The Unknown Truth About FaZe Clan...

The Unknown Truth About FaZe Clan...
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe Adapt29 dager siden

    i thought this was a fun idea, let me know what you guys think! happy holidays :)

  • Matty Black

    Matty Black

    10 timer siden

    im confused who was the person who came up with faze and are they still in faze or are they doing youtube tbf you prolly wont read this but uno

  • Samuel Morton

    Samuel Morton

    6 dager siden

    @FaZe Adapt, love the video man

  • Blake Powell

    Blake Powell

    12 dager siden

    Always good to go and look back where you started and came from crazy storys

  • Jason John Cruz

    Jason John Cruz

    15 dager siden

    Banks you rock, a bond

  • Koala


    17 dager siden

    We need a unedited video

    MAX CASTILLO2 timer siden

    Adapt looks high all the time

  • Rohan Shankar
    Rohan Shankar3 timer siden

    I was born in 2010

  • ツJason Quintero
    ツJason Quintero5 timer siden

    I miss tfue so much

  • Devin Roxo
    Devin Roxo6 timer siden

    Adapt the type of guy to spray pant peps pig on Frazier’s head

  • Devin Roxo

    Devin Roxo

    6 timer siden

    I meant peppa pig

  • turdie burdie
    turdie burdie11 timer siden

    bro i used to look up to these guys and it seems as if their lives fell apart about the same time mine did. i love all of the guys in faze i used to watch and i miss my childhood and watching these guys in faze house ny at the age of 9. looking back its so sad to see how much my life has changed just in the past 6 years. love you all ❤️

  • Crap Face
    Crap Face18 timer siden


  • Twix
    Twix19 timer siden

    My uncle told me he used to make fun of him because he was good friend with banks dad and he made fun of him for sitting in his room all day

  • wjqn
    wjqn22 timer siden

    been here sense the start

  • ricardo ortiz
    ricardo ortizDag siden

    Teeqo is the living embodiment of the Simpsons

  • Mxjorr
    MxjorrDag siden

    He looks like how he was in the New York house I miss those times

  • Litbanger
    LitbangerDag siden

    He joined faze on agust 1 witch is my bday and the year to

  • Ferocious Entail
    Ferocious EntailDag siden

    adapt the type of guy to reload cancel a semi auto

  • Icon1k
    Icon1k2 dager siden


  • Scope2401
    Scope24012 dager siden

    How are you guys still in faze when y’all don’t play video games anymore

  • Daft Punk

    Daft Punk

    Dag siden


  • Twitch Frosty
    Twitch Frosty2 dager siden


  • Owen
    Owen3 dager siden

    what happened to cizzorz?? does he not live there anymore

  • transfer
    transfer3 dager siden

    Wow this video is so nostalgic love it

    POG CHAMP3 dager siden

    00:9 what about cizzors

  • The Office
    The Office3 dager siden

    So where’s cod

  • Viewie
    Viewie3 dager siden

    I haven't watched a FaZe video since about 2016 and HE LOST THE ACNE BRO WTF HAPPENED

  • Ziyah Massiaz
    Ziyah Massiaz4 dager siden

    Make these nostalgia vids a thing again...

  • Juan pvte
    Juan pvte4 dager siden


  • Jordz
    Jordz4 dager siden

    Hi ladies and gentleman may God grant you a blessed year 2021 for you and your families in Jesus name amen. If you want check out one of my videos and leave a comment and if I see the comment ill subscribe to your channel bye peace!

  • MXRuben
    MXRuben4 dager siden


  • Maria Huynh
    Maria Huynh5 dager siden

    Love your vids Teeqo hasn’t aged

  • test me
    test me5 dager siden

    Adapt Lucas banks tommy Teqqo Nikan they all care about nordan they just don’t wanna address the situation because there channel is about pos vibes

  • bob marley
    bob marley5 dager siden

    A decade of Faze TEEQO !! YESSIRRRR

  • bob marley
    bob marley5 dager siden

    Love this Origin story

  • xhPlays- PS4
    xhPlays- PS45 dager siden

    Nigga I’m an og y’all best times was the nyc house

  • GOAT Shabbar1234
    GOAT Shabbar12345 dager siden

    Didnt rain do this vid

  • Shaun Odell
    Shaun Odell6 dager siden

    adapt the type of nigga to take the trash out and put it under the tranpoline

  • supreme ice big pop 935
    supreme ice big pop 9356 dager siden

    where is rug

  • xystumpy
    xystumpy6 dager siden


  • Tavo Mk
    Tavo Mk6 dager siden


  • Lure Clips
    Lure Clips6 dager siden


  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage7 dager siden

    damn frazier’s part

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage7 dager siden

    i love banks

  • GhostfaceGengar
    GhostfaceGengar7 dager siden

    This is the fuckin content we wanna see 🙌🏼

  • Max Tersmette
    Max Tersmette7 dager siden

    insane video

  • get off the mobile phone
    get off the mobile phone7 dager siden

    Do mocking faze banks 6

  • D Dott
    D Dott8 dager siden

    I just want you guys to play cod again

  • Ethan Guar
    Ethan Guar8 dager siden

    When u run out of ideas lol

  • icks gang
    icks gang8 dager siden


  • Mike M199
    Mike M1998 dager siden

    I remember the days back in MW2 when faze got the hype & every one used FaZe in the clan tag

  • abloozed
    abloozed8 dager siden

    SoaR Makkz & Markouh are keeping it down for sure. I remember fucking with them in the bo2 days trickshotting n shit

  • Kraum
    Kraum9 dager siden

    I miss the pre new york faze house days

  • أسد الغابه
    أسد الغابه9 dager siden


  • DERF fred
    DERF fred9 dager siden

    tell me how you grew that beard in seconds. please.

  • Corrupt Duck
    Corrupt Duck9 dager siden

    this video was fire

  • Frosty Dreamz
    Frosty Dreamz9 dager siden

    I saw this guy in cold war who was impersonating you

  • Jay2neatly L
    Jay2neatly L9 dager siden

    Unreleased content link 💯💥‼️

  • Jay2neatly L
    Jay2neatly L9 dager siden

    Unreleased content link 💯💥‼️

  • Ryan Grice
    Ryan Grice10 dager siden

    3:59 "And now look at where its at today" Yeah that clip is a great accomplishment for Jarvis.

  • TTV_Ghost Lumber
    TTV_Ghost Lumber10 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to give a “blind” person sunglasses and tell him it helps to see

  • SwarmVortex
    SwarmVortex10 dager siden

    I wish FaZe was still the way they use to be, it isn’t FaZe anymore..

  • Chrizly
    Chrizly10 dager siden

    didn't temperrr steal FaZe or sum

  • cam
    cam10 dager siden

    Remember the bo2 days brings back memories man

  • Ash456
    Ash45610 dager siden

    Hopefully nordan (rain) gets better he is soooo good at trickshotting deffo when he hit the crane trickshot first try on highrise

  • soul
    soul10 dager siden

    Low key I love how faze has become only ab money, use to be genuine but not anymore. It's ab how many celeb pps can we fit, how fake can we be, why do you think older faze members only associate with adapt when they have to 😂

  • soul
    soul10 dager siden

    You joined by playin cod then went for clout everyone knows this

  • Angel M. Ortega
    Angel M. Ortega11 dager siden

    This hits hard, feels like the old times with the FaZe van, hitting knife trick shots on the wall in FaZe house New York.

  • selymm.
    selymm.11 dager siden

    id actually kill to join faze cause i’ve supported them since bo2 and i play the same games as them but i’m only 14 and unknown

  • DTN_DoLo 2
    DTN_DoLo 211 dager siden

    Who remembers faze censor

  • Its. Flips
    Its. Flips11 dager siden

    I miss the old adapt , but I’m glad him and FaZe clan is going up in the world .

  • amacfn
    amacfn11 dager siden

    frazier and jarvis ruined the faze house

  • Jared Daiute
    Jared Daiute11 dager siden

    Idk abt dreams tho lol

  • Jared Daiute
    Jared Daiute11 dager siden

    I miss the old faze I remember allll their stories I gotta watch this just for the nostalgia

  • sparky 1
    sparky 111 dager siden

    i thought cizzzorz lived in the house

  • Dexter WIlson
    Dexter WIlson12 dager siden

    Wow. Didn’t know how much I needed that

  • SparkleWater Papi
    SparkleWater Papi12 dager siden

    Hey if u do twitch or like twitching follow sparklewaterpapi and I’ll follow u back? Jus comment back and tell me yo @ and I’ll do it

  • Derek Triana
    Derek Triana12 dager siden

    Illegally downloading Minions movie LMFAO IM DEAD 🤣😭💀

  • Marshall Martin
    Marshall Martin12 dager siden

    Wait... You live with your self?

  • The Lone Singer
    The Lone Singer12 dager siden

    Bro I saw u in LAROI’s without you music video bro u moving up

  • Vise XiaX
    Vise XiaX13 dager siden


  • Julio Perez
    Julio Perez13 dager siden

    i swear on my life teeqo gave me the faze jersey that year and i still have it till this day

  • Robert
    Robert13 dager siden

    Fuck I miss faze house 2015

  • Qifffy
    Qifffy13 dager siden

    This like the 4th time NOlocal done this

  • GAMEboy
    GAMEboy13 dager siden

    the unknown truth: only rug and nikan are worth watching

  • Sebastian Clara
    Sebastian Clara13 dager siden


  • Jay 0624
    Jay 062413 dager siden

    SMH if you don’t already know how they joined faze ur a fake fan

  • Balebs Bracken
    Balebs Bracken13 dager siden

    If you don’t know, go watch the montages....

  • Damian Driscoll
    Damian Driscoll13 dager siden

    Bro you guys have posted this video 5 times I miss the old faze hate the new faze

  • Sale Ra2ed

    Sale Ra2ed

    13 dager siden

    @Khaldeer nice your channel

  • Khaldeer


    13 dager siden

    If you are a fan of games, I hope you join my channel, I promise you, and you will not regret it thanks 🙏 ❤️

  • Hannah Rabalais
    Hannah Rabalais14 dager siden

    This is so chill. You most def have to put out more streams! You should stream with Bad Friends! Their vlogs hella are similar to Yes Theory and a bit of MrBeast. Theyre this lit group of vloggers in the world and they legitly get turnt every time. You should check their NOlocal out and give the guys a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsGoals

  • Khaldeer


    13 dager siden

    If you are a fan of games, I hope you join my channel, I promise you, and you will not regret it thanks 🙏 ❤️

  • Liam Callan
    Liam Callan14 dager siden

    what happened to your room did you get robbed 🤣

  • Aaron Villalobos
    Aaron Villalobos14 dager siden

    Dude grew his beard out mid video

  • Yo


    10 dager siden

    @Khaldeer idek

  • Khaldeer


    10 dager siden

    @Yo Why 😓

  • Yo


    10 dager siden

    @Khaldeer I regret it

  • Khaldeer


    13 dager siden

    If you are a fan of games, I hope you join my channel, I promise you, and you will not regret it thanks 🙏 ❤️

  • Jonny is Goated
    Jonny is Goated14 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to say he is smart

  • Khaldeer


    13 dager siden

    If you are a fan of games, I hope you join my channel, I promise you, and you will not regret it thanks 🙏 ❤️

  • Jonny is Goated

    Jonny is Goated

    14 dager siden

    I dont play fortnite

  • Ash456


    14 dager siden

    Shush fortnite kid

  • Kyle Stephenson
    Kyle Stephenson14 dager siden

    Loved this

  • Pussy Killer
    Pussy Killer14 dager siden

    nolocal.infoBbTE_CArwxY damn it’s been long time

  • Danielle Duke
    Danielle Duke14 dager siden

    Your head is busted

  • josiah greer
    josiah greer14 dager siden

    Yo yo yo. Make a faze plays search and destroy video

  • Collin Wyatt Berg
    Collin Wyatt Berg14 dager siden

    Real OGs remember when Rain was in the crackhead basement playing ffa with adapt

  • _ spacecatz321_

    _ spacecatz321_

    2 dager siden

    @Karen Palmer stfu karen

  • Qifffy


    13 dager siden

    The memories

  • Abdullah sakkijha
    Abdullah sakkijha14 dager siden

    Who hopes that rain comes back 😭😭

  • Tyler Doyle
    Tyler Doyle15 dager siden

    Its good seeing the og friendships still in tact get rain back

  • Billy Burggren
    Billy Burggren15 dager siden

    Only real ones know 1k ThIs Is mY MOM SHe FeeDs Me aNd STUFF

  • Joseph Doely
    Joseph Doely15 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy that drops a dish and says who dropped the dish!

  • Viper 32
    Viper 3215 dager siden

    8:45 banks had a vape

  • Apax
    Apax15 dager siden

    Adapts the type of guy to get banks and teeqo mixed up.

  • Archer Davidson
    Archer Davidson15 dager siden

    I don’t like jarvis

  • Noah Alan
    Noah Alan15 dager siden

    I remember when he downloaded minions😂😂😂😂