The Detail Geek Q & A - Answering All Your Burning Questions!


Here is my long awaited Q & A video! All these questions came in from Instagram, so if you aren't following me there, make sure you do! Hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!
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6” Dual Action Polisher -
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Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
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Wheel Brushes:
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Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Detail Brushes:
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Carpet Brush -
Drill Brush Set -
Leather Brush -
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  • Sherri Morana
    Sherri Morana21 time siden

    I have a good question, are you as ‘ clean and organized’ in your home as you are in your car? I would think yes but you never know 😏

  • Dwi Bangun
    Dwi Bangun2 dager siden

    i like him since day 1

  • Rosaura Shroyer
    Rosaura Shroyer7 dager siden

    Where are you locared I NEED a detail on my 2019 spark

  • chad delong
    chad delong8 dager siden

    I knew the song right when I heard the beginning and it’s knee deep - zac brown band

  • Alpha Saiyan
    Alpha Saiyan9 dager siden

    $1000 a day is pretty motivating lol. When you can go out and make that every day is pretty bad ass but when you can make that from your own garage ... that’s priceless and once you ever make that kind of money there is no going back to not making that kind of money.

  • Barbara Dyer
    Barbara Dyer11 dager siden

    My favorite part of your videos is the prewash when you use the pressure washer. However, I watched you clean your raptor which was the filthiest thing I’ve ever seen. I noticed that you must have been wearing a go pro camera or some other. I did not enjoy the movement of the camera near as much as when you have a stationary camera. But that’s just me. Keep up the good work for us 0CD people.

  • Abel3270
    Abel327013 dager siden

    Why do you use that little Bissell Extractor? And not a better one ?

  • LMW2086


    8 dager siden

    He just likes the Bessel Spotclean Professional machine

  • Lins Music
    Lins Music21 dag siden

    Finally an entrepreneur that's not selling us the hatred of jobs. Loll!! I like that you're being honest about your experience with domino's pizza. I like working for myself, but I also don't like when people are demonizing employment when most of them actually employ people. Thanks for your honesty!!!

  • The Nev
    The Nev28 dager siden

    LOVE Lenny. Always has been one of my favorite SRV songs. Thank you for sharing! ❤️ You play it beautifully.

  • Amy Burrows
    Amy Burrows29 dager siden

    Love your guitar sessions.☺

  • Arki Kali
    Arki KaliMåned siden

    I'm guessing all of the channel videos incur the extra hourly charge. 😛

  • Daryl Lyseng
    Daryl LysengMåned siden

    Do you have any advice for cleaning interior glass - especially the windshield?

  • April Sutterfield
    April SutterfieldMåned siden

    If I were 25 years younger sir!! Also, can you add the songs you play to the shot during editing? I try and guess but some I don't know

  • Cassandra Zook
    Cassandra ZookMåned siden

    me signing along to the guitar since i’m a country fan and know the tune 😂

  • Wayne Tanner
    Wayne TannerMåned siden

    Good job Mitch. I am an accountant from Montana south of Alberta and interested in detailing and DIY mechanics. Q: would you ever consider also providing oil changes or minor car maintenance work as well or hiring some young detailer if you get too many cars to detail?

  • Pascal
    PascalMåned siden

    This dude's getting harassed so bad by womens it's insane

  • Amiram Zocowitzky
    Amiram ZocowitzkyMåned siden

    such a sweet guy, love your vids bro! cheers

  • mjsoila
    mjsoilaMåned siden

    7:44 Best jam imo! 😊 so vibey... Found your channel yesterday! Subscribed to both of your channels. Love the content and your personality 💕 btw anyone else from 🇫🇮?

  • Marryann C
    Marryann CMåned siden

    I wish you were here in Eastern ON. My car needs detailing.

  • Catherine Miller
    Catherine MillerMåned siden

    me willing to play $300+ and travel to Canada just to meet him & get my truck cleaned 🤭

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius BlackMåned siden

    What is your carpet solution?!

  • Carol Miller
    Carol MillerMåned siden

    Now I hear the Canadian accent. I think it’s with the o’s

  • Lord Hoth_09
    Lord Hoth_09Måned siden

    22:37 “guess I’m just nice.” No, you’re Canadian

  • Kylan Rogers
    Kylan RogersMåned siden

    What is your website please give me a link and do you only do cars in Canada or can we bring it from us

  • I'm Jax
    I'm JaxMåned siden

    Are you an SRV fan, I'm sure heard Pride and Joy, my favorite song.

  • Brandon Mackey
    Brandon MackeyMåned siden

    What do you use to de-fog cloudy headlights? I noticed 5 dollops of something that looked like toothpaste?

  • jordyn campbell
    jordyn campbellMåned siden

    Oh how I’d love to be that guitar on that thigh 🥴

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas2 måneder siden

    Even though I absolutely love detailing my own vehicle, I'm thinking about driving to Canada all the way from Georgia to get that record for furthest drive for a detail lol........

    RED REBEL2 måneder siden

    Wait how old is he?

  • Colette Thompson
    Colette Thompson2 måneder siden


  • Vanessa Combs
    Vanessa Combs2 måneder siden

    Your AmAzinG!!! Love your videos😍😍 and your muscles 💪 😂😂

  • Victoria likos
    Victoria likos2 måneder siden

    Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your car clean? Ill have my car spotless but it never lasts more than a day or two and I have to do it all over again within a month. How often do you clean your car?

  • LeRhonda Jones-Bates
    LeRhonda Jones-Bates2 måneder siden

    You park around the corner?? I must've misheard during garage tour, I thought you said you had a 3 car garage 🤔 I was like🤷🏾‍♀️ oh well

    MC CHEFS2 måneder siden

    Dang only 10_15 hours I spend at least 20 like omg edit takes sooo long I feel you

  • Kristine Jackson
    Kristine Jackson2 måneder siden

    What's not to love about this young man?

  • Badger 1
    Badger 12 måneder siden

    I cant watch this while you clutch a guitar

  • Desmond
    Desmond2 måneder siden

    Could you uuuuuuuh post your workout routine? Your thighs are massive my guy.

  • IamY
    IamY2 måneder siden

    *hat comes off* Me: 😦

  • Destiny Powers
    Destiny Powers2 måneder siden

    Wow Taylor swift can see you singing it 😁

  • Destiny Powers
    Destiny Powers2 måneder siden

    Haha cute 😁

  • Destiny Powers
    Destiny Powers2 måneder siden

    Your very handsome wish i could have my car cleaned you 😁😉have you ever tired singing with your guitar

  • Bts Luv ff
    Bts Luv ff2 måneder siden

    How old are you?

  • Bts Luv ff
    Bts Luv ff2 måneder siden

    I can sing and I can play the violin!❤️

  • Hoysala. S
    Hoysala. S2 måneder siden

    Got nothing to change. Your show is superb and so satisfying. It makes my day sometimes. From India ಜೈ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ

  • Ellis Joseph
    Ellis Joseph2 måneder siden

    Dude how old actually are you?

  • Chris Endres
    Chris Endres2 måneder siden

    Never take your hat off again please You’re not ugly Just, for some reason without the hat it’s.. weird

  • Neisha Marie Belliveau
    Neisha Marie Belliveau2 måneder siden

    I'm super neat and tidy with my vehicle as well....even with a 14 month old baby...No smoking,No food or Drinks in the car ...we stop and eat somewheres ...I can't find anyone in my area to clean my engine bay for me,their all like who cares you can't even see!..that's why I'm asking...duh.. shaking my head...🙄 I can sing but can't play guitar LOL 😜

  • trujillo71921
    trujillo719212 måneder siden

    Love when you pluck them strings man.. "music to my ears" I guess you could say lol my dad has been playing guitar since he was 11 and is going on 73 and still playing! Keep at it.. Salute Mr Detail Geek 🤝

  • Andrew Cluck
    Andrew Cluck2 måneder siden

    Heck yeah, some Sweet Home Alabama. From Alabama

  • The Jugg Boy
    The Jugg Boy2 måneder siden

    I wonder why his head is always shaved..

  • Joeballz85
    Joeballz852 måneder siden

    Not sure if anyone’s asked you this, on average how long does a complete detail take you?

  • jayesh Tekale
    jayesh Tekale3 måneder siden

    Love your detailing videos please make a video on camera and accessories you use for making video

  • Walter von Borstel
    Walter von Borstel3 måneder siden

    I love me some Steve Ray Vaughn!!! That was awesome and I agree with the lady that commented on your voice and could hear you singing some SRV!! If the gradge is rockin’ don’t bother knocking’!!!

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali3 måneder siden

    Where is your detailing shop based out off

  • patriot 75
    patriot 753 måneder siden

    Johnny cash had a monotone voice and he was the biggest country star ever, you can do it

  • Small Floof
    Small Floof3 måneder siden

    He says he can’t sing and has a monotone voice but the Lord knows that his voice makes me want to sin. Every video makes me stray further from God and admire Him more because I wonder how he can create such a delicious human and bless our eyes. In all seriousness he looks and sounds like a gentleman and I hope he’s happy in life

  • Owen Willams
    Owen Willams3 måneder siden

    How do u make your carpet solution

  • Sydbean
    Sydbean3 måneder siden


  • Sydbean


    3 måneder siden


  • Sydbean


    3 måneder siden


  • Ashley Salwey
    Ashley Salwey3 måneder siden

    Omg love the guitar playing. So relaxing

  • T M
    T M3 måneder siden

    I love his perfectionism. It makes watching his detailing videos soooo relaxing and satisfying. I wish I lived nearby because I'd take my vehicle to him in a heartbeat! I can't seem to find detailers in Houston, TX who do comparable work to his.

  • A.E. K
    A.E. K3 måneder siden

    Abi lütfen tükçe alt yazısı ekle pleaseeeeee

  • Elise Crider
    Elise Crider3 måneder siden

    I can sing, can't play guitar, let's start a duet😉

  • Dancing in the Psych Ward
    Dancing in the Psych Ward3 måneder siden

    Getting some Kenny Chesney vibes with that guitar playing

  • JamieCelest
    JamieCelest3 måneder siden

    Wow you play so well 🥺 New subscriber, I love your detail vids, I’ve learned a lot !

  • Shantal Taylor
    Shantal Taylor3 måneder siden

    A little late on viewing this, but you're really good with playing the guitar! All those years of playing definitely pay off. You should learn the guitar intro of Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter 😁

  • Tiffany Jex
    Tiffany Jex3 måneder siden

    Kenny is my absolute favorite! I've seen him in concert i don't even know how many times! I also have the no shoes nation flag, had it hanging in my room for years and years! I read your play violin? She thinks my tractors sexy is my favorite😉

  • HR 15
    HR 153 måneder siden

    His name is ..... 26:37

  • Mandie Marie
    Mandie Marie3 måneder siden

    I wonder if he can play the Nationwide theme on that guitar!!

  • Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman3 måneder siden

    Are you Canadian

  • _CantHandleMae
    _CantHandleMae4 måneder siden

    But what’s your sign?? I kept waiting for that question

  • CWRotherham
    CWRotherham4 måneder siden

    What are the best and worst quality interior carpets you have cleaned ?

  • Chris357Mag
    Chris357Mag4 måneder siden

    I'm a Big Zac Brown fan also!

  • Jasmine Spicer
    Jasmine Spicer4 måneder siden

    Watching this man play I feel like I'm snooping into something so personal. Like I shouldn't be seeing this.

  • Hg 53
    Hg 534 måneder siden

    ¿ did someone recognized you in the street ?

  • Mr. Cuttystabby
    Mr. Cuttystabby4 måneder siden

    I wanna know what psi his pressure washer is at... Anyone know? Sorry if it's in this video

  • crazy ferret lady
    crazy ferret lady4 måneder siden

    Nothing wrong with a monotone voice, I've taken to putting your videos on as background noise when I go to sleep as I actually find it quite relaxing listening to you talk

  • ShiaGirl18
    ShiaGirl184 måneder siden

    Agreed. The recommended way to clean the vehicle is from outside in.

  • ShiaGirl18
    ShiaGirl184 måneder siden

    Every time you use the steamer on the interior of the car, I imagine my car getting the same detailing. My car is 95% clean most of the time. I need to find a car wash in my area (Jamaica) that has the steamer. I just wipe the seats with wipes.

  • ShiaGirl18
    ShiaGirl184 måneder siden

    8:54 How on earth did the owner of that vehicle drive the vehicle each day with such a horrendous smell?

  • jessica fox
    jessica fox4 måneder siden

    You are god sent 😍🤤🤤

  • weeksauce23
    weeksauce234 måneder siden

    So I see that you have your pressure washer linked. It is very nice but seems a bit pricey for your average consumer (not a professional like yourself) do you have any must haves in pressure washers or can you recommend any other washers that meet the criteria that are in other price ranges?

  • Pam Bromley
    Pam Bromley4 måneder siden

    How come you don't charge lots more? Some of those vehicles are horrendous.

  • E Foley
    E Foley4 måneder siden

    Good man

  • Keeley Sissons
    Keeley Sissons4 måneder siden

    I stumbled across your videos by accident. I've been watching regularly for the last month. I've been telling my friends to watch you too. Things I love about your videos: 1. The pure satisfaction of seeing a vehicle transform from filthy to fabulous. 2. The fact you tell us how cold it is, yet you're in shorts and flip flops 😂 3. Your guitar outros. 4. Just looking at you, you're definitely very handsome! 5. Your enthusiasm for the Bissel extractor and the McCullough steamer. You ought to be sponsored by both these companies. My friend bought the Bissel purely off your enthusiasm!

  • Lindsey Downey
    Lindsey Downey4 måneder siden

    So I just found this channel, I watch it on mute at night and it relaxes me to sleep...I just turned up the volume to see what his voice sounded like. Dang, his voice is even sexy 🤯

  • Jesse Bouchard
    Jesse Bouchard4 måneder siden

    You should use that first guitar jam as you intro or outro

  • TallgrassLane Stitches
    TallgrassLane Stitches4 måneder siden

    If you want to sing, you can learn. Find a teacher you click with, and they’ll teach you how to get range into your voice.

  • akash koonkoon
    akash koonkoon4 måneder siden

    Dude your voice is calm and sweet

    ELA IS THICCC4 måneder siden

    What pressure washer do you use?

  • Our Girly Journey Shop
    Our Girly Journey Shop4 måneder siden

    Do you have a link for your pressure washer you use? I have been lookin on the links under tour videos for days trying to find it! Thanks !👏🏻

  • Yamaha R1
    Yamaha R14 måneder siden

    Hey detail geek I have pin striped that have baked burned there way into the paint and I cant remove it without causing more damage.Im gonna try another eraser wheel I had to touch up paint over it but im gonna take that off and start over and try again

  • Tetapu Pukenga
    Tetapu Pukenga4 måneder siden

    not sure how I stumbled across your videos but definitely a huge fan 😁 you're so honest and awesomely great at what you do.

  • The Detail Geek 2

    The Detail Geek 2

    4 måneder siden

    Thank you!

  • Maria Av
    Maria Av4 måneder siden

    My question may be answered in this video unfortunately I don't have time to watch it I had to ask, how is it that you can pressure wash in your garage and not destroy the walls? I did see the tour of the garage and I see you have the floor with the drains and all your supplies on hand but I was just curious about the walls.

  • Addam Siewdass
    Addam Siewdass4 måneder siden

    Yoo ngl honestly this guy is what women want also when he said he listens to Taylor Swift i can just imagine him drying the car and stopping to sing "SAY YOULL SE ME AGAIN EVEN IF ITS JUST IN YOUR WILLLLLDEST DREAMSSS"

  • gabby turner
    gabby turner5 måneder siden

    thank you so much for putting out your videos! they really make my days and they make me so happy!! keep up the amazing work!:)

  • Tee Song
    Tee Song5 måneder siden

    Perfectionist = OCD! You definitely have some of the best skills I have ever seen!

  • Hannah Ehlers
    Hannah Ehlers5 måneder siden

    i don't understand how you keep your prices so low!! I just paid someone 250 to detail my car and they did such a mediocre job, not half the job you do!

  • ChristinaaMcG
    ChristinaaMcG5 måneder siden

    Just saying. I would still watch even if you weren't attractive.

  • Knock Out
    Knock Out5 måneder siden

    Regarding singing: Do it. More than one singing teacher has told me that anyone can sing. Anyone. It's a matter of practice and training. Some people need to work harder at it than others. Some have more range than others. Some people are suited to particular musical styles. But anyone can sing. I think there's this idea that unless a person can really belt out a tune, they can't sing. But that's not true. If you're really drawn to it, do it! ALSO remember that a person's speaking voice is not a reflection of their singing voice! There have been amazing singers with completely different speaking voices. A good teacher will work with you to bring out what you can do. It's obvious this is something you feel deeply about and I hope you'll give it a chance. (And remember that a good teacher will only encourage, they will not put you down or mock you in any way.) This was a great Q&A, I really enjoyed it and am loving your videos so much. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  • Treasure Finder
    Treasure Finder5 måneder siden

    But, are you gay? Thats what we really want to know!!