 dager siden

    Oooh, new role idea: Disguiser Wins with Imposter Ability; turn into another character, including name, for 10 sec. Cool down; 10 Cant kill or vent. Basically, a character made to make people suspicious. Might be fun

  • Dana
    Dana15 dager siden

    I see hafu and dk’s relationship as an older sister and young brother kind of relationship, like a mother and son relationship, it’s so funny.

  • TheArcticJew
    TheArcticJew15 dager siden

    Anyone else notice that at 12 minutes Toast does the Shrek bird melody?

  • SouleaterOnyx
    SouleaterOnyx15 dager siden

    who the hell be bustin out the canada anthem

  • NLTops
    NLTops15 dager siden

    When Toast says "You can't let him/her get away with this!" it's time to start worrying that it's Toast.

  • Lobster
    Lobster15 dager siden

    12:02 DiD I jUsT hEaR SPIDERMAN?!?!? Also; why are the Hafu-lobbies turning into sing-alongs at the zoo?

  • Roxana Sharleen
    Roxana Sharleen15 dager siden

    The quirky notebook possibly suck because fur broadly develop till a steadfast moustache. embarrassed, cloudy crib

  • Jakub Kořenek
    Jakub Kořenek15 dager siden

    I miss the old crue, Rey, Sykkuno, Corpse etc... :(

  • EpicEvan74
    EpicEvan7415 dager siden

    10:22 bro that's a free impostor catch right there whoever is standing over top his body is the killer

  • EpicEvan74
    EpicEvan7415 dager siden

    The first time Peter throws.... because of the horse play

  • Spectus
    Spectus15 dager siden

    Why did they throw off Peter? I don't get it

  • Midweek Centaur
    Midweek Centaur15 dager siden

    13:00 mins in Casual humming of my national anthem and I'm not even sure anyone recognizes lol.

  • SailingSquid
    SailingSquid15 dager siden

    Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by Hafus "deafens" ol smajor

  • Landen Hall
    Landen Hall15 dager siden

    Yo hear me out... a mod where the imposters can commit suicide

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez15 dager siden

    Channel sucks now

  • clash of magic

    clash of magic

    14 dager siden

    Pls stfu, no one cares about your opinion

  • Collin Tong
    Collin Tong15 dager siden

    "There's one simple explanation. I'm not doing my tasks" "Ohhh alright"

  • Tyler 672
    Tyler 67215 dager siden

    "It's okay I only knew since round one" Damn

  • Anna WantsAPuppy AJ
    Anna WantsAPuppy AJ15 dager siden

    You can’t outsmart the toaster

  • Sarah Josephs
    Sarah Josephs15 dager siden

    I’m Canadian 🥺 I enjoyed Janet’s singing

  • Spark
    Spark15 dager siden

    Toast: I am crew because I am not doing tasks DK: I am crew because I am doing a lot of tasks This is one of toughest argument

  • Kyln
    Kyln15 dager siden

    Toast: simple explanation. I’m not doing my task Scott: understandable have a nice day

  • Joe Weselak
    Joe Weselak15 dager siden

    I miss the epic toast videos 😭😭

  • Kiel Tem
    Kiel Tem15 dager siden

    Netflix: are you still watching? Somebody's daughter: 16:57

  • Kaiden Gauley
    Kaiden Gauley15 dager siden

    I recommend the goat Strat.

  • SPK
    SPK15 dager siden

    Why did peter get voted out by hafu?

  • lucky_ melon
    lucky_ melon15 dager siden

    did you know that when a person dies like what happened to aipha in round 2, the body will appear at the killers feet the next round.

  • Lewq
    Lewq15 dager siden

    The animations are getting better and better every day - props to his editor.

  • Pierce Rea
    Pierce Rea15 dager siden


  • SweatyChez
    SweatyChez15 dager siden

    Toast just taking his time talking slowly during meetings while im typing as fast as i can in the chat during meetings.

  • JJ PP
    JJ PP15 dager siden

    Toast still playing with the love of his life that dumped him and still hasn't moved on lmao. She was talking about moving, settling down and starting a family on stream today. Glad someone is actually doing something with their life.

  • clash of magic

    clash of magic

    14 dager siden


  • Karma Vijay

    Karma Vijay

    15 dager siden


  • shikai ng
    shikai ng15 dager siden

    after this video of toast just screeching i now realise how similar toast's humour is to mine and i think we'd make an amazing couple other than the fact that im a 15 year old boy

  • Gen Dawg
    Gen Dawg15 dager siden

    Other lies: ID pics are preset, or same with the number ID / med scan.

  • Daniella Viner
    Daniella Viner16 dager siden

    I hate when he withholds info YOURE SO SMART SHOW IT PLEASEEEE

  • AllDayTubing
    AllDayTubing16 dager siden

    Proud to be Canadian

  • Tale of Ashura
    Tale of Ashura16 dager siden

    Stop scremaming pls hafu its annoying and hurting ma ears

  • Patrick Day
    Patrick Day16 dager siden

    Peter: "Send me off with honors" Everyone: Starts singing Canada's national anthem Me: *Confused Canadian noises*

  • Lisa Tsai

    Lisa Tsai

    13 dager siden

    LOL the Americans just like 👁👄👁

  • Haruki Shizu
    Haruki Shizu16 dager siden

    da hoarse

  • William Holmes
    William Holmes16 dager siden

    Can anyone explain what this screeching was about from toast lol?!!!

  • Daniel Pilarski
    Daniel Pilarski16 dager siden

    You would think all these people who constantly play with you toast would just make the big brain play and say toast in the final 3 just vote toast lol

  • Andres Cardona
    Andres Cardona16 dager siden

    I’ve watch the last match like 5 times already I can’t get over it....AAAAAAAAAHHHH

  • Saad Shahid
    Saad Shahid16 dager siden

    13:27, it ain't God save the queen, its the Canadian national anthem

  • aynaz
    aynaz16 dager siden

    hafu: deafen aipha: hmmm that was too early to deafen hafu: deafen aipha: that was too early hafu: can you just deafen?

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin16 dager siden

    anyone know where the last game is from?

  • keving people
    keving people16 dager siden

    That guy smajor or whatever when i heard accent i knew he no fun and he proved it in that last round with toast and pp being serious af or whatever lol can't understand fun sht

  • Jonathan Jiang
    Jonathan Jiang16 dager siden

    If a body has been killed while in meeting, you can see who killed by who’s on the body after the meeting.

  • Jonathan Jiang
    Jonathan Jiang16 dager siden

    If a body has been killed while in meeting, you can see who killed by who’s on the body after the meeting.

  • Jonathan Jiang
    Jonathan Jiang16 dager siden

    If a body has been killed while in meeting, you can see who killed by who’s on the body after the meeting.

  • Atroxiti
    Atroxiti16 dager siden

    Listening to the canadian anthem was funny Edit: hearing it later as well was also funny, the proof was I laughed

  • ivar holsvik
    ivar holsvik16 dager siden

    6:43 «an innocent person would be sus of both of you. Im not» - toast, he won that game

  • a grapefruit
    a grapefruit16 dager siden

    Nobody: 8th grade boys in the back of the classroom for no reason at all: 15:18