The Most Deadly Job in America -- And What Happens Next

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    4 dager siden

    Shine on, you magnificent diamond

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    Chuck Davis

    4 dager siden

    @Caucasia Mapper shouldn't you spell correctly if you are going to correct a person???

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    @Peculiar Kevin yea. Sure you can

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    @Micheal Smith one more thing, can I tell her you referred me to her?

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    You got to see some people remain poor because friends and relatives discouraged them against investing and trading bitcoin like I was told to. while the wise one kept investing and growing higher financially

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  • Sayok Bhattacharya
    Sayok Bhattacharya3 timer siden

    Good Battlestar Galactica reference. Also designated survivor

  • Funnyflik121
    Funnyflik1219 timer siden

    Designated Survivor is a pretty good show

  • NintendoNerd 64
    NintendoNerd 649 timer siden

    It was Garfield and McKinley *fucking dead, literally*

  • So Uncivilized
    So Uncivilized12 timer siden

    0:59 don't you mean....Paradise

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    8 timer siden

    Seeing how old are the candidates , this video will probably be useful in the next 4 years ... P.s.: Could you add English subtitles?

  • Lewis Davies
    Lewis Davies13 timer siden

    Great video as always Grey! Just a few parts that had me scratching my head… Is anybody able to provide clarification on the claim at 3:40 that, if Congress votes to sustain the VP’s declaration that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office, that the VP becomes PERMANENT acting president? As far as I can see, the 25th Amendment makes no stipulation that the president is not able to make a subsequent declaration of fitness at a later date. And, would we not expect this to be the case, for example, in situations where the president has suffered and subsequently recovered from a temporary period of mental incapacity? And, on the comments around 4:30, I’m not so sure this is unclear. The Amendment specifies that: “Whenever the Vice President AND a majority of EITHER the principal officers of the executive departments OR of such other body as Congress may by law provide…” For me, I think it is quite clear that the declaration must be made by either (1) the VP AND a majority of the cabinet OR (2) the VP AND a majority of the referenced Congressional committee. I'm struggling to see how this could be interpreted otherwise... Thoughts?

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    8 timer siden

    Day 49,839,103 of asking for Grey to do the Catan Video

  • K Starks
    K Starks13 timer siden

    Nice video as usual

  • bassplayer2011ify
    bassplayer2011ify14 timer siden

    And manage the Indians...there isn't time. And manage the nuclear weapons...there really isn't time.

  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo Santos15 timer siden

    10:15 the tumble tumbled into DOA’s bunker

  • Macbauer 42
    Macbauer 4218 timer siden

    Wait but what If the entire line of succession died

  • pfefferle74
    pfefferle7421 time siden

    0:16 Quick shoutout to a diagram of the Eisenhower method!

  • Rock girl
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    Nice. . . .

  • ElusivEnigma
    ElusivEnigmaDag siden

    You can just feel the power of the Supreme Court in this moment 4:54

  • ElusivEnigma
    ElusivEnigmaDag siden

    Hey Grey I've been wondering on the answers to some questions I'd like to see you make a video about: Why are cigarettes not illegal? What happens to all your accounts when you die? When are you consider officially dead in society? What would happen if no one owned land? How do you become Secretary of Defense? What would happen if soldiers/warriors didn't fight wars? As in if people just straight up said no and never used their lives to play chess.....? For rewards that benefit others?

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Dag siden

    Appreciate the BSG reference

  • Toki Vikerness
    Toki VikernessDag siden

    Cgp should do a video on the gender pay gap. His audience might believe him and we can hopefully stop hearing all the bitching and moaning.

  • Shea Lupkes
    Shea LupkesDag siden

    anyone know what 47973 at the end of the vid is?

  • bobimus
    bobimusDag siden

    4:45 congress alone but you forget that it's predicated by the word Thereafter. It doesn't fit the theme of your narrative but I never thought I'd have to fact check CGP Grey... sad times. The confusing part of that passage is whether the president is president during that 4 day limit. I had to stop after your mishap in your video. Sad times

  • Viktor Zhang
    Viktor ZhangDag siden

    hay this does sound like a certain series

  • Brandon Myers
    Brandon MyersDag siden

    4:05 Doesn't invoking the 25th kinda require the 25th to exist? or was the same clause in one of the previous succession acts?

  • Cunard Line: Spare Every Expense
    Cunard Line: Spare Every ExpenseDag siden

    Day 49,839,103 of asking for Grey to do the Catan Video

  • 시크릿비밀
    시크릿비밀Dag siden

    Seeing how old are the candidates , this video will probably be useful in the next 4 years ... P.s.: Could you add English subtitles?

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Dag siden

    Grey is getting real good at deflecting those indians.

  • Enzo Komada
    Enzo Komada2 dager siden

    Mr. Grey, I have a question. What is your opinion on airplanes? Are they way too bad for our environment for us to use them for unnecessary things, like a meeting you could do virtually (however convenient it is)? Or are they totally fine even if our climate crisis more dire than ever? This is not a personal attack on how much you use airplanes ( I think that you use them for all the right purposes) but I do want to know what trade off you would have to make and at what point it would be necessary to fly a plane. Thank you!!

  • MindChanger
    MindChanger2 dager siden

    Good for Sanders

  • Sajed Haq
    Sajed Haq2 dager siden

    the depictions of the secretaries are so good lol

  • Remy
    Remy2 dager siden

    I feel like the 25th should let a judge or doctor declare the president’s inability.

  • RobotVoice


    8 timer siden

    Or maybe a committee. Like the 9 most senior federal judges or something.


    Can we have something about revolution?!

  • Ethan White
    Ethan White2 dager siden

    Everyone knows the designated survivor was Tom Kirkman

  • Juan Diego Chona
    Juan Diego Chona2 dager siden

    like 3rd time i have consciously and I just noticed the change from VP to AP in its tie.. Im ashamed

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Dag siden

    What if the person that’s receiving power killed the other 15

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark2 dager siden

    Appreciate the BSG reference

  • ssjtrunks15
    ssjtrunks152 dager siden

    a president can be impeached yes, but that doesn't mean kicked out of office

  • Jacob Shin
    Jacob Shin2 dager siden

    4:33 AND has a high boolean operator precedence than OR, so clearly it's the latter interpretation.

  • BrosephStalin gaming
    BrosephStalin gaming2 dager siden

    Any one gonna tell him that jews go to church on Saturday and suposedly cant work on saturday per religion

  • Max Haskins
    Max Haskins2 dager siden

    octagionalice? i have a list of words i need to make words. thanks for the addition. :D

  • D L
    D L2 dager siden

    Its like chess

  • Amazed Alloy
    Amazed Alloy2 dager siden

    In most countries, a constitution like that would be rewritten

  • Eric Morris
    Eric Morris2 dager siden

    What if the person that’s receiving power killed the other 15

  • Lemmy Mann
    Lemmy Mann2 dager siden

    Grey is getting real good at deflecting those indians.

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    2 dager siden

    dice and only a combined 7 is death.

  • Nathanishungry Animations
    Nathanishungry Animations2 dager siden

    I love this video. I’m glad I’m watching this again.

  • Nathanishungry Animations

    Nathanishungry Animations

    2 dager siden

    @yuoop noke “Potus” That is a word I’ve not seen/heard in a long time. I like that word. Funny acronym.

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    2 dager siden

    POTUS is hardly the "most deadly" job in the US. shit it's pretty low. less than 20% mortality rate. doesn't even rank on the Bereau of Labor Statistic's dangerous jobs list. a

  • Kade Hotchin
    Kade Hotchin2 dager siden

    love the battlestar galatica reference at the end

  • Atlas
    Atlas2 dager siden

    9:56 I play that game during the state of the union address.

  • Umar Miljan
    Umar Miljan3 dager siden

    so it is safer to be a dare devil than being a president

  • Tomas Petkevičius
    Tomas Petkevičius3 dager siden

    So much complicated BS.

  • BiloGadget
    BiloGadget3 dager siden

    2:52, ngl but this seems to be what is happening

  • A G
    A G3 dager siden

    For bumping, the president pro temp could bump itself until Congress is empty

  • Houssein K
    Houssein K3 dager siden

    Is grey going to assassinate a president?

  • Josué Flores
    Josué Flores3 dager siden

    4:15 fun fact: the departament of agriculture is still wórking.

  • Joshua Rowley
    Joshua Rowley3 dager siden

    "There really isn't time"

  • Diesel Jester
    Diesel Jester3 dager siden

    I was waiting for a BSG reference in this video and was not disappointed! :D

  • Farkas Csaba
    Farkas Csaba3 dager siden

    Most deadly job: be pope .

  • Patrick derp
    Patrick derp3 dager siden

    why does it matter to draw the states as women

  • Keegan Ead
    Keegan Ead3 dager siden

    I'm so glad you lingered on the last shot for so long. It was only familiar at first, then a few seconds later... YES BSG!

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    3 dager siden

    8 people dying over the span of 300 years is NOT the most deadly job... especially when 4 of those 8 were from natural causes....

  • Alvar Villa
    Alvar Villa3 dager siden

    Grey channeling his inner teacher VERY strongly here.

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    3 dager siden

    I love the final scene and the BSG shoutout.

  • tazmon122
    tazmon1223 dager siden

    POTUS is hardly the "most deadly" job in the US. shit it's pretty low. less than 20% mortality rate. doesn't even rank on the Bereau of Labor Statistic's dangerous jobs list. a fisherman is like 80% more likely to die on the clock than the POTUS. i mean shit, there've only been 8 deaths on the clock out of 45 presidents. that's like rolling two 12 sided dice and only a combined 7 is death.

  • Parker Varin
    Parker Varin3 dager siden

    Damn. I think we were all hoping the orange xenophobe would die a very ironic death.

  • Leo Grady
    Leo Grady3 dager siden

    Yo what is even is fhis, i just foundit and it is amazing

  • Gilly Puente
    Gilly Puente3 dager siden

    Where is your video about why you never own land? Why did you take it down?

  • B1 Adera, Yuval_STV01
    B1 Adera, Yuval_STV014 dager siden

    If all of the people in the presidential succession dies, it will be up to Kiefer Sutherland to save America.

  • the dude
    the dude4 dager siden

    A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris.

  • J D
    J D4 dager siden

    10:04 Battlestar Galactica?

  • IAM HE
    IAM HE4 dager siden

    400$ million insurances they never give four cents they rather lose 400$ million than say this victim was right and they were wrong. Where the money flows souls flow on that directions and if that direction is wrong they go to the wide gate that leads to destruction. But if they go towards the tiger the fiver flows on the seas and they all become fresh water huh 🤔 Going and eating on the seas there will never be fresh water there they be waiting forever and ever without fresh water. That’s why scripture says what he closes no one can open ever again water that is never fresh water. Salt pits that souls will be dying of thirst try drink salt water when you thirsty see wheat happens how you start to burn in flames 🔥 Halloween party for losers Hebrews 6::8 But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned. Jesus would not have said IAM thirsty if there was there something to drink in Egypt 🇪🇬 Only Jesus could endure such agony of death and be resurrected again without water. Acts 2:24 But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him. On third day he rises again that is to say 2000 years had to pass in a natural time. That’s why all apostles are on earth sleep walking as of 2020 AD That same Paul that is sleep walking in new city called them mutilators of flesh what did they do to him how much money he got from insurance huh 🤔 666$ a month with satanic psychopath psychiatrist operating his neck so many times. And they all said this person went out of his mind they call him crazy huh 🤔 Why is LYDIA SARA MARIA on earth sleep walking also huh 🤔 Jesus was same thing walking at Solomon colonnade and he hid changed space time they could not see him anymore and was in front of them but on a different timing they could not recognize him anymore. Proof Daniel 2 He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Notice Jesus does not change laws huh 🤔 See this is different the one who tries to change times and laws huh 🤔 Daniel 7 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time. Psalm 49:19 they will join those who have gone before them, who will never again see the light of life. 20People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish. Revelation 14:20 They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses' bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia.

  • Nadir Bait Saleem
    Nadir Bait Saleem4 dager siden

    Grey makes politics so interesting

  • Allison Willner
    Allison Willner4 dager siden

    The still of the Supreme Court as a very bored cosmic genie is for some reason intensely funny and relatable to me

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose4 dager siden

    I was watching this and all I could think was ”This is Kamala’s plan”

  • Umberscore
    Umberscore4 dager siden

    0:58 I think you mean, Paradise

  • theaxehandle1
    theaxehandle14 dager siden

    0:51 deadliest*

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    4 dager siden

    8:24 Protestant problems 😂😂😂😂

  • Ain415
    Ain4154 dager siden

    I love the final scene and the BSG shoutout.

  • MoVieZafterMidNiGhT
    MoVieZafterMidNiGhT4 dager siden

    8 people dying over the span of 300 years is NOT the most deadly job... especially when 4 of those 8 were from natural causes....

  • JoeOfCourse
    JoeOfCourse4 dager siden

    So this is Harris' plan

  • Khanh Pham Gia
    Khanh Pham Gia4 dager siden

    3rd world dictatorship :"everything is so simple here"

  • casbyness
    casbyness4 dager siden

    7:48 - this of course did happen the Battlestar Galactica reboot :)

  • Cameron Diflo
    Cameron Diflo5 dager siden

    Whenever someone Says Department of Homeland Security I say to my self Im the Department of Homeland Security b*tch

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb5 dager siden

    This has me even more convinced that parliamentarianism is better. Because in a parliamentary government, if the PM is unable to do their job the rest of their party can remove them from the position and replace them with another member of the party.

  • Erik Andersson
    Erik Andersson5 dager siden

    Haha Galactica refrence in the end a man of culture i see!

  • Nate_the_gamer_24
    Nate_the_gamer_245 dager siden

    So I guess this kindof explains why the main character of 'Designated Survivor' wasn't allowed to go to the thing

  • Robert Meshew
    Robert Meshew5 dager siden

    Crazy confusion, typical gov policy.

  • HyperPixel
    HyperPixel5 dager siden

    I was watching this and all I could think was ”This is Kamala’s plan”

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke5 dager siden

    Everyone: Lincoln, Kennedy....? Grey: Garfield, McKinley Man's always on point.

  • Comrade Ryan
    Comrade Ryan5 dager siden

    In this logic the most deadly job is being the pope, literally like all of them died on the job

  • Funtime _1008

    Funtime _1008

    2 timer siden

    @Limepop but when a pope resigns they keep there popelyness but doesn’t have any of the power this is what is happening now with 2 popes being alive so yeah 100% of popes die on the job

  • Comrade Ryan

    Comrade Ryan

    2 dager siden

    @Mister Skeletal not if the pope calls a crusade against america

  • Mister Skeletal

    Mister Skeletal

    3 dager siden

    That's why the title says "In America"

  • Limepop


    3 dager siden

    @AnnaEmilka "Like". There's a lot of popes, something like 260. In the long-ago, 5 definitely resigned, 5 allegedly resigned. Then there's Benedict XVI (formerly Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Ratzinger)) and Pope Francis (for now). 95% is a pretty big number, especially compared to stuff like Supreme Court Justices and definitely POTUS. A quick aside: it wasn't until 10 minutes ago that I found out Benedict XVI still goes by Benedict XVI instead of going back to Josef Ratzinger. Guess I heard otherwise back in 2013 and didn't think to fact-check until today. Still walks around lookin all pope-y too. Kinda weird, if I'm being honest.

  • AnnaEmilka


    3 dager siden

    Nope, Benedict is still alive and not the pope anymore ;)

  • Spazz
    Spazz5 dager siden

    US: imma do this later US almost 200 years later: oh yeah this exists

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    5 dager siden

    #10" was named John Tyler. 4:02 Woodrow Wilson.

  • joseph jackson
    joseph jackson5 dager siden

    8:24 Protestant problems 😂😂😂😂

  • joseph jackson
    joseph jackson5 dager siden

    If Biden is elected president, Kamala will shortly take over since Biden will be unable.

  • DatOneDood


    4 dager siden

    @slacky i perfer to think humanity is better than that

  • slacky


    4 dager siden

    @DatOneDood could even be a threat.

  • Master Yoda

    Master Yoda

    4 dager siden

    @DatOneDood neither can i

  • DatOneDood


    4 dager siden

    cant tell if thats a joke or your opinion... actually, dont answer.

  • halladall1
    halladall15 dager siden

    Isn't Designated Survivor a TV drama?

  • metacob
    metacob5 dager siden

    1:45 Those poses and facial expressions are really well done! I know this channel isn't really about the art, but this is solid cartooning!

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt6 dager siden

    Nice. . . .

  • Kim Wiley
    Kim Wiley6 dager siden

    What's going on with Catalonia?

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy6 dager siden

    Funny I just have watched Designated Survivor on Netflix x)

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    6 dager siden

    The "ASSASINS" broadway comeback is looking fun

  • Kasper Nielsen
    Kasper Nielsen6 dager siden

    ofc Education is way is ofc the US after all ;)

  • Vipp
    Vipp6 dager siden

    I assume it just sorta... ends, with the Secretary of Homeland Security? Obviously SOMETHING terrible has happened if the 17 most important people in the executive branch AND the 2 most important members of congress to be dead, so maybe theres more pressing issues than the next president? Still, its a bit unnerving that we only have 16 backups for one the most important seats in the world.

  • Yam
    Yam6 dager siden

    Madam President Rosalind made an excellent survivor

  • Aintquite Wright
    Aintquite Wright6 dager siden

    I have the most deadly job in America: retirement. More people are injured in falls, hospitalized, and die in retirement than any other job. I love it.

  • Tactical Waffle
    Tactical Waffle7 dager siden

    tfw you dont see the HUD secretary at the state of the union

  • I Am Becoming
    I Am Becoming7 dager siden

    The two people from Congress should be removed from this list or put at the bottom. That's the Legislative Branch. Succession of the Executive should be exclusive to the Executive Branch. The current system leads to too much opportunity for one branch of Government to attempt a full-on coup. Which would have seemed unheard of until say, 2016 or so.

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    6 dager siden

    Roslin was education not agriculture

  • Physics Waves and Optics UAEU
    Physics Waves and Optics UAEU7 dager siden

    Wow Nice

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    6 dager siden


  • Ora
    Ora7 dager siden

    Why not use the names of the presidents? This sounds so weird. 1:30 the president was not called "the 9th btw" he was William Henry Harrison and the "then vp" or "president #10" was named John Tyler. 4:02 Woodrow Wilson.

  • ZyklonButterfly
    ZyklonButterfly7 dager siden

    The American political system is so arcane.😳

  • Walter Kolczynski
    Walter Kolczynski7 dager siden

    Nitpick: while the Speaker has always been a member of the House, it does not have to be.

  • Adam Ryan
    Adam Ryan7 dager siden

    BEWARE Hillsdale College and their advertisements. They're a Republican propaganda machine.

    CRAKKA7 dager siden

    It says VP and EITHER advisors or body etc. VP still needs to be involved

  • Nick Valentine
    Nick Valentine7 dager siden

    i thought i paused youtube i was looking at the intro of jericho when i was hovering over it and i legit thought this was the explanation for the lore