The Country That Never Lockdown

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  • james R
    james R17 timer siden

    That burger is more dangerous than the Rona

  • Matteoj
    Matteoj4 dager siden

    Sweden is one of the friendliest, safest countries in the world and then you get greeted by that weirdo perv taxi driver. Talk about bad luck.

  • Gena- F56 Cooper S
    Gena- F56 Cooper S5 dager siden

    Surely in the title it should say 'Locked Down'

  • Democrat Pro
    Democrat Pro9 dager siden

    "Meet me outside the grimy hotel after dark, come alone, bring your kidneys".

  • Megnanus
    Megnanus10 dager siden

    Those Taxi immigrants always scaring people off. Hate them.

  • King Ears
    King Ears11 dager siden

    That taxi driver was a legend

  • young blood
    young blood13 dager siden

    have a beer

  • young blood
    young blood13 dager siden

    what do u mean have a good one

  • young blood
    young blood13 dager siden

    evrhything for free hi have a good one

  • Linda Cassell
    Linda Cassell15 dager siden

    What was the tapping sound in the video?

  • Tom Bailey
    Tom Bailey15 dager siden

    This is mental, crazy how we’re still caged up & these guys are back to normal! Love from Leicester vlogger

  • Kyle5
    Kyle516 dager siden

    His mask is so bad it's fallen down like 100 times

  • Just Kidding
    Just Kidding19 dager siden

    This is very hard to watch. Escaping to be in another country in which there are little to no lockdowns just because you don’t want to be’s insensitive. I understand that it’s his job and things but there are other options for media. Just because it isn’t affecting you doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect others. Please be mindful.

  • Nice Lad
    Nice Lad21 dag siden

    Lol the taxi driver called him sweetheart

  • Fien Goossens
    Fien Goossens23 dager siden

    I'm Sorry Simon I get that your job is travel, but videos like this are just not ok in the actual climate. I'm a litte bit disappointed that you did that burger trick, these people could maybe lose their job over something like that and it is already hard enough in a pandemic.

  • Liam Tozer
    Liam Tozer24 dager siden

    Surely it’s the country that never ‘Locked Down’ ????

  • Brad McAllister
    Brad McAllister26 dager siden

    Sweetheart..what the...

  • brugerper
    brugerperMåned siden

    Bad costumer service everytime at max burger

  • Sean Williams
    Sean WilliamsMåned siden

    That mask is way too loose, talk once and it’s down your face

  • Becky Mesterhazi
    Becky MesterhaziMåned siden

    It's 8th April and were STILL IN LOCKDOWN IN ENGLAND!! Can't wait till Monday when lockdown lifts!!!

  • joshua tree

    joshua tree

    28 dager siden

    Well it's not getting lifted on Monday it will get relaxed a wee bit it won't be lifted until september

  • Cupcaked
    CupcakedMåned siden

    To all McDonalds pls dont trust this guy

  • Finn Boland
    Finn BolandMåned siden

    Simon makes it look like the free food trick won't work Also Simon we have not lost it

  • Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim V.
    Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim V.Måned siden

    I feel like you’re missing an -ed in that title The country that never locked-down Or the country that never locks down... _right_ ?

  • Flinn Kellu

    Flinn Kellu

    Måned siden

    That’s what I first thought but if you think about it it is actually correct

  • Barney
    BarneyMåned siden

    The plandemic is going to make the world a worse place, more controlled, just wait until they pull a version 2 or 3/4/5 this is just the start of this was of controlling the people, communism through the backdoor, 1984

  • thxmoo
    thxmooMåned siden

    Is there a Spaaaaaar around here at all that I can use, at all ?

  • Gary Jeffries
    Gary JeffriesMåned siden

    When you coming down to Canada? Simon Ontario be go to province as Toronto has it bit cheaper than Vancouver little better other cities we have lockdowns right now we're in 3rd but in Ontario is on short lockdown until 28th April but you should cross the pond when its better

  • Rasputin Disclaimer101
    Rasputin Disclaimer101Måned siden

    'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Viewers discretion and discernment is advised.

  • the Catalyst
    the CatalystMåned siden

    The tripod shaking noises made me skip half the video to be honest...

  • Sorin Gociu
    Sorin GociuMåned siden

    keep that mask tight boy. go rub a bank while you do that. show those ignorants how a job is done!

  • simon marshall
    simon marshallMåned siden


  • ifyyCSGO
    ifyyCSGOMåned siden

    Norway has 4% of the deaths due to corona that sweden has, its never locked down and is the country with the least corona in europe, sweden is so bad compared to norway and has a retarded goverment, crazy you actually see sweden as a country with no corona

  • hilp games
    hilp gamesMåned siden


  • Nicky Huntington
    Nicky HuntingtonMåned siden

    I'd just love to get on a plane and travel. This lock down has wipe me out lost everything mum social life my sense of humour just feel dull. Wahh.... somebody chat

  • Tiziano Mariotti
    Tiziano MariottiMåned siden

    Mate you killed me with the freaking audio tap! Fix it pls

  • Georgio Pizza
    Georgio PizzaMåned siden

    love these videos i got hooked on the series from ny to la just got done watching got hooked when i seen u in harld’s mexico video keep up the awesome work would love to meet u next time ur in the us i am 2 hra from ny and hour from philly i own a pizza place if u do another one here ur more than welcome to come its in hazleton pa u have a place here

  • Kenzie Callow
    Kenzie CallowMåned siden

    My island Isle of Man beat it twice trying to beat it 3 time

  • Scott Swift
    Scott SwiftMåned siden

    Sweden and a few other countries didnt lock down and there results were no different then the countries with the worst restrictions. Lock down dont work and the price for doing it is very high.

  • Thomas lad
    Thomas ladMåned siden

    He called u sweet heart lol

  • theblacksheep
    theblacksheepMåned siden

    mate, honestly i absolutely apreciate your traveling videos and your risky actions. but if you see uk locks down, takes away all freedomrights from the people and in sweeden there is nothing at all, WITH THE SAME VIRUS IN SAME TIME dont you start to think about that something isnt quite right?

  • Elis Lundkvist
    Elis LundkvistMåned siden

    Sverige är fan bra asså

  • D Mann
    D MannMåned siden

    Started watching..done watching when you stole the burger. That was lame

  • James Sheerin
    James Sheerin2 måneder siden

    you're such an idiot for not even trying to wear a mask

    TROLLIOSIS #12 måneder siden

    In Denver USA no one stayed locked in for more than a day it hit. I have videos of hundreds gathering at a park maskless because I live in building adjacent to the park and my balcony over looks the park

  • rilee
    rilee2 måneder siden

    “swedish corona is really nice. you can drink with her. you can speak with her. ok nice to meet you see you again maybe one day” THIS GUY IS MAD 😂

  • Lisa Ploeger
    Lisa Ploeger2 måneder siden

    "Where do you come from, sweetheart" XD "What's so special with you, your majesty" O my gosh I can't handle this taxi driver hahahah

  • Deniss Lavrentjevs
    Deniss Lavrentjevs2 måneder siden

    We have Toyota as taxi cars and they have Tesla cars🤣

  • Alphonse Duponey
    Alphonse Duponey2 måneder siden

    He will charge you only three hundret' but you'll have to sit on his back seat, speak about the sense of life and go through a psychoanalysis while he'll call you 'sweetheart'.

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee2 måneder siden

    Come to Taiwan!

  • Mike Q
    Mike Q2 måneder siden

    A curse upon the CCP and all who are connected to them!

  • Doc James Burton
    Doc James Burton2 måneder siden

    That sound throughout the video, so annoying

  • Logan Jukes
    Logan Jukes2 måneder siden

    You should have just told her you paid with cash! but still, a cool video sweetheart

  • Cone Boy
    Cone Boy2 måneder siden

    I have never heard a bad thing about sweeden. Laughing in Norwegian

  • Gail Dunbar
    Gail Dunbar2 måneder siden

    Your mask is useless it’s too big you keep having to adjust ur buy one that fits you your nose 👃🏻 isn’t covered half the time.

  • F28 JP
    F28 JP2 måneder siden

    So tell me aboot choo shwaithart

  • Josh Temple-Cox
    Josh Temple-Cox2 måneder siden

    That taxi driver seemed like a bit of a bellend tbh

  • DChain
    DChain2 måneder siden

    Vad var fel med den taxichauffören? 🤣

  • jaisongz
    jaisongz2 måneder siden

    “Our corona is very kind, it’s Swedish corona” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rachel Clark
    Rachel Clark2 måneder siden

    It a bite like New Zealand but they kept lockdown our biggest city Auckland! But I'm happy that we are like Sweden, I love going shopping and I get to eat a kiwi burger too!

  • hellgnome A
    hellgnome A2 måneder siden

    Feb.2021 - active number of Covid-19 in Sweden is 595,983. this means one one each 20 people are active case. on the other hand, we see countries consider " third world countries" have way way better situation.

    MK LIGHT EM UP2 måneder siden

    Sweden chips their people

  • katerina dimitrakopoulou
    katerina dimitrakopoulou2 måneder siden

    What? When were you in Greece? I'd love to see your experience because for us living here it has been a rollercoaster. It still is

  • Joshina woods-mubmub
    Joshina woods-mubmub2 måneder siden

    Don't do what bald is doing and posting rubbish for cash mate

  • Rhys Edwards
    Rhys Edwards3 måneder siden

    what keeps tapping on the camera ahh

  • Crabbie Crabster
    Crabbie Crabster3 måneder siden

    The car lights are always on!

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle3 måneder siden

    You know your safe when the SAS are running the airline 🤔🤗🤗.. should of told the bloke don't call another man sweetheart ☺️☺️

  • Travels Man
    Travels Man3 måneder siden

    N Korean tree bark and grass soup is wonderful and you get a cup every day! What a country.

  • Zachary Roberts
    Zachary Roberts3 måneder siden

    its should be 'locked down'

  • dream smp
    dream smp3 måneder siden

    The fact that the taxi driver has a Tesla 😂

  • Kakel Fan
    Kakel Fan3 måneder siden


  • mun yu
    mun yu3 måneder siden

    the burger trick was repeat so many time ,and not funny any most.

  • Ben S
    Ben S3 måneder siden

    I never got this alert! So glad you got in another trip!

  • That Fifa boy
    That Fifa boy3 måneder siden

    He did not call u sweet heart did he 😂

  • Ruby Brown
    Ruby Brown3 måneder siden

    How you doing in lockdown 3 then?

  • Nick Field
    Nick Field3 måneder siden

    I’d say Sweden is better than Manchester (being a Manc) but gotta say that taxi driver was off his t*ts

  • John Smith
    John Smith3 måneder siden

    I don't wear a mask in Southern California. If someone tries to question me, which they always do , I get in their face and put them down. They refuse to serve me I put cash down and take my fucking product regardless.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow3 måneder siden

    there is no virus nutter

  • Mat Granado
    Mat Granado3 måneder siden

    Simon all those trips to McDonald’s is really catching up to you. Need to lose a few pounds friend

  • Kaesar Sm
    Kaesar Sm3 måneder siden

    And now Sweden is struggling. Cant believe how Tegnell is still in charge of Swedish CDC.

  • Ahsan alahi
    Ahsan alahi3 måneder siden

    opinion creat politics

  • TheMrbazooka
    TheMrbazooka3 måneder siden

    Top job

  • Παοκ William
    Παοκ William3 måneder siden

    Mate i have been waiting for you to visit sweden in ages and now you have its amazing that such a big youtuber like you visited my country 🇸🇪

  • Logan Spaven
    Logan Spaven3 måneder siden

    Must be fun to have a government with balls that treats covid like what it is

  • Derek C.
    Derek C.3 måneder siden

    So many openings

  • Derek C.
    Derek C.3 måneder siden

    That’s the worst mask I’ve seen so far..

  • Johnny
    Johnny3 måneder siden

    "I need to see your bank account" lol well the cheek of her.

  • Ruth
    Ruth3 måneder siden

    they are not all daft lol

  • steven
    steven3 måneder siden

    Only country with free will

  • Theo Williams
    Theo Williams3 måneder siden

    That taxi driver was definitely Sus ! Calling him sweet heart wtf 😳

  • James Kew
    James Kew3 måneder siden

    Simon still got skills 🙂 I've tried this in bristol mcdonald's in england. and it actually worked 😂

  • NM
    NM3 måneder siden

    That cab driver was weird, half nice and half dick.

  • Becca :3
    Becca :33 måneder siden

    I knew right away when I clicked the video it was gonna be Sweden because I’m Swedish and I just knew lmao

  • Hugy Ugy

    Hugy Ugy

    10 dager siden


  • Zexro
    Zexro3 måneder siden

    You should go to Dubai because apparently they have no corona

  • Declan EFC
    Declan EFC3 måneder siden

    New mask needed😂

  • J-Wander
    J-Wander3 måneder siden

    Here from a friend's suggestion 😊🤗 Hi from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Adam Druett
    Adam Druett4 måneder siden


  • Ammar Khan
    Ammar Khan4 måneder siden

    A stranger: Shoots a guy. Simon: What a genuine guy

  • Tica Time
    Tica Time4 måneder siden

    You shouldn’t of done that we burger tho

  • Tica Time

    Tica Time

    3 måneder siden

    @Ping . Yh it’s stupid and I think Simon knows it

  • Ping


    3 måneder siden

    That’s what I’ve been saying but everyone loves it... really bad

  • Tica Time
    Tica Time4 måneder siden

    That’s next holiday sorted

  • Weed Smokir
    Weed Smokir4 måneder siden

    Sweden.... sweden.....

    DJ_RMUSIC4 måneder siden

    Intro is the best so far you should keep it. Hope your staying safe