The DUMBEST Thief of all time... (HELP ME)

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  • Isaac TeRiele
    Isaac TeRiele4 måneder siden

    Feel bad for you man

    TEAM SYNCX6 måneder siden

    Faze adapt 😎👍

  • Nico Gebhardt
    Nico Gebhardt6 måneder siden


  • Richard Hetherington
    Richard Hetherington7 måneder siden

    would people stop stealing from alex

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner8 måneder siden

    Carry a glock bro

  • Bisharo Abdi
    Bisharo Abdi8 måneder siden

    That man probally in the comment

  • Samuel Stricker
    Samuel Stricker9 måneder siden

    Dumb Guy, It’s like o yea lets take a 10,000 dollar bag and then post it on the internet. And then he starts saying crap about adapt and saying his name wrong and about video games like this guy is an idiot and is gonna get arrested, and there was a MacBook too like he fricked up like heck

    INIQLASI10 måneder siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    I would love to meet you so day

  • lollo Lol
    lollo LolÅr siden

    Did you find the guy?

  • -_-
    -_-År siden

    Is the same juy that robed you last

  • Tan Ideal
    Tan IdealÅr siden

    hi, alex , would you like to tell me your email , thanks

  • Tyler Johnston
    Tyler JohnstonÅr siden

    you need someone to go hunting for you?

  • FinnCraft Gaming.
    FinnCraft Gaming.År siden

    5:55 I don't have twitter IDH Instagram but IDK 😐 who the hell this is

  • u0L1akayolo
    u0L1akayoloÅr siden

    Why do black person always steal lol his last robbery video was a black dude aswell😂

  • Samel
    SamelÅr siden

    Why dont you have insurance or put your stuff in safe or keep with you or keep it in government lockers especially if you don't use it half the time and it just sits there in a closet or elsewhere

  • Jesse Mullins
    Jesse MullinsÅr siden

    He should've got Joe West bc Barry would've helped

  • OGEE1k
    OGEE1kÅr siden

    Scum bag

  • Swagg Clapzz
    Swagg ClapzzÅr siden

    I think I saw his insta one time I think I look

  • Ehvan Rai
    Ehvan RaiÅr siden thats his twiiter link

  • Nero
    NeroÅr siden

    Broke nigga thinks he is cool with Stolen stuff what a dumbass damn karma comes back

  • Eric
    EricÅr siden

    Thieves are some of the lowest scum of the earth. Can’t make money like a real man so he has to steal from others who are smarter, more successful, all around better people. What kind of ho wears another mans clothing that’s super SUS.

  • WymFAM
    WymFAMÅr siden

    Your a pussy

  • chase
    chaseÅr siden

    literally barred out at the mall...

  • blindhead
    blindheadÅr siden

    Found yet?

  • Gooch Gang
    Gooch GangÅr siden


  • Real Maloyski
    Real MaloyskiÅr siden

    Damn shitty

  • Ambrose Schofield-McGlashan
    Ambrose Schofield-McGlashanÅr siden

    thats fucked up

  • Adam Rutter
    Adam RutterÅr siden

    Pretty pathetic she. A business won’t let you use security video to help out. Pathetic adults they must have been. More like children in adult bodies.

  • Dee MO
    Dee MOÅr siden

    U straight ask for it. Gonna keep gettin got when you settin the shot. Get some hands or heart if not those than some heat. Stay soft get put luke the marshmallow man weak ass gamer girl.

  • Pixl zombs
    Pixl zombsÅr siden

    Adapt I swore I saw the guy in the background at the beginning of the video hiding behind u like 10 cars away

  • resfah
    resfahÅr siden

    7:22 I wish I could help but. I’m in Wisconsin😓

  • erick aguilar
    erick aguilarÅr siden


  • Unknwn Supr3m3
    Unknwn Supr3m3År siden

    Yo this man recently tried to pull a gun on Adam 20 to look at his recent video the guys identical

  • Liam Mielcarek
    Liam MielcarekÅr siden

    How many times did he hit his hands together at the end

  • Classik Alex
    Classik AlexÅr siden

    What a dumbass

  • Cristian 02
    Cristian 02År siden

    If you find him let me know he don’t want the smoke. 🤔

  • Sav O
    Sav OÅr siden

    alex i know the guy is man his my onkel freind

  • Salih Uslu
    Salih UsluÅr siden

    USA is soo fucked up 😂😂 but if you don’t pay your taxes those mf would finde you in a fucking hole somewhere in Alabama and would bust your ass

  • Ricky Saenz
    Ricky SaenzÅr siden

    Some people are just assholes, I’ve gotten robbed before and let me tell you I was pissed when it happened

  • Edwin Arii
    Edwin AriiÅr siden

    when its happening this much, its just that ur rich and irresponsible

  • SoTa Op
    SoTa OpÅr siden

    I thought the FaZe clan was about fortnite

  • IgnorantC
    IgnorantCÅr siden

    So wait is police completely useless in the US?

  • Clutch Madsen
    Clutch MadsenÅr siden

    Then you are the ugliest on youtube

  • TTV Coolingfatboy
    TTV CoolingfatboyÅr siden

    Bro if you need back up let me know💯

  • Rich Mound
    Rich Mound2 år siden

    cuz u waiting on the police. If you were cool with maybe some locs the reach is further

    LEX COPPELL2 år siden

    Bro everyone’s saying they seen him with your bag,, I’m just like why haven’t they snatched that bag out of his hands and returned it

  • Elijah Moody
    Elijah Moody2 år siden

    I got him.....hit my email.....donmoody4@gmail

  • TheTerrorizer
    TheTerrorizer2 år siden

    I’m a huge fan and not trying to be a hater at all but how has this happened multiple times? You gotta be more careful being rich and famous man.

  • Cool Fire
    Cool Fire2 år siden

    I saw this guy on time square I think I might not sure though man

  • DuttReacts
    DuttReacts2 år siden

    That niggas a g lmaoo

  • bloody denis
    bloody denis2 år siden

    adapt u a bitch see him 1 on 1 pussy

  • Jessie Ortiz
    Jessie Ortiz2 år siden

    Be careful though because people dont play from Oakland . just be careful

  • Trunkz -
    Trunkz -2 år siden

    Hes black

  • Swrve™
    Swrve™2 år siden

    That’s why I don’t leave shit on my car seat

  • Terf Fakie
    Terf Fakie2 år siden

    Lock your doors Alex what the fuck

  • Gio
    Gio2 år siden

    Link with ice Poseidon and get that shit back

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia2 år siden

    Not everyone from Oakland bad but thanks for getting them known the Bay Area is the roots off the warriors and raiders

  • O08
    O082 år siden

    you can legally own and probably carry a pistol so get one and catch boy lackin 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ronald Valdez
    Ronald Valdez2 år siden

    the bag has thum price

  • Gursharan Singh
    Gursharan Singh2 år siden

    Omg your doing way better than rain and apex in views great to see FaZe back

  • Phan Gates
    Phan Gates2 år siden

    dont worry

  • bowl of rice
    bowl of rice2 år siden

    Yo my man just spinning on the floor.

  • Resource Solutions
    Resource Solutions2 år siden

    Common sence if it’s the 5th time leave your shit at your crib common sence man stop puttin expensive shit in a nice wip that’s just asking to get robbed people are grimy these days can’t even trust family anymore

  • jehovahuponyou
    jehovahuponyou2 år siden


  • Its_nevek_69 79
    Its_nevek_69 792 år siden

    I’m from Oakland not all of us bad

  • Angie Magana
    Angie Magana2 år siden

    U should never leave bags like that infront of ur range rover so they can steal it smh Oakland is near Sacramento right put an alarm on ur car

  • Henry Campos
    Henry Campos2 år siden

    Go back to the same spot that is was stolen at and make a vid for that giy to meet you there and bring banks, he’ll fuck him up.

  • SykoSpace
    SykoSpace2 år siden

    4 months an ago someone broke into my car and stole an iPad and a broken iPhone with pictures I wanted to recover, 2 months ago someone stole my wallet, Gucci, with 140$ and a 500$ check that wasn't cashed, and last week someone stole 11k from my office, people are shit.

  • C R I S
    C R I S2 år siden

    adapt is about to get shot

  • Kevaughn B
    Kevaughn B2 år siden

    Thats my brother

    NOSMOKE ENT2 år siden

    Bro u need a special pro security systems something more advanced

    KRXZY_ NXGGA2 år siden

    Dam bruh this nigga gets robbed on the daily lmao if you fly me out there I'll murder that nigga for you

  • Mr PB
    Mr PB2 år siden

    I do not

  • Carol Rojas
    Carol Rojas2 år siden

    you shouldn’t leave your stuff on your truck bro thats common knowledge (i guess the thief is not the only dumbass)

  • humberto diosdado
    humberto diosdado2 år siden

    Videos de risa

  • Cent O
    Cent O2 år siden

    Make tasers on your car with a fingerprint

  • ITS Joshy boy
    ITS Joshy boy2 år siden

    Note most la cops are shit

  • 505 Subs With No Videos Challenge
    505 Subs With No Videos Challenge2 år siden

    I just saw him in main st in la

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business2 år siden

    just put 200000 on his head and you’ll get your bag

  • Ray
    Ray2 år siden

    So this scumbag stole your Louisbag

  • Justo Smith
    Justo Smith2 år siden


  • Uninhabited
    Uninhabited2 år siden

    I feel like I see vids posted of this fool getting robbed like every other week..

  • The One Eyed King
    The One Eyed King2 år siden

    On insta he deleted everything he posted and he post a pic saying I didn't steal nun. Haha you got caught that wat I said to him in his dmz

  • Demon
    Demon2 år siden

    i would love to see adapt beat his ass lmao!

  • iDxzr繁
    iDxzr繁2 år siden

    We Got Em 😂

  • abdallah aljamal
    abdallah aljamal2 år siden

    I can steal it from him and I will give it to u

  • swiz
    swiz2 år siden

    imagine flexing someone elses clothes

  • Wade G91
    Wade G912 år siden

    You’re a fucking idiot to waste $10,000 on a fucking back pack. Why don’t you grow some balls, and help out people who need help. $10,000 could house hundreds of people, and feed them. But na, an idiot like yourself will waste $10,000 on a bag.. 🤦‍♂️

  • Moon Wolf 7899
    Moon Wolf 78992 år siden

    What happened to Barry

  • Pedro Dabb
    Pedro Dabb2 år siden

    Shit look at yourself my guy this is real life and you live in LA robberies happen every day , I would of robbed you’re goofy ass too

  • Digga D’s sniper
    Digga D’s sniper2 år siden

    Damn man.. that’s fucking crazy..

  • Hello ImTesla
    Hello ImTesla2 år siden


  • fbslider1
    fbslider12 år siden

    could be a lot worse....

  • andre schreuder
    andre schreuder2 år siden

    People would laugh at you here in South Africa for how little effort you put into keeping your shit safe

  • andre schreuder
    andre schreuder2 år siden

    Both examples you left shit unprotected stop living like you live in a first world country don’t leave bags like that in a car and don’t have windows and doors without any new security measures that prevents them from just walking into your room it ain’t safe nowhere get used to it

    COP A DOOKIE2 år siden

    brah looks like ophra side nigga

  • ASMO Blackbookart
    ASMO Blackbookart2 år siden

    Gawd they bipped his shit 😂

  • Edwin Vargas
    Edwin Vargas2 år siden

    bro ur rich just buy a 3rd one

  • Thomas
    Thomas2 år siden

    lol why are u looking away