THERE'S NO WAY THIS GUY'S DIAMOND | Road to Supersonic Legend #25


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Camera Settings:
FOV: 110
Distance: 270
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 1
Music from EpidemicSound.
Intro Music: Fasion - No Cry
Editor: DannyLotusTV
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  • Lethamyr
    LethamyrMåned siden

    4:30 *left OOPS, I did record this at like 5am haha, hope you guys are enjoying the series

  • rl.ctg006


    Dag siden

    i am but sleep over upload

  • Jake Frazier

    Jake Frazier

    28 dager siden

    You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.

  • CyberEliminator Official

    CyberEliminator Official

    29 dager siden

  • roxas dracun

    roxas dracun

    Måned siden

    Lol you got me lefthhhhxD

  • Conor Kielty

    Conor Kielty

    Måned siden

    Congrats on about to be hitting 800k

  • Miles Kinnee
    Miles Kinnee5 timer siden


  • Soap
    Soap2 dager siden

    Leth you really need to do this for solo, that would be amazing

  • The Knight
    The Knight3 dager siden

    I have realized gold 3s is just ping pong

  • Dustin C
    Dustin C3 dager siden

    I learned so much from this video, thank you for the great information while you were playing. I'm stuck bouncing between platinum and gold also cause I probably only have 24hrs in lol. How do you get Fennec??

  • Brian Li
    Brian Li13 dager siden

    7:19 yea but not many can actually TURN in the air like some

  • Pulse Jake
    Pulse Jake17 dager siden

    Name:moonlesskhan Picture:gru stealing the moon with sunless’ face on it Btw this is stolen i just thought it was good

  • Dabny Schnozel
    Dabny Schnozel20 dager siden

    i probably wouldn't use alpha boost if you're trying to be discrete

  • LN_SW
    LN_SW24 dager siden

    His intro is so mesmerising every time I c it

  • Tsukigure
    Tsukigure25 dager siden

    This should be called "Going to the back-port: the series"

  • seed A
    seed A25 dager siden

    If I were you I'd have said what's does leth mean ;)

  • LiquidCallous
    LiquidCallous27 dager siden

    So feel free call me stupid or slow but I still dont know why one of the best If not the best rocket league player is playing at a rank he is way above Content?? To show you can play at the level us peons very easily??

  • Téa Stevens
    Téa Stevens27 dager siden

    ur kinda like rude almost. not like bad rude but like humble and rude

  • Your boy Juan
    Your boy Juan27 dager siden

    This guy has such good commentary and can play so good

  • Icy playz gaming
    Icy playz gaming28 dager siden

    hi i scored my first ecent air dribble in train pack i got 2 mayjor touchs and scored im happy and im silver 1

  • Jake Frazier
    Jake Frazier28 dager siden

    You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.

  • Slack Starfish81
    Slack Starfish8128 dager siden

    Picture this: Dogless except it’s a close up picture of Jon Sandman that’s deep fried and expanded outward. Doesn’t make sense right? Yup that’s the point.

  • Slack Starfish81
    Slack Starfish8128 dager siden

    6:26 nah that’s Plat.

  • whizzbitman
    whizzbitman28 dager siden

    Last year you reported someone for smurfing you abit of a hypocrite realy. Does this all matter just because your doing it for a NOlocal video?????

  • NiKe
    NiKe29 dager siden

    Yea i play on PC-EU Lobby’s and that’s Gold 3/Plat Gameplay for me and I’m in silver 3 Still EU-Lobbys

  • BrandonXP
    BrandonXPMåned siden

    Name: *Crusty* Picture: Wrinkly cow

  • Kaden Parker
    Kaden ParkerMåned siden

    stop smurfing :(

  • Kaden Parker

    Kaden Parker

    Måned siden


  • Sven Kommerie
    Sven KommerieMåned siden

    Why did you choose for 2v2 not 1v1?

  • Lambros Gavalakis
    Lambros GavalakisMåned siden

    Over 1 Over zeros hair over the number 1

  • Raffael Banic
    Raffael BanicMåned siden

    Its stupid how many Smurfs are in Plat1+2. Many of my Opponents playing better and doing better (wall) arials than Leth´s Opponents in Diamond...

  • Frogy
    FrogyMåned siden

    I'm silver 2 :(

  • Noah Main
    Noah MainMåned siden

    i dont know why but i feel like he was playing worst then he used to

  • Jack G
    Jack GMåned siden

    diamond is SO painful, ur either an absolute shitter or someone who should be in champ 2

  • MythixNarutoRL
    MythixNarutoRLMåned siden

    i know leth is SSL but id hate to have him on my team because while he wont try to let them score, he wont try to score either lol

  • Zaner
    ZanerMåned siden

    Leths not going for any air dribbles?

  • Elias Papp
    Elias PappMåned siden

    Leth, you should change at least the car decals, you always use this one so it might raise suspicions.

  • Rmlbeast08
    Rmlbeast08Måned siden

    How do u see ur ranking like 1100 I’m on console btw

  • sixtythreechevy
    sixtythreechevyMåned siden

    imagine getting tilted by diamands /s

  • Jonathan Sokol
    Jonathan SokolMåned siden

    The shiny slime desirably wriggle because triangle genotypically shiver like a tame show. rough, boorish passenger

  • ES Zaiikgo
    ES ZaiikgoMåned siden

    do people not know how to speed flip in diamond?

  • pogcs •
    pogcs •Måned siden

    Deathamyr Pic: lethamyr as the grim reaper

  • tyr4ew5t4rwe
    tyr4ew5t4rweMåned siden

    Name: Bear Picture: We Bear Bear's ( Ice Bear )

  • Billy Begood
    Billy BegoodMåned siden

    LethaMeerkat A Meerkat's body with Leth's face

  • Billy Begood
    Billy BegoodMåned siden

    Fakes never work on me. If I don't know what I'm doing, I certainly don't know what you're doing.

  • spxn.
    spxn.Måned siden

    Name: Monkey Spoon Image: A monkey with a spoon

  • Smudgout
    SmudgoutMåned siden

    tf ur lobbies are stacked my diamond in lobbies most people cant even ariel

  • Hayateww
    HayatewwMåned siden

    you should've used the OG obiwan knonovi PFP lol, good video regardless

  • Dávid Magyar
    Dávid MagyarMåned siden

    after i clicked on the subscribe button my mouse stopped working idk why soo its not free to subscribe :(

  • Solar Gaming Channel
    Solar Gaming ChannelMåned siden

    So glad im in silver, this looks so intense

  • yanco
    yancoMåned siden

    this looks like eu plat2/3 xd

  • Spenny Gray
    Spenny GrayMåned siden

    Shrub killer (scrubs face on groundskeeper Willie)

  • Daniel Garvey
    Daniel GarveyMåned siden

    Your powerslides are the only mechanical thing that looks really out of place to me. Taking notes haha

  • Bobby Mills
    Bobby MillsMåned siden

    I feel like he is rlly good but he try’s to team play too much if he went for more sole plays I feel like he would score more because he has the skill just need to get the confidence

  • Icewind
    IcewindMåned siden


  • Abstract
    AbstractMåned siden

    just subscribed because of your kindness, and the quality of your gameplay. You seem to kind to not subscribe to lmao

  • cringeworthy 1
    cringeworthy 1Måned siden

    Only british people will get milk jaggers name

  • isaiah martinez
    isaiah martinezMåned siden

    Broke my monitor to this game yesterday, #rip

  • Donnie Monaghan
    Donnie MonaghanMåned siden

    y am i so bad i just caught up on this series and im gold 3 and im doing double taps and ceiling shots i feel like a perma smurf

  • J27
    J27Måned siden

    How is this diamond 3 I’m in plat 2 and dudes are air dribbling across the ceiling

  • Donna McDaniel
    Donna McDanielMåned siden

    800k congrats

  • RealSplash
    RealSplashMåned siden

    is Leth a pro in RLCS?

  • CH1 RH0
    CH1 RH0Måned siden

    Oh silly Leth, you know you can't fake bots..

  • Ruben Hermans
    Ruben HermansMåned siden

    Bruh im plat in i air rol flipreset he cant airal

  • CURSE YOU...Jordan!
    CURSE YOU...Jordan!Måned siden

    I've been in Diamond 3 for a really long time, and can confirm it is filled with players of quite a wide range of skill. There's guys like me who don't have amazing mechanics, but made it this far based on positioning and game-sense; then there's a lot of players who can do incredible things with the ball, but don't seem to understand they have teammates and that the game is about more than solo-plays and/or free-styling. Others still seem to have lucked their way there and play as though they've mostly been carried to where they are. And the GOD, the, obviously you run into jerks in every rank, but Diamond players are just good enough to understand how good they are, which leads to thinking they're better than they are, which leads to fear, which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to suffering, which leads to demands you uninstall. And in no other rank have I been told more often to kill myself because I whiffed on a shot. Seriously, just being in Diamond makes me want to play less than at any other skill level purely because it's so overrun with people who make the game not fun.

  • ToxiicViper
    ToxiicViperMåned siden

    is diamond 1 good for 106 hours played??

  • The Madden Mobile Slayer
    The Madden Mobile SlayerMåned siden

    That’s how diamond is toxic tm8’s who think they are the best of all time then they throw the game

  • YungLonr
    YungLonrMåned siden

    ummm btw no one passes in diamond so don’t expect any good players in diamond. all they do is bump

  • Blahbleh 25
    Blahbleh 25Måned siden

    I feel like sometimes he actually misses but says he meant to miss

  • Dreeox_Prod
    Dreeox_ProdMåned siden

    Name: Amustygoat

  • Jeffrey Robert Meades
    Jeffrey Robert MeadesMåned siden

    Your diamond games don't look anything like my diamond games... I think there's more smurfs in diamond than any other rank and it's frustrating.

  • Ghostthedog
    GhostthedogMåned siden

    If leth was my teammate I would carry him all the way to SSL

  • Andrei Kavalenka
    Andrei KavalenkaMåned siden

    I like how leth is like a teacher and a dad at the same time like he’s teaching us stuff and being like wow nice read that was hard

  • ツilusion
    ツilusionMåned siden

    Anyone know what that decal is ?

  • Cameron Bodenstab
    Cameron BodenstabMåned siden

    22:23 every diamond I know including me would have said "faking." after whiffing so hard there right after using it to describe a real fake not 10 seconds ago

  • Loober Gaming
    Loober GamingMåned siden

    Says ouch after getting hit in game lol

  • Gonçalo Magalhaes
    Gonçalo MagalhaesMåned siden

    I like it when i think i can play like Leth despind being a plat lmao Then realizes that i'm just the guys in orange

  • shadow guy
    shadow guyMåned siden

    Welcome to my Home: Diamond. Please dont touch anything, even if u would want to u wont because ur teammates are Policeofficers since they love the Chase.

  • Christophe Pitre
    Christophe PitreMåned siden

    You should tell what you would do ig it was hier loby

  • You Thought
    You ThoughtMåned siden

    Bakkas mod for rank up points?

  • RTV_True 2008
    RTV_True 2008Måned siden

    I like leth cause he is good at the game and even if his teamate is playing bad he still is saying good try

  • MakarioBTW
    MakarioBTWMåned siden

    not gonna lie your videos are actually really helpful, im a plat three now!!!!

  • Subway surfers L
    Subway surfers LMåned siden

    I like how leth plays so simple like a plat 1 simple but way better if that makes sense

  • LethinGabbins
    LethinGabbinsMåned siden

    When being called a smurf is a compliment.

  • Aden
    AdenMåned siden

    Damn Eu in this same rank is a lot different to this the only reason I can think of is region

  • Sea Whales
    Sea WhalesMåned siden

    I'm in Dimond 3 and everyone I play is 10x better then those players am I just unlucky?

  • Wayne Bake
    Wayne BakeMåned siden

    Diamond is squished together D1s through GC and it's horrible.

  • Caleb Stone
    Caleb StoneMåned siden

    I swear I played obi wan kronovi and I’m diamond 3 div 2 I think I won but didn’t know it was lethamyr lmao

  • Dumbfri
    DumbfriMåned siden

    I wish i had gotten you as a team8 since you were at my rank man dang! It wouldve been so nice to be able to watch back this demo with your commentary to learn

  • Dumbfri


    Måned siden

    also don't worry about "playing out of rank" the number of smurfs I see flip resetting I would just think it was normal

  • Acfik
    AcfikMåned siden

    Name: Rizzotto Picture: Rizzo's face on a plate of risotto (im using this name on my smurf :D)

  • Fishwack
    FishwackMåned siden

    ohhhhhh my lord. I had a match against u under this name...

  • Luke wooc
    Luke woocMåned siden

    The biggest thing I have learned from watching these is to take your time. I jump between diamond 2 and plat 2 within a couple days and I'm finding my rank far more stable after watching these. Unfortunately from bronze to late plats. You can't take your time because everyone one, including your team mate just wants to smash the ball off of you

  • Smile_Bot
    Smile_BotMåned siden

    Learned a lot from this vid.

  • Oakyere
    OakyereMåned siden

    the self restraint to not just go all out

  • IlGlaserlI
    IlGlaserlIMåned siden

    “What rank were you last season?” “D3” “I was SSL” “Nice..... wait come back”

  • MasterBester Monks
    MasterBester MonksMåned siden

    In order for them to fall for the fake u have to play way more aggressive in that rank in high ranks they will for for it but immediately go for a dunk so you have to move fast

  • Phillip Cassity
    Phillip CassityMåned siden

    This is the first video I've ever seen from you, I'm actually gonna love the next content :)

  • Gašper Pogačnik
    Gašper PogačnikMåned siden

    The thing about being good enough but not being good enough at the same time is me lol. I position well and stuff but mechanically I'm still so bad that they kind of cancel each other out and Diamond is the highest I can get xD. Totally on me though, I just don't put the hours in to mechanically improve.

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old RavenMåned siden

    I think the guy was whatasaving himself. I tend to do that as well. Whenever I make a majorly obvious f*up I like to whatasave, but people don't seem to get it :p

  • tiku
    tikuMåned siden

    Your playing so slow in diamond 3 it’s like your playing like a platinum

  • Dustin Smith
    Dustin SmithMåned siden

    Diamond is pretty much your either good mechanicly and stupid or smart but not so good mechanicly.

  • George Bezer
    George BezerMåned siden

    In casual I play gcs and do well against them and win most the time but I’m plat in comp because I haven’t played comp since season 9 so I think I might play comp this season and see what rank I can get

    SLEEPYBOI920Måned siden


  • JGthriller 07
    JGthriller 07Måned siden

    If I could play these diamonds maybe I could get my champ back.

  • Grant Goss
    Grant GossMåned siden

    What rank are you

  • Zokaz1
    Zokaz1Måned siden

    Now I know I don’t need mechanics to rich diamond