The Loudest Person at Smosh is...

Many people assume that Shayne is the loudest person we know. Today, we’re getting the receipts and definitively finding out who the loudest person at Smosh is!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit3 måneder siden

    LET'S 👏 GET 👏 LOUD 👏

  • Joris Ondo

    Joris Ondo

    5 dager siden

    I 5hink its funny how the WAP got 69

  • Shane Whitehead

    Shane Whitehead

    20 dager siden

    I did this and my stream went to 129.9 decimals

  • Charlie Winwood

    Charlie Winwood

    Måned siden


  • Gd Rainbowdash

    Gd Rainbowdash

    Måned siden

    O 👏🏻 k 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 y 👏🏻

  • Marvin Zaldivia

    Marvin Zaldivia

    Måned siden


  • Tyler James
    Tyler James5 timer siden

    Court's scream needs to be in a horror game

  • Soggi Sandwich
    Soggi Sandwich8 timer siden


  • Hxney
    Hxney14 timer siden

    the scene when damien screamed has me falling out of my chair it caught me so off-guard

  • Marvelle Saunders
    Marvelle Saunders15 timer siden

    but it said beepp

  • Marvelle Saunders
    Marvelle Saunders15 timer siden

    i put on subtitles so i could see shayne ay cok

  • Jessie Pool
    Jessie Pool23 timer siden

    I cant even put into words how much these videos mean to me

  • Shawna Maxwell
    Shawna MaxwellDag siden

    Wait I want them to scream all at once

  • Camuz
    CamuzDag siden

    Omg courtney's scream...

  • jasu nay
    jasu nayDag siden

    Anyone gonna point out the fact that shayne is the next Chris Evans with that hair

  • Ben Hensley
    Ben Hensley2 dager siden

    Damian looks like he would go to the gym and just loiter

  • Eve Irish
    Eve Irish2 dager siden


  • lynnette honk
    lynnette honk2 dager siden

    0:15 [𝖣𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖾𝗋𝗌] 𝖶𝖾 𝗁𝗈.

  • Triple mmm
    Triple mmm3 dager siden

    Someone please make a compilation of all of shaynes screams. Or just a clip of that first scream he does here.

  • 31_stacked_rats
    31_stacked_rats3 dager siden

    Times for their beautiful screams: Shaynes: 8:40 Olivia: 8:58 Noah: 9:22 Damien: 9:34 Courtney: 9:56 Shaynes final: 10:36

  • Kim Söderlund
    Kim Söderlund3 dager siden


  • Adriana Romero
    Adriana Romero4 dager siden

    something about noah just going “aAaaAaH” “AaAaah” makes me weak 😭

  • gwen
    gwen4 dager siden

    "Maybe you're built like a church" Noah Grossman 2020

  • Naruto fan Juvents15
    Naruto fan Juvents154 dager siden

    The begging sounded like the song from beetle juice

  • lila3470 lila3470
    lila3470 lila34705 dager siden

    I feel like a lot of the crew’s ears are bleeding right now

    ITZ BOOMINLIFE BOIIIS6 dager siden

    2:34 7:22

  • Avarage Canadian
    Avarage Canadian6 dager siden

    2:13 is a dying donkey 🤣🤣

  • Avarage Canadian

    Avarage Canadian

    6 dager siden

    Correction 3:13

  • lj rays
    lj rays6 dager siden

    How is shayne so loud

  • Bubbles Blue
    Bubbles Blue7 dager siden

    I play alto saxophone tooo yay

  • Sohan Kumar
    Sohan Kumar7 dager siden

    6:43 the moment we found out shayne can’t count to 3

  • Caroline Kejora Beryl Kinanthi 4C 02
    Caroline Kejora Beryl Kinanthi 4C 027 dager siden

    im gonna make olivia's scream my alarm clock bet.

  • Alison Horger
    Alison Horger8 dager siden

    Why are both Shayne and Markiplier masochists? They’re himbos

  • Elliot Hough
    Elliot Hough8 dager siden

    I need to buy a Decibel checker cuz I wanna try and beat the record and I think I can.

  • Juriel Diaz
    Juriel Diaz8 dager siden

    Noah out here getting spanked for the team

  • Hestia Rose Quartz
    Hestia Rose Quartz8 dager siden

    when Damien screamed and a video of a man falling showed up, I almost choked on my egg. I wasn't mentally prepared for it.

  • Katelyn Glinka
    Katelyn Glinka9 dager siden

    that "WOW" went into the right ear of my headset and scared me LOL

  • Kitty 88
    Kitty 889 dager siden

    I agree with Noah about Olivia's scream

  • fapjoose
    fapjoose9 dager siden

    I very rarely actually laugh out loud, but Damien's scream did just that.

  • Rowie Henawi
    Rowie Henawi9 dager siden

    I bet Courtney is a soprano singer🙆🏻‍♀️✨

  • jo prince
    jo prince9 dager siden

    i keep replaying damien’s over and over it’s so funny with the edit

  • cas insanity
    cas insanity10 dager siden

    Shayne's face when courtney said she needed a little meat 😂😂😂😂

  • marimari wowo
    marimari wowo10 dager siden

    what a suprise... shayne is the loudest

  • Tr0uT6 Fish
    Tr0uT6 Fish10 dager siden

    It’s crazy my brother in law and shayne look so alike

  • Bryce Radtke
    Bryce Radtke11 dager siden

    Damiens slo mo scream sounded like the prowler theme in spider verse

  • Mason Turner
    Mason Turner11 dager siden

    Shaynes scream sounds like Logan Paul's scream.

  • Dylan Docil
    Dylan Docil11 dager siden

    11:36 Shayne Hub lmfao

  • Dylan Docil
    Dylan Docil11 dager siden

    I couldnt stop laughing in this video

  • Caution Hazardous
    Caution Hazardous11 dager siden

    Shayne is both the loudest & quietest person on smosh

  • Ellan-Rose Caulfield
    Ellan-Rose Caulfield12 dager siden

    If I stub my toe in the right place I feel like I could beat 119.4

  • Jennifer McKenzie
    Jennifer McKenzie12 dager siden

    the captions really do call everyone but shayne the dancers

  • sloth games
    sloth games12 dager siden

    I miss the old smosh

    AWAGS13 dager siden

    We need more Saxophone by Shayne!

  • Kev loco
    Kev loco13 dager siden

    For some weird reason i feel i can beat shane at this

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson13 dager siden

    Shane can secretly use the thuum

  • the birdy
    the birdy13 dager siden

    Shayne gave me a head ache

  • Jen Na
    Jen Na13 dager siden


  • Gian Bonilla
    Gian Bonilla13 dager siden


  • GoToBed
    GoToBed13 dager siden

    I wish I was built like a church TwT

  • pizzalord 2
    pizzalord 214 dager siden

    Yeah I was wearing headphones lol...

  • Orange Kiwi
    Orange Kiwi14 dager siden

    Shane:wets reed Everyone: ewww Shane: well that's what your supost to do! *deep throats saxophone*

  • alexsings
    alexsings14 dager siden

    8:04 Shayne: uh huh Courtney: Smack *Smack* *SMACK*

  • BB8s_aim _to_good
    BB8s_aim _to_good14 dager siden

    The scary thing is my scream is so high pitched it’s prolly louder than all of theirs

  • Chubbz for Dubbz
    Chubbz for Dubbz14 dager siden

    Shayne can scream at 119.4 DB, anything at or above 120 can cause immediate harm to your ears... really dancing on the fence there eh Shayne?

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young14 dager siden

    Nobody: Literally no one: Smosh: let’s make this video about abusing Shayne

  • Narden Shehata
    Narden Shehata15 dager siden

    Why is seeing Shayne playing he saxophone my dream come true

  • Emelia Fixter
    Emelia Fixter15 dager siden

    i choked on water when shayne screamed at the end

  • hi
    hi16 dager siden

    ‘You’re so skinny’ ‘I know, it’s a health hazard’ *MOOD*

  • JennaGacha Lover
    JennaGacha Lover18 dager siden

    When courtney screamed I thought is was over

  • Joana Colares
    Joana Colares18 dager siden

    This was just an entire episode of Academy of Weird Sounds, and it was lovely

  • Doubleduchbb
    Doubleduchbb18 dager siden

    7:18 we laughed at the same time. Lol

  • Zerpdust
    Zerpdust19 dager siden

    Imagine Watching ASMR Then You Fell Asleep And You Forgot To Turnoff Autoplay And The Next Video is This

  • Supercool ColbyOasis
    Supercool ColbyOasis19 dager siden

    Do a every dream ever

  • Lorra Agati
    Lorra Agati19 dager siden

    6:05 😏

  • michaela luke
    michaela luke19 dager siden


  • Danielle M
    Danielle M19 dager siden

    they have the radio station 106.7 there? i heard Damien sing the theme song 😂 i thought it was a New York thing

  • Megan Cone
    Megan Cone20 dager siden

    When Shane swallowed the saxophone apple juice came out of my nosie

  • Th1_Cb
    Th1_Cb20 dager siden

    I a hundred percent, think I can scream louder then Shane. And if I can't, well then I will... idk give each of you five a penny XD

  • Window For Life
    Window For Life22 dager siden

    Why did I decide to watch this with AirPods in while i have a migraine...🤦‍♀️

  • SpaceFat
    SpaceFat23 dager siden


  • Inkozu
    Inkozu23 dager siden

    lol thats so sus!

  • JennaGacha Lover
    JennaGacha Lover23 dager siden

    Courtney is really good at the guitar. Sory I don't know how to spell it

  • Apex Legends is worse than fortnite
    Apex Legends is worse than fortnite24 dager siden


  • Andrew Bisley
    Andrew Bisley25 dager siden

    ok Shayne! play more saxophone!

  • Joe Colder
    Joe Colder25 dager siden

    9:34 that scene tho 😂😂😂

  • mijjar1
    mijjar126 dager siden

  • Jo Ayre
    Jo Ayre26 dager siden

    I’m watching this at night.........we have VERY thin walls

  • Juukelis Puukelis
    Juukelis Puukelis26 dager siden

    This is very american thing to do... 😂❤️ Love u guys

  • Dillon Roberts
    Dillon Roberts26 dager siden

    they do realize that 120DB is literally where it starts to cause permanent ear damage 🐸🔫

  • Lawrence Payea
    Lawrence Payea26 dager siden

    why did Damien's scream sound like an aggressive wilhelm scream lmao

  • Frost Buttercup
    Frost Buttercup27 dager siden

    i want to do the last part.

  • Alvin Mattsson - Elev Jändelskolan 4-6 4C
    Alvin Mattsson - Elev Jändelskolan 4-6 4C27 dager siden

    I Turned On Full Volume And I Bacame Deaf XD

  • Cami
    Cami28 dager siden

    Screaming is fun

  • wonky
    wonky28 dager siden

    7:08 9:33

  • ProTournamenT
    ProTournamenT28 dager siden

    i don't like jazz

  • lastlivingdragon
    lastlivingdragon28 dager siden

    I held my laugh until 9:33, that broke me lmao.

  • Dat Random Gxcha Girl
    Dat Random Gxcha Girl29 dager siden

    Courtney's scream is literally a bloody freaking murder scream omg

  • Miss Cheese
    Miss CheeseMåned siden

    Noah’s scream was just... just... *inspirational*


    If Keith was there

  • Connor Potts
    Connor PottsMåned siden

    Shane also won silent library so he is both the loudest and quietest on smosh😂😂

  • Inkella 234YT
    Inkella 234YTMåned siden

    I think I can beat Shayne in a a screaming match, I can scream or Screech loudly.

  • Vukelowski
    VukelowskiMåned siden

    Shane is built like a church 😉😉😉😉😉

  • Liam 3238
    Liam 3238Måned siden

    6:48 is Shayne the Pied Piper or something 😂😂😂

  • K.C Moreno
    K.C MorenoMåned siden

    I Hope Shayne Realizes he Can Be In The World Record Book the Loudest shout is of 121 decibeles

  • Ace Parker
    Ace ParkerMåned siden

    However much I trust that shayne is the loudest, I still want to see what Wes' "fuck everything" from the summer gauntlet is. It wouldnt best shayne but I'm curious now

  • Tilly Rose
    Tilly RoseMåned siden

    noah: 101.9 damien: that was my temp this morning *coughs* + *spreads rona*