This game is NOT for children


Today we play The Forest.
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  • zanny
    zanny14 dager siden

    you owe me a fucking rabbit

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    Hi there

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    9 dager siden

    Will there be a part 2? Ur both so funny together

  • BanterGang
    BanterGang3 timer siden

    I need another episode like right now

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks4 timer siden

    “There’s a bible?” *next frame clicks over to a campfire* - I concur.

  • Jarred Bolger
    Jarred Bolger5 timer siden

    Make a raft and ride it to the bottom of the hole. Works 80% of the time and it is enjoyable

  • MaDeXism
    MaDeXism11 timer siden

    Liked for name change. Want proof

  • TallCheetah
    TallCheetah17 timer siden

    Like zanny, I stan Thomas Muller

  • James Riordan
    James Riordan22 timer siden

    Yes the two best NOlocalrs on the platform

  • beltene
    belteneDag siden

    "okay but look son weeeeeee"💀💀💀💀

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    Didaka DDag siden

    Intro idea: Hi lads and lasses, Modest Pelican here. If you enjoy this video, make sure to buy an island and fill it with pelicans so they could roam free, as this really helps spread the good word of my channel.

  • Sierra Lynn
    Sierra Lynn2 dager siden

    The more resources you use to make stuff, the more the cannibals get mad. Bc ya know, sacred trees and all that.

  • Shawana Garza
    Shawana Garza2 dager siden

    Petition for Modest Pelican to play RD2 online with me or I’ll never drink water and die of dehydration

  • Christopher Simons-farrell
    Christopher Simons-farrell2 dager siden

    I was going to sub to zany but then I remember I watched all his vids and allready subbed

  • Maurice Sims
    Maurice Sims3 dager siden

    i love this vid

  • G0d_is_a_concept
    G0d_is_a_concept3 dager siden

    Rope is almost as plentiful as clean water in this game LoL

  • Leah Parkes
    Leah Parkes4 dager siden

    Play fortnite and tell the boys boys boys to play to

  • Bevster777
    Bevster7774 dager siden

    play some battlefront 2 with zanny

  • Jesus Supremacist
    Jesus Supremacist4 dager siden

    you can craft rope from the red cloths

  • Redemption & Revenge
    Redemption & Revenge4 dager siden

    Guess who's back back again zannys back tell a friend

  • Chris Amado17
    Chris Amado175 dager siden

    Is any game you play for kids

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot5 dager siden

    Watching this video cuz I already beaten the game 5 months ago

  • Gliizy 6942
    Gliizy 69425 dager siden

    For honor with zanny pog?

  • Maxsilverfish Gaming
    Maxsilverfish Gaming6 dager siden

    Duud I've been waiting for you guys to play this game! Amazing content duud love it, continue being awsome

  • star wars stuff
    star wars stuff6 dager siden

    Omfg this is the perfect vid to watch when bored haha 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Maciej Kiczka
    Maciej Kiczka6 dager siden

    hey jeff

  • Maciej Kiczka

    Maciej Kiczka

    6 dager siden

    more like hoey bruv goeff

  • Box Fox
    Box Fox6 dager siden

    My son was dehydrated so I ripped all of his limbs off at least I don’t have to pay child support anymore.

  • Orlando Winter
    Orlando Winter6 dager siden

    Can you play more forest

  • K1A Dr0pZ
    K1A Dr0pZ6 dager siden

    Finally this game is getting more attention

  • james emeagwali
    james emeagwali6 dager siden

    Lol when u can craft rope with cloth

  • Aaron
    Aaron7 dager siden

    @3:12 Did that tree move?

  • Alex 0597
    Alex 05977 dager siden

    Ah, zanny. That guy I only know from The Acting Male's Star Wars: Episode 3 compilation.

  • Quickshot
    Quickshot7 dager siden

    So you’re name is Jeff now.

  • Hussam Bassam
    Hussam Bassam7 dager siden

    Well am 13 and this game aint scary at all i swear like i have 120 hours in game far till now

  • Yashdog Z
    Yashdog Z7 dager siden

    could we get a part 2?

  • gamin 4ces
    gamin 4ces7 dager siden

    Finnished the game in a day

  • god bean
    god bean7 dager siden

    Cheese curds

  • Chief
    Chief7 dager siden

    lol ur names jeff

  • Bad baby Boi
    Bad baby Boi7 dager siden

    how the hell are you playing on xbox?

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    We need more

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  • DabiKrusks
    DabiKrusks7 dager siden

    The forest in a nutshell my ass

  • Egor Balakin
    Egor Balakin7 dager siden

    If you could hook up the boys boys boys with a playthrough, ill throw my cat in my pool because it seems to hate being hydrated #notonlyhumanhydrationmatters

  • DerpL
    DerpL7 dager siden

    get this to 70k likes

  • Pugprops4
    Pugprops48 dager siden

    Yes this game isn’t dead thank you modest pelican this is my fav game

  • Christopher
    Christopher8 dager siden

    that one guy screwming is annoying as fuck.. use a compressor ffs unsub

  • EarthOne UPC
    EarthOne UPC8 dager siden

    Any full gameplays of this?

  • BABA yagami
    BABA yagami8 dager siden

    Intro idea:Persuade KEANU REEVES to act as a retired assassin who has a pet pelican,which then gets killed by group of thugs .so then Keanu has to return to assassin world to kill the thugs who took the life of his beloved pelican. As this really helps spread the good word of my channel

  • And rew
    And rew8 dager siden

    Why does Pelican speaking to zanny sound like I Did A Thing

  • Kitty Stcherbatski
    Kitty Stcherbatski8 dager siden

    Game : Equip body part ? Zanny : Don't mind if I do

  • marc de chavez
    marc de chavez8 dager siden

    How's it going jeff

  • Rhys Bell
    Rhys Bell8 dager siden

    Part two

    ETR1ION8 dager siden

    You know you can craft ropes through cloth

    ETR1ION8 dager siden

    The reason why I dont subscribe is I'm afraid that my mom would enter NOlocal and see your thumbnails

  • Sticky Mclean
    Sticky Mclean8 dager siden

    I like the fact that they spended the whole video trying to find rope when you jus can craft them out of gloth

  • Pingu
    Pingu8 dager siden

    There were like 6 ropes on the yacth smh.

  • Niko
    Niko8 dager siden

    Intro idea: becoming a new reporter and broadcast subscribe to moldest Pelican gaming until everybody subscribe to me

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    On a test I had One of the words was modest so I put pelican behind it

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    "If you enjoy this video please force someone in a wholesome manner to watch papa peli's videos but enforce the rule that they must watch the ads or they wont see their family" this spreading the good word of the channel

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    YYB Hughjas8 dager siden

    I love this

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    we know

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    Boy From Georgia8 dager siden

    Intro idea Please start a flavored water company called modest pelican but instead having fruit flavors just make it highly addictive chemicals

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    who is lemen and why do we want hiim freed?

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    Discord mods banned my friend for no reason #FreeLemen

  • Ashton Devine
    Ashton Devine8 dager siden

    Is this on Xbox?

  • Saggy Chunks
    Saggy Chunks8 dager siden

    I love this game!!

  • vagabond631 with no regret
    vagabond631 with no regret8 dager siden

    A hint: you can carry two logs at once I believe

  • Ryan Akgun
    Ryan Akgun8 dager siden

    I’ve been hanging my friends of the edge of waterfalls to make sure they stay hydrated. They been hanging there for weeks must be enjoying it.

  • Lt Pat
    Lt Pat8 dager siden

    Are there any ps4 GTA players here in the comments because I'm looking for a fee mature people to play with

  • lucky crew
    lucky crew8 dager siden

    are u dead?

  • Pettiprue McCaw
    Pettiprue McCaw8 dager siden

    You can carry more then one log at a time

  • Kackspack0815
    Kackspack08158 dager siden

    The PelicanHub T-Shirt looks nice. A little extra Pelican logo print under the collar on the backside would/could be cool. 😊

  • Icy _Animal
    Icy _Animal8 dager siden

    Now I want Modest Pelican to play Titanfall 2

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck8 dager siden

    You can just craft ropes in your inventory by putting a couple of pieces of cotton together

  • Oskar den store
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    SATAGONOS 27 REACTS9 dager siden

    I remember playing this game back in 2016 on my old pc brings back memorys

  • 47 Soft Monk
    47 Soft Monk9 dager siden

    What? Fu****g Zanny?

  • Leo De caprio
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    Jeff with a j here we come

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    This game is not for children Ya think?

  • your sleep paralysis Demon
    your sleep paralysis Demon9 dager siden

    Zanny is my father

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    ) N)n n ) N J. )jk J. Hi. I J

  • Yeo Steeley804
    Yeo Steeley8049 dager siden

    Are you going to do gta vids they are so funny I’m a mega fan

  • papyrus 330
    papyrus 3309 dager siden

    Pelican: this game is not for kids Me: try me buddy.

  • YurXire Raitenvoid

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    you are game not for kids?

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    You can make rope with rags

  • captainrex_07
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    Holy shit ! A game I like and 2 youtuber I like my painkillers for daft punk separation.

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    Omg you crack me up every video dude,I'm off to the graveyard now with a can of spray paint to spread the good word lol

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    i watched you both grow up on yt and now yall playing together....

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    Do a collab with Cheru

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    Go kiss the people outside dead or alive and tell them that daddy pelicon has sent you as this helps spead the channel

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    Please more Zanny collabs! You guys are SOO funny together omg

  • Chris Oskin
    Chris Oskin9 dager siden

    Timmys drawing...”Why does the cannibal have hands and the dead passenger doesn’t?” Because the cannibal ate them of course! Everybody knows that!

  • Apollo36
    Apollo369 dager siden

    Make a tree house

  • Stinky
    Stinky9 dager siden

    More forest it's best

  • 9 dager siden

    3:17 Wtf happened to them, they look like they teleported wrong 420,069 times in a row