The TRUTH About FaZe Rain...

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  • SliXx
    SliXxMåned siden

    Rain: 2020 is going to be crazy NOW: This year was boring.

  • Jasjot H
    Jasjot HMåned siden

    Well this didn't go as planned

  • Austin Davis
    Austin DavisMåned siden

    18:28 “2020 is gonna be crazy” man.........😔

  • Zlimeyz -
    Zlimeyz -Måned siden

    Rain still isn't back. damn.

  • Acexzet
    Acexzet3 måneder siden

    What’s the music playing at around 18:20 - 18:50

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T3 måneder siden

    "ill punt a 4th grader i dont care" lmao

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T3 måneder siden

    Whats adapt on tho lol

  • Puppys 9 9 9
    Puppys 9 9 95 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt seems like he dosent care about juice wrlds death at all even though he said,”I MET MY FAVORITE RAPPER” and doesn’t care bout his death

  • Kuziis
    Kuziis5 måneder siden

    i miss rain hes gotta get back on his feeeeeeeeet

  • 100 subs With a video of a biscuit
    100 subs With a video of a biscuit5 måneder siden

    Rip juice

  • Bitchis Newport
    Bitchis Newport6 måneder siden

    Tbh I wish faze never broke up,if it wouldn't for faze I wouldn't grind I wouldn't even play cod if it wasn't for them,

  • Cendars
    Cendars6 måneder siden

    Yo you guys are saying it now and how like a year ago he was better but he was always like this for like 3 years but now the drugs about Nordan is public so yeah, its been happening

  • manny
    manny6 måneder siden

    Juice died your favorite rapper

  • manny


    6 måneder siden


  • getshlumped
    getshlumped6 måneder siden


  • Antixanz
    Antixanz6 måneder siden

    I really hope nord goes back to normal 😩

  • el gallito
    el gallito6 måneder siden

    🗣Fuck Faze clan 👁👹👹👹

  • Ivan Escatel
    Ivan Escatel6 måneder siden

    Who is watching when rain changed

  • TGregs
    TGregs6 måneder siden

    Go help your friend out Alex

  • X Prime
    X Prime6 måneder siden

    Damn la really changed faze hope rain good tho

  • Evade_ Clan_679
    Evade_ Clan_6797 måneder siden

    Rain and adapt mixed = rap

  • Hack er
    Hack er7 måneder siden

    Vape lord nord

  • Cliff Long
    Cliff Long7 måneder siden

    who else thinks they're high asf

  • PokeDake
    PokeDake7 måneder siden

    Love these dudes.

  • Smitty5423 HD
    Smitty5423 HD7 måneder siden

    Its not even like there friends it just like a fucking interview

  • Zylo
    Zylo7 måneder siden

    Who here after he got kicked from faze 😢

  • Shane D Agostino

    Shane D Agostino

    6 måneder siden

    He didn’t get kicked from faze sped

  • Waazin Niyazie
    Waazin Niyazie8 måneder siden

    Adapt make nordan make new videos hes still wasting time

  • Cornbreadddd
    Cornbreadddd8 måneder siden

    Most of these kids are too dumb to have anything in 10 years.....

  • Dylan Mckenna
    Dylan Mckenna8 måneder siden

    what happened to banks???

  • Dini Genie
    Dini Genie8 måneder siden

    the kids now and days wouldn’t understand 🤦‍♂️

  • Clippzz
    Clippzz8 måneder siden

    Aye vape lord nord

  • ChickenJay
    ChickenJay9 måneder siden

    Lmfao I remember the mayo thing

  • Brady Schindler
    Brady Schindler9 måneder siden

    Either you all have the same clothes or y’all share but it throws me off all the time. I’ll see one of y’all rocking the black kappas then boom someone else will have the exact same pair

  • Cesar Jimenez
    Cesar Jimenez9 måneder siden

    Rip Juice Wrld

  • Lucafer
    Lucafer9 måneder siden

    "I'll punt a forth grader"

  • junkfoojon
    junkfoojon9 måneder siden

    They said the original people but kicked blaze out tf is wrong with yall

  • Erica Salinas
    Erica Salinas10 måneder siden

    Yo is he gana come back

  • ankit gundewar
    ankit gundewar10 måneder siden

    All that remains is a video with romvn

  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison10 måneder siden

    What’s the beat in the first seconds of the video

    NUMBERONETOYOU10 måneder siden

    Still remember just waiting to get out of school to watch your NOlocal videos, now I have nothing.

  • Mesa jar jar binks
    Mesa jar jar binks10 måneder siden

    They’re high asf

  • chakra
    chakra11 måneder siden

    what's the song at 7:14?

  • TheVampyD
    TheVampyD11 måneder siden

    Buzz from home alone

  • papi paul
    papi paul11 måneder siden

    What happened to moe

  • Proxima Storm
    Proxima Storm11 måneder siden

    Bro I miss the old faze those were mad waking up and watching a vid from faze creators I miss old faze

  • Moiz Abid
    Moiz Abid11 måneder siden

    It’s so funny watching this now because you know their both high😂

  • Chino
    Chino11 måneder siden

    Some good content would be they smoke a wood before they play a game and have a commentary while they high asf

  • Market Money
    Market Money11 måneder siden

    These niggas too old now, faze needs to be prodigy game teens. Bring back faze, the clowns old news and boring

  • Chowd 4000
    Chowd 400011 måneder siden

    Adapt looks so stoned

  • Chowd 4000
    Chowd 400011 måneder siden

    I want to sesh w rain & adapt

  • jen
    jen11 måneder siden

    rain keeps it real

  • HnB Justo
    HnB Justo11 måneder siden

    Best Duo man I missed you guys

  • PhonyTV
    PhonyTV11 måneder siden

    I been binge watching old ny faze house

  • Carter Harris
    Carter Harris11 måneder siden

    R.i.P juice wrld

  • Carter Harris

    Carter Harris

    11 måneder siden


  • tim vu
    tim vu11 måneder siden

    well its 2020 now.........

  • Fuck Every one
    Fuck Every one11 måneder siden

    Yo we can all tell yall ain't even wanna do this ik yall just wanna go sesh n popper it up

  • Fuck Every one

    Fuck Every one

    11 måneder siden

    Faze rains likes wheres the tebo

  • JAY 4
    JAY 411 måneder siden

    Bruh LA broke you guys hahah

  • isuckedthosetittiesfirst
    isuckedthosetittiesfirst11 måneder siden

    alex cooked in this

  • Julian Star seed
    Julian Star seed11 måneder siden

    Faze rain drop eternal atake

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White11 måneder siden

    Which part of the vid did he talk about rain?

  • Alyzah
    Alyzah11 måneder siden

    So glad he's coming back!

  • noname noname
    noname noname11 måneder siden

    Rain didn’t post much but idk why but he is still my favorite faze clan member there is just something about him

  • Brody Robertson
    Brody RobertsonÅr siden

    Love you 2 so much keep doing what yous do

  • Waffley
    WaffleyÅr siden

    This vid got me tearing up because these guys were my roll models growing up and coming home from school every day watching these guys and grinding bo2

  • Kevin Atan
    Kevin AtanÅr siden

    Can u make a remake of adapts «i love it»!!!

  • f4h1m12
    f4h1m12År siden

    Adapts high

  • Tyne
    TyneÅr siden

    This vid kinda made me sad

  • machinegunnick 19xx
    machinegunnick 19xxÅr siden

    No more after school videos from the good boys 😞

  • RaPtix
    RaPtixÅr siden

    NY and Newport were the best times

  • bjorn karth
    bjorn karthÅr siden

    What the melo song at 8 minutes

  • DR
    DRÅr siden

    7:15 onwards , things went this way because none of the faze members from NY stayed together after new port , lets hope they come back together 😪💔

  • Pace
    PaceÅr siden

    Remember when Alex made a vid about rain dying in the snow in New York cause he’s so short 😂

  • KM


    11 måneder siden


  • Alex Bexkham
    Alex BexkhamÅr siden

    Nordan cute asf 🖤🖤

  • Football Fan

    Football Fan

    6 måneder siden

    You are a girl right?

  • warhuntr
    warhuntrÅr siden

    Nard says he can’t wait till a new game comes out that makes him wanna play again 3 weeks later plutonium bo2 comes out 😂😂

  • LD Roy
    LD RoyÅr siden

    This video gives me no choice but to have a old faze house marathon.

  • tru2myg2
    tru2myg2År siden

    Y’all should make another food video like where y’all used to buy like a crap ton of food and eat it or the giant candy

  • Cody Jacobs
    Cody JacobsÅr siden

    Y’all are stuck in the past

  • Kevin Martinezz
    Kevin MartinezzÅr siden

    Bring them old days back!!!😢😢

  • sniper sloth
    sniper slothÅr siden

    My fav video from rain was trap queen montage bo2

  • Crazy Fall Guys Moments
    Crazy Fall Guys MomentsÅr siden

    What’s the thing that adapt says when he goes “water” in a funny voice? It’s something like that. Pls help me figure out what it is? I can’t figure it out?

  • Crazy Fall Guys Moments

    Crazy Fall Guys Moments

    År siden


  • e v

    e v

    År siden

    Boogon I think you mean when he says lighter and it means later

  • Xans Pows
    Xans PowsÅr siden

    What happened to roman?

  • Winter Szn
    Winter SznÅr siden

    They smoke weed

  • Daniel Paradise
    Daniel ParadiseÅr siden

    Honestly you 2 should just start a smoking podcast and bring people on and just roast viral shit or talk about stuff going on sports, fights, react to videos live,

  • Noah
    NoahÅr siden

    Aw u poor thing, u used to be passionate and now you're rich asf

  • Fxldxr
    FxldxrÅr siden

    Vape lord Nord

  • عبدالعزيز ـ
    عبدالعزيز ـÅr siden

    faze have been saying we have crazy shit coming since 2016

  • DXN 怒
    DXN 怒År siden

    Guys move to a smaller place, get the squad together and bring back BO2 I mean FaZe could get BO2 really popping again. FaZe 2020 lets go

  • Easton McRee
    Easton McReeÅr siden

    Omg confirmed FAZE ADAPT IS REALLLL every one thought he was a myth, fake, he’s real

  • rory cloughley
    rory cloughleyÅr siden

    Rain looks like a jihad

  • Ahrx-
    Ahrx-År siden

    Wondering what Taylor is doing now 🤔

  • Zaiko
    ZaikoÅr siden

    Y'all remember when everyone was saying they were gonna grind when they move into LA but they all quit

  • Diego Santi
    Diego SantiÅr siden


  • YIIN
    YIINÅr siden

    Got mad sad but also very inspired to keep pushing forward and to keep grinding till one day I can call you boomers my brothers lmao

  • Gunna Boy
    Gunna BoyÅr siden

    I wish NOlocal could go back to the best times 😔

  • Pookey
    PookeyÅr siden

    I miss bo2😢

  • Hazardous_HD_CW
    Hazardous_HD_CWÅr siden

    5:20-5:40 definitely had a stoner moment 😂😂😂😂💀

  • Gent Bekteshi
    Gent BekteshiÅr siden

    Adapt and Rain ❤️

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys JonesÅr siden

    Only the OGs remember the throwing knives and vape lord nord

  • Sous’s Missing Finger
    Sous’s Missing FingerÅr siden

    He needs to get fat again

  • Collin Gilbert
    Collin GilbertÅr siden

    What’s up with this BO2 Plutonium? Is BO2 making a comeback??????

  • Chase Yakeleya
    Chase YakeleyaÅr siden

    Nordan's got that 2020 vision no cap