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  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Barry

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Temperrr

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Roman

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex

  • 2 Blessed
    2 BlessedÅr siden

    Is this the last vid Roman was in on adapts channel? What happened to Roman

  • Potato Bob
    Potato Bob2 år siden

    Damn Alex that mmmm hand shake was way to longgggg😂😂😂

  • Turnfive 2Ten
    Turnfive 2Ten2 år siden

    "Bro i created the temperrr shot"

  • ThotDestroyer2.
    ThotDestroyer2.2 år siden


  • american made
    american made2 år siden

    that is definitely NOT a deagle 😭

    XX_ANTRAX_XX2 år siden

    How are you level 72 and have no armor for the omega

  • Ryan Lundgren
    Ryan Lundgren2 år siden

    10:06 buddy looks like a demon :O

  • Josiah's weird life
    Josiah's weird life2 år siden


  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez2 år siden

    “I created the temper shot”😂😂

  • Zeeshan Beats
    Zeeshan Beats2 år siden

    Anyone know that 3D Bend type transition and whats it called?

  • mos yankee
    mos yankee2 år siden

    Nerf gun ffa in the new faze house?

  • Verb on Switch
    Verb on Switch2 år siden

    Basketball ball then who ever loses by how many get that many shots

  • Marty Cainos
    Marty Cainos2 år siden

    "Haha he got mad"

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow2 år siden

    Barry 😻😻😻

  • Turquolicious
    Turquolicious2 år siden

    Are you and Moe still hanging out?

  • kai
    kai2 år siden

    Eat the hottest chip in the world

  • lily redburn
    lily redburn2 år siden

    can you do more hide n seek

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez2 år siden

    I think they should do a paint ball war at the house

  • Amadeja Jukić
    Amadeja Jukić2 år siden

    Where is blaze guys?

  • Rocky Savage
    Rocky Savage2 år siden

    Faze Adapt the type of dude to try and drive a car on fortnite

  • Farpos123
    Farpos1232 år siden

    barry is the cutest cat everr

  • OaksBoysProductions
    OaksBoysProductions2 år siden

    “Dude I invented the temper shot” 😂😂😂

    YOUNGE J2 år siden

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  • vanquish games
    vanquish games2 år siden

    Great video! Keep grinding!

    NAXZO2 år siden

    Anyone know where to buy that paintball gun ?

    ZOROGOTBANDZ2 år siden

    Punishment: 5 people in the house get to choose one nasty ass condement and make into a drink for the loser to finish

  • Peachy Green
    Peachy Green2 år siden

    Or an ice bath

  • Peachy Green
    Peachy Green2 år siden

    Slap them next time

  • Ova_ jay
    Ova_ jay2 år siden

    With all respect adapt u guys shouldn’t even have faze in ur name anymore 😐

  • xJemiki
    xJemiki2 år siden

    Roman kind of a bitch lmao I realised this when they did the bank robbing prank

    DADDYLONGFINGER 692 år siden

    Faze = EZ AF

  • Nick Baidon
    Nick Baidon2 år siden

    You should react to Milan's DM's you might see my Instagram it's trvp_romvn it's trvp_romvn because I'm a fan of Roman but you should react to her DM's.

  • Mayadebij01
    Mayadebij012 år siden

    Adapt getting really good at fortnite.

  • Cristian Sandoval
    Cristian Sandoval2 år siden

    I I I I I Love it

  • Fortnite Athlete
    Fortnite Athlete2 år siden

    Only real old adapt fans will understand ( ... It is really disappointing to see a youtuber that once was crashing the youtube game leaching for views to stay relevant

  • Cozmo
    Cozmo2 år siden

    Alex the type of guy to sell his car for gas

  • Jennifer Cavazos
    Jennifer Cavazos2 år siden

    Let go of his hand Alex Allleerrrttt

  • Jennifer Cavazos
    Jennifer Cavazos2 år siden

    Barry is so cute alex you're cute too

  • Ethan GamerMC
    Ethan GamerMC2 år siden

    like how many kills is shots it should be days in a haunted mansion

  • Sebas
    Sebas2 år siden

    Is Alex playing in the Sidemen charity soccer match?

  • Matt Ferro
    Matt Ferro2 år siden

    I remember when I used to watch Faze clan, and all of their tricks hotting videos. I remember watching Rug and thinking about how nerdy he was. And cringing to his story about how he lost his virginity in a bathroom or some shit at a party. I remember the time Adapt couldn't stop repeating the words "I love it," over and over again. I remember the night Banks went to the hospital for like almost overdosing or something. I remember when Linkys hit the collat on express. I remember Faze Blaziken and his crazy-ass 3 piece on yemen. I remember the joke about how Apex is a midget. I miss it...

  • Random 28
    Random 282 år siden

    Alex is the type of guy to complete agents another person and aspect them to help him

  • Tyler Crocker
    Tyler Crocker2 år siden

    Anybody else wish he still did his vlogs like back on 5,6,7,8, and 900k vlogs?

  • Awua
    Awua2 år siden

    can't really hear your commentary too well over the game :/

  • Chicken Wang.5
    Chicken Wang.52 år siden

    U would have to cuss out ur mum

  • Mke Adrian
    Mke Adrian2 år siden

    Poor romvn..

  • Enoch Jung
    Enoch Jung2 år siden

    Your so bad at fortnite lol

  • Impailer 14
    Impailer 142 år siden

    You do not know how this works don’t do it

    A SILENT VOICE2 år siden

    That dude just ruined everything with the three shot

  • RL_Papii
    RL_Papii2 år siden

    Dude is the biggest noob ive ever seen...

  • blimeylicious
    blimeylicious2 år siden


  • zTheMan
    zTheMan2 år siden

    11:30 Funniest part

  • Stable Heat
    Stable Heat2 år siden

    Alex,the only thing we don’t have in common is that i suck at video games. We have the same name Alexandre aka Alex and we both play video games I have a girlfriend named Adriannah too....add my snap xandre305

  • Stable Heat

    Stable Heat

    2 år siden

    If your willing to play Xbox with me I’m done add me at xandre2005 I’m kinda good at fortnite we can prolly get win. Faze up

  • Stepbrolando
    Stepbrolando2 år siden

    Spank each other on the ass

  • DylanPolo
    DylanPolo2 år siden

    faze is so cring 😂🤡 fuccin clowns

  • Obey Uzii
    Obey Uzii2 år siden

    Alex bro u need to pick up heels

  • Lawlor
    Lawlor2 år siden

    *bro i created the temper shot*

  • CursedXploit
    CursedXploit2 år siden


  • NMB Chief Gaming
    NMB Chief Gaming2 år siden

    Alex is the type of guy to walk around everywhere dressed like the flash

  • CoD 4 life!
    CoD 4 life!2 år siden


  • Ahsan Ahmed
    Ahsan Ahmed2 år siden

    Begin he series brah!!!

  • Carson Burger
    Carson Burger2 år siden

    slow 5:34 down he dogged the shot

  • SooGloez
    SooGloez2 år siden


  • Tommy Truzzi
    Tommy Truzzi2 år siden


  • Justin Ortega
    Justin Ortega2 år siden

    What's the name of the background music at 4:20

  • Chadrick Chand
    Chadrick Chand2 år siden

    Okay so there’s FaZe house NY, LA, HW and FaZe Gaming House. Anyone tell me if anyone still lives in the LA house?

  • imPlatinum
    imPlatinum2 år siden

    “bro i created the Temperrr shot” 😂

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia2 år siden

    why is it always the black guy

  • ArnxldSalas
    ArnxldSalas2 år siden

    Wtf I was eating hoping I can eat food while watching a video but the video didn’t load but when I’m done eating it started wtf

  • dallas adderly
    dallas adderly2 år siden

    they held hands for like 5 minutes straight

  • Sami
    Sami2 år siden

    “I created the temperrr shot” best part of the whole video!!! love love love it.

  • Randy Keeping
    Randy Keeping2 år siden

    Buy Roman a skin

  • Derbi Kuntoon 2021
    Derbi Kuntoon 20212 år siden

    More cod please!!!!!!!!🙏

  • HoodieMark -_-
    HoodieMark -_-2 år siden

    The next one should be if u lost you have to wax your leg

  • Sossi
    Sossi2 år siden

    i have waited man

  • You’re Papi
    You’re Papi2 år siden

    Every kill= 30 push ups

  • Jose Desir
    Jose Desir2 år siden

    Free fire the person heo lose has to do a nasty dare

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K2 år siden

    “Roman ur supposed to be trap”

  • She wanna dance wit da gbgs Honey we don’t dance
    She wanna dance wit da gbgs Honey we don’t dance2 år siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to go to rugs house to ask what skins he has

  • Louis_Vuitton-LV
    Louis_Vuitton-LV2 år siden

    Loser has to eat Barry’s shit

  • 7amthugger
    7amthugger2 år siden

    gay ass fornite videos thought this was a vlog

  • Noah Hashaw
    Noah Hashaw2 år siden

    oprahside thinks hes cool😂💀

  • Chris Ali
    Chris Ali2 år siden

    Wishing everyone an AMAZING day!😊💜

  • Chris Ali

    Chris Ali

    2 år siden

    DA LAWx 😊💜🙏🏼

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • james
    james2 år siden

    "my shot is increbidle" love adapt

  • HunTa Games
    HunTa Games2 år siden

    Get banks in this series

  • Ekramul Haque
    Ekramul Haque2 år siden

    *this is america!*

  • Leo Alcantar
    Leo Alcantar2 år siden

    3:20 that’s not Rambo

  • Rush
    Rush2 år siden

    loser gets 6eggs thrown at them

  • DylaN GroveR
    DylaN GroveR2 år siden

    your a savage

  • Joel 423
    Joel 4232 år siden

    Did u watch season 4 of flash if so what did u think about it

  • Sicko Mode
    Sicko Mode2 år siden

    Should have shot his calves, Its much more painful

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales2 år siden

    Outro song?

  • John
    John2 år siden

    Do a taser

  • Addicted49
    Addicted492 år siden

    "Bro i created the temerrr shot"