this is the best sims starter home i have ever built


I'm gonna be honest... I am really proud of this one
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  • 4eyedfreak456
    4eyedfreak4563 dager siden

    This is so cute! I definitely want to use this house for my newlywed sims

  • Santi 3
    Santi 33 dager siden

    Avatar the last air bender pack🙏

  • Abby Little
    Abby Little5 dager siden

    Hi I love ur chance and look up to u Xx

  • jjavi143
    jjavi1435 dager siden

    you should try to recreate an latinamerican home

  • Julianna H
    Julianna H5 dager siden

    The outro be repeating sis

  • Megan doggett
    Megan doggett6 dager siden

    you should do only making a house out of ready made rooms

  • Halle Borger
    Halle Borger6 dager siden

    What pack is the dining room chairs in?? Because I looove them

  • Emma K.
    Emma K.8 dager siden

    Kayla: this is my best starter home ever Also Kayla: I don’t care that the only bathroom is UPSTAIRS off the bedroom not my problem

  • Lola
    Lola8 dager siden


  • Megan Cooper
    Megan Cooper8 dager siden

    most of the older houses in tennessee look exactly like this! it’s kind of heartwarming to see how much people adore these types of houses. it’s nice to see things you see everyday from a new perspective. you did a phenomenal job kayla!! this reminded me of home :)

  • amricatt
    amricatt8 dager siden

    I never have a computer in the starter homes. They are so expensive and there's ones out in the world. I love the build Kayla!

  • Madeline Chester
    Madeline Chester9 dager siden

    The stairs don't work in this house it took me like 15 minutes to figure that out with my Sims 😐

  • Senpaizilla
    Senpaizilla9 dager siden

    The ending threw me off Ngl 😂😂

  • Sofia Schmidt
    Sofia Schmidt9 dager siden

    How do you place stairs like that?

  • Alexis Hamilton
    Alexis Hamilton9 dager siden

    I know I’m a noob, but how do you place things where ever you want? Like you did with the rug at 4:07

  • Nitsirk
    Nitsirk9 dager siden

    Wasting too much money on columns? For a second I thought I was watching a James turner build 🤣

  • Fóranzó
    Fóranzó10 dager siden

    5:33 I thought we had an update that stopped it from happening??? Weird

  • Rachel Trees
    Rachel Trees10 dager siden

    I just bought my IRL first "starter" home last year and it is... eerily similar to this house

  • Sammy Keogh
    Sammy Keogh10 dager siden

    1:17 well don’t lol ?

  • DMT
    DMT10 dager siden

    Starter house but the ONLY bathroom is a suite and upstairs and uses different packs

  • Madison Clark
    Madison Clark10 dager siden

    I think it would be so cool if you built a hotel

  • Allie Gebauer
    Allie Gebauer10 dager siden

    I'd love if the Sims had like a "This Old House" stuff pack with things like radiators and cracked plaster. Put that handiness skill to work on your DIY or house flipping, or join a historic preservation career. lol

  • Kerra T
    Kerra T10 dager siden

    I’d love to see more starter homes, but maybe once the starter home is done do all the upgrades you’d do once your family has more money? Like how generations would add a chimney and fire place, maybe expand it?

  • Natalie Scarlett
    Natalie Scarlett10 dager siden

    I want oval rugs!! There are like 2.

  • Tess Drew
    Tess Drew10 dager siden

    Where is the chess table...jk

  • Anthony Gerhart
    Anthony Gerhart10 dager siden

    Hey Kayla! Maybe I'm stupid but I'm new to sims on computer and have a hard time with the controls, but you move around everywhere so swiftly! Would you ever make a video kinda showing off your keyboard/mouse while you play?

  • anabelle
    anabelle10 dager siden

    the double Kayla has struck again!

  • Charlizar
    Charlizar10 dager siden

    Did she..did she glitch in the end there?😅

  • Bethany Sparling
    Bethany Sparling10 dager siden

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new simmer and I don't really know any cheats or have cc packs so I would love your recommendations and how to make my game play better. Thank you from a fellow small cottage starter home loving freak

  • Vixey Murphy
    Vixey Murphy11 dager siden

    You could’ve just added two doors to the bathroom then there is a door then there will be a door from the bedroom and the like office thing

  • Just Caro
    Just Caro11 dager siden

    Ik im lil bit late, but my sims user is "SannaJohannaR" it would be cool if you checked it out Edit: i have made 5k house with only base game

  • Evi
    Evi11 dager siden

    It's a GREEN suburban home for once :')

  • Elizabeth L-W
    Elizabeth L-W11 dager siden

    Make a house with the maximum height foundation!!

    NTSIMS11 dager siden

    i liveeeeeee for your starter home builds 😍

  • Sophie Griffiths
    Sophie Griffiths11 dager siden

    New expansion pack idea EA Travels pack: Lots of new worlds, Italy one, Korea one, Canada one, France one Classic cuts and plates clutter Round rugs 3 themes of furniture, modern, colourful and little town 3 theme CAS items 3 them Build items

  • Erin Yell
    Erin Yell11 dager siden

    2:24 what if you put a ladder in the chimney, turned to the side? So your way upstairs isn't blocking more important things? Could get that second bedroom!

  • Matthew Klein
    Matthew Klein11 dager siden

    this is such a cute house

  • marie g
    marie g11 dager siden

    i should be in the mood to study but now I'm in the mood to build a tiny home too. dang it

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust11 dager siden

    So, I downloaded this from the gallery, and none of the sims would go upstairs, do they all peed themselves 😅. I tried too put in new stairs, and they wouldn't fit. Does anyone know why?

  • YukiAsian,Dream
    YukiAsian,Dream11 dager siden

    This house is so cute I would love to play in this a single parent with a cat or small dog so cute I want to play sims now keep us your amazing work ❤❤❤

  • Grace Wheeler
    Grace Wheeler11 dager siden

    I so wanna renovate this into Bella's house from twilight. I tried to build it the other day, but I gave up because I made it way too big. I have a hard time building small

  • Kate
    Kate11 dager siden

    Kayla I would love a series of starter homes where each one is dedicated to a different career or aspiration and includes all of the skill-building items necessary!

  • Cerys Dutfield
    Cerys Dutfield11 dager siden

    Dude!! I love this! I really want to build this now but it is currently 11 at night where I am lol. Nice one Kayla!

  • Cerys Dutfield

    Cerys Dutfield

    11 dager siden

    @Hannah Henderson Yeah. Probably me not looking in the right place lol. I'll try finding it again though cause it would be handy. Thanks

  • Hannah Henderson

    Hannah Henderson

    11 dager siden

    @Cerys Dutfield oh ok I play on console too and I have access to the whole gallery.

  • Cerys Dutfield

    Cerys Dutfield

    11 dager siden

    I play on console. I might be able to download it but I can never find build I'm looking for when I look for and search on the gallery. I'm probably not looking hard enough but I really like building too so it doesn't bother me too much.

  • Hannah Henderson

    Hannah Henderson

    11 dager siden

    Wht dont you download it from the gallery

  • Amber Sanderson
    Amber Sanderson11 dager siden

    I really like this house. Maybe make another one for 6-8 Sims with the same idea but, have 35,000-40,000 sim$ limit. I think it would be very cute but, only use base game and 2 other packs people are most likely to have. Can you do that?

  • Amber Sanderson

    Amber Sanderson

    11 dager siden

    BTW I have been following you for 3 years and you are better at building now also, you continue to learn and grow which makes your builds so much better.

  • oh_look_its_eli
    oh_look_its_eli11 dager siden

    I'm supposed to be sleeping but instead I'm here😂

  • Eden Ola
    Eden Ola11 dager siden

    Day 76 of asking her to do this...PLEASE do a snowy escape wheel spin of doom series

  • Brandy Floyd
    Brandy Floyd11 dager siden

    She is literally so gorgeous Like stowwp 🥺

  • im a b a b y
    im a b a b y11 dager siden

    double outro

  • Cassidy Harris
    Cassidy Harris11 dager siden

    wait. no chess table? is this even a lilsimsie build?

  • grace and pea sliverin
    grace and pea sliverin11 dager siden

    Lilsimsie can u blild a house with no modes please

  • Shaheen Akhtar
    Shaheen Akhtar11 dager siden


  • SprinkleBun 13
    SprinkleBun 1311 dager siden

    I’m sorry you were feeling anxious, Kayla! Hope you feel better and that building helped! 🙂

  • Dahlia Brown
    Dahlia Brown11 dager siden

    Idk if i already commented this but please, a video with all hacks you know, idc how long the video is, I NEED IT

  • Dahlia Brown
    Dahlia Brown11 dager siden

    Could you do a ”challenge” where you do different houses in different asthetics? (Cottage core, indie, soft, light/dark academia, girlie and more) i think that it would be a really fun video!!! (This was cottage core but nvm lol)

  • Parker White
    Parker White11 dager siden

    but the low-lying bush literally has a yellow swatch? Correct me if I'm wrong but is that not what the low-lying pale flowers are in the actual landscaping menu? (not debug)

  • Brooklyn Rose
    Brooklyn Rose11 dager siden

    you should do a challenge where you randomize a number between like 8,000 and 1,000,000 and try to build a house for that exact number

  • Lovin' Simmin'
    Lovin' Simmin'11 dager siden

    I loveee this starter home!!! I feel like mine are always so boring.

  • Karen Connor
    Karen Connor11 dager siden

    Thanks this was so cute ☺️

  • Emma
    Emma11 dager siden

    when the rain is so loud she tells us twice ❤

  • mimi
    mimi12 dager siden

    you should build a house w no walls and no roof so you have to use like objects for the walls and roof

  • JeremiahArt
    JeremiahArt12 dager siden

    I love your vids❤️

  • Bantersaurus Rex
    Bantersaurus Rex12 dager siden

    Love it, Kayla. Good job!

  • Kinikia HoʻOponopono
    Kinikia HoʻOponopono12 dager siden

    I've seen so many beautiful homes in the gallery that I honestly would such a hard time picking one and giving it to an actual architect to build me in real life! When I when the jackpot, I think I'll do just that!

  • Nichole Smith
    Nichole Smith12 dager siden

    Does anyone know the command for debug landscaping?

  • Sydney’s Station
    Sydney’s Station12 dager siden

    You should build a run down home and all your fans have to fix it up

  • Lily Bourne
    Lily Bourne12 dager siden


  • GlamDollJoy
    GlamDollJoy12 dager siden

    Awwww I️ was excited about the idea of a loft can you make a tiny or small home with a lofted bedroom

  • Angelina Santana
    Angelina Santana12 dager siden

    Can you try building a house in roblox bloxburg please that can be really fun!

  • Nikolai
    Nikolai12 dager siden

    Challenge. Make the WORST starter home ever. Use every dollar, use expensive items, definitely make sure you forget some essential items. Essentially make it seem like your sim is rich until you look closer and realize "wait.. where's the shower?"

  • nicii179
    nicii17912 dager siden

    “its kinda annoying that the only bathroom is through the bedroom upstairs” but... why wouldnt you just move the door into the office? problem solved? or is having an on-suite really so important to americans? dont know a single person who has an en-suite here

  • Leah Lasher

    Leah Lasher

    11 dager siden

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t move it because she HATES when the door is in the corner tile of a room. The trim of the door kind of gets cut off and she avoids that all the time. She didn’t say it this time but that’s my guess.

  • Jad Suleiman
    Jad Suleiman12 dager siden

    i know kayla doesn’t like talking about her looks but she’s literally so pretty and her features are so unique in literally the best way possible

  • Felix ‘moop moop’ Hatton
    Felix ‘moop moop’ Hatton12 dager siden

    You should make a house using every pack!

  • Thegemburg !!
    Thegemburg !!12 dager siden

    lilsimsie: Who needs a kitchen when you could have a pretty house “ who’s with me Me: slowly raises my hand

  • Tea Jerković
    Tea Jerković12 dager siden

    Lilsimsie I need your help How to instal The sims 4 free on PC And how do you make your money infinitiv?

  • Sweets And Charades
    Sweets And Charades12 dager siden

    It looks great! Where is that dining room set from?

  • Bakugou's Bitch
    Bakugou's Bitch12 dager siden


  • Blue0Harlow
    Blue0Harlow12 dager siden

    How to move things without putting them right in the squares like what she just did?

  • Hanna Stagre
    Hanna Stagre12 dager siden

    watching ur vids literally makes my day

  • UwU
    UwU12 dager siden

    The stairs are not working :c

  • De Cavia
    De Cavia12 dager siden

    Build challenge: Build a house without using charts E.g no move objects, debug etc

  • Josalyn Foraker
    Josalyn Foraker12 dager siden

    wish the video was longer.

  • gRose
    gRose12 dager siden

    how old is that footage? wasn't there an update that made plants not clip to the foundation level?

  • Kapeo
    Kapeo12 dager siden

    It's cute. I like it 👌

    THE MOLMAN12 dager siden

    It's becoming a meme at this rate.. if you know you know, if you know you know.

  • Natalie Braunton
    Natalie Braunton12 dager siden

    Glad that building makes you feel a bit better Kayla. This house is super cute

  • Oliver Greig
    Oliver Greig12 dager siden

    What Sims 4 pack do you recommend I have none and thinkin about getting some

  • Liv Leemann
    Liv Leemann12 dager siden

    i have a quesstion for you guys what do you think are the best packs because im thinking of getting som new ones and im talking bout those where cityliving get to work and get famous are like those kind of packs i dont know what the name of them is in english i already have those three and i would really like to get some new ones but i dont know which so it would be really amazing if you could tell me your opinion thanks

  • Lia Unterberger
    Lia Unterberger12 dager siden

    you look extra pretty in this video❤️ly

  • Serena Deschamps
    Serena Deschamps12 dager siden

    I've been looking for a nice starter home! I'll definitely use this!

  • kyle
    kyle12 dager siden

    the reference picture reminds mms of the Good Luck Charlie house

  • Michelle Watson
    Michelle Watson12 dager siden

    the way my jaw dropped when you deleted the underside of the stairs

  • Dobrusia Starowicz
    Dobrusia Starowicz12 dager siden

    thanks simsie

  • Ed brick Productions
    Ed brick Productions12 dager siden

    I’m always 12 hours late on these videos. Dam time zones

  • Izzy MC
    Izzy MC12 dager siden

    I just wanted to say Kayla, youve helped me through a dark time in my life, one of my friends died, all my "friends" left me and now one of my friends I have left ignores me and has matching everything with someone who use to bully me.

  • penny zeglen

    penny zeglen

    12 dager siden

    oh gosh im so sorry. i promise things will get easier, you’re so strong for making it this far

  • juni q
    juni q12 dager siden

    What mod is it that lets you adjust the object closer to each other in ways sims wont let you.

  • Tams1978


    12 dager siden

    It's not a mod, it's a cheat. Just type bb.moveobjects on in the cheat bar (which comes up when you press the Ctrl, Shift, and C keys at the same time. Make sure you turn it off when you're done.

  • Kasturi Patel
    Kasturi Patel12 dager siden

    I think if it should be anything, it should be a smoke alarm in the kitchen...right?

  • truMalma
    truMalma12 dager siden

    Shrinking down normal tables to make coffee tables/living room tables is my fave thing to do with the shrink/enlarge buttons since i found them

  • Malin Rutgersson
    Malin Rutgersson12 dager siden

    You had a tile between the office and the bathroom where the bathroom door could be placed.

  • tristan shae
    tristan shae12 dager siden

    so short :(

  • Trinity L
    Trinity L12 dager siden

    There should be more round tables (at least in the base game) There are only a couple that look nice but the chair slotting is weird.