The Trade Offer Responses..


someone genuinely offered me a ferrari...
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  • Sam Crabtree
    Sam Crabtree6 minutter siden

    I done all u wanted now give me my iPhone will

  • Sam Woodroffe
    Sam Woodroffe11 minutter siden

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can I have the iPhone 12 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you are cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll pls

  • Theo Robinson
    Theo RobinsonTime siden

    WILLNE do a Diss on morgz mum and you should use the line you're own son has done a Diss track on you

  • C Red
    C RedTime siden

    Would trade 20 chicken nuggets...... 🤷‍♀️💀

    MUHAMMAD ZAIN2 timer siden

    Willine is indeed very funny

  • HeyIt'sLara
    HeyIt'sLara2 timer siden

    I’m creasing

  • Nitroharsh
    Nitroharsh3 timer siden

    Good video

  • Louise Painter
    Louise Painter3 timer siden

    Great video

  • Nolan Casselman
    Nolan Casselman4 timer siden


  • Rohan Journey and Vlogs
    Rohan Journey and Vlogs5 timer siden

    Alright willne please get that play button

  • Mohamed Bile
    Mohamed Bile5 timer siden

    «Something funny»

  • Hal Petty
    Hal Petty5 timer siden


  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin5 timer siden

    Hallo I am all seeing

  • Ivan Purdy
    Ivan Purdy6 timer siden

    I was really confused as to why skinny willne was wearing a gym shark shirt till I saw the ad

  • Josh Bowers
    Josh Bowers6 timer siden

    Literally can’t wait for the trades 😂😂

  • DeadDonut 2
    DeadDonut 26 timer siden

    What a crazy video your so crazy and attractive will :)

  • Nibba Eater
    Nibba Eater6 timer siden

    Yes iPhone 12 I need lol

  • Shaun Celms
    Shaun Celms13 timer siden

    Can I get it please

  • Santos
    Santos15 timer siden

    Won't have the dog for long 😂

  • Gen-Z Schwifty
    Gen-Z Schwifty16 timer siden

    What is it with wills skin cell fetish😂

  • B Fostekew GK
    B Fostekew GK17 timer siden

    Saying that it wont make me the favourite for it so I take the fuck your back

  • B Fostekew GK
    B Fostekew GK17 timer siden

    I’m never gonna get the iPhone 12 so fuck you 🖕😂

  • Otto Allison
    Otto Allison18 timer siden

    Easy pleasy

  • PeachyCupid
    PeachyCupid18 timer siden

    The amount of WillNE ads I got on this

  • Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson18 timer siden

    Nobody: Those guys at the end: Yeah we'll take the Porsche, Bella Delphine car and the bear for a Starbucks uniform that was drop kicked. Thanks

  • NW4312
    NW431218 timer siden

    WillNE what is your obsession with skin cells? 😂

  • Luke J
    Luke J19 timer siden

    You are so very cool will

  • Otwist Yeh
    Otwist Yeh19 timer siden

    I’ll trade a mclaren f1 car (jk I’m poor)

  • im_the_meme_dealer
    im_the_meme_dealer19 timer siden

    yoooo plz i even live in the uk soooooo plz

  • Joel Farr
    Joel Farr20 timer siden


  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel20 timer siden

    Am I late to win the iPhone 😂

  • peter thwaites
    peter thwaites20 timer siden

    hello can i get the iphone 12 i’m stuck with an iphone 7 that’s is so bad has a cracked screen i don’t have enough money to get another one

  • NIALL BOSS 486
    NIALL BOSS 48622 timer siden

    iPhone 😁😁😁

  • Theo King
    Theo King22 timer siden

    Will should make a museum of NOlocal history

  • Theo King
    Theo King22 timer siden

    I got a JD ad of willing lol

  • I M O G E N
    I M O G E NDag siden

    Winning would be great but I doubt it 😂

  • Laura Admans
    Laura AdmansDag siden


  • Ollie Hughes
    Ollie HughesDag siden

    You gotta love watching this after a day at school

  • Crocily MC
    Crocily MCDag siden

    Can I have the 2nd iphone please will

  • Lola Hamley
    Lola HamleyDag siden

    I'm just saying that I have an android so if you can help a girl out??

  • Green Sloth
    Green SlothDag siden

    Yes phone

  • Owain Scorey
    Owain ScoreyDag siden

    id love an iPhone 12, if there still up for grabs

  • i am ur left toes cuxzin
    i am ur left toes cuxzinDag siden

    mans in a jd advert but has a belle delphine car and a morgz mum clock

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe TaylorDag siden

    Great vid

  • _Dwagons_
    _Dwagons_Dag siden


  • William Oh
    William OhDag siden

    the best utuber

  • Stanley Griffiths
    Stanley GriffithsDag siden

    hi i would love the iphone cus my phone is smashed

  • Mats Rettedal
    Mats RettedalDag siden

    Love this

  • Nataly Jacobs
    Nataly JacobsDag siden

    Wills best NOlocalr. Road to hundred million. Iphone 12

  • Nevil Apel
    Nevil ApelDag siden

    give me phone 2021

  • Thunderz
    ThunderzDag siden

    Willl amazing vid gimme a iPhone

  • Smart Alec Videos
    Smart Alec VideosDag siden

    WillNe you are soo FREAKING ATTRACTIVE!!!

  • Liam Merson
    Liam MersonDag siden


  • Splash
    SplashDag siden

    Will your a cutie and your soooooo funny luv the content

  • Jaden Gilbert
    Jaden GilbertDag siden

    I’ll swap you my corsa!!

  • Niii
    NiiiDag siden


  • Sterling Trezise
    Sterling TreziseDag siden

    i did it pick me

  • Mister Mo
    Mister MoDag siden

    "Cool comment"

  • Ethan Catherwood
    Ethan CatherwoodDag siden

    Mate I really like your stuff

  • Brandon Lynch
    Brandon LynchDag siden

    I have an android help me out please

  • Dan Rochester
    Dan RochesterDag siden

    Hi love your videos

  • Feliks Sadrija
    Feliks SadrijaDag siden


  • Penguining
    PenguiningDag siden

    Poor Mini wants to trade himself :D

  • madhave kumar
    madhave kumarDag siden


  • Malte Carlsson
    Malte CarlssonDag siden


  • Chris From Arbys
    Chris From ArbysDag siden

    comment for phone

  • player2boy36
    player2boy36Dag siden

    Imagine if i won the phone lol (Sub please)

  • AFluffyCarrot
    AFluffyCarrotDag siden

    Meow woof woof caterpillar iPhone twelve hint hint poop man

  • F1X1R09 -Brawl Stars
    F1X1R09 -Brawl StarsDag siden

    Will:clapped Jack:blind and deaf Will:Gorgeous

  • Waltrie Kas
    Waltrie KasDag siden

    I just want a iphone

  • Jacob Binns
    Jacob Binns2 dager siden

    iPhone 12 pls

  • Morgan Whittaker
    Morgan Whittaker2 dager siden


  • Energy Gaming
    Energy Gaming2 dager siden

    willne should be granted the king of giveaways.... and trading a belle delphine fiat 500

  • Tomás Clancy
    Tomás Clancy2 dager siden

    I want to trade my live for th iPhone

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller2 dager siden

    I never watch channels like this, but I’m actually loving you Will and Kieran!

  • TheMagpie42
    TheMagpie422 dager siden

    How is Willne in a JD advert haha

  • Osse The gamer
    Osse The gamer2 dager siden

    PewDiePie is swedish Me: jag också

  • Osse The gamer
    Osse The gamer2 dager siden

    B R U H

  • poop floater
    poop floater2 dager siden


  • HarleyHuws
    HarleyHuws2 dager siden

    can I av fone

  • Corey Stone
    Corey Stone2 dager siden

    Love your work brother keep on keeping on

  • The Chunk
    The Chunk2 dager siden

    I wanted to give my mum away but then I’d be scared if I won🤣

  • JDSupreme 9
    JDSupreme 92 dager siden


  • Joseph Pearce
    Joseph Pearce2 dager siden

    Need a new iPhone hahahhaha

  • Pugge
    Pugge2 dager siden

    This is great

  • DJ DK
    DJ DK2 dager siden


  • Mtb Madness
    Mtb Madness2 dager siden

    This is so so funny 😔

  • Spencer Taylor
    Spencer Taylor2 dager siden

    I'll trade my drift car for the Porsche 😂

  • Dark3King6
    Dark3King62 dager siden


  • Hugo Boss
    Hugo Boss2 dager siden

    Road to 100M

  • Timo Los
    Timo Los2 dager siden

    i would trade everything for thar porche

  • Timo Los
    Timo Los2 dager siden

    this is amazig

  • Oscar Foster
    Oscar Foster2 dager siden


  • Aman Chavda
    Aman Chavda2 dager siden

    It’s so kind for him to give all his stuff away (For a trade)

    TESCO MAN2 dager siden


  • pawz
    pawz2 dager siden

    I'll hve it

  • RoyerGamer
    RoyerGamer2 dager siden

    I want iphone 😡😡😡

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor2 dager siden

    Merry Christmas 👍

  • Jarlathcon245
    Jarlathcon2452 dager siden


  • Hannah Orhan
    Hannah Orhan2 dager siden