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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe Adapt10 mÄneder siden

    Let me know what videos u wanna see me and the boys make at the new crib!!

  • UltraFN


    3 mÄneder siden

    FaZe Adapt sup

  • Ruti Lokot

    Ruti Lokot

    6 mÄneder siden

    My name is faze arushi lol. Jk im not a faze member yet but ill make it there bro trust me :) yall literally have my personality and the vibe is real over there at the faze house. Im proud bro truly as a rapper/singer i see true talent from every member in faze !!! Wait for me ill pop up soon. Arushi out!

  • Conor


    8 mÄneder siden

    @Vision Exotic hell nah

  • Ft Bankz

    Ft Bankz

    9 mÄneder siden

    The GTR n Mc Laren Race on a Track adapt v Rain

  • Chronicles


    9 mÄneder siden

    FaZe Adapt you said there was extra rooms so I would put a suggestion out, Nick Merks

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMĂ„ned siden

    Last time we saw the house with like 8 floors

  • Will Playz
    Will Playz2 mÄneder siden

    Busted man

  • Nathan Andrew Davis
    Nathan Andrew Davis2 mÄneder siden

    I see you guys went from the city life (with like the pervious FaZe House) now to the country-side. Also; is it me, or is THIS house a lot smaller than the pervious ones as well as much older as well?

  • EinsNeunSieben
    EinsNeunSieben3 mÄneder siden


  • David Vaughn
    David Vaughn3 mÄneder siden

    I think faZe rug shudded move in

  • Jrko outtta no where
    Jrko outtta no where3 mÄneder siden

    Just wondering what is your bed called

  • MAria Bravo

    MAria Bravo

    3 mÄneder siden


  • MAria Bravo
    MAria Bravo3 mÄneder siden

    Just wondering what is your bed called

  • lil rob Jr
    lil rob Jr4 mÄneder siden

    Default cool

  • lil rob Jr
    lil rob Jr4 mÄneder siden

    Can I join faze thes is my name befaulte cool

  • Josh Rajasekaran
    Josh Rajasekaran5 mÄneder siden

    anyone know what adapts chanel chain is called

  • Cj Heflin
    Cj Heflin5 mÄneder siden

    Look at rains thumbnail from 5 years ago doing the faze house tour and look at this vids thumbnail

  • Lite Nolan
    Lite Nolan6 mÄneder siden


  • stunz_yt
    stunz_yt6 mÄneder siden

    who is watching in 2025

  • mahum khan
    mahum khan7 mÄneder siden


  • syed zaahid
    syed zaahid7 mÄneder siden

    How’s your punishment

  • Only Frankie
    Only Frankie7 mÄneder siden

    What happened to faze Barry???

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell7 mÄneder siden

    Can I join? I will literally Sh*t on you in Fortnite

  • Max T
    Max T7 mÄneder siden

    Rice should move in

  • Mark Geiger
    Mark Geiger7 mÄneder siden

    What happened to old faze house

  • dylan hart

    dylan hart

    7 mÄneder siden

    Sadly the TikTok hype house group brought it

  • NightHunterX
    NightHunterX7 mÄneder siden

    Someone please tell me what LED lights adapt uses

  • It’s Naise
    It’s Naise7 mĂ„neder siden

    Carter and lizzy and everyone moved into the old faze house

  • The1astPlayer YT
    The1astPlayer YT8 mÄneder siden

    Gamma tower

  • Cyber beats
    Cyber beats8 mÄneder siden

    Who's watching dis now

  • Frenzyy.
    Frenzyy.8 mÄneder siden

    Hide and seek in faze house

  • i. i
    i. i8 mÄneder siden

    Get a room for rug and Sommer

  • Maani Campbell
    Maani Campbell8 mÄneder siden

    I should live there coz I don’t realy have a good house

  • Everyday Games
    Everyday Games8 mÄneder siden


  • I quit LOL
    I quit LOL8 mÄneder siden


  • Assist
    Assist8 mÄneder siden

    My life would be set, I am 12 and if I joined FaZe I just lived here, finished my education, hang out with ADAPT, would be goated...

  • Yaqnn
    Yaqnn8 mÄneder siden

    That's fake

  • Cisco NBA
    Cisco NBA8 mÄneder siden

    the basketball edit with banks actually had me dying

  • GREG
    GREG8 mÄneder siden

    One of the open rooms belong to jev!

  • VerifiedAntonio
    VerifiedAntonio8 mÄneder siden

    0:57 scared tf out of me

  • Hunter Beissenherz
    Hunter Beissenherz8 mÄneder siden

    Who’s the other guy in the pic of ny house Ik apex nordan Alex and banks but who’s the ginger

  • Authentic Gucci
    Authentic Gucci8 mÄneder siden

    Break the walls to the closets and make it into 1 big closet.

  • Jake Taylor - THV Student
    Jake Taylor - THV Student8 mÄneder siden

    When u went to the old house your gaming chair was there

  • Mikka
    Mikka8 mÄneder siden

    Where is Apex?

  • Dr. Spamzz
    Dr. Spamzz8 mÄneder siden

    how do you just give ur cat to ur roommate?

  • Riley14
    Riley148 mÄneder siden

    The gangs all here :)

  • Abdirahman Hassan
    Abdirahman Hassan9 mÄneder siden

    Can i join faze

  • I clapped you Ezzz
    I clapped you Ezzz9 mÄneder siden

    Adapt got kicked out into the tree house for uploading faze house too early

  • kja presents
    kja presents9 mÄneder siden

    You have hit that cat because when they move away from your hand that means that you hit them and they're scared of you poor cat

  • AuraReader
    AuraReader9 mÄneder siden

    I need apex In here asap

  • Ft Bankz
    Ft Bankz9 mÄneder siden

    Alex wheres the GTR ?

  • Billingc
    Billingc9 mÄneder siden

    Next faze house just be them buying a small town

  • K G
    K G9 mÄneder siden

    Hide n seek

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse9 mÄneder siden

    Troll again the Faze House Guys

  • mystery Music
    mystery Music9 mÄneder siden

    You guys accomplished a lot thru out life

  • DOOZIE_ cloak
    DOOZIE_ cloak9 mÄneder siden

    I should live their

  • Itz Tasc
    Itz Tasc9 mÄneder siden

    In your videos

  • Itz Tasc
    Itz Tasc9 mÄneder siden

    Faze adapt why don’t you show your cat

  • Lucc DundeeJr
    Lucc DundeeJr9 mÄneder siden

    Room is dope af but you should put star ceiling thing you had in ny

  • Emily Rollins
    Emily Rollins9 mÄneder siden

    Imagine having 3 closets

  • Nuu Lyfe-
    Nuu Lyfe-9 mÄneder siden

    jet, apex

  • alijah foster
    alijah foster9 mÄneder siden

    That clip of banks getting hit by a ball😂😂

  • Squirrel gangツ
    Squirrel gangツ9 mĂ„neder siden

    Y’all should make a blazikan in a room. He’s done sm for faze clan and he has to live with himself

  • Charlie Craig
    Charlie Craig9 mÄneder siden

    Apex and Blazakin should move in no one wants cizzorz in

  • Block Tewe
    Block Tewe9 mÄneder siden

    Why do all the Faze Members say the n Word

  • MR. NOOB
    MR. NOOB9 mÄneder siden


  • MR. NOOB
    MR. NOOB9 mÄneder siden

    Who are the faze members that live in the faze house

  • MR. NOOB
    MR. NOOB9 mÄneder siden

    Hey where is orba?

  • Twixxie
    Twixxie9 mÄneder siden

    I'm so jealous bro

  • Marina Pascacio
    Marina Pascacio9 mÄneder siden

    That room is fire đŸ”„ bro vibes

  • xqsx
    xqsx9 mÄneder siden

    where apex and blaze bring them in

  • Max Dernbach
    Max Dernbach9 mÄneder siden

    You should recruit Tiko to faze

  • Jaysling
    Jaysling9 mÄneder siden

    Apex please

  • CLAPS24
    CLAPS249 mÄneder siden

    2:27 đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚

  • David Ramirez Jr.
    David Ramirez Jr.9 mÄneder siden

    Bruuuuu the knock at 0:56 is sooo real😭

    ELION9 mÄneder siden

    blaze and orba shud live with you guys

  • Wmxttt W
    Wmxttt W9 mÄneder siden

    Take jev

  • croosh
    croosh9 mÄneder siden

    anyone else with a headset on look to the right after hearing the knock at 0:56

  • Rohith Devaraja
    Rohith Devaraja9 mÄneder siden

    no ricegum

  • Deantol
    Deantol9 mÄneder siden

    I've been gon for a year but what happened to sky?

  • Potato
    Potato9 mÄneder siden

    Should Barry be in FaZe

  • Brxndon
    Brxndon9 mÄneder siden

    Hope you all know Justin Bieber use to live in that house that is fire AF

  • ariaky rodriguez
    ariaky rodriguez9 mÄneder siden

    I'm not cracked but I'm good can I join

  • Josu. aye
    Josu. aye9 mÄneder siden

    Football game at the new faze house ?

  • StealThiX PlayZ
    StealThiX PlayZ9 mÄneder siden

    Alright I hope you see this but it is really important this is my whole life forever dream and goal so let me tell you this its really important I want to join faze and if I do I will liget li,e be the happiest person in the whole living life so I'm also going to be messaging on faze clan channel

  • Cyberbear
    Cyberbear9 mÄneder siden

    Bro Adapt. We need Apex and Blaze in here ( possibly Jev as well )

  • Alexander Taber
    Alexander Taber9 mÄneder siden

    This is the lamest most white bread group of humans ive ever seen

  • Joseph daguanno
    Joseph daguanno9 mÄneder siden

    blaze and rug but if rug cant then apex

  • Lighting Edler God
    Lighting Edler God9 mÄneder siden

    Hide and seek is lit

  • Kamryn
    Kamryn9 mÄneder siden

    My last name is Schofield

  • perc
    perc9 mÄneder siden

    Bring in Blaziken and Jev

  • Tajerome
    Tajerome9 mÄneder siden

    you need apex and cheo. They the homies

  • KAR98K Clan
    KAR98K Clan9 mÄneder siden

    Invite me for a 1v1 on cod4 remastered im undefeated

  • thanasis834
    thanasis8349 mÄneder siden

    The pc setup he got is uncomfortable AF, I know he doesn't game anymore but still feels inappropriate for a faze member

  • TD Barrett Jr.
    TD Barrett Jr.9 mÄneder siden

    Does highsky live there?

  • Erik GĂĄspĂĄr
    Erik Gåspår9 mÄneder siden

    I think I should live there!

  • Damien Bladadah
    Damien Bladadah9 mÄneder siden

    Trick shots off the house video

  • Damien Bladadah
    Damien Bladadah9 mÄneder siden

    I love that juice world painting my nigga

  • Angel Recendez
    Angel Recendez9 mÄneder siden

    Who votes for blaze and apex to move in !!!

  • Walid Mustafa
    Walid Mustafa9 mÄneder siden

    faze rug should live here

  • Kyrix
    Kyrix9 mÄneder siden

    FaZe Sway And HighSky1

  • Jasmin x
    Jasmin x9 mÄneder siden

    “Let me know who should live here because we have 2 empty rooms” that’s messed up.. Blaze deserved to be there.. faze out here becoming snakes

  • David Baez
    David Baez9 mÄneder siden

    Los lujos de la droga

  • ITZ Fayte
    ITZ Fayte9 mÄneder siden

    Jev pls if jev lives in this house I’d cry and blazikan (I refuse to call him blaze😂)

  • Oliver 11
    Oliver 119 mÄneder siden

    Bringing in Jarvis but leaving blaze?that so wowww!!

  • Cambria Sipprell
    Cambria Sipprell9 mÄneder siden

    Imagine leaving blaze and apex out