They took this way too far...

what a bunch of maniacs
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  • Grxyyy
    Grxyyy6 måneder siden

    Back when Oprahside fucked with niggas

  • Bregos
    BregosÅr siden

    this was the worst faze house

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Roman

  • Batmilio 07
    Batmilio 07År siden

    Who else hears the Area 51 meme song

  • Featuring the chuys
    Featuring the chuysÅr siden

    Sahhduufazeeoouduu that’s all all I ever here now😂😂

  • stephanie gil
    stephanie gilÅr siden

    y the water green

  • Alex
    AlexÅr siden

    I think i was a merman 😂😂😂 10:53

  • Becky Morgan
    Becky MorganÅr siden

    I feel like apex would dominate the skyzone dunks

  • P.A.H
    P.A.HÅr siden

    You don't need to act dead when you hold your breath under water. Lol

  • wutpower
    wutpowerÅr siden

    I miss this house

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin RodriguezÅr siden

    I love how Roman and adapt hang out like good friends

  • Seif


    År siden

    Kevin Rodriguez now roman aint anywhere

  • uoɹɐɐ
    uoɹɐɐÅr siden

    *Faze Adapt the type of person to airball a dunk...*

  • HydraRex
    HydraRexÅr siden

    Why is the pool green

  • Nadine


    År siden

    The tiles underneath are green

  • Kanji Santos
    Kanji SantosÅr siden

    I think Navy seals require 10 mins under the water

  • Dead Inside Pain Depressed Sadness Heartbroken Guy
    Dead Inside Pain Depressed Sadness Heartbroken GuyÅr siden

    Did you say Norway im from there f why

  • Marilu Falcon
    Marilu Falcon2 år siden

    Howard the alien music

  • koi mognos
    koi mognos2 år siden

    how does roman have soo good lungs xDDD

  • Aidan Cherno
    Aidan Cherno2 år siden

    Hi I love you so much and my dream is to be in the faze house and a part of faze

  • Jhunny Navaz
    Jhunny Navaz2 år siden

    Why trim is not blogging?????

  • cs Ha
    cs Ha2 år siden

    Togas Re zưhGz gà zdv

  • Kim Corte
    Kim Corte2 år siden

    The background music during the dips tho😂😂😂 so funnn

  • Terry Evans
    Terry Evans2 år siden


  • Sean Burkholder
    Sean Burkholder2 år siden

    Money longer song in backround

  • Kiana _web
    Kiana _web2 år siden

    Boo’d up was playing

  • Nic Rabe
    Nic Rabe2 år siden

    I wish I could go to the fucking faze house for my birthday

  • Clout SurgeMWC
    Clout SurgeMWC2 år siden

    You should do a vedio of dodgeball in a trampoline park like if u agree

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends FazeAdapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Montana Gguod
    Montana Gguod2 år siden

    8:20 “I’ve done 2 minutes before just not under water” 😂where you did it at space?

  • PandaLeead


    9 måneder siden

    Montana Gguod he meant just holding his breath normally you sped

  • Colbybarnes 3456
    Colbybarnes 34562 år siden

    Do another faze adapt the type of:

  • Kace face
    Kace face2 år siden

    He’s right, when you move it makes it harder to hold your breath

  • OffBrandNoodles ._.
    OffBrandNoodles ._.2 år siden

    Is da pool suppose to look greeeen

  • Lit Vids
    Lit Vids2 år siden

    Rip x

  • duck Squad
    duck Squad2 år siden

    I bet you remember Roman

  • Tomo720 __
    Tomo720 __2 år siden

    Lit 🔥

  • Sting Nation
    Sting Nation2 år siden

    I’ve done 2.17

  • Cutler Hedtke
    Cutler Hedtke2 år siden


  • lexicon playz Og
    lexicon playz Og2 år siden

    Can u Go look at the comets on ur most recent vid

  • pimplord69
    pimplord692 år siden

    I thought this was a prank

  • i Finest
    i Finest2 år siden

    NOlocal is broken 😂👌👌🤣🤣🤣😂😂👌👈👌👈👌👈🍆🍑🍆🍑💦💦💦💦

  • Jaxon Hockey
    Jaxon Hockey2 år siden

    Do a house tour

  • Honests
    Honests2 år siden

    Your from one place to another every 10 to 5 seconds lol...

  • Angel Saucedo
    Angel Saucedo2 år siden

    I don't even have IG to enter the giveaway.😢

  • Ethan McCrory
    Ethan McCrory2 år siden

    Wtf was that intro

  • Okay Bye
    Okay Bye2 år siden

    I done 1:40 but tommy is a beast

  • xXpalaciosXx69
    xXpalaciosXx692 år siden

    Where’s rain at tho? 🤔

  • Tobias Alvarado
    Tobias Alvarado2 år siden

    adapt doesnt hit the gym anymore or what smh

  • Preston Tran
    Preston Tran2 år siden

    how else can i join the giveaway if my phone is broken

  • joseimpact
    joseimpact2 år siden


  • Vanessa Sancheez
    Vanessa Sancheez2 år siden

    I love this video

  • young X
    young X2 år siden

    0:44 mac miller

  • Jaydens lit
    Jaydens lit2 år siden

    Rip faze

  • Evan K
    Evan K2 år siden

    Sick outro

  • mynorga87
    mynorga872 år siden

    If you liked sky zone try Superfly in Chattanooga TN

  • L1ucas
    L1ucas2 år siden

    He goes he’s breathing under water that cheating I was so dead lmfao I don’t mater your can’t breathe under water anyway dumbass

  • Hafiz Yahya
    Hafiz Yahya2 år siden

    Selamat hari raya

  • Erik G
    Erik G2 år siden

    Dope haircut, dope video!

  • Aiden 17
    Aiden 172 år siden

    Size is 6 in normal size not kids.

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper2 år siden

    Song at 3:30 Champion- Nav (ft Travis Scott)

  • J Q
    J Q2 år siden

    does anyone know the name of that beat in the background in the very beginning???

  • Captain Clutch
    Captain Clutch2 år siden

    Your vids are lit

  • Captain Clutch
    Captain Clutch2 år siden

    Great VIDEO

  • morgan andrews
    morgan andrews2 år siden


  • Michael Isho
    Michael Isho2 år siden


  • Kaleb
    Kaleb2 år siden


  • Ethan Cortez
    Ethan Cortez2 år siden

    Size 6

  • Karnage
    Karnage2 år siden

    Alex I’m 19 years old and I’m a huge fan of FaZe ever since the mw2 days so can I come to the faze house already I feel like I live there already so uhh yeah that’s my job application thanks dad

    ClaW HITMARKRZz2 år siden


  • FFA Zemzi
    FFA Zemzi2 år siden

    Hello guys it's faze vlogs We doing vlogs out here Because we lost our skills in bo2 D:

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez2 år siden

    the songs you play in your vlogs are lit, i need your playlist fr

  • Arkilla
    Arkilla2 år siden

    I met faze adapt yesterday and my phone was hella tripping it had a virus and it was really embarrassing but I got a photo in and that made my day

  • xosaucy
    xosaucy2 år siden

    Adapt the type of dude to order a pizza on a plane

  • unknown X
    unknown X2 år siden

    #FaZeAdapt do mido vs teawap

    DYNAZTY2 år siden

    Took what too far 😂

  • ice wallow come
    ice wallow come2 år siden

    Adapt is the type of guy who say he needed to reload when he was using a mini gun

  • Nuclears TM
    Nuclears TM2 år siden

    It would be cool if you could make a cod video you haven’t done one in forever

  • *PEANUT*
    *PEANUT*2 år siden

    Hi i just played with you on fortnite name was ikonen heikilla

  • Alexa Armendariz
    Alexa Armendariz2 år siden

    do a mocking FaZe Banks part 5

  • Ben Rose
    Ben Rose2 år siden


  • Nando G
    Nando G2 år siden


  • Mr mlgboss
    Mr mlgboss2 år siden

    I could hold my breath for 2:24

  • Chiefsfan 03
    Chiefsfan 032 år siden

    Which nav song is that

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • Rokkuka :3
    Rokkuka :32 år siden

    Is their water supposed to be green

  • Frano Milin
    Frano Milin2 år siden

    the fade!!!!

  • Lalo C
    Lalo C2 år siden

    I can hold my breath for a good 20 sec 😂

  • Jason Reed
    Jason Reed2 år siden

    Yooooo his channel died sooooo fast 😭😭😭😭😭

  • itssDope-
    itssDope-2 år siden

    What’s the song called at 3:15

  • kurisu
    kurisu2 år siden

    Yo add me on Snapchat @chris2333333333 Chris G

  • Sirex
    Sirex2 år siden

    I’ve been to that sky sone

  • Nic Reed
    Nic Reed2 år siden

    Hey anyone know what the song in the edit is?

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen2 år siden

    Wheres todays vlog??

  • bilal ali
    bilal ali2 år siden

    I was waiting for Alex to say that they look like GTA characters when they drown😂😂

  • Itznick Bro
    Itznick Bro2 år siden

    It’s crazy how he got his shit stolen and he’s still doing give aways😂😂

  • Jason Tellez
    Jason Tellez2 år siden

    I downloaded the goat app even that I can't use it because I'm from México, just use it to see the shoes man

  • Combustion
    Combustion2 år siden

    That’s the 4th time I’ve seen a Fortnite ad on this video

    MAKING MEMORIES2 år siden

    Shut up little bitch boy

  • deli cheese wow
    deli cheese wow2 år siden

    What do you mean

  • SSSoper Boy321
    SSSoper Boy3212 år siden

    I subbed and notified you

  • Josh King
    Josh King2 år siden

    Dope ass ending song

  • Mc PureHard
    Mc PureHard2 år siden

    React to my fortnite dance😂😂