The fastest Uber Eats & Foodora riders in the world


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INFO: Critical met with the fastest Uber Eats and Foodora riders in Sweden. We met to make a video with @Pensionärsligan kanal We sat down and had a really good talk. You can hear Sandeep tell you about his success story in the intro, from India to Sweden, and his love for bikes. After the talk there is a longer video where you can go along for a ride with Sandeep and his friend as they deliver food in the best manner. Follow other good riders @Skoovby skoovby and jesper.pellijeff84


  • Watchlife 001
    Watchlife 001Dag siden

    Where can i find gloves like those?

  • Bllt
    BlltDag siden

    Where can i apply for this job?

  • dayik
    dayikDag siden

    Around 16:15 Why are the gopros artifacting because of speed? aren't they meant for extreme use. The sort of scan lines popping.

  • Spook_PW
    Spook_PWDag siden

    what country?

  • Gold Fox
    Gold FoxDag siden

    Which is better Uber eats or foodora

  • ynngmatt
    ynngmatt2 dager siden

    Gopro settings to film like this in night?

  • Ralfs Šteinbergs
    Ralfs Šteinbergs2 dager siden

    Try subaru impreza, it could be cool

  • Ludvig Hestner
    Ludvig Hestner3 dager siden

    Where can I find this music? Been searching everywhere for it.

  • Critical


    2 dager siden

    you can't, its made for this video... we will release a soundtrack tho, on Spotify on the 27th

  • VinneViking
    VinneViking3 dager siden

    Was it BLDH? They drive like him or mabye Skovby

  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker3 dager siden

    Yooo, is that kawasaki and crf 450?... Cool

  • Fahian Miah
    Fahian Miah3 dager siden

    Tech support means he scammed people 😂

  • ViikateMän
    ViikateMän4 dager siden

    Eating Rubber. Ew

  • nino 44
    nino 444 dager siden

    what is the name of the bikes

  • Piston Head
    Piston Head4 dager siden

    Ist order looked like "Terry tibbs"🤣

  • The 3 Larditos
    The 3 Larditos4 dager siden

    I’m just thinking how you don’t spill the drinks while riding, and I don’t think doing wheelies makes it more stable... 😂

  • Honsy Jones
    Honsy Jones4 dager siden

    what about the pizza in the bagpack?? 😭😭

  • M S
    M S5 dager siden

    We want action! 🤨

  • Tom Heyerick
    Tom Heyerick6 dager siden

    Where can we find these hoodies ???

  • leafsfanmax
    leafsfanmax6 dager siden

    Damn no wonder my chowmein upside down

  • Anders Johansson
    Anders Johansson6 dager siden

    Nice! What's the problem? They delivering pizza...

  • Asset management Gbmh
    Asset management Gbmh6 dager siden

    Someone joking about order modern food delivery🚅🏎️ is much faster than emergency support likes 911 🚨🚑🚒

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  • Ain’t that Nice
    Ain’t that Nice7 dager siden

    do a fake car chase around the streets!

  • KINGMAN 21103
    KINGMAN 211037 dager siden

    @Critical сделайте пожалуйста переводы или хотя бы субтитры на русском🥺🥺🥺

  • Azhar Khan
    Azhar Khan7 dager siden

    Lol love the accent 🤣. Keep it up.

  • Filippo Magnetti
    Filippo Magnetti8 dager siden

    I can't say the name of the companies Its written on the title

  • Panos Anessiadis
    Panos Anessiadis8 dager siden

    Helt vanlig dag på mcbudet 🤘🏼

    TEKKY TWO8 dager siden

    Rip drinks 😇

  • Mr Jr
    Mr Jr10 dager siden

    Did they order mashed potatos?

  • Jonna Nordström
    Jonna Nordström11 dager siden

    Jag kan inte min lilla stad som dem kan hela Stockholm 🤣

  • myenamesbacon
    myenamesbacon11 dager siden

    anyone ever asked themselve's what would get u a bigger centance no plate's or stolen plate's

  • Critical


    11 dager siden

    Do you think these bikes have plates to begin with?

  • gaming 5
    gaming 512 dager siden

    A job that you love

  • Pepe O
    Pepe O12 dager siden

    Så jävla bra jobb grabbar!

  • Undisputed
    Undisputed14 dager siden

    I Love the content but its very dangerous in mid day.

  • Hung
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  • Bob B
    Bob B15 dager siden

    "Everybody likes us." Doing wheelies on the public road is nothing to like or to be proud of.

  • Ye
    Ye15 dager siden

    The best duo

  • Michael Noonan
    Michael Noonan16 dager siden

    Why is his identity a secret. Wtf is Uber doing, I'm incredibly confused

  • Wan Ori

    Wan Ori

    13 dager siden

    They're professional freestyle, not a real food delivery. Uber paid them for marketing, have u seen them doing delivery in this whole video? They jusy playing around

  • Nriku8
    Nriku816 dager siden

    7:45 police at left while wheeling 😅

  • Tales
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  • janiuyt
    janiuyt16 dager siden

    Oipi lipalle

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue16 dager siden

    Me: "grandma i am hungry" my grandma:

  • VirTuaL V
    VirTuaL V16 dager siden

    7:01 ROMANIA POWER :)baiatu :))

  • mohammedoo imran
    mohammedoo imran17 dager siden

    What’s the motorcycle model

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    16 dager siden

    I would never deliver on a super moto engines brake every 5 min 🥱 even on the 4 strokes

  • Miks_ _mls
    Miks_ _mls17 dager siden

    I have a question for the audi Rs 4 guy. Try this in Dubai it's nit gonna be easy!

  • Critical


    17 dager siden

    Why? They only drive those supercars around the mall för PR

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou17 dager siden

    I don't remember ordering good content

  • Mehul Mewal
    Mehul Mewal18 dager siden

    Sandeep OP

  • Superbike Discovery
    Superbike Discovery18 dager siden

    Hahaha yeah! You guys rock ;) all the best, from South Cal.

  • Mart
    Mart18 dager siden

    Those are some sick supermotos! Would love to see more carbon on them! Keep it up, stay safe.

  • Raz1i
    Raz1i18 dager siden

    Try With a Volvo 740/240/940/140

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    17 dager siden

    No wonder why my food arrived all fucked up.

  • MockTie
    MockTie18 dager siden

    U already gave us too much

  • Seth Tennison
    Seth Tennison18 dager siden

    Dudes acting like hes a spy

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty18 dager siden

    I can not say these companys names, it is very classified Me: Looks at title Also Me: Hmmmmmm HMmmmm 🤔

  • Lukas Nordqvist
    Lukas Nordqvist18 dager siden

    This vidio is from sweden lol it ses buss fil

  • Dutch Motos
    Dutch Motos18 dager siden

    can anyone explain why the front brake lines are on the outside of the fork instead of the inside? 0:41

  • Blade MFD
    Blade MFD18 dager siden

    Rip food at the bag

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    18 dager siden


  • i_clap_you_Easy
    i_clap_you_Easy18 dager siden

    I feel bad for that kid 😂

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy18 dager siden

    Loved the masks!!

  • Banana Is Banana
    Banana Is Banana18 dager siden

    I know why he got tired of text support, now day it is kinda hard to scamm people This is just a joke please go easy on me.

  • akash pullha
    akash pullha19 dager siden

    I would never deliver on a super moto engines brake every 5 min 🥱 even on the 4 strokes

  • Jay
    Jay19 dager siden

    The bikes aint even street legal no turn signals brake lights or plate but I still love supermotos

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy19 dager siden

    Def need to start doin deliveries on the 4fiddy!!!

  • LinkMarine1k
    LinkMarine1k19 dager siden

    So good to see and do that !!! road pirates ! I have to move to your country

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy19 dager siden

    No wonder why my food arrived all fucked up.

  • Edward
    Edward19 dager siden

    Dude..This super motard's ...

  • Likkle OMZ
    Likkle OMZ19 dager siden

    One of the best videos i have seen on youtube

  • InspiringRex
    InspiringRex19 dager siden

    Why does the suzuki have 2 clutch levers? (I assume they’re both clutch levers)

  • Critical


    18 dager siden

    its one clutch and one rear brake :)

  • Mozzie
    Mozzie19 dager siden

    I appreciate your effort but running over red lights is not cool at all

  • paul 2020
    paul 202019 dager siden

    lol i just ordered a kfc and was delivered in 7 minutes usual take aways take like half an hour will not be ordering from normal takeaways again now i can get KFC in record time, i usually spend longer cuing in kfc.

  • Jl K
    Jl K19 dager siden

    I guess you ride with no number plates and no lights ?

  • Jl K

    Jl K

    19 dager siden

    @Hologas Supplier no firm would pay him with out insurance lol so it’s all bullshit

  • Hologas Supplier

    Hologas Supplier

    19 dager siden

    Yea saves him on the insurance fees, taxes and possible fines.

  • Marko Marko
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  • Andreas Bronwaller
    Andreas Bronwaller19 dager siden

    Naic drivning ..hmm red...wheeelis. ....hmmm Cars. Wheeelis .. Drive safe.. . kids in the front Wheeling is not fun..not fore you and the cops

    TOMMY’S VLOGS AND REVIEWS19 dager siden

    Man my food gonna be all messed up from the wheelies...proceeds to click food is missing

  • Fizaan Apple new tech
    Fizaan Apple new tech19 dager siden

    Thank your for calling. Microsoft tech support Indian voice. I don’t fall for these low life tricks

  • Fizaan Apple new tech
    Fizaan Apple new tech19 dager siden

    I left India and I was tired of working for Microsoft tech support this guy sounds funny when was there a Microsoft store in India. You mean you were tired of being a scammer and scamming people with your fake Microsoft shit and Indian voice

  • Lars Pettersson
    Lars Pettersson19 dager siden

    Någon som kan rätta mig? Men jag "vet" att jag läste i motorcykeltidskriften "Bike" någon gång på 90-talet om två herrar som körde bud, och att en utav dessa någon månad tjänat xxxx-kr. Men efter "lejåkarprincipen" o.s.v. så fick han iaf. ut 75.000kr. netto! :O

  • uzair a
    uzair a19 dager siden

    Damn bro,that's one friend

    THE IXTH VLOG19 dager siden

    I can’t tel if this is real or not

  • Skinny Hxte VIP
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  • Labs Micro
    Labs Micro19 dager siden

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  • PandzioR
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  • Ryan B
    Ryan B19 dager siden

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  • Just4KeigA
    Just4KeigA19 dager siden

    From an Microsoft Scammer to a job with passion. Thats how to do it correctly !

  • The official Stephen
    The official Stephen19 dager siden

    My question is who in the hell are these guys these guys are freakin amazing

  • Me.Grazzhoppah
    Me.Grazzhoppah19 dager siden

    Now I know what delivery company’s I won’t order from. The food will be mush and all over the packaging when it arrives.

    LPATRON1919 dager siden

    Mario and Luigi Wildin lol

  • Gus Kelman
    Gus Kelman20 dager siden

    Uber Eats should've gotten a Kx450

  • Walter White
    Walter White20 dager siden

    Oh boy, any contact info for these two? need them for some distribution business.

  • David Shirz
    David Shirz20 dager siden

    Imagine the food inside after wheelie session. e.g. some soup 😂😂😂

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss20 dager siden

    I wonder if the kid from McDonalds will find that video.

  • Coin Gecko
    Coin Gecko20 dager siden

    hii very cool video, but whait is name of your motorcicleal? Fantic beta or what

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  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    20 dager siden

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    WaifuRacer20 dager siden

    This channel is the definition of freedom and passion, wish I had the balls and skills to do the same

  • Jake Rayner
    Jake Rayner20 dager siden

    Uber has bike life now☺️

  • Jake Rayner
    Jake Rayner20 dager siden

    Uber driver can't say my last name can't say companies name very classified My opinion okey Mr drilla it's only uber or did you jump on a boat to come over

  • Hen Hensen
    Hen Hensen20 dager siden

    “I got tired of Microsoft tech support”

    IM BOBI YO20 dager siden

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  • Luca Perla
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