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  • Smita Rahate
    Smita RahateDag siden

    I love CORPSE'S voice!!

  • Kim Family
    Kim FamilyDag siden

    “Jack is just too nice.” Well sykkuno watch the video “Irish greeting” where minx and jack are furiously screaming at eachother in Irish.

  • ianchoz
    ianchozDag siden

    When you can't show your face so you show everyone else's

  • supersondos
    supersondosDag siden

    Omg then the one i met in among is is actually mr beast......

  • D r e a m y
    D r e a m yDag siden

    I swear everyone forgets he exists in this game like anyone could be lying but they always trust him.

  • Buzz Lightweight
    Buzz LightweightDag siden

    I came from the mr beast vid

  • Eduardo Ferreira
    Eduardo FerreiraDag siden

    Seán, Sykkuno, Rae and Felix reactions on 31:35 were priceless

  • Pragya Verma
    Pragya VermaDag siden

    I love this so much :,)

  • Jamie Thomson
    Jamie ThomsonDag siden

    11:37 Mr beast getting triggered by Spediceys innocence

  • Mr. OtakuWeeb
    Mr. OtakuWeebDag siden

    I hate corpse, I hope his channel goes down like leafy is here's did. (I would sacrifice my soul to death for that to happen)

  • Zyril


    Dag siden

    I doubt you’d actually sacrifice your soul for his channel to go down, mate. Also you’re like 10 get off of NOlocal 😂

  • Paper _
    Paper _Dag siden

    0:38 corpse is actually pretty good at imitating the sounds of the task

  • Not Corpse
    Not CorpseDag siden

    Cyan is sus

  • claudio travel adventure
    claudio travel adventureDag siden

    Pleas release a date video

  • Exhibit Cooks
    Exhibit Cooks2 dager siden

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  • yuvan PS
    yuvan PS2 dager siden

    27:24 let the cursing begin

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover2 dager siden

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  • Jon Joe
    Jon Joe2 dager siden

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  • Leo the loser
    Leo the loser2 dager siden

    Keep up the great work 🤗💓

  • Kontinued Gaming
    Kontinued Gaming3 dager siden

    People say that when CORPSE talks everyone takes sus off him... it's just cuz he's that good of a speaker and he's that bIg bRaIn

  • Steven
    Steven3 dager siden

    Corpse Hustband Got 9.1.K Unlike

  • elizabeth tostrud
    elizabeth tostrud3 dager siden

    Can you try to talk in a higher voice to see how people react

  • Dr. Spatula

    Dr. Spatula

    2 dager siden

    Just streaming fucks up his voice. No reason to make it worse

  • I.W.T.D
    I.W.T.D3 dager siden

    In my opinion the two best voices are corpse and Morgan freeman.

  • llxn_o
    llxn_o3 dager siden

    I feel like Sykunno would be a great voice actor

  • Leonidas Stevens
    Leonidas Stevens4 dager siden

    When I’m imposter my heart pumps fast and it feels like I’m a real life imposter

    CREEPER CRAFT4 dager siden

    Wha- this video was funny when he said sykkuno and corpse angle and demon and Corpse the angle😂😂😂😂I was nvm

  • Kellen Catherine
    Kellen Catherine4 dager siden

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  • _Zainab Hakim_
    _Zainab Hakim_4 dager siden


  • hxrnysmh
    hxrnysmh4 dager siden

    *game literally JUST starts* corpse: they HAVE to know..

  • ·Martina 211·
    ·Martina 211·4 dager siden

    Jajaja no entiendo lo suficiente inglés

  • lily
    lily4 dager siden

    Can we just appreciate this mans GOD TEIR EDITING, like showing everyones faces and the speed ups and like aahhhhhh

  • Bryce A
    Bryce A5 dager siden

    Logic is a gamer? wow

  • Mr. Irrelevant

    Mr. Irrelevant

    3 dager siden

    He quit rapping.

  • Andrea Mae Suarez
    Andrea Mae Suarez5 dager siden

    When Boby began cursing nonstop and I'm watching this without earphones with my sister beside me and my parents on the couch opposite mine... 😶

  • Totally yoko 24
    Totally yoko 245 dager siden


  • Ali Younes
    Ali Younes5 dager siden

    Damn, Corpse mimicked the sound of the reactor start up 😂😂😂

  • TheEpicAlpaca 2
    TheEpicAlpaca 25 dager siden


  • Gavin Knighton
    Gavin Knighton5 dager siden

    Logic kinda meh at Among Us tbh

  • Sopiha Grace
    Sopiha Grace5 dager siden

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  • Keira Williamson Stevens
    Keira Williamson Stevens6 dager siden

    sykkuno is like "corpse is sus" corpse "OkAy" 😭😭its every time

  • Justin'case
    Justin'case6 dager siden

    Poop I? I poop....

  • C M
    C M6 dager siden

    09:42 wtf is mrbeast's friend holding? black and yellow thing?

  • Moon_ _Unit
    Moon_ _Unit6 dager siden

    i first saw dream was in the game at 16:30 but my mind was: *DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM*

  • willia m
    willia m6 dager siden

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  • Francisco Flores Sr.
    Francisco Flores Sr.6 dager siden

    Are you not corpse

  • Francisco Flores Sr.
    Francisco Flores Sr.6 dager siden

    Is too creepy i don't know why she had a story the scary stories then it creepy though but i just ignore it so i did so i tried to send somebody it is your video corpse or a scary movie chords are you corpse

  • Francisco Flores Sr.
    Francisco Flores Sr.6 dager siden

    This is corpse haunted because our bedroom creepy

  • Poached_Whale
    Poached_Whale6 dager siden

    MR YEASTT!!!!

  • Poached_Whale
    Poached_Whale6 dager siden

    MR YEASTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Kidd
    Raymond Kidd6 dager siden

    me watching among corpse add to download among us me: WTFFFF THAT WAS THE 7TH TIME NOW! STALKERS!!!

  • Habiba Kazlak
    Habiba Kazlak6 dager siden

    Can someone tell me what app each of them uses for streaming among us? I wanna follow them so badly because I'm not really into gaming but I wanna start watching it and I like the game among us... so I found this vid and I really like all of them and wanna support them. So again please someone help a girl out?

  • raccoon ღ

    raccoon ღ

    6 dager siden

    I think all of them stream on Twitch or NOlocal

  • NeoTenic
    NeoTenic6 dager siden

    Tbh if I was in a lobby with Logic I wouldn't have the balls to kill him.

  • أنس anas
    أنس anas7 dager siden

    where is dream

  • MrPugPlayz
    MrPugPlayz7 dager siden

    Love this vid love yo

  • Derion Degala
    Derion Degala7 dager siden


  • jeremy fishcer
    jeremy fishcer7 dager siden


  • Emmanuela Francescon
    Emmanuela Francescon7 dager siden

    Good job 👍

  • SoftMelody
    SoftMelody7 dager siden

    why everyone talk over each other then when corpse starts to talk they go silent-?

  • Kristin Rorie

    Kristin Rorie

    2 dager siden

    God tier voice makes all mortals silence 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mystique Moon
    Mystique Moon7 dager siden

    Nice job Corpse 👍👏

  • cliPz Cpoww
    cliPz Cpoww7 dager siden

    11:07 Me:corpse is F*ked

  • Agnes Lindback
    Agnes Lindback7 dager siden

    last minutes i was seriusly shakin XD

  • hector madsen
    hector madsen8 dager siden

    wheres dream

  • somya gupta
    somya gupta8 dager siden

    I watched a gaming video for the first time....and i alredy watched 7 videos in a go

  • wild gameing matthews
    wild gameing matthews8 dager siden

    7:30 / soooooo big brain

  • Taryn Maurer
    Taryn Maurer8 dager siden

    When will he restock his merch😭✋ I’ve been waitingggg

  • 1M subs with no video's challenge
    1M subs with no video's challenge8 dager siden

    You and Jimmy what a combo

  • Jason Weinstiger
    Jason Weinstiger8 dager siden

    Please show your face chorp s

  • Owen Guarin
    Owen Guarin8 dager siden

    I hope corpse voice will get better because he is suffering so sub so you will hear his real voice when he take his meds

  • liten gutt
    liten gutt8 dager siden

    Look it’s guy who’s feeling like chkchkchkchkchk slim shady

  • Razogi 1234
    Razogi 12348 dager siden

    I’ve been watching corpse for 4 hours straight 🙄

  • El Mundo de Hades
    El Mundo de Hades9 dager siden

    14:00 that's really evil xD

  • Leigha Cartner
    Leigha Cartner9 dager siden

    Rhyme and Bibby arguing..........Sykunno dying (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • Keilah Sotomayor
    Keilah Sotomayor9 dager siden

    and like your new songs

  • Laura Sofie
    Laura Sofie9 dager siden

    I love how Corpse does not kill anyone.... Mostly.

  • Marowa Kashem
    Marowa Kashem9 dager siden

    I just love his voice😍🤭

  • Bedrich Suchy
    Bedrich Suchy9 dager siden

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  • ty t
    ty t9 dager siden

    For the mr beast frame kill: say "spedicey was trying to kill me but me and pewds were stacked. pewdiepie was covering and wanted to kill me and have him cover for jack that round." :)

  • goofy goober
    goofy goober9 dager siden

    he knew it but didn’t vote for him?!?😐

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin9 dager siden

    His voice is so deep Like a bad guy he kinda acts like he really cool and he really is

  • Hey There Itz Evee
    Hey There Itz Evee9 dager siden

    Mr.Beast tried the corpse move

  • 偽の笑顔
    偽の笑顔9 dager siden

    Nobdy: Pewdiepie: ahh..ahhh

  • Kelli Welch
    Kelli Welch10 dager siden

    I watched this on mr beasts channel

  • yeon
    yeon10 dager siden

    I love your voice

  • Sion Siby Thomas
    Sion Siby Thomas10 dager siden

    MrBeast "brilliant move" was the dumbest fucking thing I have ever seen on Among Us

  • SS Vaasu Sriraam
    SS Vaasu Sriraam10 dager siden

    Also corpse had 10000000000 iq

  • SS Vaasu Sriraam
    SS Vaasu Sriraam10 dager siden

    Corpse playing with mrbeast and with impostor with mrbeast lol

  • JetTheGamerBoy
    JetTheGamerBoy10 dager siden


  • Catherine Jimenez
    Catherine Jimenez10 dager siden

    hi I love you make me so happy

  • Gerardo Puentes
    Gerardo Puentes10 dager siden

    Hope corpse feels better

  • Ella Montalvo
    Ella Montalvo10 dager siden

    Hey CORPSE can you really do a face reveal cause POV: I really want to on what you look like,I "whispers" I subscribed!

  • Ketchup Is Jam

    Ketchup Is Jam

    10 dager siden

    I wouldn’t rush it if he doesn’t wanna do a face reveal then he doesn’t hav to it’s not up to the fans he an anxiety problems I don’t blame him

  • Claudio Rodríguez
    Claudio Rodríguez10 dager siden

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  • Londyn Wallace
    Londyn Wallace10 dager siden

    Mr. beast recorded the same video and i watched both of yall so i basically watched this twice

  • Evan griffith
    Evan griffith11 dager siden

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  • Chelsea Santos
    Chelsea Santos11 dager siden

    spead run tasks

  • Chelsea Santos

    Chelsea Santos

    11 dager siden


  • infinite123
    infinite12311 dager siden

    Corpse is so good at among us

  • Kai Williams
    Kai Williams11 dager siden

    who else starts reading the commets when the vid starts meh

  • Maria Pham
    Maria Pham11 dager siden

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  • Damacio Duarte
    Damacio Duarte11 dager siden

    Can corpse pls say "im batman" whenever they say his name😹

  • Nathan Liakas
    Nathan Liakas11 dager siden

    Is rhymestyle bobby/logic??

  • ImFine
    ImFine11 dager siden

    Ok we all love his voice- I’m not falling Imao

  • Alexis Lin
    Alexis Lin11 dager siden


  • Freya Lux
    Freya Lux11 dager siden

    Poopis voice is so annoying sorry but it’s just so high pitched I mean really all the girls in his videos have annoying high pitched voices they all sound like they’re 12. Though I’ll admit I’m jealous they get to be friends with him. They’re lucky.