The Insane Dutch Plan to Dam the North Sea

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  • Isaac Plumbo
    Isaac Plumbo9 timer siden

    Just move lol idiots

  • dan choen
    dan choen16 timer siden

    Wouldn't draining it just turn the north sea into a giant saltflat?

  • starcluster
    starcluster22 timer siden

    the ZoiDeRzEa its the zui-der-zee

  • W G
    W GDag siden

    Getting the impression you don’t like the UK.

  • ITER !
    ITER !Dag siden

    We are NOT relocating Bangladesh to the drained north sea

  • BEST
    BESTDag siden

    2020: Queen Máxima. 2030: *_Empress Máxima._*

  • Tee Dub
    Tee DubDag siden

    The oceans have not risen. Where the hell do you get your information.

  • Tee Dub

    Tee Dub

    Dag siden

    @Giomations Well maybe someday but it will also retreat. To state that its increase 22cm is a flat out lie.

  • Giomations


    Dag siden

    In the Future the ocean will rise

  • Javien_Gaming
    Javien_GamingDag siden

    see this is why we need water city’s

  • J Coonan
    J CoonanDag siden

    Dutch has a P L A N TAHITI

  • Dead End
    Dead EndDag siden

    "This new land could be vitally important for housing refugees" Yep, sounds like a Dutch plan alright.

  • Blizzard Addict
    Blizzard AddictDag siden


  • tomtomftube
    tomtomftubeDag siden

    Ireland is not a British Isle

  • HAUNT 100 Wins
    HAUNT 100 WinsDag siden

    *laughs in landlocked Switzerland*

  • Loolz Lollington
    Loolz Lollington2 dager siden

    Netherlands: Wait, we're vulnerable to rising sea levels? RealLifeLore: Always has been

  • TheOnePickleYT
    TheOnePickleYT2 dager siden

    Germany after NEED is finished: I have waited a long time for this moment... my little tea drinking friend.

  • Miriam _
    Miriam _2 dager siden

    It's a real stupid idea

  • IcyDorito22
    IcyDorito222 dager siden

    Song name?

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia2 dager siden

    I need fresh water and also no land for refugees.

  • No Copyright Epic Music
    No Copyright Epic Music2 dager siden

    What if we build floating island for facing rising sea level?

  • Roninblitz
    Roninblitz3 dager siden

    The security threat to the uk connecting by land qnd if this were to happen most of the land would come to the uk

  • Hippu gamer
    Hippu gamer3 dager siden

    WW3 can start with this cause People Will get *MAD* cause they become landlocked

  • Ethan Wang
    Ethan Wang3 dager siden

    Wendover productions, the insane North Sea plan to dam the Dutch.

  • Khairunnisa S. P.
    Khairunnisa S. P.3 dager siden


  • RentalWaffle
    RentalWaffle3 dager siden

    So why not connect the Eastern tip of Britain to the tip of Denmark That way Russia gets a win win Add and entrance and an exit and win win win

  • Brainwheeze
    Brainwheeze4 dager siden

    Tbh a post-Brexit Britain becoming connected to mainland Europe would be a hilarious outcome.

  • Jeff Russell
    Jeff Russell4 dager siden

    Gotta be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my entire life. Who took the time to produce this shite?

  • Andrew MorAndrew
    Andrew MorAndrew4 dager siden

    why does shetland sound funny to me?

  • Joseph Kane
    Joseph Kane4 dager siden

    They could never build the longest dam across to Norway for 500 billion euros! This estimate is very obviously a lie! And, say they do manage to build the dam, they will suddenly discover subsidence issues from all that oil they have withdrawn over the last 30to 40 years! I hope no taxpayer dollars are being wasted on any feasibility studies! ( Well, on second thought, if the EU is stupid enough to entertain such ideas, perhaps it deserves to be impoverished!)

  • Jonathan Gems
    Jonathan Gems4 dager siden

    Sea levels are rising because of the decline in global temperatures since 1998. This means more water is turned to ice, thus causing sea levels to rise. If only 'global warming' was real! That's what we need - for many reasons. But sadly, if past history is anything to go by, temperatures will continue to decline. And it will be three centuries before we hit our next warming cycle.

  • Sara Morris
    Sara Morris4 dager siden

    I'd love to see this dam go up in my lifetime and see "Doggerland"

  • тιмѕυ -
    тιмѕυ -4 dager siden

    Max max max super max max

  • Universum
    Universum4 dager siden

    9:00 We humans can stop emiting CO2 into the atmosphere and slow down the warming of the earth. But we humans are only one of the factors next to the natural ones. At some point this plan still needs to be reconsidered, but lots of years later.

  • Universum
    Universum4 dager siden

    8:20 a salution could be to construct artificial islands between those dams. In those island we dig out some canals and construct lock gates in them. This way trade would be able to continue.

  • Kopur Girish
    Kopur Girish5 dager siden

    Countries around North sea: Guys! We will be drowning due to rising sea level. Netherlands: "Dam" the sea.

  • Pastglobe
    Pastglobe5 dager siden

    Global warming debate be like Mediator: So, what country most caused global warming Country 1: you, country 2 Country 2:No you Country 1:No you Country 2:No you Country 1:No you Country 2:No you 100 years later: why we debate on sea?

  • James David
    James David5 dager siden

    If the dam is not built my birthplace will flood

  • Adrew _77
    Adrew _775 dager siden

    7:13 🤣🤣

  • Ecrivon Lunyx
    Ecrivon Lunyx5 dager siden

    Im taking notes and I don't understand what 2:18 means, is that an accepted standard for evaluating flood safety systems? What about this system makes it safe for the Western side of the country (not considering projected sea level rise) for 10,000 years? How bad would this flood be? Thank you

  • Will Bloom
    Will Bloom5 dager siden

    Besides height, the dams would need to be vastly wide, not only to withstand the incessant pounding from the Atlantic but also to protect against any form of attack. The dam would need to be so wide that the crater from the biggest nuke wouldn't breach it. Because if you don't do that millions of people could die very quickly in the event of a terrorist attack or all-out war.

  • Evensong


    Dag siden

    something tells me that if nuclear weapons are used, they won't need to target the damn to kill millions.

  • Amy Butterworth
    Amy Butterworth5 dager siden

    0/10^10^34^2^10^10 ^35^5^7^2 is ufe

  • Dan Kirk DACULAN
    Dan Kirk DACULAN6 dager siden

    dam that is insane

  • Tetramorium caespitum
    Tetramorium caespitum6 dager siden

    Dutch: I have a plan Arthur

  • K
    K6 dager siden

    Easy solution - you want to solve the rising sea level issue, nuke the ocean until the water evaporates. We'll deal with an inhabitable hellscape after we solve the sea level issue.

  • Bev bee
    Bev bee6 dager siden

    Imagine how many wars would happen over the lands

  • Kyne Turn
    Kyne Turn6 dager siden

    The highest peak of the Netherlands is a person

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati6 dager siden

    O P G E K A N K E R T

  • Paolo
    Paolo6 dager siden

    Imagine someone sabotage it

  • Gabbin
    Gabbin6 dager siden

    I don't remember this part in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony7 dager siden

    easier option? Flood the worlds deserts with ocean waters

  • Carlos F Barajas
    Carlos F Barajas7 dager siden

    Congratulation you just created a salt evaporation bed, wreaked the environment, and a desert

  • Magatism
    Magatism7 dager siden

    Neanderthals for Neatherlands.

  • El inodoro que habla
    El inodoro que habla7 dager siden

    The word dutch and plan always end bad

  • Aj Hinojosa
    Aj Hinojosa7 dager siden

    I wanna see a video where we Dam the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Cuba to the Yucatan 🙃 what kind of apocalypse would happen lol

  • Fluidacid
    Fluidacid7 dager siden

    That's gonna fuck over trade lmao

  • cameo six
    cameo six7 dager siden

    Europe: Yes drain all the water out so that sea levels everywhere outside the dam would rise

  • Chandan Bhowal
    Chandan Bhowal7 dager siden

    $500 billion dollars is weirdly cheap. Even if it goes overbudger, a 1 trillion $ is not that much tbh.

  • Damien McAvoy
    Damien McAvoy7 dager siden

    What about Ireland and ni

  • momo rama
    momo rama7 dager siden

    Don't worry, way before the need to build this dam the European Union will have collapse, like the Soviet Union

  • duckface
    duckface8 dager siden

    *nothing's insane here*

  • Donna McCarthy
    Donna McCarthy8 dager siden

    Meanwhile, Ireland is flooded. Oops

  • M 1
    M 18 dager siden

    Good luck with that, soon they wont have access to 90% of it baaahahhaha cry me a river europe British waters are exactly that BRITISH

  • Danny Pope
    Danny Pope8 dager siden

    In 12,000 BC, the water level was 50 feet lower... I’d bet it wasn’t fossil fuels caused that either

  • under_score
    under_score8 dager siden

    "The radical solutions the world might one day require" Like inverting the entropy of time itself?

  • riptorn
    riptorn8 dager siden

    That would never work.

  • Jerry McJerryface
    Jerry McJerryface8 dager siden

    Alantropa sounds like a piece of cake contrary to that.

  • coloursmoke
    coloursmoke8 dager siden


  • DèiVertrauteNuecht
    DèiVertrauteNuecht8 dager siden

    ja, nederland verovert de hele zee! stop ook met het gebruik van google translate en ga een boek lezen.

  • Dillon Richard
    Dillon Richard8 dager siden

    Dutch: I have a plan!

  • El inodoro que habla

    El inodoro que habla

    7 dager siden

    Have some goddamn faith

    XYZ AERO8 dager siden

    Lethes build these dams. Europe has not done anything fantastic for a long long time .... It is time to be awesome again !!!

  • Shelk
    Shelk8 dager siden

    Have some goddamn faith

  • Aviation LAX
    Aviation LAX8 dager siden

    BadLandChugs: "Enough talk".

  • Sauroņ Ndg
    Sauroņ Ndg8 dager siden

    Great and interesting videos!

  • Elijah MacDonald
    Elijah MacDonald8 dager siden

    Would actually be really cool if they did this but people suck and argue sooo probably not.

  • Choco Milk
    Choco Milk8 dager siden

    I don’t like the name “doggerland” how about “poggerland ?

  • michel Guevara

    michel Guevara

    6 dager siden


  • viorellaleo
    viorellaleo8 dager siden

    what brazen lying look the piers of st petersburg the sea level is exactly at same level as 3 centuries back when they were built

  • SquidderWard
    SquidderWard8 dager siden

    Its just Atlantropa but with extra steps

  • mr bottlespuller
    mr bottlespuller9 dager siden

    ...I live in holland ...I visited university and love to follow the news +scientific developments ... but I never heard of a plan like this dutch government will be so insane to discuss these nonsense .....where did you find this humbug nonsense?.....

  • mr bottlespuller

    mr bottlespuller

    9 dager siden

    .. bytheway , this impossible to realize with science of today .. we already dammed a pretty big part of the north sea and we learned there is moreinvolved than constructing a dam and pumping the water out .. we did this with the first project , but the plans had to be adapted .. this a ridicilous suggestion , buillding dams to gsin land on this scale politician or engineer will take these plans seriously .... where did you find this information?.....

  • Bill Li
    Bill Li9 dager siden

    Soooo... are we not going to talk about the environmental impact it will have for the native marine animals?

  • dragon ball torture
    dragon ball torture9 dager siden

    Thousands of years of battling the sea and the dutch still haven't evolved to breathe underwater? Weak!

  • J A P R
    J A P R9 dager siden

    Yeah I live 5 meters (16 feet) below sea level lol...

  • Jank 909
    Jank 9099 dager siden

    There’s a solution we need to construct them like the Scheldedam we need to make huge gates for fish and Ships to travel thrue the dams and they can tax the passage for more economic benefits

  • Aidan
    Aidan9 dager siden

    How about instead of shipping goods via ships (by the time Doggerland is excavated and possibly filled in again as said in the video), they should use aeroplanes and air vehicles. By the time the land is made feasible for people to live on, we may be way more advanced by that time and will be able to possibly transport even more goods and in a much faster fashion than ships travelling by water. Ships could become obsolete in the future.

  • Sadia Azhar
    Sadia Azhar9 dager siden

    Any one from red dead redemption 2.dutchs stupid plans remember heheheh

  • Audiocronic
    Audiocronic9 dager siden

    Lol. “Climate refugees”

  • Dapperfield
    Dapperfield9 dager siden

    Get up Hans, now’s ze chance. To London we go.

  • lp2317
    lp23179 dager siden

    "We have this rising sea level problem..." "Damn." "Great idea!"

  • Baaxt
    Baaxt9 dager siden

    8:12 Me: *You know how dams work?*

  • Aidan Brooks
    Aidan Brooks9 dager siden

    Why not as an alternative just blast/mine a few jumbo holes in the ocean floor in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean? A solution for everyone and everywhere

  • Bradley Greenwood
    Bradley Greenwood9 dager siden

    2100: my wife and I will be cozy, in the mountains, sharing an urn. Good luck to the rest who will be around in 80 years.

    FPS SERBIA9 dager siden

    That amount of water that they could stop from flooding their land will just add bigger problem for the rest of the countries around the world ?????????????

  • jayfulf
    jayfulf9 dager siden

    The water has to go somewhere. It effectively increases sea level more. By reducing the area of the x-y plane it only leaves the z plane to increase

  • Folk
    Folk9 dager siden

    Ok. I get it. Troll video. Unsubbed.

  • Folk
    Folk9 dager siden

    This THE most stupid idea ever. By a margin.

  • TheOwneroftheIC
    TheOwneroftheIC9 dager siden

    This is just Atlantropa with bigger dams and without destroying Africa. Doggerland was also smashed by a tsunami, it wasn't just "rising sea levels", and that land would be nearly uninhabitable for centuries, just like what Atlantropa would have done to the Adriatic. It would take CENTURIES to become freshwater as well. 500 billion Euros sounds far too low, it has to be at least 3 trillion.

  • kent tegneskog
    kent tegneskog9 dager siden

    This is just bull

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl10 dager siden

    The dutch be like: Well Britannia can't rule the waves if there aren't any.

    DUNDER THUNDER10 dager siden

    Drain the pool to reveal the shire.

  • Pyro
    Pyro10 dager siden

    So how will ships get through? Locks? So the Netherlands’ plans will threaten Russia’s Navy. Welp, WW3 is on the horizon.

  • Akherver Ulunjuk
    Akherver Ulunjuk10 dager siden

    It wouldn't work. Obviously whoever thought of this was not very bright. Instead, you'll end up creating a freshwater north sea, because there is enough rainfall for the north sea to consistently be overflowing, along with all the rivers that flow into the north sea. So, unless you constantly drain the sea, it will fill up with water. Worse, the lands in england that are blocking the atlantic from going straight to mainland europe are actually very low. The atlantic will simply overflow across flat england, and the sea will suddenly rise. Atleast the Mediterranean idea had some possibility of working. Even worse, the dover straits are wider and more susceptible to erosion than those of gibraltar. After dover straits went underwater, they began to be eroded very much more. Worse, it would ruin the conditions for which europeans adapted their particular traits. Europe is the native land of the european people, such a large extended racial group, so altering it in such a way would change the very conditions of the only native land for many people. It would be better to simply try to preserve the coastlines, or perhaps stop building important things on lowland. Also, breaking down barriers for people's movement is a bad idea as it ruins localized genetics that were adapted to fit the area, and thus people are not as well fit for the land they live in. So, this plan should be abandoned no matter what. Now, on the otherhand, perhaps building a dam on the black sea to generate freshwater would be an interesting idea, given the black sea may have been a freshwater lake in the past. The black sea would also not shrink very much, if at all, due to being in a relatively rainy area, and would probably be easier to manage given that it is almost entirely surrounded by high enough land. But, even that is not a good idea as it messes with europe, and there is only one europe.

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    10 dager siden

    tough to believe due to the brexit