This Code Miko Interview Went Wrong...


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I did an interview with code miko and it was the most fantastic mistake I could make.
edited by: shakedrizzle
#ludwig #codemiko #interview


  • Chrysan themum
    Chrysan themumDag siden

    1:04 her face is hilarious!

  • Benjamin's Vlogs
    Benjamin's Vlogs2 dager siden

    "Bigger number, better person." Therefore dime is trash

  • Nate Turner
    Nate Turner2 dager siden

    She scares me... I’m horrified... please help...

  • Gil Monteverde
    Gil Monteverde2 dager siden

    Hahahah she's funny af dude!!

  • Wade Coetzee
    Wade Coetzee2 dager siden

    Idk wtf I just watched but it was beautiful.

  • claw320
    claw3203 dager siden

    "CodeMiku" is not a character, it's an outlet for her to be her true self without filters.

  • Big T
    Big T4 dager siden

    she is so loud geez

  • Hello Onica
    Hello Onica4 dager siden

    Why is this so funny?? Ahaha

  • IssTrue
    IssTrue4 dager siden

    those facial expressions and noises lmao

  • l00t
    l00t4 dager siden

    her screeching is lowkey annoying would be funny without that xD

  • Diana Lopes
    Diana Lopes4 dager siden

    ludwig flexing his arm proudly two seconds after saying he wasn't going to gives me major schmidt from new girl vibes (also, they kinda look alike)

  • Adam
    Adam4 dager siden

    "But I'm your friend" NotYourFriend

  • Demon wolven
    Demon wolven5 dager siden

    my ludwig google seach come up ludwig accursed .

  • Laura J
    Laura J5 dager siden

    I love codemiko, I'm so impressed by her tech and she's such a funny interviewer.

  • Swampfire
    Swampfire6 dager siden

    Ludwig doesn’t make timpani :( they only make sets and drumset components ☹️ also singular of timpani is timpano

  • eXuuberant
    eXuuberant6 dager siden

    And I thought Ludwig was energetic. Miko is on a whole other level.

  • Cringe Meat
    Cringe Meat6 dager siden

    ngl his charlie impression was actually pretty good...

  • Vqll3
    Vqll36 dager siden

    11:16 Imagine he just pulls out a gun

  • Wostershire
    Wostershire7 dager siden

    I think we need to take into account that Miko spent 30k on food delivery in a year. When she comments on how much Ludwig spent on pokemon.

  • Thomas Power
    Thomas Power8 dager siden

    Miko’s face scares me so much...

  • Logan Kreisher
    Logan Kreisher8 dager siden

    How does codemiko have such a bad microphone 😬

  • RaZdoT


    Dag siden

    she spent the rest of her money on a pc that can handle her lol

  • George 084
    George 0849 dager siden

    I'm only 6 minutes in and I haven't stopped laughing yet

  • RaZdoT


    Dag siden


  • nobd kcah
    nobd kcah11 dager siden

    i feel like she is the elon musk robot that the goverment banned

  • RaZdoT


    Dag siden


  • PazTheLad
    PazTheLad11 dager siden

    Eric Andre vibes

  • Pierson Yuzwa
    Pierson Yuzwa12 dager siden

    I believe there’s a word for this, Money laundering… I guess that’s 2 words.

  • 1ebin1 Art
    1ebin1 Art12 dager siden


  • Everyday I'm Juggling
    Everyday I'm Juggling12 dager siden

    i don't subscribe cause noones content is 100% consistent and also the subscriptions fuck up my youtube homepage lol everything becomes my subscriptions and can't see anything else

  • El Stonke

    El Stonke

    9 dager siden

    @Everyday I'm Juggling He uploads different variety, but he is consistent in his quality, tho to be honest, his videos arent incredible, but theyre still entertaining imo

  • Everyday I'm Juggling

    Everyday I'm Juggling

    10 dager siden

    @El Stonke like quality, not quantiity

  • El Stonke

    El Stonke

    10 dager siden

    he literally uploads once a day Lmao

  • Ncriss leapp
    Ncriss leapp12 dager siden

    This is like Eric Andre meets Space Ghost Coast to Coast. She's in on the joke.

  • Beef Stroganoff
    Beef Stroganoff13 dager siden

    Code Mika gives me Eric Andre vibes

  • Hopperlog
    Hopperlog13 dager siden

    Dude I’m to fucked to comprehend what’s going on

  • sujie Capistrano
    sujie Capistrano13 dager siden

    that greeting dude 🤣

  • Jeff Peterson
    Jeff Peterson13 dager siden

    0:46 after her first words I get why she got banned, Jesus xd

  • Kamisama
    Kamisama14 dager siden

    Low-key code mico might actually make that card more valuable if she writes on cause simps (Please forgive me for not knowing shit about Pokemon card value)

  • JustXjude


    10 dager siden

    They are already worth’s thousands, they would go down in value if they were signed

  • IntoxicatedPig
    IntoxicatedPig14 dager siden

    The comedic improv between these 2 was so good you’d think it was scripted lmao

  • R.E.D.
    R.E.D.14 dager siden

    Now I miss old miko...

  • Xbear
    Xbear14 dager siden


  • Pencilbender
    Pencilbender14 dager siden

    Qt is such a bully

  • captainsmuv
    captainsmuv14 dager siden

    18:41 k if the boob thing was spaced that would have been so five head and funny

  • TheDestroyer
    TheDestroyer15 dager siden

    If qt didn't show up sooner miko would be lud's gf

  • Cam Hess
    Cam Hess15 dager siden

    I won't lie....I feel bad for ludwig in this interview. poor guy is being bullied relentlessly

  • Cam Hess

    Cam Hess

    15 dager siden

    wont lie, i would've left at the same time.

  • OTG
    OTG15 dager siden

    I honestly thought this was gonna just be a cringe fest with some random big Vtuber for publicity and cross-promotion, but she was actually pretty entertaining.

  • Caleb Vanlalrinngama
    Caleb Vanlalrinngama16 dager siden

    'Now I'm all about the money and the bitches.... Yelp.. Bitch'😂😂😂...

  • Dan T
    Dan T16 dager siden

    22:33 im normally putt off by the look of her model but this was kinda cute.

  • Kyle
    Kyle16 dager siden

    Omg who has a 100k just as pocket change I wish lmao.

  • Gabriel Mora
    Gabriel Mora16 dager siden

    she got banned for calling you a twink

  • Tetasha
    Tetasha16 dager siden

    this is like space ghost coast to coast

  • Anthony Fok
    Anthony Fok17 dager siden

    In Canada, 7/10 is a B-, so CodeMiko is technically correct XD

  • K B
    K B18 dager siden

    This was legendary!!!

  • loaf L
    loaf L18 dager siden


  • No One
    No One18 dager siden

    lol does Lud think Best Buy is blue collar work?

  • Håvard Viks
    Håvard Viks19 dager siden

    I'm so confused as to wtf is going on

  • DOGz_Jumpshot
    DOGz_Jumpshot20 dager siden

    So code miko a real person or not

  • xsha_


    15 dager siden


  • Kolhouwar Tontang
    Kolhouwar Tontang20 dager siden

    She's so entertaining

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed20 dager siden

    The craft that went into this is fucking stellar. The comedy is so goddamn POLISHED, I can't believe it. It feels scripted, in a good way.

  • Acryte
    Acryte21 dag siden

    Ludd ain't after dimes, he's after primes.

  • Eights
    Eights21 dag siden

    11:17 imagine if ludwig pulls out an AR-15

  • Axl Nash Alcoba
    Axl Nash Alcoba21 dag siden

    I accidentally paused right here 5:57 and I thought she had some Ludwig clothes. And realized it changes everytime 😹

  • Griffin Myers
    Griffin Myers22 dager siden

    This girls a guy

  • Ereiksson
    Ereiksson22 dager siden

    "your professional graders gave that card a 7... I'll give it an 8" - rating agencies before 2008 with the mortgage backed securities

  • Marie Lørring Dahl
    Marie Lørring Dahl22 dager siden


  • Sonia Ham
    Sonia Ham23 dager siden

    Ok, so this was an amazing interview. Idk who trolled more.

  • Grimdarkness213
    Grimdarkness21323 dager siden

    Lud: so where's your beard? Miko: *nameless king intensifies*

  • Zach Mortimer
    Zach Mortimer24 dager siden

    miko: "you were once a drumset????"

  • AuraXars
    AuraXars24 dager siden

    What an intro from miko lol

  • Yui
    Yui24 dager siden

    the timing of big head oh man

  • •
    25 dager siden

    01:29 Crucial question right off the bat LUL

  • Grimeslave
    Grimeslave25 dager siden

    8:13 has cutie let you sleep in the bed yet again or are you still camping out on he couch

  • Déan van Dijk
    Déan van Dijk25 dager siden

    And I thought Mizkif was loud

  • Sam Butcher
    Sam Butcher26 dager siden

    She’s one of those loud=funny people huh?

  • Motivated Matthew
    Motivated Matthew26 dager siden

    qt is a loser

  • edell1200 gaming
    edell1200 gaming26 dager siden

    I feel so bad for codemiko

  • JTSG
    JTSG27 dager siden

    Why do I not know what's going on?

  • Sutikki
    Sutikki27 dager siden

    13:46 Kid showing their mom something cool and their mom just nodding her head "Uh huh, yeah sweetie that's amazing!"

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay28 dager siden

    You can see them both testing each other out to figure out how to interact. They really were vibing at the end. CodeMIko toned down the sexual jokes and Lud figured out how to play along with his ostentatious word choices

  • Tj Morgan
    Tj Morgan28 dager siden

    i miss the old ludwig :( and so does she

  • Tj Morgan
    Tj Morgan28 dager siden

    The twitch money has gotten to him lol

  • Catex
    Catex28 dager siden

    “Who do you think is prettier, you or qt” "100% QT" Lie detector test says otherwise...

  • MitzieKat99
    MitzieKat9928 dager siden

    6:19 FOOT!!!???

  • BuildRBlock
    BuildRBlock28 dager siden

    LOL this is hilarious

  • Japes Grapes
    Japes Grapes29 dager siden

    the clip of her asking to see his arms and the cut to him just flexing made me laugh really hard for some reason

  • NES Shore
    NES Shore29 dager siden

    This is gold omg

  • jack g
    jack g29 dager siden

    Hahahahahaha this is fucking amazing

  • Joshua Gerber
    Joshua Gerber29 dager siden

    gonna get funky with my old ludwig kekw

  • Auto The Undead
    Auto The Undead29 dager siden

    Great video, I unsubbed!!

  • oni!
    oni!Måned siden

    Good content. I have food poising so I feel like I’m going to die tho lol

  • Tyler Spears
    Tyler SpearsMåned siden

    This is cringe

  • Chris F
    Chris FMåned siden

    Shes drunk

  • Rashawn Belgrave
    Rashawn BelgraveMåned siden

    MIKO is legit screwing with ludwig

  • Macguire
    MacguireMåned siden

    Actually a good Charlie impression 😂

  • Vehrix
    VehrixMåned siden

    QT was acting like a mom having a conversation with her childish husband and hyperactive kid

  • SabexTiger
    SabexTigerMåned siden

    "thats the face qt sits on" LUL

  • SiboSB
    SiboSBMåned siden

    I love miko on the platform, her gimmick is cool and interactive on the platform and she is genuinely funny.

  • mac & cheese

    mac & cheese

    27 dager siden

    people are so quick to dislike her because of how loud her voice is, but she does grow on you quick and you begin to accept everything about her.

  • Aspirin Bomba
    Aspirin BombaMåned siden

    i miss the old ludwig

  • Brayden Hoag
    Brayden HoagMåned siden

    No offense but I honestly find her really annoying most of the time

  • Elijah Rosa
    Elijah RosaMåned siden

    Last 2 brain cells

  • deelovesrats
    deelovesratsMåned siden

    11:23 LMAOOO the way the camera panned back and forth

  • Abhishek Anil
    Abhishek AnilMåned siden

    This is like the virtual version of Between two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis. Weird and funny.

  • nathijomac
    nathijomacMåned siden

    Why is this fascinating, I can't look away.

  • ImegaDood
    ImegaDoodMåned siden

    Hi chat

  • Joey Ryan
    Joey RyanMåned siden

    “But Austin loves twinks!”