The Final Chapter - Derek Finale Teaser

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The final episode of Derek - a Christmas Special - comes to Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday 22 December


  • Fletch Keilman
    Fletch Keilman3 måneder siden

    Proof critics are idiots. This show was just so good to watch. Whether it relied on stereotypes or not, it still conveyed the message it needed to. Sometimes we think too hard and forget to enjoy things without trivializing them by becoming self righteous. "Oh this is so insensitive"....Really? Is it?

  • Carral Video
    Carral Video4 år siden

    La serie de tv mas hermosa que vi en mi vida

  • David Levi
    David Levi5 år siden

    God dammit, just this was enough to make me cry!

  • Felix Knott
    Felix Knott5 år siden

    really disappointed that it turns out the netflix special episode was this. Thought it was gonna be a new one.

    SVENGALI5 år siden

    Anyone tried ringing that Number 0:01? lol

  • Mohammed Zafeer
    Mohammed Zafeer6 år siden

    It came out on my bday!

  • The Flump
    The Flump6 år siden

    i was expecting a 6 man funeral for the brilliant old people, with derek crying and telling us why we should never forget brilliant old people.

  • Lanna S
    Lanna S6 år siden


  • Mohammad Rouzbeh
    Mohammad Rouzbeh6 år siden

    I love how spoiler free it is! :))

  • Promo
    Promo6 år siden

    Most underrated series of all time. Fucking brilliant. Really gets to my manly emotions.

  • ChirpaChirpa
    ChirpaChirpa6 år siden


  • GnC Films
    GnC Films6 år siden

    Hopefully there'll be less smut and more heart with this episode. I love you, Ricky, but Series 2 really was a mixed bag. The last three episodes were much better than the first three. Still, I'll be tuning in of course.

  • 29ICU
    29ICU6 år siden

    wow that looks good......fuck off Pricky

  • Frozen Mist Wildcamping Ireland
    Frozen Mist Wildcamping Ireland6 år siden

    Looks riveting..

  • molesticles
    molesticles6 år siden

    I completely forgot about the 2 seasons and a special tradition until now. That's a nice surprise.

  • Jon Rooke
    Jon Rooke6 år siden

    Will be missed

  • Pixel Spank
    Pixel Spank6 år siden

    Please God make it a Usual Suspects parody. Either Derek or Dougie turns out to be a criminal mastermind.

  • doozer8688
    doozer86886 år siden

    When will it be on Netflix?

  • WKaliberr
    WKaliberr6 år siden

    Derek > The Godfather

  • Mister Dusty
    Mister Dusty6 år siden

    *crys* :'(

  • PinedoSL
    PinedoSL6 år siden

    Without Karl the show turned up to be shit anyway, don't think I'll watch this

  • Samuel Wilson
    Samuel Wilson6 år siden

    So it looks like the retirement home closes, perhaps due to lack of funding

  • rogaface
    rogaface6 år siden

    Derek burns down the retirement home

  • denyer79
    denyer796 år siden

    I'm welling up.

  • Steve Stedman
    Steve Stedman6 år siden

    God damn it Gervais. If I'm not pissing myself at your shows then I'm crying! How much more of our bodily fluids do you want from us! A thriller is next then yeah, to get our sweat? ;)

  • Adi


    6 år siden

    you mean porn? if he's after fluids at least :D ricky is the greatest comedian of today.

  • Lynxchillin93


    6 år siden

    @Zeke Iddon Haha, something like that could get sticky :D

  • Zeke Iddon

    Zeke Iddon

    6 år siden

    Dear god, I hope porn isn't on his radar.

  • Gary T
    Gary T6 år siden

    Derek was the best thing Ricky's done, an I laughed hard at the office. Just love the PATHOS in Derek :-) thanx Ricky more plz. Kin genius.

  • meggwon
    meggwon6 år siden

    How emotional!

  • Esdru
    Esdru6 år siden

    Hello Ladies > Derek

  • A duder Reviews
    A duder Reviews6 år siden

    It was good to a point, but a little too sentimental for my liking.

  • Thatguy7242


    5 år siden

    +Adam G (Aduder) The entire SHOW is sentimental!!

  • kentrel2
    kentrel26 år siden

    The problem with Derek is that the old people and their carers who are treated like angels. Surely amongst all those elderly men there's one guy who raped a German woman in the war. Let's have an episode about that guy. Let's not give him a dignified death scene with a melancholic piano soundtrack. Derek loves animals, but is he a vegan? He fucking better be. If he's running around trying to save butterflies, how would he feel if he knew that dairy cows produce all that milk because their calves are taken away from them the day they're born. Put Einaudi over a video of a calf being taken from its mother, and see if Derek still wants that cup of tea. I'll watch that episode. And why are all the old people so wise and dignified? Surely out of all those old guys there's one who raped a German farm girl during the war. If not a rape, at least a couple of war crimes. And where are all the racists? And homophobes. Doesn't Ricky know the generation they grew up in? At least one of those old guys had to have been in a gang that beat up gays. They can't all be sweet old farts.

  • Asidey


    6 år siden

    Good point. The old people in Derek are just cardboard figures, only there as a backdrop and to react to Kev's shitting himself.

  • Daniel


    6 år siden

    @kentrel2 cba with u probably a troll, if not u need help

  • kentrel2


    6 år siden

    @ticklemestudios Are you kidding!? That episode sounds awesome!! Toby going postal would have been a great finale. Better than that vomit inducing one they had.

  • kentrel2


    6 år siden

    @Sam E Don't be silly, I didn't write the show. If I did, it would be funnier.

  • Hey, It's Gwen.

    Hey, It's Gwen.

    6 år siden

    @kentrel2 Then the show isn't meant for you, guy.

  • Elmnopen
    Elmnopen6 år siden

    Here's a teaser for my next can only see the comment if you are in a different country.

  • ImWagon
    ImWagon6 år siden

    Really bummed that its gonna be over after this. One of the only shows that can truly change your outlook on life. I will miss it. :c

  • Jon Donnis
    Jon Donnis6 år siden

    Gonna miss this show

  • ADucksOpinion
    ADucksOpinion6 år siden

    Karl season 3... 2015! not final never EVER

  • OrbitalAngel Nebula
    OrbitalAngel Nebula6 år siden

    Wait, is this going to be the last season of Derek????

  • OrbitalAngel Nebula

    OrbitalAngel Nebula

    6 år siden

    Ugh, That show was brilliant though, so different than any other shows on right now :'(

  • Kenny Rubenis

    Kenny Rubenis

    6 år siden

    Just a final one off special. Not even a whole series. But that's fine. It worked for the Office and Extras and it'll work for this :)

  • gyloir
    gyloir6 år siden

    Is this going to be on Netflix as well? Really hope so.

  • Elmnopen
    Elmnopen6 år siden

    It's not on netflix. It's nowhere. Why shoe me ads for a year for something you won't let me watch!?

  • Lynxchillin93


    6 år siden

    You know how adverts work right ?

  • SMOO.
    SMOO.6 år siden

    If Karl doesn't show up in this 'final chapter', Imma be well sad :c

  • GnC Films

    GnC Films

    6 år siden

    From what I hear, he's not, I'm afraid. Still, I hope I am wrong.

  • Ramona Leigh B
    Ramona Leigh B6 år siden

    I've only seen season 1 because Ricky loaded them on his channel. Hope it all ended well?

  • Mike G
    Mike G6 år siden

    You're a legend Ricky, big fan here, everything you touch turns to gold fella mate, Don't rest on your laurels too long

  • lifeliked
    lifeliked6 år siden

    third season ? is there another baby ? is that the xmas present ? a baby for derek ? or does karl come back with the baby # therapture

  • rob boss
    rob boss6 år siden

    you forgot to turn off the tele. great show :)

  • Tim Geens
    Tim Geens6 år siden

    oh, no, don't end this series yet :( darn.. was really hoping for a season 3....

  • RyanTCB
    RyanTCB6 år siden

    Brent, Millman, Noakes why do you take them away from us @Ricky Gervais

  • Lucas_EH
    Lucas_EH6 år siden


  • PogieJoe
    PogieJoe6 år siden

    *Please* say Karl is back for this one. Please.

  • GnC Films

    GnC Films

    6 år siden

    From what I hear, he's not, I'm afraid. Still, I hope I am wrong.

  • WeirdCity
    WeirdCity6 år siden

    Ricky stop with the sentimentality already.

  • Lara Marano
    Lara Marano6 år siden

    Really really can't wait for this ^.^ Derek is the only show that I've ever watch that truly inspires me, thank you ricky c:

  • DSDuddles
    DSDuddles6 år siden

    I hope it's emotionally manipulative. Derek getting cancer and dying surrounded by people crying would be perfect. "Don't die Derek, you were the good one, the most pure human who ever lived. And also funny. Please, don't ever leave us Ricky, er, I mean Derek."

  • kentrel2


    6 år siden

    I would like him to see how animals are treated cruelly so he can have his glass of milk and ham sandwich. "Look at the pain you caused them Derek. YOU DID THIS!"

  • Harky


    6 år siden

    My sides hurt. Well played. Be careful with that cynicism mind, don't let it hold you back.

  • maverickx1221
    maverickx12216 år siden

    Wow...emotional song. Such a perfect show. Please tell me we will have a way to see this in the US sooner rather than later!!!

  • maverickx1221


    6 år siden

    The special, I mean. I've seen both seasons and loved the hell out of them

  • daskdaso


    6 år siden

    It's on Netflix.

  • Teodor van Ginhoven
    Teodor van Ginhoven6 år siden

    No!. The wait is killing me!

  • eddy friday
    eddy friday6 år siden

    hope karl is in the special!

    CORNISHDUDE6 år siden

    Yayyyyy I was hoping for this (not for it to be the last), Ken must sing fairytale of new York at some point

  • Charlie Robbins
    Charlie Robbins6 år siden

    sooooo exited . ricky is my idol

  • TheMrLachon
    TheMrLachon6 år siden

    Thanks to God for making me an atheist!

  • Lynxchillin93
    Lynxchillin936 år siden

    I hope Ricky never retires, everything he does turns out great !

  • Hellespont


    6 år siden

    @***** It was just OK imo. The idea itself was so good that it should have been much better than it turned out.

  • mdj2010


    6 år siden

    @***** You didn't enjoy Muppets Most Wanted? It was great!

  • Xophist
    Xophist6 år siden

    The rapture?

  • tom court
    tom court6 år siden

    Love this series

  • ChrisHopgoodMusic
    ChrisHopgoodMusic6 år siden

    So sad :'( can't wait for the special, just don't want it to be the end :/ Just wanted Derek to pop up at the end to make me smile, I cri every tiem

  • RoathRipper
    RoathRipper6 år siden

    must be down the pub

  • Ibys Junior
    Ibys Junior6 år siden

    Hi Ricky!!

  • ThatRandomLlamacorn7RC
    ThatRandomLlamacorn7RC6 år siden


  • KeepOnDreamingDude
    KeepOnDreamingDude6 år siden

    cant wait!