The BEST Day in FaZe Clan History...

OMG...what an insane day thank you guys so much for the love :) leave a LIKE for more vlogs!!
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  • TheRealRyDoGG
    TheRealRyDoGGÅr siden

    I been here since 2014 love all the FaZe fans and all of the FaZe members, but for real we're like a gang bro its crazy.

  • Bronocs_Nation


    År siden

    Same Man!! I miss the new york house and Alex's Arizona house

  • MILK


    År siden


  • Xotiic


    År siden

    Just Adham I got you man mind doing the same for me?

  • Rambo


    År siden

    DrQ_Killer I got you

  • Rambo


    År siden

    Imma give everyone a sub don’t want likes or subs just trying to be nice

  • Gustav Ørving
    Gustav Ørving4 dager siden

    Highsly ugly af

  • Aref khp
    Aref khp4 måneder siden

    4:32 Lol . Bro sway in that pics is like:wtf r we doing here?😑 😂😂

  • Gjfjdj Rkekekfkkrkriwiwiwiwiwiwiwid
    Gjfjdj Rkekekfkkrkriwiwiwiwiwiwiwid5 måneder siden

    Where is faze rug

  • TonyFN
    TonyFN5 måneder siden

    Adapt is looking up at nike 😂😂😂😂

  • Carter deHoog
    Carter deHoog8 måneder siden

    Faze i awsome its the best clan ever its also my favourite clan

  • Everything NoahZz
    Everything NoahZz8 måneder siden

    Bro I'm fcking trippin

  • xhil
    xhil8 måneder siden

    sway looks depressed af

  • Louie
    Louie8 måneder siden

    My dream is to be in faze but I am no good at video games accept cod mobile

  • Orhan Rrahmani
    Orhan RrahmaniÅr siden

    Nice repeat video

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    There are lot of people there

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • Ceylan Mustafa
    Ceylan MustafaÅr siden


  • Ceylan Mustafa
    Ceylan MustafaÅr siden


  • Dominik Heiderer
    Dominik HeidererÅr siden

    Nice upload! 👊🏻

  • Hasonth 9
    Hasonth 9År siden

    Ocean more like a pond

  • Not Clan
    Not ClanÅr siden

    Sway is like:can I go home now. This is boring as shit, I should've stayed in Chronic

  • SailorSun
    SailorSunÅr siden

    "adapts the type of guy to flex in a family photo"

  • Anime, Tv
    Anime, TvÅr siden

    Where is tofuu

  • Hank Singley
    Hank SingleyÅr siden

    Who else misses the NY grind

  • NachYoCheese
    NachYoCheeseÅr siden

    can I join faze? I don't know why but I thought I would try to ask, im 13, my name would be FaZe Nacho, and ya. let me know! thx

  • Snap that childs back. Goldfish
    Snap that childs back. GoldfishÅr siden


  • Scrvsh
    ScrvshÅr siden

    Mongraal is not even there and he had the best placement

  • Thunderbuddy
    ThunderbuddyÅr siden

    Why did he show a “montage” of him taking pictures with the same people five times??

  • Craig Anthony
    Craig AnthonyÅr siden

    Banks does not upload bc u have his ONLY camera lol. Sure. Maybe he can buy one. Js

  • Beau Brown
    Beau BrownÅr siden

    This is the dream.

  • Michelle Jordan
    Michelle JordanÅr siden

    Why does sway look so mad

  • Unkwn Funk
    Unkwn FunkÅr siden

    So sick must be a dope feeling get cheered on like that Faze Up Dont remember a time like this since mlg anahiem 2014

  • Westin Spencer
    Westin SpencerÅr siden

    Bro this really was old school and I love it

  • Westin Spencer
    Westin SpencerÅr siden

    Still has that shaky ass vlogging hand bro but it brings back memories

  • Justin Charlton
    Justin CharltonÅr siden

    Been here since 2014 and this is honestly crazy, FaZe is a family of millions

  • Bronocs_Nation
    Bronocs_NationÅr siden

    Please tell me they wen't to New York FaZe house while in NYC

  • Tacts
    TactsÅr siden

    You guys are really blessed hope to see myself there one day. Been a fan since 2013. This is a family foreal.

  • Roof on wiifit
    Roof on wiifitÅr siden

    FaZe sway literally has no emotion when they were doing the pics I never saw him smile😂😂😂

  • Flaashj
    FlaashjÅr siden

    I've been her since 2012. //It's been a long and amazing ride with the FaZe clan.

  • ryan
    ryanÅr siden


  • Lil Sweat
    Lil SweatÅr siden

    Insane vlog Alex keep this shit up your insane

  • Suprakx _
    Suprakx _År siden

    Sway looks like he hates his career

  • Juuso
    JuusoÅr siden

    @faze adapt Where the new modern warfare footage at ?

  • JCYoung 91
    JCYoung 91År siden

    U gotta bring back the vlogs and concerts back when everything was so lit

  • Brad Vogt
    Brad VogtÅr siden

    Cizzors looks better with long hair

  • NexusFN
    NexusFNÅr siden

    Look at sway though lmaooooo Edit: Also not to be rude or anything does sway have like a disability or is he just camera shy?

    BAUCEÅr siden

    Suing tfue ?

  • 7amthugger
    7amthuggerÅr siden

    why the clown music

  • xPBestx
    xPBestxÅr siden

    5:00 - 5:15 lol this part is cycled 3 times so that he gets a 10min video. still loves him nhm

  • Hamooda360


    År siden

    [Ř] xPBestx the one next to adapt.... I’m with the gray shirt

  • xPBestx


    År siden

    @Hamooda360 which one

  • Hamooda360


    År siden

    [Ř] xPBestx I’m one of the people who was in that clip

  • xPBestx


    År siden

    @Hamooda360 wut

  • Hamooda360


    År siden

    [Ř] xPBestx I’m one of them 😂

  • TristanPlayz
    TristanPlayzÅr siden

    Adapt Fathering the Faze Kids! lol Father Adapt

  • ImKyle
    ImKyleÅr siden


  • Kristic
    KristicÅr siden

    Dumbass tfue woulda been there if he wouldn’t have came out with his bullshit

  • Kristic
    KristicÅr siden

    The clip of them taking pictures is the same clip over and over

  • Anand Makwana
    Anand MakwanaÅr siden

    3:01 that guy waving BAHAHAHAHAH

  • coug4you
    coug4youÅr siden

    Nobody knows shit because Fortnight is pussy shit. I make more money doing real shit. Pussies....

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma RivasÅr siden

    Love ur channel and I love ur laugh and ur the best and i love ur voice and ur cute alex

  • MomosMemes _MW Clips
    MomosMemes _MW ClipsÅr siden

    Sway looks like he wants to go home and play Fortnite

  • x Seds x
    x Seds xÅr siden

    Anyone else miss when faze was actually good?

  • Bella Neom-Leroux
    Bella Neom-LerouxÅr siden

    didn't know how much i missed those messages at the end lol buzzing for your next bangerr

  • A V
    A VÅr siden

    Damn why didn’t Romeo do the tattoo?

  • Mikey Ψ
    Mikey ΨÅr siden

    I wonder how much subscribers I’m going to gain by commenting “NONE”😥😥😥

  • Freddie Wimshurst
    Freddie WimshurstÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put water in the microwave because it is too cold !

  • Aj
    AjÅr siden

    I love FaZe🥺❤️

  • egirl sinqz
    egirl sinqzÅr siden

    anyone see the red dot on his head moving?

  • ashire big14
    ashire big14År siden

    What happened to romen

  • Pop Hype
    Pop HypeÅr siden

    clip repeat lmfao

  • Dark
    DarkÅr siden

    FaZe Sway : "Meh"

  • rxid bxrk
    rxid bxrkÅr siden

    use me as the LETS GOOOOOOOOO button lml

  • Chris Burt
    Chris BurtÅr siden


  • Filfil
    FilfilÅr siden

    Is my pc broken or did they replay the same clip 3 times

  • LukeSkyFlopper


    År siden

    Jungle Power yes they did

  • Jayden :;
    Jayden :;År siden

    Next vid for FaZe Kay first to win World Cup wins 10000 dollars

  • TroutFNBR
    TroutFNBRÅr siden

    Do mocking faze banks part 5

  • Waramps Jr
    Waramps JrÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put a hole in his wall to say goodnight

  • Ayala
    AyalaÅr siden

    FaZe Rug the best member

  • 0o_R34_o0
    0o_R34_o0År siden

    Was Tennp0 there ?

  • Jaydyn Bristol
    Jaydyn BristolÅr siden

    6:20 I just happened to skip to the intro of the video 😂😂

  • Azioxx
    AzioxxÅr siden

    Wdym 🤔 The best day in FaZe history was when u joined, 7th Jan 2014

  • RNG GoDz
    RNG GoDzÅr siden

    They have a 12 year old faze member who hasn’t hit puberty yet, I can remember back in the day they had an age limit 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Marnich Dippenaar
    Marnich DippenaarÅr siden

    They looped the time laps like 5 times

  • Complexity
    ComplexityÅr siden

    80% gang Where u at 😝

  • Ty Ward
    Ty WardÅr siden

    From the bottom of my heart I just want to say Thank You 🙏 You Help me through my Anxiety and Knee cap pain and muscle pain and shoulder pain and Toe pain. Every time I watch your videos I forget all about that so thank you for helping me.

  • Magic Trick88
    Magic Trick88År siden

    Aka. I’m broke so I need to vlog 😂

  • So Adamm
    So AdammÅr siden

    Must be nice 😭 but one day imma meet y’all

  • Knight Wing80
    Knight Wing80År siden

    I wished I was there

  • Sajamily
    SajamilyÅr siden

    5:51 dude looks like fat rain lmao

  • Five Percent K!D
    Five Percent K!DÅr siden

    FaZe up

  • Hambo 30 games
    Hambo 30 gamesÅr siden

    Awesome Vid would any body trade subscribers for a subscribe

  • Xgeo14
    Xgeo14År siden

    1:10 I think someone was trying to snipe you bro

  • Diamond Poseidon
    Diamond PoseidonÅr siden

    Lol adapt sounds like a normal person for once and he had to lose his voice to do it

  • Marcos Pinela
    Marcos PinelaÅr siden

    I remember when your name was soaR Adapt

  • Om Boricha
    Om BorichaÅr siden

    It's epic hope faze acheives success #faze up

  • Brian
    BrianÅr siden

    Not hating but why is he so surprised over a crowd like that? He's been doing this for years & he never seen a crowd like that??

  • dd4m0n
    dd4m0nÅr siden

    Can I join faze

    TRIPLE JJJÅr siden

    Can u plz do a faze adapt the type of. Like to get it up

  • Cameron Perkins
    Cameron PerkinsÅr siden

    So wait, does this mean more Banks content??????

  • Ninja man power
    Ninja man powerÅr siden

    Do you and faze rain live together

  • Jack Le
    Jack LeÅr siden

    Introducing Faze Ewok,Faze bugha,Faze benjyfishy,Faze mrsavagem

  • Lil Ak47
    Lil Ak47År siden

    U guys honestly fucking suck now the best faze member is faze jev all you guys are wack asf

  • Angel
    AngelÅr siden

    Your editor should be fired, played the same clip like 3 or 4 times

  • 1smg Zay
    1smg ZayÅr siden

    The og faze adapt

  • randy cantur
    randy canturÅr siden


  • KingBloodPanda 15
    KingBloodPanda 15År siden

    Sway looks so antisocial

  • Nadesss
    NadesssÅr siden

    “That’s was INSANE bro!!!”

  • Christian
    ChristianÅr siden

    faze tf up