The Truth About Living In RiceGum's House

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The Truth About Living In RiceGum's House.
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  • Manwel Yousif
    Manwel Yousif2 år siden

    Hey Keep up the great work

  • Munjid_abdel


    2 år siden

    #NOlocalrLifeMATTER n

  • Etsuko Groft

    Etsuko Groft

    2 år siden

    #NOlocalrLifeMATTER Bowjeet?

  • Daging Ayam

    Daging Ayam

    2 år siden

    #NOlocalrLifeMATTER baljeetle

  • Alicia Williams

    Alicia Williams

    2 år siden

    #NOlocalrLifeMATTER peace and subscribe

  • R


    2 år siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex

  • rasmus carti
    rasmus cartiÅr siden

    faze adapt stants for (face acne) like if you agree

  • snecc
    sneccÅr siden

    he rected top the shot befor he shot

  • Jj Nolan
    Jj NolanÅr siden


  • The Wiedźmin
    The WiedźminÅr siden

    who else been with this channel since the adapt/rain feuding days?

  • Maniacz___ Live
    Maniacz___ LiveÅr siden

    What was that song he was listening to

  • Purely Ali
    Purely AliÅr siden

    never vlog when you're high...content was really bad and cringy

  • Big Nibba
    Big Nibba2 år siden

    He reacted so early when he got that kill

  • Minion PlayZ
    Minion PlayZ2 år siden


  • The Shadow
    The Shadow2 år siden

    all that money and you still have a pizza face.

  • Henry Reyes
    Henry Reyes2 år siden

    that logic shirt is mf dope

  • WAstateofmind
    WAstateofmind2 år siden

    This kid really wants to be black...

  • El Gato Enojado Cocina
    El Gato Enojado Cocina2 år siden

    So you just the stole the clout house? Cam you seriously not get your own house tf

  • JTuni
    JTuni2 år siden

    Do u usually act this stupid

  • Jack Cleary
    Jack Cleary2 år siden

    why tf do u move every month

  • Rekt_Butterballs
    Rekt_Butterballs2 år siden

    Tfue should have twitch back like if u agree

  • Tadhg k
    Tadhg k2 år siden

    Is Avery moving in too

  • noah hansen
    noah hansen2 år siden

    does he have the same editor ass ricegum or what

  • Leo Lopez-Santillano
    Leo Lopez-Santillano2 år siden

    Shoulda stuck with COD

  • Momentum I
    Momentum I2 år siden

    SICK LOGO lol

  • Unknown EXO
    Unknown EXO2 år siden

    Is that logic soundtrack

  • Unknown EXO

    Unknown EXO

    2 år siden

    Maybe 5am

  • Carlos C. Contreras
    Carlos C. Contreras2 år siden

    Well... I just came to watch adapt after a long time because I stopped when they moved to the new house. I only found what I feared... A Completely changed person. Hollywood.

  • Reegeese J. Kraut
    Reegeese J. Kraut2 år siden

    Luv the logic shirt

  • Patricia Hernandez
    Patricia Hernandez2 år siden


  • staring at things
    staring at things2 år siden

    See how it pops and like... it aesthetic.

  • K18
    K182 år siden

    You're the ugliest azn I know

  • piEflavoredSoop
    piEflavoredSoop2 år siden

    Ricegun is The reason ninja died of Ligma

  • Braden Turner
    Braden Turner2 år siden

    Does he eat all the rice

  • yov aint ready
    yov aint ready2 år siden

    My bday is on july6

  • Rami Alhallak
    Rami Alhallak2 år siden

    What happebed to the faze house with temperrr apex rain and the whole crew

  • Rami Alhallak
    Rami Alhallak2 år siden

    So he still in faze or not?

  • Fusion EDM
    Fusion EDM2 år siden

    Nice man

  • Gone Forever
    Gone Forever2 år siden

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he stealing

  • Francisco Corona
    Francisco Corona2 år siden

    This man didn’t even talk about rice gum atta his whole entire video

  • BoomBoy
    BoomBoy2 år siden

    So sad you are friend with a super flexer and a guy that likes to make fun of rape victims

  • Shannon & Sophie
    Shannon & Sophie2 år siden

    I love prison break so so much

  • Colby Walton
    Colby Walton2 år siden

    So this is what happens when money gets to your head

  • Caine Marcus
    Caine Marcus2 år siden


  • TheRealiiLinkZ
    TheRealiiLinkZ2 år siden

    Get Apex and rain and blaze and nikian

  • TheOverPowerd
    TheOverPowerd2 år siden

    What happened to the faze I used to watch?

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor2 år siden

    “Everyone making videos” walks into Alisa and banks room “get the f**k out adapt!!

  • Ty Robertson
    Ty Robertson2 år siden

    Ur skin 🤢

  • i_Am
    i_Am2 år siden

    Don't try and be too much of an idol, Adapt. Do you

  • Noah Shoaf
    Noah Shoaf2 år siden

    rip x

  • Daemien Vasquez
    Daemien Vasquez2 år siden

    It seems like they’re always moving and starting over lol

  • Tom Roberts
    Tom Roberts2 år siden

    Alex has inspired me so much! It would mean alot if everyone could check out my channel and tell me what you think. Thanks :)

  • ConorGames
    ConorGames2 år siden

    Fortnite sucks

  • Velma
    Velma2 år siden


  • Slime Queen 7777777777
    Slime Queen 77777777772 år siden

    Put a trap in your room

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I Love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • IN Ferno
    IN Ferno2 år siden

    my bdays july 6th to lighteeerrrr

  • DeeZ Nut
    DeeZ Nut2 år siden

    How are you famous your asssssssssassssssssssssssssssss so assssssssssssssssss

  • crunch mclad
    crunch mclad2 år siden

    Explore abandoned places alert

  • Badfish Gaming
    Badfish Gaming2 år siden

    all That money cant clear up that pizza face YIKES

  • Keepin It REAL
    Keepin It REAL2 år siden

    This is what our world is coming too.....

  • zetium playz
    zetium playz2 år siden

    In the house

  • zetium playz
    zetium playz2 år siden

    Plz add cizzorz

  • Dawson Strickland
    Dawson Strickland2 år siden

    damn adapt, you got me thinking about my favorite tv show 'prison break" with that intro music

  • The Kid Who Got Framed
    The Kid Who Got Framed2 år siden

    Bro get Tfue

  • Forever Zaev
    Forever Zaev2 år siden

    fuck yeah still got that old school logic boomin' in the background

  • Da Architekkt
    Da Architekkt2 år siden

    Brooo Tfue needs to stay there

  • Noriaga
    Noriaga2 år siden

    lmfaooo nigga said deadass idk why that threw me off

  • HomiebeHuncho
    HomiebeHuncho2 år siden

    Hey you guys need to watch out for GUG they are a clan that's starting to go viral and they might run you guys out if you sleep on them.

  • minazukiii
    minazukiii2 år siden

    Why’d you make the faze house in the clout house

  • Joshua Sabatino
    Joshua Sabatino2 år siden

    Lmao he is dumb, he is obviously lying

  • Joshua Sabatino
    Joshua Sabatino2 år siden

    Faze vs optic. Lmao like is that a thing anymore

  • Eli S.
    Eli S.2 år siden

    What’s his outro song

  • Crallo
    Crallo2 år siden

    Is Tfue moving

  • The Skeeda
    The Skeeda2 år siden

    You know the that moment when you find faze in their sick trick shots on black ops in like every other NOlocalr is addicti to fortnight but your like “faze clan don’t let me down bro DONT BE CRIBG BRUH” then u see this video and the new recruits

  • No One
    No One2 år siden

    He doesnt even speak on ricegum

  • Exzo
    Exzo2 år siden

    zuckles is moving in bois

  • Anthony Z.
    Anthony Z.2 år siden

    Bring back COD days 😭

  • Lexlie
    Lexlie2 år siden

    I know it’s lit right

  • Michael Messing
    Michael Messing2 år siden


  • Anna TDG
    Anna TDG2 år siden

    Wtf does the title have to do with the vid

  • Eric Goes Ham
    Eric Goes Ham2 år siden

    He sounds like hes on heroin

  • Jason John Cruz
    Jason John Cruz2 år siden

    Living with RiceGum he moved into the other fortenite house Coult Gang a shout out to Faze Bank, nothing beats the original Faze Team

  • Expert 07
    Expert 072 år siden

    U and tommy clean up the hole place and invite all the faze members (Apex, Rain, Blazikan, Cheo and the rest)

  • King Trxps
    King Trxps2 år siden

    Can I join FaZe been a OG and wanna 1v1 people in FaZe HMU Dope_Groundhog26 PSN

  • Matthew Rumble
    Matthew Rumble2 år siden

    Bro what happened to ricegum, sommer, alissa, and all of the clout gang?? I am so confused where did they all go. I met ricegum outside his house and on my channel just a year ago and now he is not uploading and gone. What happened?

  • tyler hlavacek
    tyler hlavacek2 år siden

    Rob dyrdek's fantasy factory was a great show

  • NORTH_AK _
    NORTH_AK _2 år siden

    You guys better get jev in this house

  • Emils Uldriks
    Emils Uldriks2 år siden

    Duuude that haircut on that guy

  • izaac
    izaac2 år siden

    U suckkkkkkkkk

  • isa reynoso
    isa reynoso2 år siden

    listening to X 3 days before he died ;(

  • Diego L
    Diego L2 år siden

    Bring in FaZe Cizzorz

  • Rolando Hernandez
    Rolando Hernandez2 år siden

    Stop moving it takes time to remember how the house looks

  • Mr Jose
    Mr Jose2 år siden

    We're is apexxx

  • Deptiko
    Deptiko2 år siden

    I sitted on fuxking pc for 12hrs

  • Gausts
    Gausts2 år siden

    Fuck Ricegum and Banks, FaZe is ruined tbh.

  • Daniel Remke
    Daniel Remke2 år siden

    Rob dyrdeck is the shit

  • ZimriDaSavage
    ZimriDaSavage2 år siden

    Rice is on faze ??

  • Mike Gerth
    Mike Gerth2 år siden

    is this 14 year old flexin on 9 year olds?

  • Mhndx
    Mhndx2 år siden

    Tfue and cloakz?

  • Mitchell Flores
    Mitchell Flores2 år siden

    Is spaylyon moving in to

  • Synthesis Chanel
    Synthesis Chanel2 år siden

    See if you will regret it

  • Relieve
    Relieve2 år siden

    So rice gum just gave u guys a free 10 million dollar house

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez2 år siden

    Nothing about ricegum😂

  • davejpg
    davejpg2 år siden

    U had to adapt to it