Testing Viral Minecraft Myths To See If They're Real


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Subs World: nolocal.info/post/CwqaMfwjHliHs4I3uNwFTw.html
Bionic: nolocal.info/post/ETZ7OiW7-wqwb-6hsz3C4w.html


  • LoverFella
    LoverFella15 dager siden

    Reply with a Cursed Thumbnail Idea :)

  • Jyoti Kanoongo

    Jyoti Kanoongo

    10 timer siden

    "Cursed tumbnail"



    6 dager siden




    6 dager siden




    6 dager siden




    6 dager siden


  • Ye boi Riley
    Ye boi Riley4 timer siden

    Gtx 1060 come on

  • 10 win
    10 win5 timer siden

    lava block or command

  • Runheng Tian
    Runheng Tian9 timer siden

    Did you know that you are actually using Night vision potion’s on these fishes?

  • Simone W
    Simone W11 timer siden

    This guy is so stupid he didn't netherite against gold of course another eight stronger

  • Nirwan Sukubhatu
    Nirwan Sukubhatu13 timer siden

    Sub to bionic and Loverfella mostly bionic

  • Nirwan Sukubhatu
    Nirwan Sukubhatu13 timer siden

    6:20 Loverfella you didn't even put hay on

  • No
    No14 timer siden

    He didnt say xp bottle he said potion bottle

  • Analicia Lopez
    Analicia Lopez15 timer siden


  • Iamnota simp;d
    Iamnota simp;d15 timer siden

    I mean damn he looks like jake Gyllenhaal

  • Rafi vlogs
    Rafi vlogs18 timer siden

    6.20 bionic

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy18 timer siden

    Bionic is the other NOlocalr called Bionic he does pranks and others

  • Brett Duveen
    Brett Duveen21 time siden

    Dood you did not put the hay bails with the max hight

  • Ali Teymouri
    Ali Teymouri21 time siden

    u saw subs world he is my 2nd favorite yuotuber

  • Unlucky 890
    Unlucky 89022 timer siden

    6:19 WAIT! Is that @Bionic...

  • Hunter Waugh
    Hunter Waugh23 timer siden

    lol was i the only one that knew that you can breed chickens with other seeds

  • Greenpro YT
    Greenpro YTDag siden

    6:23 You forgot the hay bale

  • Random STUFF
    Random STUFFDag siden

    This idiot doesnt know that the higher ur level is the more xp u need

  • Random STUFF
    Random STUFFDag siden

    1:40 bro it was a year ago so neyherite didnt even exist back then also they might have changed the coding and u have been playing minecraft for over a year and doesnt know all these stuff NOOB

  • -Imagine8 YT
    -Imagine8 YTDag siden

    Loverfella used the elytra - parrot myth in Java, but the myth said: ''(on Bedrock edition)

  • Michal Jaššo
    Michal JaššoDag siden

    Oh god this youtuber is sooooo bad !!!

  • LanceGaming19
    LanceGaming19Dag siden

    That bionic the max hiegth

  • Golden Gaming
    Golden GamingDag siden

    Spawn invincibility noice

  • Aditya Mangalam Gupta
    Aditya Mangalam GuptaDag siden

    Ur short

  • Demonoxcide
    DemonoxcideDag siden

    Bruh you didn’t even do the myth shown in the thumbnail. Dislike

  • Kayden Lee
    Kayden LeeDag siden

    the axe is beter it has 00:1:46

  • marshmello alone
    marshmello aloneDag siden

    Bionic is the you??

  • Skrogy
    SkrogyDag siden

    I mean no hate but this video just infuriated me, i watched the SkipTheTutorial videos that Loverfella showed and he heard the myths, wrong. For example, the xp bottle myth, STT explained that the myth WAS wrong, but LoverFella still thought that STT said the myth was RIGHT. I also didn’t like the Bionic myth. LoverFella thought that it was JUST feather falling that you can survive at max height. Bionic clearly said the feather falling WITH hay bales at max height. Pls test the myths correctly

  • Kaufland man
    Kaufland manDag siden

    I hate you dont put hail bail Down you dum dum

  • Mystic Z
    Mystic ZDag siden

    Ship. Snack.

    AVA SEPEDag siden


  • Vibing_weebz
    Vibing_weebzDag siden

    5:02 on bedrock sword is better

  • Ember Mars
    Ember MarsDag siden

    Gold isnt trash its just better but however breaks easily so pls dont trash it but its only better then iron not netherite or diamond i think

  • Dust-X / Project X
    Dust-X / Project XDag siden

    idk if people know this, maybe most people do but lava does not negate fall damage like water.

  • Kevin Chiem
    Kevin ChiemDag siden

    Where the freaking halesbales

  • Ok its me that guy Yea
    Ok its me that guy Yea2 dager siden

    the parrot glitch happened to me

  • yihang lin
    yihang lin2 dager siden

    the guy who said you can fall from max height with netheright blah blah blah is bionic the youtuber

  • Donna Sheila Anagaran
    Donna Sheila Anagaran2 dager siden

    Thanks for making this video I made the ULTAMATE zombie it can kill people with 2 shoots

  • Christopher Weekes
    Christopher Weekes2 dager siden

    I know the seed one

  • Debbie Dagel
    Debbie Dagel2 dager siden

    so good

  • Faris Faris
    Faris Faris2 dager siden

    The myth with u can drop max highed with netherite armor was Bionic

  • Sanad Al Tarawneh
    Sanad Al Tarawneh2 dager siden

    he saw a boinic myth

  • Ree Fish.
    Ree Fish.2 dager siden

    6:41 u need heybale

  • Dnf cola
    Dnf cola2 dager siden

    bruh you lava buckit you can do it with water look at dream

  • Anali Sema
    Anali Sema2 dager siden

    Villagers can sleep in the end ✌️ lol

  • Yousha Abdun Nafi
    Yousha Abdun Nafi2 dager siden


  • Krzysztof Radaszewski
    Krzysztof Radaszewski2 dager siden

    bilding mine bran how to play minecraft

  • Clarisse jhane Morata
    Clarisse jhane Morata2 dager siden

    Loverfella You need water dumb when you are going Fall

  • Gabriel Buenrostro
    Gabriel Buenrostro2 dager siden

    Bro he dumb he was to land on hay bailes

  • Fahad Alhammadi
    Fahad Alhammadi2 dager siden

    6:38 cuz he didn’t land on the hay bale so that’s how he died

  • Exotic Butters
    Exotic Butters2 dager siden

    um..you forgot that the pistons don’t move with the blocks when it’s just a piston and a lever. (in the thumbnail)

  • Joshy DJ
    Joshy DJ2 dager siden


  • Red Eared Slider
    Red Eared Slider2 dager siden

    That's not how the pistons work in the thumbnail

  • Ishaan Thorrikonda
    Ishaan Thorrikonda2 dager siden

    When you were seeing bionic you didn't put haybales so it wouldn't work of course

    BURNS LEWIS2 dager siden

    You forgot to use the hay bale in the max hight with nether Ute armor

  • Mermaid Queen
    Mermaid Queen2 dager siden

    You lied

  • Mermaid Queen
    Mermaid Queen2 dager siden


  • Pengo
    Pengo2 dager siden

    hey, the exp potion wasnt test xp, it was testing potion length, so you got that wrong

  • Sese Mercado
    Sese Mercado2 dager siden

    The gold armor maybe netheriye wasnt even on when the gold armor thing found in reddit

  • elena li
    elena li2 dager siden

    The axe is better than the sword

  • Luke D
    Luke D2 dager siden

    He did some tips wrong

  • Go1dleaf
    Go1dleaf2 dager siden

    bro it says bedrock

  • Nico Blaser
    Nico Blaser2 dager siden

    Alright is it just me or is dis youtuber to lazy to read ar rhe parot and elytra tingy it said bedrock edition and he dint do it in bedrock editin

  • Gamerboy LoL
    Gamerboy LoL2 dager siden

    U calles bionic(baldonic) guy Me:extremly sad

    CORPSE HUSBAND2 dager siden

    The lava one works you just messed it up

  • Goather The Theorist
    Goather The Theorist2 dager siden

    He used haybailes dummy havent you seen bionics full video

  • Albert Shawn
    Albert Shawn3 dager siden

    You still take fall damage if you do a mlg lava

  • Mary Gracielle Sumayod
    Mary Gracielle Sumayod3 dager siden

    Sub's world your watching

  • Edward Jacob
    Edward Jacob3 dager siden

    He did the hay bale ma jump wrong

  • Jason Wang
    Jason Wang3 dager siden

    Ur girlfriend looks bad

  • LukeDarw 2
    LukeDarw 23 dager siden

    If we kill a creeper with a skeleton we will get a music disc

  • PotatoBoi XD
    PotatoBoi XD3 dager siden

    It's because it is "HERES JOHNNY" and the father had a axe at the end of the shining movie

  • LiamK_06
    LiamK_063 dager siden

    the johnny one is a reference to the shining

  • Kyan Irwin Pangandian
    Kyan Irwin Pangandian3 dager siden

    He was reacting to skip and skip said lava clutch doesn't work

    JACOB ANTHONY NUYLAN3 dager siden

    he fell with hay bail

    JACOB ANTHONY NUYLAN3 dager siden

    i watch him he is bionic

  • Twisted Productions
    Twisted Productions3 dager siden

    First few seconds in and I suddenly feel the cringe.

  • LukeDarw 2
    LukeDarw 23 dager siden

    I’m pretty sure if we throw a potion onto our head it will give make it slightly longer

  • pIaNo BlAsToIsE

    pIaNo BlAsToIsE

    2 dager siden

    But he used xp bottles 😕

  • Bhikhari Bhuiya
    Bhikhari Bhuiya3 dager siden

    Name a sheep jeb

  • The Comment Reviewer
    The Comment Reviewer3 dager siden

    Lava mlg actually should work but since lava somehow has fall damage you cant

  • Karlo Antolić
    Karlo Antolić3 dager siden

    Trhowing potions up works

  • R is for Ridlee
    R is for Ridlee3 dager siden

    Brush the max height drop onto hay bales with feather falling you can survive, but a little below is guaranteed survivable on fall on a hay bale stack. :Edit: Bruh not brush sorry.

  • Muhammad Ahsam
    Muhammad Ahsam3 dager siden

    its bionic bald XD

  • GachaXx_xX Tulip
    GachaXx_xX Tulip3 dager siden

    Honestly I can’t Minecraft WHY DID YOU LET THSI HAPPEN😂

  • lea the animal
    lea the animal3 dager siden

    Can you do lava_bucket glutch??? Me doing it and making And not even hearing of it Whaaat

  • SpacePlant Ip
    SpacePlant Ip3 dager siden


  • Ryan Noell
    Ryan Noell3 dager siden

    Aye that skip the Tutorial vid

  • Harvey Jones Music
    Harvey Jones Music3 dager siden

    The flying parrot one only works on bedrock

  • Liam Hewitt
    Liam Hewitt3 dager siden

    Fresh my guy he said it doesn't work on Java he didn't say it wouldn't work at all

  • Yin Kerina
    Yin Kerina3 dager siden


  • Werdco 57632
    Werdco 576323 dager siden

    nether wart counts as seeds, why didn't you try that?

  • Colin Kauai
    Colin Kauai3 dager siden

    Villagers can sleep in the neter if it’s night in the overworld only

  • Cesar Ontiveros
    Cesar Ontiveros3 dager siden


  • Susana Villanueva Mejia
    Susana Villanueva Mejia3 dager siden

    6:42 why he didn't used the hay bale

    IVANO NEGOVETIC3 dager siden

    I tryed lava clutch and i did it

  • Amanda Pilla
    Amanda Pilla3 dager siden

    Well in my kind of Minecraft the sword is the strongest

  • xzvvo
    xzvvo3 dager siden

    Ganga gingang

  • Nathaniel GameZ
    Nathaniel GameZ3 dager siden

    The fall works he said too use haybale not normal ground

  • Eleanor Ashley
    Eleanor Ashley3 dager siden

    In bedrock swords are better

  • official_ gamer
    official_ gamer3 dager siden

    It's 2021 idiots everyone know that lava don't brake ur fall😡😡😡😡😡😡