The Future Of Reasoning


This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
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"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
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    Hello people who got this in their recommended in the year 2025, i’m graduating this year

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    This felt like a Kurzgesagt in a Nutshell video. Got a temporary existential crysis, but in the end I came to an eye-opening realization and I am thankful that this video exists.

  • solidXxXtuna
    solidXxXtunaTime siden

    Awesome video, as always. But now to continue where Michael left off and get more practical. How to actually form diverse discussion groups. So many only want to be locked inside echo chambers with their ideological allies. How to go about encouraging ppl to potentially have their deeply held, extremely sensitive beliefs challenged without a payoff for participating? The rewards for hollering behind the impenetrable walls of an echo chamber are obvious. Total validation. Strong sense of united community. Security in numbers. Satisfaction of the base desire to be a cog in the in- vs out-group machine. Protection from cognitive dissonance. Freedom from pressure to suppress negative opinions. The list goes on. The appeal of talking openly to strangers iseem significantly smaller and less emotionally rewarding. The goals are more abstract while the unappealing qualities are a given on its face. But participation has to be voluntary or the whole thing is pointless. So is it a question of salesmanship and marketing? Would it require an external reward like a few bucks for participating at the end? I think my point is better made if I redact who was the host and outlet, but I saw on a tv news program a couple years ago a group of a dozen or so citizens chosen to sit in a room and just talk about politics, society, whatever. The only rule was to say whatever you want as long as you're not personally attacking or threatening or generally being a dick. The only criteria for picking people was that they ended up with a proportionate mix of backgrounds and on political and social spectrums. It was ugly, and naive to think insults wouldn't be flung. People screamed, a couple walked out. But the rest came back for another discussion, and by the end of it, more than half of the group had gotten together and formed a bowling group that hung out every month. And still talked politics and serious shit but respected eachother's differing views. TL:DR it's possible. But I'm pretty sure those folks was paid a pretty decent chunk of change to participate. Is paying people to participate as citizens of a democracy the only answer? If so, how depressing, but we as a society, nation and species should probably get on that. (Speaking from US perspective) BTW - it was Oprah on 60 Minutes but lets keep that a secret plzkthx

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    I love you and always will but ever since 9/11 Bill Gates has not been thinking clearly and has way too much of a misguided ego to be followed or trusted by me...

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    I think that Empathy is the most important thing to have properly developed( over-developed is always better :) ) when doing NON-Logical reasoning

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    Wow you are seeing this 8 years from now

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    The way Vsauce talks about how lone reasoning works lines up with the neuropsychological premise of the interpreter module which is responsible for, among many other things, constructing reasons for why a view was formed or choice was made _after_ the act occured. He basically mentioned that point but it's another explicit reason why lone reasoning is so limited and group reasoning can calm the churn. A corollary of the value of group reasoning to limit the sometimes arbitrary interpreter module is that having multiple viewpoints not only helps the reasoning of different individuals within the group become more cohesive but it also helps each individual's reasoning better coalesce and make more sense of the cacophony of output our massively parallel brains are constantly churning out.

  • Dillon Sterling
    Dillon Sterling2 timer siden

    I think this is brilliant. Could honestly talk all day about this subject with you..... hell any subject, you have a beautiful mind. The one thing that nags at me about this idea is the people that just want to wth the world burn. What happens when they get the vote on a serious issue?

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    I am Techno-Sapian.

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    the reason puzzle got me ngl i tried to think with reason but still came to the conclusion theres not enough evidence. i didnt consider the full answer

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    You teamed up with dr evil to perpetuate a hoax. Not very smert.

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    Who 'down-votes' beautifully articulated thoroughly explicated philosophical analysis?

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    Your proposal at the end was so...reasonable. Also, there are definitely people who don't pick up on those nonverbal cues though, e.g. people with an autism spectrum disorder.

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    14:15 - 14:47 What I am really missing here is a mentioning of the mechanism of "mirroring". As human beings we are (mostly) hardcoded to "mirror" our other, the person we engage with, usually in conversations, less often when merely sitting back and observing people. (i) It is actually so basic to the ways we engage with the world and our methods of learning, that most people never realize it: when another human being displays certain mimikry, we instinctively replicate those (if you're not a psyhopath or sociopath(ii) that is); we laugh when they laugh, yawn when they yawn. Thus, our brain can trace back the emotions tied to those expressions and infer the state our other (the person in front of us) is in. Call it - emotional deduction, if you will. No reason needed. I often wonder, how different this all plays out, with autistic people, who usually struggle with this. Maybe the first step, the "mirroring" itself, is blocked? Because, if they "put their mind to it" they are actually as sensitive to understanding others emotions, as others, or even better... On a somewhat unrelated note: the ways in which this video differentiates between qualitatively different kinds of reasoning and decision making is very lacking (borderline non-existent); and most of the confusion stems from that. When people get shown said cards a second time, sneaking some fakes in, they are NOT asked the same question; the task is fundamently different. (iii) To act surprised by the "paradox" outcome is actually a case of intellectual sleight of hand, as you fudged the test. The test-setup thus results in nothing but a blatant non sequitur; interesting, maybe, for the people involved, but no more than being shown a magic trick, w/o actually enlightening them about how tve deceit actually worked. i) the emotionally less exhausting method, and thus preferrable for introverts. ii) the latter usually become very apt at faking it to manipulate their surrounding, though iii) this, btw., is also the secret behind the monthy hall problem: not mathematics! But linguistics! The question asked in phase 1 and that in phase 2 ae fundamentally different! The unspoken rules of the game (never opening the door with the big prize in phase 1, to keep the game alive for phase2) are hiding the true nature of each decision... It's a problem of language, *not numbers or probabilities!*

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    damn, this video hits hard about everything in our daily life

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    I feel like this video requires re-watching several times just for all the information and import to sink in. The vast majority of viewers here, probably including myself, will go ok great I agree with everything in the video, but ultimately will do nothing to change the current situation. It's easier to do nothing. Another survival instinct.

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    Vsauce should play a game called The Witness.

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    I love this so much. This video not only gave me so much to understand in order to grow, but also left me a comforting feeling. Somehow it feels like there are answers and solutions.

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    this motif is also explored in Warhammer 40k universe... specifically concerning the orcs.

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    I feel like Billy hired the sauceman to shill his anti-independent thought, science/vaccine, depopulation agenda

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    If my teachers showed the same interest as you do in what they were teaching, I would have been interested in what they were teaching.

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    Climate change propaganda paid by Bill Gates. Not you too, Vsauce.

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    While this is great and all, I think the main fault lies in treating the general populous as a block of people compared to other 'important' blocks that keep a nation running. For example, If a resource makes more profit in some way compared to the population, then priority will be put on said resource, and the few people managing it. Coming back to the same situation of a lot of power in the hand of a few people. Since a lot of the world is based on the idea of treating people as blocks that are equivalent to resources and can be paid less attention to. The entire nation falls apart and the idea of a crowd making a decision just doesn't work. And the only way to stop this is by making the people have a revolution but if the people are too uneducated and starved to make a revolution. Or the leader of the revolution themself might become a worse problem. The only way I can think of is by the interference of some other nation that doesn't treat its people like blocks...Which I can't think of. Can people here help me come to a proper method or conclusion?

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    13:34 firmly grasp it

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    I don't know if anyone has posted it in the comments so far but a fun psychological experiment in the context of reasoning and social interactions goes like this: So you want to go in front of someone in a queue (for example you both want to use the bathroom in a public place but there is a line since the bathroom is at full capacity). In the control condition you just ask the person in front of you "Could I go in front of you?" In the experimental condition you ask the person in front of you "Could I go in front of you because I need to get in front." People will let you go in front more often in the experimental condition. So even though you don't actually give a reason but sound like you give a reason to your plea it'll convince people easier to give in. This works in a lot of other contexts too of course.

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    Your body is your mind, if you give it the time of day you can feel thoughts.

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    "One day we'll be the ancients, and we can choose what that will mean" ... 👌 hit the spot.

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    Good job Michael. This truly is the future of Reasoning. Thank you for bringing the masses along. People are complacent and need a shake up in what they think reasoning is, how it's done, how reliable they think their own reasoning and worldview is (clearly not reliable at all, but all people, including those claiming to be reasonable, rational and scientific, are genuinely pained to admit this currently and that needs to change), and how we are going to take this forward in the next 50 years.

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    That means reasoning can be improved if we combined consciousness of different individuals in a virtual system ? The combined entity will have a more accurate reason as it is a mixture of perspectives ! The conclusion thus resulting to stronger reasoning.

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    Democracy lead us to where were are now, so the answer is more democracy? This ain't it chief. We need a change of economic relationships not just different make up for the same oligarchy-friendly system. Your sponsor Bill Gates needs to go and stay go.

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    29:20 *Becoming the teachers will never happen until we first humble ourselves & learn to become better students.*

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    26:44 *BAD IDEA: Learn from "experts"??? And who gets to choose the "experts" that are allowed to shape the opinions of the "voters".*

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    25:28 *The Left are against "talking through their opinions" - calm, unemotional, reasonable discussion. They've just jumped straight to censorship/cancel culture. As society acclimates to people being "disappeared" their next step will by private execution of those socially unacceptable, politically incorrect.*

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    Climate change is quite common with the current corona virus. Altough there's a lot of warnings, we people tend to talk things down until it's too late. People adopted too much to the current state of living and they also enjoy it too much so they don't feel the urge to change anything, and sadly this affects too many people so nothing will change until it's too late.

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