The NEWEST FaZe House Member! (REVEALED)

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    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    that's the room where teeqo moved in

  • Leo Samonte
    Leo Samonte7 måneder siden

    wait, Avxry was in FaZe? when was that a thing

  • Jambo Jet
    Jambo Jet8 måneder siden

    J J

  • JomarhFN
    JomarhFNÅr siden

    1v1 me epic:TTV_Cloudy087

  • Toni Nelson
    Toni NelsonÅr siden

    Now that’s jarvises room

  • broimbad
    broimbadÅr siden

    Any 2019

  • JardyQuist
    JardyQuistÅr siden

    Alex like ur kinda bad, still love your vids tho

  • Ali Reemaaz Ahmed
    Ali Reemaaz AhmedÅr siden

    30 kills avery 29 kills adapt bush camper 1 kill

  • bandz 408
    bandz 408År siden

    Name of the song ? At the end

  • Goated_ Zero
    Goated_ ZeroÅr siden

    When fortnite was fun

  • ғɪʀᴇ sᴏᴢᴢ Nebulous
    ғɪʀᴇ sᴏᴢᴢ NebulousÅr siden

    Its Avxry and I didn't watch!

  • T O X I C 裸着哈特
    T O X I C 裸着哈特2 år siden

    0:45 close your eyes

  • Brandon Tobin
    Brandon Tobin2 år siden

    I love adapt but he's so bad at fortnite lmao

  • Neomizo
    Neomizo2 år siden

    you are building like a bot lmao

  • BullBall
    BullBall2 år siden

    He looks like nick from big mouth

  • Bisesh
    Bisesh2 år siden

    Aka jack u mean John

  • Amanda Mcafee
    Amanda Mcafee2 år siden


  • Amanda Mcafee
    Amanda Mcafee2 år siden


  • Bob Marli
    Bob Marli2 år siden


  • Souf 0313
    Souf 03132 år siden

    How you get in faze noob

  • Abdulaziz Diaaeldin
    Abdulaziz Diaaeldin2 år siden

    Faze Avxry

  • juan perez carrasco
    juan perez carrasco2 år siden

    Tenser my favorite youtuber Hi hows life

  • Kronic
    Kronic2 år siden

    adapt is so horrible 😭😭😭

  • Justin Ovalle
    Justin Ovalle2 år siden

    I’ll win faze adapt in a 1v1

  • Taiylor Robbins
    Taiylor Robbins2 år siden

    Rip bounce pads and loot lake☹️😂

  • Vanessa Silva
    Vanessa Silva2 år siden

    I don’t like the fact Avery does not talk...

  • dane davidson
    dane davidson2 år siden

    Plz play more with them I love all of u funniest squad ever

  • Julian Gon
    Julian Gon2 år siden

    What happened with Barry 😢

  • Relavistic
    Relavistic2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to lose in mii maker

  • Official Weston Schaefer
    Official Weston Schaefer2 år siden

    Adapt is so bad he is about to drewl when playing

  • Assassin
    Assassin2 år siden

    It’s John not jack porky leaked it

  • A3GIS
    A3GIS2 år siden

    5:37 This is why you stay in school kids

  • DeshAa Abdo

    DeshAa Abdo

    9 måneder siden


  • Ethan Haas
    Ethan Haas2 år siden

    Brooo laptop just fell on my nouse owwwwww

  • Txrxnce
    Txrxnce2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to drink water from a bottle in a shower

  • Pixel
    Pixel2 år siden

    at 3:17 hes moving ingame but not touching his controller

  • _benji69420_
    _benji69420_2 år siden

    Adept the ripe of guy to cook with a ligher and a pan

  • Janet; Stuart
    Janet; Stuart2 år siden

    Axvery looks like captain sparkles

  • HeroesField
    HeroesField2 år siden

    Clout house right

  • xd petey
    xd petey2 år siden

    Good job at 5 mil

  • Almost Pro YT
    Almost Pro YT2 år siden

    he’s hella good

  • L0rd
    L0rd2 år siden

    Only if rain was here to make fun of you now

  • Mason Dile
    Mason Dile2 år siden

    How can you join the faze clan

  • SauceInThe Dark
    SauceInThe Dark2 år siden

    I want to join faze but twitch stream can I do that adapt

  • •suspectes•
    •suspectes•2 år siden

    Can I 1v1 u in playground plz

  • I SouLZz I
    I SouLZz I2 år siden


  • Jelly God
    Jelly God2 år siden

    32 game

  • Inferno Emperor
    Inferno Emperor2 år siden

    Who is the leader of faze

  • Makhi Dinet
    Makhi Dinet2 år siden

    I thought it was tofu

  • Evil Cat
    Evil Cat2 år siden

    “So like 4+2+11 is like 25” that’s why I failed my math quiz on Monday!!! Thanks adapt

  • Djohn 300
    Djohn 3002 år siden

    Faze is dead

  • Melissa Bushey
    Melissa Bushey2 år siden


  • Brad Benton
    Brad Benton2 år siden


  • Chee Meng NG
    Chee Meng NG2 år siden


  • Tubby Phoenix
    Tubby Phoenix2 år siden

    790,000. (Edit) view

  • Delayed Shotz
    Delayed Shotz2 år siden


  • Zero
    Zero2 år siden

    Can we get a girl in Faze like fuck I’m sure theres a girl that’s a complete beast out there

  • Andrew Vex
    Andrew Vex2 år siden

    dude soo disapointed with your gaming these last two years.....

  • Mayra Solis
    Mayra Solis2 år siden

    Imagine adding DARK and NINJA.......THIS WOULB BE THE BEST!!!!!!!

  • Lucafied
    Lucafied2 år siden

    On the thumbnail I bet it was a girl XD

  • 1.2kavery
    1.2kavery2 år siden

    My name is Avery

  • Scrubby 2.0
    Scrubby 2.02 år siden

    Can I join faze please

  • Youtube Live stats
    Youtube Live stats2 år siden

    Who ever sees this please make my dream come true as a youtuber

  • Antonio Green
    Antonio Green2 år siden

    If he can dot it I can maby

  • cyBer heX
    cyBer heX2 år siden

    Why you keep calling at the FaZe house I mean you guys can it's not really bothering me but it's it ricegums house(not saying that as a question because I know what's ricegums house)

  • MrTerranceBoi
    MrTerranceBoi2 år siden

    Thats the clout house

  • Bizarre
    Bizarre2 år siden

    Its old Clout House

  • Noah Sauceda
    Noah Sauceda2 år siden


  • Aedits
    Aedits2 år siden

    Outre song????? I NEEED IT NOWWW

  • puxWRLD
    puxWRLD2 år siden

    Ask cloakzy i want cloak in the faze House

  • Shipless XBL
    Shipless XBL2 år siden

    I saw this think on snap and it said u we’re fat and like 300 pounds and ur not I’m confused

  • Limerick abu
    Limerick abu2 år siden

    Can i move in please? :)

  • Revenge Frost
    Revenge Frost2 år siden

    The whole entire time I was like adapt close your mouth

  • ツEddy7202
    ツEddy72022 år siden

    I’ve been watching avxry since season 1

  • Zay Wrld
    Zay Wrld2 år siden

    I remember when u was fat asf

  • FredJAC
    FredJAC2 år siden

    Who else saw the sc when he ‘gained’ 100 pounds

  • XMp3Xdrone 1
    XMp3Xdrone 12 år siden

    You Fatass

  • Slim Colon
    Slim Colon2 år siden

    Anyone else see that sc vid of him being like 300 pounds lmao

  • Gnarly wave
    Gnarly wave2 år siden

    Did a adapt actually get fat or was that a joke on snapchat

  • Snowyyy
    Snowyyy2 år siden

    I thought he was grinding as a fat person

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay2 år siden

    Wgo elsr saw the faze clan Snapchat thing so game here

  • Chase McNicholas
    Chase McNicholas2 år siden follow me help a brother out

  • nnn nnn
    nnn nnn2 år siden

    Anyone see faze clans snapchat and how he gained 100lbs in 10 days??

  • zach nelson

    zach nelson

    2 år siden

    That was 7 months ago ,I looked it up after seeing it

  • Chase McNicholas
    Chase McNicholas2 år siden

  • TSM
    TSM2 år siden

    Do it pls 😂

  • TSM
    TSM2 år siden

    Do a mocking faze banks

  • Tz.Xi 邪惡
    Tz.Xi 邪惡2 år siden

    Who here after the FaZe Adapt gains 100 pounds story on snap?

  • SquishMitten66
    SquishMitten662 år siden

    dont sleep on The Young God AVXRY

  • billy alves
    billy alves2 år siden

    Will there be any cod videos soon ?

  • Eli Sanchez
    Eli Sanchez2 år siden

    Mocking FaZe Banks #5????

  • Joshuah Lee
    Joshuah Lee2 år siden

    looks like someone's obsessed with off-white and lil skies...

  • Chelsey L
    Chelsey L2 år siden

    Does the Avery dude play with lazar beam or am I’m tripping

  • Chelsey L
    Chelsey L2 år siden

    Just watched tfues vid

  • Ashton Beaman
    Ashton Beaman2 år siden

    Sub what be greatly appreciated. Thx

  • ItzMeLuiz
    ItzMeLuiz2 år siden

    Tfue is in the thumbnail and he has nothing to do with this video🤦🏻‍♂️ pathetic.. all you faze guys are using him for views , y’all are nothing without him and Fortnite 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kaden Narayani
    Kaden Narayani2 år siden

    yooooo I didn't even recognize axvry

  • Im Noobツ
    Im Noobツ2 år siden

    I miss old FaZe clan

  • isaac Jimenez
    isaac Jimenez2 år siden

    Bro its lil skies Lovecrlife

  • Nick
    Nick2 år siden

    What kind of camera do you use?

  • Bowen Wheatley
    Bowen Wheatley2 år siden

    I don’t like people that cuss but Alex is way to funny

  • iFlorisDB
    iFlorisDB2 år siden

    Whens nate Hill coming