TFue Moves into the FaZe House!

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family friendly pg clean


  • Jeramiah Edwards
    Jeramiah EdwardsDag siden

    XO tour lif3 is the music in the back ground

  • Smak x flame
    Smak x flame19 dager siden

    Sure ur family friendly?

  • Instinct Toni
    Instinct Toni20 dager siden

    Good times

  • YuSah for bh
    YuSah for bhMåned siden

    0:2 the stutter

  • Top Trends
    Top TrendsMåned siden

    tfue was so skinny

  • Oscar Rondon
    Oscar Rondon3 måneder siden

    When he’s not in faze

  • Oscar Rondon
    Oscar Rondon3 måneder siden

    Who’s whatching October 6 2020 when he left Faze

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor3 måneder siden

    my biggest fear is them gucci shoes getting ruint

  • ItsSpectrum
    ItsSpectrum5 måneder siden

    I miss Tfue was still in faze. The dynamic was so good

  • Palez
    Palez5 måneder siden

    Anyone. 2020 during covid. This was the old days gg

  • - 6 1 9
    - 6 1 95 måneder siden

    "Dont try this at home" My home: 🏚 as small as that emoji

  • judy rotich
    judy rotich6 måneder siden

    Is highskye going to move in

  • xDOSx
    xDOSx7 måneder siden

    Alex a fucking pussy

  • Tully FN
    Tully FN7 måneder siden

    Who here in 2020 after the nasty lawsuit 🤣

  • Mnsnyc Family :3 Guerbi
    Mnsnyc Family :3 Guerbi7 måneder siden

    Good old times

  • Luexy
    Luexy7 måneder siden

    He needs to lay off the drugs .His mind isn’t in the right place

  • Air Zone
    Air Zone8 måneder siden

    True is a very bad person

    YØKE FN8 måneder siden

    Ur taking all tfue money

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon8 måneder siden

    Who else got mad when he was gonna jump with his Gucci shoes on

  • Skreetツ
    Skreetツ8 måneder siden


  • peppiebear
    peppiebear8 måneder siden

    the man wants to jump with gucci on his feets

  • xd Sunny
    xd Sunny8 måneder siden

    Who's here after banks and jarvis destroyed adapts car

  • exqn
    exqn9 måneder siden

    Who miss this 😭🥺

  • JUST Gaming
    JUST Gaming9 måneder siden

    Tfue has moved in faze house Tfue has left the chat

  • moshi moshi man
    moshi moshi man9 måneder siden

    doesn't realize Gucci shoes

  • Wally Wu
    Wally Wu9 måneder siden

    WHats the songs name?

  • XBladez
    XBladez9 måneder siden


  • Conor
    Conor9 måneder siden


  • Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut
    Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut9 måneder siden

    I don’t really care cause I’m done

  • Alan Lawand
    Alan Lawand9 måneder siden

    Tfue is the best Fortnite player

  • Dylan-_- yt
    Dylan-_- yt9 måneder siden


  • haider Awan
    haider Awan10 måneder siden

    2020 anyone?

  • Flare
    Flare10 måneder siden

    If only tfue didnt cuck everything up hed still be on top

  • Blake
    Blake10 måneder siden

    Alex u idiot you have shoes on... take YOUR FUCKIN SHOES OFF!

  • mxssing
    mxssing11 måneder siden

    Adapt: “don’t do this at home” bruh who has a 60foot reservoir just chillin at their house

  • Lori Tinsley
    Lori TinsleyÅr siden

    Can faze sway move into the faze house

  • Jehad Khlaed
    Jehad KhlaedÅr siden

    ي غحبه

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • lollo Lol
    lollo LolÅr siden

    I feel bad for Alex. Tfue is kind of mean lol

  • Jfo
    JfoÅr siden


  • zZotac
    zZotacÅr siden

    TFue = the fuck ue

  • Fortnite _ikonik
    Fortnite _ikonikÅr siden


  • Gigawatts666
    Gigawatts666År siden

    This video did not age well

  • 999
    999År siden

    FAZE adapt: stutters FAZE clan: Leave now

  • Zach Braswell
    Zach BraswellÅr siden

    How is here after the drama

  • Bregos
    BregosÅr siden

    tfue was a good fit i like his personallity sad to see the lawsuit

  • Aniq Man
    Aniq ManÅr siden


  • Zyth Dopey
    Zyth DopeyÅr siden


  • liam h
    liam hÅr siden

    "Ima go upstairs" *takes the elevator* wtf

  • Victor Matthew
    Victor MatthewÅr siden


  • Deepu
    DeepuÅr siden


  • Itz KENT
    Itz KENTÅr siden

    Take off your shoes

  • FACE _morris
    FACE _morrisÅr siden

    Adapt is a pussy

  • Scryer
    ScryerÅr siden

    STUDDER 0:01

  • Yoblvnq
    YoblvnqÅr siden

    Hold up who heard that voice crack at 6:57

  • Svmuel Lee
    Svmuel LeeÅr siden

    It’s so funny how much of a pussy adapt is😂 and that’s not just in this video also the one where he touched a basketball😂

  • Charles O
    Charles OÅr siden


  • cozy
    cozyÅr siden

    Tf man clickbait ya then not doing the jump and all u do is just slide down a hill

  • dean nixon
    dean nixonÅr siden

    WhoS HeRe AftER DraMa just watch the fucking video holy shit

  • Critical YT
    Critical YTÅr siden

    Do it

  • Aayush Adhikari
    Aayush AdhikariÅr siden

    Who here after faze sues tfue?

  • Andrewwツ
    AndrewwツÅr siden

    I thought this was pg clean😂

  • CallMe Vacadu
    CallMe VacaduÅr siden


  • CallMe Vacadu
    CallMe VacaduÅr siden


  • Barry MaKokiner
    Barry MaKokinerÅr siden

    The Real question is why alex had fuckin Gucci shoes on when considering to jump

  • Beafy
    BeafyÅr siden

    Why the fuck he wearing shoes

  • Luke446
    Luke446År siden

    Why tf is he jumping off with his shoes on

  • Patrick Laney
    Patrick LaneyÅr siden

    Whats that background music at 0:45?

  • Jean Carlo
    Jean CarloÅr siden


  • Txte _
    Txte _År siden

    Tfue and banks in the same room likes messed up

  • [UNSTABLE] Ilias
    [UNSTABLE] IliasÅr siden

    4:00 damn that backflip was clean and smooth

  • Calvin Valencia
    Calvin ValenciaÅr siden


  • richard trumm
    richard trummÅr siden

    I would have just ran and jump the fence and just full send the views are every thing

  • Knitfeee
    KnitfeeeÅr siden

    0:01 FaZe Adapt stutters as usual

  • Zachary Wilson
    Zachary WilsonÅr siden


  • Xaf
    XafÅr siden

    Who lives in pro house now

  • Paul Hayhoe
    Paul HayhoeÅr siden

    Faze fue

  • Fishy Nippes
    Fishy NippesÅr siden

    Pussy your a pussy😮😮😮😮😮

  • Dom btw
    Dom btwÅr siden

    Lol he gonna loose subs

  • Cools AnimatedYT
    Cools AnimatedYTÅr siden

    Oh well not anymore

  • J Cor
    J CorÅr siden

    Can I join faze my name is going to be faze strike

  • Just Simple
    Just SimpleÅr siden

    Tfue moves into the faze house. Tfue has left the faze house

  • J
    JÅr siden


  • Marco Rocha
    Marco RochaÅr siden

    Tfue is a. Fucking rat

  • Cxdsfn
    CxdsfnÅr siden

    Whoops guess he’s packing his bags 🤣

  • Eye2 Eye
    Eye2 EyeÅr siden

    yo deadass tfue is somebody whos just fucking doing it and says fuck it in erverything in life

  • Roudy The disciple of jesus
    Roudy The disciple of jesusÅr siden

    Only if I can tel u what he's gonna do to 7 guys

  • Sam Horton
    Sam HortonÅr siden

    Tfue is a fucking ass clown

  • Barb
    BarbÅr siden

    Pin this you litterly wont Adapt:Exactly I wont

  • lil baby blue
    lil baby blueÅr siden

    fuck tfue

  • SlixxEvo
    SlixxEvoÅr siden

    Faze for life f*ck tfue

  • Rich Lion
    Rich LionÅr siden

    'oh shit we got athleticism in this guy' 😂😂

  • Petron
    PetronÅr siden

    8 months later... Tfue sues FaZe Clan?

  • Sghkilhxkys_.


    År siden

    Petron no

  • Winterz FN
    Winterz FNÅr siden

    Now he wants to sue u lot

  • jasper hamilton
    jasper hamiltonÅr siden

    Tfue is crazy

  • CoastChillin
    CoastChillinÅr siden

    lol first thing he said to me "wanna jump off a bridge"

  • Aron Semple
    Aron SempleÅr siden

    Sub to my channel if u are here after tfue filing the law suit

  • KTA Reyes

    KTA Reyes

    År siden

    Desperate much?

  • Aron Semple
    Aron SempleÅr siden

    It sucks that he isn’t there anymore now

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector LopezÅr siden

    I can lay out t fue with a few punches

  • Kevin Gutierrez

    Kevin Gutierrez

    År siden

    Bro you wish

  • Bob Hernandez
    Bob HernandezÅr siden

    Now hes going against you guys smh .