The Original 1992 Dodge Viper Was a Ridiculously Basic, Dangerous Sports Car


The original Dodge Viper is a special car -- and today I'm reviewing the 1992 Viper. First I'll take you on a tour of this special Viper and show you all the quirks and features of one of the original Dodge Viper models built; then I'll get the Viper on the road and drive it -- and I'll let you know what it's like behind the wheel of Dodge's modern muscle car, the 1992 Viper RT/10.
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  • Kon Kidis
    Kon KidisTime siden

    No windows lol

    GROUNDPOUND69Time siden

    Windows? Nah. Fuel economy with a V10? Yea.

  • AvTR_Arn
    AvTR_Arn11 timer siden

    Why u need a radio when u have a V10?

  • Heather Spoonheim
    Heather Spoonheim12 timer siden

    Question for Doug. I understand why brands like Jeep, Cadillac and maybe Dodge have been maintained - but with so many companies being acquired, why maintain legacies such as Mercury, Buick, Pontiac, etc? We always knew that certain cars like the Comet were offered as the Maverick, but why did car companies maintain legacy branding for so long? I think this is an excellent topic for More Doug DeMuro, and given your history with cars, I think you are a great resource for an answer to this.

  • Fernando Lopez
    Fernando Lopez12 timer siden

    brb guys gonna get a gen 1 viper for free

  • Heather Spoonheim
    Heather Spoonheim12 timer siden

    I thought the Viper was incredible - but even if I won the lottery back then, I would have never paid that much for a Dodge. I don't remember the original price, but I do remember thinking that Dodge was out of its league. Today, I think that was the point. This was their way of stretching the Overton window on domestic car pricing. I don't think the Ford GT would exist without the Viper coming first. Sadly, I don't think that Dodge capitalized on stretching that window as much as their competitors.

  • Victor Trense
    Victor Trense13 timer siden

    Cool car but those panel gaps

  • whatever57010
    whatever5701016 timer siden

    I love how the trunk is the most secure place 😄 I guess you don't want your hostage escaping 🤪🤣

  • Mitch Reilly
    Mitch ReillyDag siden

    Doug: This is last car like this that will ever come from a major automaker Carrera GT: Am I a joke to you?

  • M D

    M D

    13 timer siden

    ? That car had alot of features and safety measures.

  • hapwn
    hapwnDag siden

    Truly an all American car! 🇺🇸😎💪

  • Derek Manning
    Derek ManningDag siden

    @25:28 Peterson team - wtf doug? You just blew by us there in a museum car...

  • Watching Yourvideo
    Watching YourvideoDag siden

    Needs the factory yellow wheels like on Vegas vacation

  • d s
    d sDag siden

    The door-mounted seatbelts were a cheap approach to passive restraints. The idea was that you were supposed to leave them latched all the time. When you open the door, you had just enough room to wiggle out from under the seatbelts.

  • Kwabena de la sankofa
    Kwabena de la sankofa2 dager siden

    the last American pure sports car; makes a C8 look like just what is, an overgrown slot car;

  • Shooter McG
    Shooter McG2 dager siden

    Nerd alert

  • Preston Rodenkirch
    Preston Rodenkirch2 dager siden

    Best drift car EVER! Forget those 4WD rice burners you see in Tokyo Drift. This baby could lap them in less than 10 laps. The definition of orgasmic driving.

  • Giovanni Miorandi
    Giovanni Miorandi2 dager siden

    What a shtty car always hated and now even more, its a total waste

  • Fluttrshy Pony
    Fluttrshy Pony2 dager siden

    Doug is the type of guy who can read brochures

  • DC 421
    DC 4212 dager siden

    If it doesn't have AC why does it have an AC panel?

  • Carsten
    Carsten3 dager siden

    Only in the us, you call a viper a "small sportscar". Me looking at my caterham -.-

  • PunkyB 88
    PunkyB 883 dager siden

    That stray hair on the left side of dougs head is driving me mad 🙁

  • Trevor Evans
    Trevor Evans3 dager siden

    I always loved the look of that thing and lusted after one, until I had a chance to drive one and thought it was the most impractical thing ever made. Got a Mustang

  • S W
    S W3 dager siden

    Doug: "i hate that it doesn't even have door handles" (15 minutes later) Doug: "I love that it doesn't even have door handles"... Idiot.

  • Michael Borneman
    Michael Borneman3 dager siden

    No security? Easy to get into?... that's just a normal dodge.

  • Zoe meow
    Zoe meow4 dager siden

    It's amazing 😍💖✨✨✨

  • C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
    C. Fecteau-AU-MJ134 dager siden

    Doug's the type of guy who trades in quality of life after the accident for quality of drive just prior to it.

  • Aerovette1
    Aerovette14 dager siden

    This guy's a dork

  • reddogbullcat
    reddogbullcat4 dager siden

    This MoFo is worried about Safety... Made me wonder if the adults of the 90’s were truly the last free, brave, down to earth generation

  • Gonken88
    Gonken884 dager siden

    It's the most typical American "sportscar"; big engine, heavy in the front, light at the rear, no downforce, shitty stiff suspension and unknown top speed. They basically just asked a 10 y/o paint a car with crayons, made a real life prototype and put a big engine in it.

  • HC DaVe
    HC DaVe4 dager siden

    finally been waiting 4 this i had this as a toy will always have a soft spot 4 Vipers

  • Tony Griffin
    Tony Griffin4 dager siden

    Wow, the YUGO of sports cars!

  • Jono Newman
    Jono Newman5 dager siden

    insurance companies must've loved it...

  • CSRB
    CSRB5 dager siden

    Imagine watching this in 100 years. Damn we were dumb. The pyramids still aren’t explained.

  • Land Nok
    Land Nok5 dager siden


  • JoeTFishing
    JoeTFishing5 dager siden

    I think I saw one on the road once. Never even saw any at all the car shows and cruise-ins I've been to. After seeing this video, talk about a colossal money-grab it was.

  • Matt Y
    Matt Y5 dager siden

    The the moral of the story is, this car is a death trap😂

  • Philippe Martins
    Philippe Martins5 dager siden

    Simple but so perfect 👌

  • ws how
    ws how5 dager siden

    No "Windows"? No need for virus scan. Cool.

    NEWROCKEROFFICIAL5 dager siden

    Top Gear N64 anyone?

  • Leandre Texier
    Leandre Texier6 dager siden

    here's how you should drive viper

  • Epic LEGO
    Epic LEGO6 dager siden

    A car with no windows! Did it have Linux?

  • Preproto
    Preproto6 dager siden


  • donnafromnyc
    donnafromnyc6 dager siden

    Sounds like a 1963-67 Corvette with side pipes and customized with no windows or door handles. He wouldn't like the exposed screws and no side pockets on it either. Whaddya think the floor was for?

  • Jul P
    Jul P6 dager siden

    8:41 Doug said : "This is an open vehicle, please drive carefully" but what is actually written is : "This is an Open Vehicle -- Drive Carefully" (there is no please)

    BOBBY BUDNIK6 dager siden

    No abs, no traction control, no airbags, no ac, no hood release cable....this is like every pre 80's muscle car....why so impressed?

  • Sincopare
    Sincopare6 dager siden

    LOL Watching you drive it away from the Museum. I wonder how large the deposit was to take it for a ride?

  • Glenn Shoemake
    Glenn Shoemake6 dager siden

    I remember in summer 1994 driving a Chevrolet Camaro getting passed by one of these cars on I75 and thinking to myself, let me try and catch up. As soon as I got behind him, he hit the accelerator hard and left me like I was sitting still. I remember the huge width of those rear tires. Great memory!

  • Invocated Agitator
    Invocated Agitator6 dager siden

    "THISSss is 1992 Dodge Viper THE original... and I, Doug Demuro, am in an aquarium!"

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama6 dager siden

    Anyone remember that bad TV show "Viper" in the early 90's starring a Dodge Viper? The car could change color and style, but it was never clear why the guy driving it ever really needed to do that.

  • tannerin
    tannerin6 dager siden

    i can’t get over the complete lack of security on such a stealable car

  • Saiful Adli Azahari
    Saiful Adli Azahari6 dager siden

    hey doug, review the lightning mcqueen next. heheheh

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King7 dager siden

    Oh I remember..... We all knew who had the coke in the 90's because a certain person's Viper would be in their driveway.

  • Erik Mason
    Erik Mason7 dager siden

    Still love this car my dream car

  • Mario Williams
    Mario Williams7 dager siden

    This car came out when I was 11 years old, and I instantly fell in love. I believe the first time I saw it was on the cover of Road and Track so many years ago. It's awesome seeing a review like this, and I learned some things that I did not know. Thank you Boss, you just earned a sub from me 👍🏾

  • Max Harris
    Max Harris7 dager siden

    fckn drive it!

  • Tonberry Hunter
    Tonberry Hunter7 dager siden

    I had a pretty large scale diecast model of this first gen Viper as a kid in the early 90s. Boy was that my most prized toy. I wish I still had it.

  • Skodz Gaming
    Skodz Gaming7 dager siden

    Wtf interior is crazy cheap

  • 63FalconHT
    63FalconHT7 dager siden

    I'm not sure why anyone would let you film a video in their car so you could crap talk it for 20 minutes. it's amazing how little you know about early 90s auto tech. things that seems shocking to you were pretty common place in 1992. ABS, air bags, traction control. options on some cars. the lever to remove a key, like every Ford built in the 80s and early 90s had that button. should named this video i'm confused by stuff from before my time.

  • Adam Caswell
    Adam Caswell7 dager siden

    I remember seeing the Viper for the first time on the cover of Popular Mechanics in ‘92. I wanted one then (I was 14) and still want one today.

  • Josh Marcelino
    Josh Marcelino7 dager siden

    No air conditioning but it has knobs and vents???

  • olosnah1
    olosnah17 dager siden

    if you need the ABS and other junk... you are not a real Driver. period.

  • pat jones
    pat jones7 dager siden

    I made it to 11:10. I don't know why I even tried to listen to this idiot. I really don't like any of these guys who get ahold of something, just anything, and act like they are the foremost expert on it. After a while they start sounding like what thy are, and that is self important bozos. This guy needs to quit worrying about this Viper and get into his Volvo wagon and go back to his apartment and leave the critique to people who are passionate about cars and would give an honest look at what is is supposed to be, and that's a weekend sports car for people who might appreciate it. NOT someone wondering where you are going to put junior and sissy in the back seat and where to put the groceries. I didn't make it that far into this, but I am sure that was next....

  • olosnah1
    olosnah17 dager siden

    100% pure awesome. Why would anyone want ANY of the modern "safety" garbage.

  • Tom Selick
    Tom Selick7 dager siden

    Ha! They installed door locks bc of the seat belt location

  • Άληστος
    Άληστος7 dager siden

    gran turismo 1-2 players still remember these licenses

  • Greg C
    Greg C7 dager siden

    What is that orange car at about 1:44? The one with what appears to be a slide out engine?

  • Steven Irby
    Steven Irby7 dager siden

    In the software world, this is what call an MVP (minimal viable product).

  • pcallah
    pcallah7 dager siden

    Why the Viper never caught on is beyond me. Perhaps because you had to know how to actually "drive" a car. Could be the last American car made that right off the dealer lot it would scare the hell out of you. Just like growing old the Dodge Viper ain't for pussies.

  • foosmonkey
    foosmonkey7 dager siden

    No AC, no storage compartments, just a loud stereo and an ashtray 😎🚬

  • Anthony Richardson
    Anthony Richardson7 dager siden

    I had a friend who owned one of these. It was a SPECTACULAR car!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D M
    D M7 dager siden

    How can you only get 400bhp out of an 8 litre engine? Does it red-line at 2000rpm?

  • GT 43
    GT 438 dager siden

    All cars used to be like that, without all the electronic safety stuff.

  • Steve D

    Steve D

    6 dager siden

    Yes and then they got better. Don't get me wrong, I love my classics, but they're not safe or efficient.

  • KÏd BÚddŸ
    KÏd BÚddŸ8 dager siden

    God first time seeing this was the nutty professor😂😂

    RMAURICIO19698 dager siden

    So many good things that came out of the 80's and 90's this car isn't one of them.

  • LBARecords
    LBARecords8 dager siden

  • CR3W1SH03S
    CR3W1SH03S8 dager siden

    It's raw... that's it.

  • CR3W1SH03S
    CR3W1SH03S8 dager siden

    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    SHES A. MAN8 dager siden

    You really got to drive a viper on Fairfax

    SHES A. MAN8 dager siden

    I want it now

  • T¡nfo¡l Hat
    T¡nfo¡l Hat8 dager siden

    Has ashtray though

  • T¡nfo¡l Hat
    T¡nfo¡l Hat8 dager siden

    I took one out one night for a joy ride with a buddy drunk as hell. We didnt die but came close. Did donuts in another guys yard for giggles.

  • Fore Dee
    Fore Dee8 dager siden

    Dodge Viper and TVR: the "git gud"s of the automotive world.

  • Skinnex
    Skinnex8 dager siden

    These windows must be the most random car fact ever Friends and family, prepare to be annoyed

  • Thomas Simeth
    Thomas Simeth9 dager siden

    You should really consider adding a startup/sound shot of the cars to your videos.

  • Vincent Mazzoli
    Vincent Mazzoli9 dager siden

    hey doug can you review the tacoma from the 90's

    JAY HARDEN9 dager siden

    24:00 *cocks gun.."a bra let me take a ride witcha"

  • Brian O'Shea
    Brian O'Shea9 dager siden

    About as much security as a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top on.

  • Inspector Kemp
    Inspector Kemp9 dager siden

    TALKS way too much, verbose and repeats

  • Tom Finn
    Tom Finn9 dager siden

    You point out air conditioning and air bags not being provided as if that's some weird thing. I was buying cars back then, and most of the cars on the lot had neither one. You could of course get them but you paid extra.

  • Mihai Guy
    Mihai Guy9 dager siden


  • CamdenBloke
    CamdenBloke9 dager siden

    I feel like you'd want to just weld the door shut and hop in and out Dukes of Hazzard style.

  • CamdenBloke
    CamdenBloke9 dager siden

    I vaugly remember a tv show called 'Viper'. It was a dodge viper that could transform or something.

  • Boris Os
    Boris Os9 dager siden

    I don't understand the obsession with security from 4:15 - 8-ish. So the car is made for rides out of the garage to the countryside, maybe an exclusive club with attended parking, or the race track and back to your garage. Anyone determined to steal it from there also has means to break many a security feature.

  • Jeffrey Kielwasser
    Jeffrey Kielwasser9 dager siden

    My father in law worked at the proving grounds,and scrapped out several in his 32 years there.

  • gary cooper
    gary cooper9 dager siden

    Sorry. Could not finish watching this. Most irritating voice on you tube.

  • TheNitroG1
    TheNitroG19 dager siden

    ok is the priority for the 1992 dodge viper. 1.big engine styling 3. safety lock on the ignition key 4. snake skin hood badge... I guess.

  • TheNitroG1
    TheNitroG19 dager siden

    how is it every copy of this car hasn't been stolen? security probably super easy to hot wire and at the time it was one of the most desirable cars you could buy.

  • Alex Fontainne

    Alex Fontainne

    8 dager siden

    nobody needs dirty viper parts, furthermore, no free lunch is worth a fiery death

  • dachanist
    dachanist9 dager siden

    It isn't Chrysler/Dodge. It's Dodge Chrysler. Those aren't two trademarks, they are instructions.

  • Grizzly Cali
    Grizzly Cali9 dager siden

    Would've been better off building a Shelby kit car instead of this if you had the money back in '92

  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann9 dager siden

    So... The weight saving battle for commercial sport/super cars actually started here?!