The Components Steering AlphaTauri To Success | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Emilia Grand Prix


AlphaTauri have hit the ground running in 2021, showing great pace in testing and the first race in Bahrain. As they continue their impressive form at round 2 in Imola, Sam Collins and Craig Scarborough take a look at the complex steering parts of the AT02.
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  • made arya
    made arya20 dager siden

    Loh ari kriting

  • Rohan . B. Nair
    Rohan . B. Nair21 dag siden

    We want to see the new update comparison of amr21 and w12

  • 虎ちゃん
    虎ちゃん21 dag siden


  • sdeane09
    sdeane0921 dag siden

    yet when a competitor changes an engine supplier they have to use tokens?? Surly that could have classified as a consequential change??

  • Max Will
    Max Will21 dag siden

    Mclaren changing the engine would have been a consequential change as well

  • Finlay Austin
    Finlay Austin21 dag siden

    YESSSSSSSS, the man the myth the legend SCARBS is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre Force
    Andre Force22 dager siden

    I think this year in 2021 with the new rules are going to make F1 racing more exciting this year than ever before. I'm all for the new rules let's see some side to side wheel racing that will never be forgotten. F1 2021 yippee can't wait! 😁👍

  • Jean-Philippe
    Jean-Philippe22 dager siden

    The addition of Scar to this series makes it even more incredible, awesome job F1 so far you've hit homeruns after homeruns on the media ! Please have him showcase some of his legendary technical drawing

  • Ciuva 1988
    Ciuva 198822 dager siden

    F1, Legendas em português por favor.

  • Ethan Maloy
    Ethan Maloy22 dager siden

    This is kind of annoying, if I remember McLaren was forced to spend their tokens in the engine change but was told they had to do the minimum amount of body sculpting changes to get it to fit instead of as much performance modding as they could, yet these other teams can upgrade their parts and get “consequential” changes?

  • Chet Jonstun
    Chet Jonstun22 dager siden

    This points for mods system is holding back car evolution. They should replace it with a costing system that says there is a value amount that cannot be exceeded over a time season, but if they have cheap, effective innovations they can fill their boots!

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir22 dager siden

    Other team: As a consequence of not finding our own "Consequential changes" we had to consequentially change some staff...

  • Mr GV
    Mr GV22 dager siden

    Rack or track says the thumbnail?

  • sarif samudra
    sarif samudra22 dager siden

    suggested tech talk to talk all part in each car of each team so we know no one can cheat again in future

  • Cyho
    Cyho22 dager siden

    If there doing this changes like this called consequencual changes why can that not happen to McLaren with their engine because them switching engine is conspequencial so why did they have to use 2 tokens

  • Rokas M
    Rokas M22 dager siden

    Love Scarbs! More of him please

  • Yumnam Housana
    Yumnam Housana22 dager siden

    Well AlphaTauri is smart

  • marshallmarthes
    marshallmarthes22 dager siden

    So when racing point does it they get fined and called pink Mercedes but afla tauri can do it no problem

  • DubSun33
    DubSun3322 dager siden

    If it helps get Pierre and Yuki on the podium I'm all for it

  • Chino Kawaii [チノかわいい]
    Chino Kawaii [チノかわいい]22 dager siden

    I don't mind if it takes forever, tell me all of it

  • ben deltoro
    ben deltoro22 dager siden

    I really enjoy admiring the individual beard stubbles on the 4k high resolution

  • dom cann
    dom cann22 dager siden

    This is actually now become my favourite segment ... loved it before but it just got better

  • Lemongoose 12
    Lemongoose 1222 dager siden

    Oh, Scarbs!!!!

  • A K
    A K22 dager siden

    I am liking this game, not only the team playing his and seek with the regulator, also the media having input as reference, we I know this has have happened all the time. But only recent seasons has it put up to a professional technicalities levels that not for novices audience.

  • Yuuray
    Yuuray22 dager siden


  • Mashud Mohammed
    Mashud Mohammed22 dager siden

    Sam as a sidekick

  • Kucing Kejeblos
    Kucing Kejeblos22 dager siden

    At this point i wouldn't doubt AT could get another win this season

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim22 dager siden

    Can you guys discuss about Aston Martin's issue with FIA's aerodynamics rulings? Heard the commentators talk about it in Free Practice but don't understand what it's actually about.

  • gianluuka
    gianluuka22 dager siden

    This guy is a legend.

  • Andreas Manner
    Andreas Manner22 dager siden

    Love tech talk!!

  • Dk Jones
    Dk Jones22 dager siden

    Time for the black and white Redbull memes

  • Paul Myatt
    Paul Myatt22 dager siden

    Make Scarbs a permanent fixture on this channel please.

  • Nick
    Nick22 dager siden

    Gasly P2 tonight.

    FULL_ON_AUTISM_22 dager siden

    “Steering” to success

  • Nikhil Paleti
    Nikhil Paleti22 dager siden

    And so... Now Does anyone remember their Team Principal, French Toast, whining about AMR getting "free" updates from Mercedes?

  • benoit mann
    benoit mann22 dager siden

    no real content, next

  • WassapDude94
    WassapDude9422 dager siden

    This should highlight just how insane F1 is, a team this bright and talented still is very far from being the fastest! Imagine the superhuman minds over at Mercedes and Red Bull!

  • part of the group called people of the internet
    part of the group called people of the internet22 dager siden

    So basically I suppose they improved alpha tauri so that their drivers can act as a number 2 to their rb drivers so mercedes can make 2 driver strats and red bull has 4 drivers to prepare strats

  • Siddhesh Kadav
    Siddhesh Kadav22 dager siden

    I first thought that is Todd Packer (David Koechner) from The Office.

    GONKIGRA22 dager siden

    The answer: a man as small as 11 year old me and a Frenchman that can put down the power faster than y can say croissant

  • Kariym Christopher
    Kariym Christopher22 dager siden

    I thought that they had free rein to make changes without using token because they were using year old parts. Hence the reason rivals were complaining about AT and RP. I guess this ain't for the simple man. I misunderstood

  • Steve L
    Steve L22 dager siden

    Liberty media taking over F1 is one of the greatest thing to happen to the sport and deserve a lot of credit for this sort of coverage.

  • Matthew L Robeson
    Matthew L Robeson22 dager siden

    "Can't go into technicalities, we'll be here forever." You seem to underestimate why we're all here

  • Ellis Marcelo

    Ellis Marcelo

    14 dager siden

    @Holden Adonis whoa! Took like 15 minutes but it reallyworked!

  • Holden Adonis

    Holden Adonis

    16 dager siden

    Dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPlekt. You can find it by Googling for Instaplekt password hacker if you care

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    22 dager siden

    Exactly. What idiots these guys are as presenters.

  • 1234 5678

    1234 5678

    22 dager siden


  • Anthony Kevin Campos

    Anthony Kevin Campos

    22 dager siden

    Yes please, do go into technicalities.

  • Random Person
    Random Person22 dager siden

    Cyril probably kicking himself knowing that he won't be able to protest against AlphaTauri

  • Jordan Canning

    Jordan Canning

    21 dag siden

    Cyril? This ain’t 2020 bro. Cyrils been gone for a while

  • mukundan nair
    mukundan nair22 dager siden

    RP purchases brake ducts previous year and uses them next year - cheating AT02 clearly exposing loophole - o it's fun

  • Александр Михеев
    Александр Михеев22 dager siden

    Вот у тебя говор не понятный, надо на русский переходить. Всем удачи. Хонда рулит. 👍

  • Andre Silva
    Andre Silva22 dager siden

    Alpha Tauri became my favorite team. Great team and cool drivers that you get excited to watch.

  • The Deamon Meteor
    The Deamon Meteor22 dager siden


  • BuscoClanLatino L2
    BuscoClanLatino L222 dager siden

    Otmar has entered the chat

  • acidfromhell
    acidfromhell22 dager siden

    Alpha Tauri shouldn't even be a team. First of all, how does F1 allow Red Bull to have a development team in F1? Secondly, Red Bull technically have a team of 4 cars while everybody else gets only 2.

  • Maky 6969
    Maky 696922 dager siden

    AT02: Consequential Change on the Monocoque with no tokens required. FIA: Wait a minute?!!

  • AdrenalineJunkieXL
    AdrenalineJunkieXL22 dager siden

    Hey scarbs welcome back to f1s actual channel

  • Marble Countertops
    Marble Countertops22 dager siden

    I want to do what Sam does but for Dorna

  • Bala Bk
    Bala Bk22 dager siden

    Woww it's soooo cool to Scarbs on F1 ❤️❤️

  • TheSlimeyLimey
    TheSlimeyLimey22 dager siden

    More Scarbs please.

  • Dhanush Amruth
    Dhanush Amruth22 dager siden

    Craig looks like Indian Bollywood actor Aamir Khan... 😂

  • nightowldickson
    nightowldickson22 dager siden

    2020: Pink Mercedes 2021: White Redbull

  • Yeet
    Yeet22 dager siden

    Camera quality always takes me back to the early 2000s

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl22 dager siden

    the steering to success Tsunoda the Tsunami, but the merchandise is nice

  • Epicguy456
    Epicguy45622 dager siden

    Craig is the best

  • Kanta Verma
    Kanta Verma22 dager siden

    The Italian govt. Advertisement come again and again

  • 1MrBryn
    1MrBryn22 dager siden

    *Slowly puts on my old Minardi hat*

  • The Time
    The Time22 dager siden

    Wow, Phil Collins and Marcelo in one video!

  • Yonas Lodewijk Situmorang
    Yonas Lodewijk Situmorang22 dager siden

    Sam's hair looks like Bezita

  • Ronald Chan
    Ronald Chan22 dager siden

    dynamic duo

  • MacKenzie Smith
    MacKenzie Smith22 dager siden

    Nice to see scarbs on here! I like Peter Windsor but it's nice to not have him interupting scarbs all the time.

  • Retr3at
    Retr3at22 dager siden

    4:20 B)

  • Ferri Sabo
    Ferri Sabo22 dager siden

    Force india had just copied the whole mercedes car.. what do you think? Red bull wil not help torro rosso?

  • Dan 7
    Dan 722 dager siden

    Hey, are you telling me that the Alpine F1 have done nothing in terms of their hyped up upgrade for Emilia Romagna, no mentions in the tech talk 😂

  • Dan 7

    Dan 7

    22 dager siden

    How I wish it was made available on here, anyways, thanks Mr. Sam

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    22 dager siden

    You might want to watch the full episode...

  • unkle suga
    unkle suga22 dager siden


  • GhostRider
    GhostRider22 dager siden

    Hope you'll cover McLaren floor soon

  • Junior Ayube
    Junior Ayube22 dager siden

    Redbull: DAS is an disadvantage for us Also red bull 🥴

  • Maxski
    Maxski22 dager siden

    Actually hearing HOW they made big steps is much better than just hearing "And AlphaTauri have made some big steps" thanks!

  • Magic Jack
    Magic Jack22 dager siden

    Alpha tauri are only fast in quali and Mclaren and Ferrari have them beat on race pace

  • MeltingRubberZ28
    MeltingRubberZ2822 dager siden

    Only a matter of time before Otmar sues Alpha Tauri in addition to the FIA. Only he's allowed to "bend" the ruled

  • Gilles Kaske
    Gilles Kaske22 dager siden

    Thanks Scarab I thought you could bash the rack and control arm into place drill some new holes and reattach with Home Depot carriage bolts. How wrong I am

  • Armchair Racer
    Armchair Racer22 dager siden

    No way, they got Scarbs! Whoever's in charge of hiring at F1 needs a raise!

  • MeltingRubberZ28
    MeltingRubberZ2822 dager siden


  • Kenny Simbayi
    Kenny Simbayi22 dager siden

    Sam and Scarbs together ❤

  • Red Bull Sauber Petronas
    Red Bull Sauber Petronas22 dager siden

    Helmut Marko is a clown

  • Tom O
    Tom O22 dager siden

    Scarbs: I won't go into the technicalities, we'll be here forever Me: I have lots of spare time, Scarbs

  • Joseph Waldner

    Joseph Waldner

    21 dag siden

    right after you buy F1 tv

  • Tushar Girotra

    Tushar Girotra

    22 dager siden

    Haha, maybe he is selling himself 😂

  • Máté Kurucz
    Máté Kurucz22 dager siden

    You know that tiktok trend when the dude is banging on the table with a credit card in his hand? That's my reaction when i see an upload featuring Sam the legend :DDD

  • Charles M.
    Charles M.22 dager siden

    Hows brother-mans hair!!!??? I was like...bra...I thought I had it made with no hair where I don't have to worry about making my hair each morning 😅!!!!

  • Alvaro souviron
    Alvaro souviron22 dager siden

    Sooo glad Craig is back doing technical commentary. He is the best in the business.

  • Future Rabbit
    Future Rabbit22 dager siden

    Title: Emilia Romganda Thumbnail: Bahrain Sorry for the spelling

  • Formula Chat
    Formula Chat22 dager siden

    Algum brasileiro?

  • Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle22 dager siden

    Yo thats Scarbs

  • Robel Engida
    Robel Engida22 dager siden

    I love this channel

  • T H
    T H22 dager siden

    Scarbs on F1TV? Is this real life?!

  • TLR Eclipse
    TLR Eclipse22 dager siden

    I really like this whole 2 year chasis cycle gives more time to development for a car. Would be awesome to have a bi-annual Chasis "freeze".

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    22 dager siden

    @Daniel Martín Makes tech talk MUCH harder. More rule changes more better I say!

  • Daniel Martín

    Daniel Martín

    22 dager siden

    That would be great, cheaper for the teams and entertaining for the fans!!

  • rolf ski
    rolf ski22 dager siden

    Alpha Tauri's definition of "hold my beer" just got a whole new dimension

  • Jessiejam21 44

    Jessiejam21 44

    22 dager siden

    Next Level!! Go PG and Yuki!!

  • Michaël
    Michaël22 dager siden

    Waiting for Horner to file a complaint against his own team

  • MeltingRubberZ28


    22 dager siden

    Nah Otmar

  • Mohamad F.A Gheewala
    Mohamad F.A Gheewala22 dager siden

    Scarbs and Sam!!!!! Yesssss!!!!

  • Mario x
    Mario x22 dager siden

    Scarbs??? Finally!! . As an engineering student I love this series

  • DefQon.Zer0
    DefQon.Zer022 dager siden

    How many Teams have copied McLaren's Diffusor?

  • DefQon.Zer0


    22 dager siden

    @Sam S Collins okay thanks man

  • DefQon.Zer0


    22 dager siden

    @Sam S Collins okay thanks man

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    22 dager siden

    none yet

  • Vini Almeida
    Vini Almeida22 dager siden


  • Gabe Seidel
    Gabe Seidel22 dager siden

    Great to see scarbs back at these things.

  • Filip Svensson
    Filip Svensson22 dager siden

    Yes yes yes, Craig on a better channel!

  • Steven Samuel
    Steven Samuel22 dager siden

    Big "I'm not sure what to do with my hands" from Sam here lol

  • heretustay
    heretustay22 dager siden

    I need Sam's autograph more than any driver's