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  • Robert Tapia
    Robert Tapia8 måneder siden

    Haha these niggas barred out asff😂😂🤣

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    It's illegal drugs song by Alex and Roman

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • bishop
    bishopÅr siden

    5:50 ps and qs🔥🔥

  • bishop
    bishopÅr siden

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen

  • Sir Stunnin’
    Sir Stunnin’År siden

    What glasses are the ones adapt is wearing??

  • Elexis Lawhon
    Elexis LawhonÅr siden

    I literally saw the Dolan twins in the background

  • Little T
    Little TÅr siden

    Banks is smart, Romeo is a nonce so he goes somewhere else

  • Shannon Kenneally
    Shannon KenneallyÅr siden

    Peep the Dolan Twins at Romeo's :)

  • Milan’s Life
    Milan’s Life2 år siden

    Lier you said Roman is not in your videos anymore that video was 8 months ago and this is 7 months ago

  • Anthony Mejia
    Anthony Mejia2 år siden

    Why was you guys in the pool when it’s all green

  • Yung BD
    Yung BD2 år siden

    4:44 revenge hoodie

  • Magic MedNetwork
    Magic MedNetwork2 år siden

    You’re officially the second person to get the stupidest tattoo on the inside of their lip, me being the first....literally have LIT on my lip since July 2017 lol

  • Mango Coconut
    Mango Coconut2 år siden

    13:21 his face

  • wutpower
    wutpower2 år siden

    Man this house was lowkey lit

  • Olivia Leeman
    Olivia Leeman2 år siden

    Dolan twins 5:50

  • Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott2 år siden

    My step dad had his teeth tattooed with charger lightning bolts

  • DrphillipPHD
    DrphillipPHD2 år siden

    Pretty sure I lost brain cells watching this, 13 minuets of uninterrupted, cancerous, intellectually challenged frat kids. Why does society make people like you famous

  • ThatsSoNateOnPc
    ThatsSoNateOnPc2 år siden

    Anybody know where he got those glasses?? 8:20

  • Brandon Canales
    Brandon Canales2 år siden

    I stopped watching this nigga Alex for time now this half dead ass nigga turned fruity 😂 gettin tattoos on there lips and shit youssss a bum ass nigga

  • anita namin9
    anita namin92 år siden


  • kiran sra
    kiran sra2 år siden

    Ethan and Grayson in the back of the tattoo shop 😂

  • Abigail Burns
    Abigail Burns2 år siden

    anyone notice the dolan twins in the pack ground

  • Matt Steele
    Matt Steele2 år siden

    Roman should get blue hair

  • Belma
    Belma2 år siden

    Ethan and Grayson at Romeo’s hahaha they literally live there😂😂

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow2 år siden

    its likr jake paul's title its just the same

  • Anthony Mejia
    Anthony Mejia2 år siden

    Romans fat

  • Pau Moreno
    Pau Moreno2 år siden

    The Dolan twin are in the back

  • Elio Gonzalez
    Elio Gonzalez2 år siden

    dumbest tat ever

  • Isela Chico
    Isela Chico2 år siden

    Bro your a bitch

  • Giselle Corrales
    Giselle Corrales2 år siden

    That water looks nasty

  • Yvng Josh
    Yvng Josh2 år siden

    Dye that shit Purple!!!

  • Mike Fartini
    Mike Fartini2 år siden

    They don’t fade in 6 months lol my friend has had the pirate p on his lip for 8 years

  • IconTalents 1
    IconTalents 12 år siden

    The Dolan twins were thereee😆

  • oyku
    oyku2 år siden

    ethan was in the background

  • 10K
    10K2 år siden

    That tattoo is shit

  • Zen
    Zen2 år siden

    Fuck tattoos

  • Preston Langston
    Preston Langston2 år siden

    Starts at 7:05

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Holden Maples
    Holden Maples2 år siden

    Haven’t been here in a while did they move out of the original la faze house

  • Mohammed Alseraidy
    Mohammed Alseraidy2 år siden


  • Damion Franco
    Damion Franco2 år siden

    I don’t get why he talks like a little fucking kid

  • Moose Mania
    Moose Mania2 år siden


  • JDubz
    JDubz2 år siden

    what song is the montage made over

  • TheBrokeChigga
    TheBrokeChigga2 år siden

    Big balls

  • Cadence Green
    Cadence Green2 år siden

    Who else saw the Dolan twins

  • James Greer
    James Greer2 år siden

    What happened to Muhammad again?

  • Mike_
    Mike_2 år siden

    Is the watrr dirty? Lol

  • Robby Albert
    Robby Albert2 år siden

    Why is everyone just now saying adapt acts dumb he’s always acts dumb which is why I like him as a NOlocalr

  • itsKarlDesigns


    2 år siden

    +itsKarlDesigns fuck im stuttering

  • itsKarlDesigns


    2 år siden

    lmao exactlt...

  • Rodrigo Venegas
    Rodrigo Venegas2 år siden

    Bro wtf

  • Olivia
    Olivia2 år siden

    Did anyone else see the Dolan twins in the back?

  • Angel Verduzco
    Angel Verduzco2 år siden

    edit it it

  • NanoCh4nXD
    NanoCh4nXD2 år siden

    was that segway a ninebot?

  • O.C drizzy
    O.C drizzy2 år siden


  • Jacqueline Donate
    Jacqueline Donate2 år siden

    5:48 is that the Dolan twins in the back

  • Sky
    Sky2 år siden

    He should dye his hair bluee

  • ImHeavensDemon
    ImHeavensDemon2 år siden

    That was my least painful tattoo. i hace both lips and inside my cheeks done.

  • Guy
    Guy2 år siden

    He should’ve had wakanda tatted there

  • ASC Slurry
    ASC Slurry2 år siden

    video starts at 8:00

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez2 år siden

    what the song at 0:59 ?

  • MLG Owen
    MLG Owen2 år siden

    these guys are such idiots it's so funny

  • Noah Stephens
    Noah Stephens2 år siden

    1:12 song?

  • SV Mob
    SV Mob2 år siden

    Lowkey that water look dirty

  • Saliha Saeed
    Saliha Saeed2 år siden

    Collab with the dolan twins and I’ll love u forever

  • Saliha Saeed
    Saliha Saeed2 år siden

    Peep the Dolan twins

  • Becky Mercado
    Becky Mercado2 år siden

    The twins 😭❤️

  • Welsky
    Welsky2 år siden

    Didn't know our body temperature is 77°... thought it was 98.6° ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    JUAN PA CG2 år siden

    Hi les están copiando la marca

  • Najwan
    Najwan2 år siden

    i love u shirt

  • Avery Mather
    Avery Mather2 år siden

    Ethan and Greyson Dolan are in the backgrounder the tattoo parlor

  • William Wood
    William Wood2 år siden

    Adapt on some shit

  • George k
    George k2 år siden

    need to grow the fuck up

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha2 år siden

    Congrats adapt your now African American.

    YUNIN2 år siden

    Crazy how everybody on skies now. Ive been a fan of him since he had shows around here💪🏽🖤 underground shit

  • apple morz
    apple morz2 år siden

    You should do another mocking faze banks video

  • Art Fimbres
    Art Fimbres2 år siden

    10:53 Lil peep is that u

  • Trevor Tavoso
    Trevor Tavoso2 år siden

    WAIT. Jesse from nelk punched him?

  • Zhartion
    Zhartion2 år siden

    "The worst pain i´ve ever felt" Its not nearly as bad dude, i got 1 myself was just uncomfortable

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales2 år siden

    Where can I get those glasses does anyone know

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones2 år siden

    my dad has had his name in the same place for like 16 years and it has barely faded

  • YuhBoiJT
    YuhBoiJT2 år siden

    What song is that playing at 1:10?

  • XSET Laden
    XSET Laden2 år siden

    lol increbdible

  • Sarah Vega
    Sarah Vega2 år siden

    You can get a face tatt unless you plan on getting a job in the future

  • Gabriel Molina
    Gabriel Molina2 år siden

    Dat acini Do

  • KG Driip
    KG Driip2 år siden

    Adapt ur the goat

  • KG Driip
    KG Driip2 år siden

    He said the pool was body temp 77 degrees 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BFM_Static
    BFM_Static2 år siden

    im sorry but adapt used to be cool and smart but now hes just full on ignorant, it was a fun 5 years adapt.. but im out.

  • haydens
    haydens2 år siden


  • Tay No last name
    Tay No last name2 år siden

    HES SOOOOO DRAMATIC 🤦‍♀️ I have a fucking lip tat and it was nothing. Pussy.

  • Robert Rudolph
    Robert Rudolph2 år siden

    You're pool is nasty

  • Sharon Groves
    Sharon Groves2 år siden

    I miss the old faze house

  • Fluffy man5900
    Fluffy man59002 år siden

    What’s the name of that song? Anyone?

  • District Man
    District Man2 år siden

    This dude is baked😂😂

  • Ilyes Mezouri
    Ilyes Mezouri2 år siden

    what's your shirt anyways , with dollar sign and shit , thats fire

  • Unknown Gaming channel
    Unknown Gaming channel2 år siden

    Pain starts at 7:00

  • Minat0
    Minat02 år siden

    song 1:08

  • Jack Keeley
    Jack Keeley2 år siden

    “It’s like body temperature... 77 degrees”

  • Kraans
    Kraans2 år siden

    Why would you like it at 77 degrees in summer I’m dying in my house although I do have no air conditioning

  • Scarlett Smith
    Scarlett Smith2 år siden

    The Dolan twins in the back

  • Martin Zrno
    Martin Zrno2 år siden

    roman should dye his hair half purple half black like lil peep