Throwback Trivia Challenge (Disney vs Nickelodeon)

This edition of …Beopardy is a Throwback Thursday special! Who knows the most about Disney Channel & Nickelodeon? Let’s find out.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
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Noah Grossman: noahgrossman214
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit3 måneder siden

    If someone finds the clip of Damien on Cory in the House, we’ll love you forever.

  • ellen boyer

    ellen boyer

    3 dager siden

    I FOUND THE IMAGE!!!! but I can't put the image in the comments

  • Shield Blue

    Shield Blue

    10 dager siden

    Could Do A Beopardy With Anime Or Transformers

  • Christina Kirikos

    Christina Kirikos

    11 dager siden


  • Nelson muntz

    Nelson muntz

    15 dager siden

    I found it with in 5 minutes just look up Damien Hass Cory in the house

  • Jasmine Sloan

    Jasmine Sloan

    16 dager siden

    Season 1 ep 18 15-20 minutes in @jayci howe found it

  • Marius Seim
    Marius Seim9 timer siden

    I grew up with Nickelodeon, and I haven't heard of a single one of these shows.. what happened to CatDog and Rocko?

  • alexsings
    alexsingsDag siden

    They should do this but with Harry Potter

  • Mikel Fernandez
    Mikel FernandezDag siden

    Jackie: shayne was that the show you were on? Shayne: *i felt the tension here

  • Emma Horn
    Emma HornDag siden

    Wasn’t Matt Raub on Nickelodeon?

  • тiMMу tㄖ丅aNgα
    тiMMу tㄖ丅aNgα2 dager siden

    I found shayne while rewatching Henry danger and immediately searched it

  • c h l o e b e a t r i c e
    c h l o e b e a t r i c e2 dager siden

    and this, my friends, is why Shayne is the host of bepardy :>

  • Spring Leah
    Spring Leah3 dager siden

    I don't know what vibe Noah was going for with the hair but all I see is a fruity pebbles

  • Charlotte !¡
    Charlotte !¡3 dager siden

    The boys: I was on Disney and Nick on shows!!! Also the boys: WORK TOGETHER AND LOSE Jackie: I had cable and didn’t go outside much. Also Jackie: WINS 3-1

  • meowpurpur
    meowpurpur3 dager siden

    Can't believe Damien was in the best anime of all time, cory in the house

  • Lissette Tenesaca
    Lissette Tenesaca4 dager siden


  • ChaoticLaw
    ChaoticLaw4 dager siden

    “I had cable” Lmao

  • Sydney Carver
    Sydney Carver5 dager siden

    Jackie has earned my respect from this video

  • A Random Ambipom
    A Random Ambipom5 dager siden

    jackie DESTROYED them, go jackie!!

  • Matt Kong
    Matt Kong6 dager siden

    Now that Henry Danger is on Netflix, I wanted to tell my favorite shayne fans to watch episode 22

  • Linnea Howie
    Linnea Howie6 dager siden

    after damien got hsm shayne just broke lmfao

  • Xercronous
    Xercronous6 dager siden

    Jackie: "I'm just here to do my best" *wins* "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" lmao this moment was amazing

  • Harrison Cuming
    Harrison Cuming7 dager siden

    As a Lithuanian I appreciate the Lithuania answer

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas8 dager siden

    Yaaaassss Jackie

  • johnnycantrock
    johnnycantrock9 dager siden

    Jackie has cable?!!?!!... how you doin’?

  • Joszef Meszlenyi
    Joszef Meszlenyi10 dager siden

    Are we gonna not talk about Noah’s hair

  • The Druid King
    The Druid King11 dager siden

    I'm here again to watch Jackie dominate

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez11 dager siden

    14:25 Noah looks pissed and out of it

  • GeoJay
    GeoJay11 dager siden

    How about shows for girls age 9 and younger?

  • Matrix Vex
    Matrix Vex12 dager siden

    ayyy confetti head is here

  • cobblestone watermelon
    cobblestone watermelon12 dager siden

    you guys should do trivia on Smosh, like past and present videos/people

  • Giulia Poli
    Giulia Poli12 dager siden

    i love jackie so much omg

  • meja krasauskaite
    meja krasauskaite12 dager siden

    The fact that Noah knows Lithuania is so freaking cool considering i'm a lithuanian🇱🇹 so from now i stan Noah

  • Scarlett Flitcroft
    Scarlett Flitcroft13 dager siden

    Damian and Corey in the house

  • Scarlett Flitcroft
    Scarlett Flitcroft13 dager siden

    I found it

  • Colby Peavy
    Colby Peavy14 dager siden

    Just realized DCOM stands for Disney Channel Original Movie

  • Emily MacKnight
    Emily MacKnight14 dager siden

    my older sister played soccer with lindsays little sister :)

  • Leah Moore
    Leah Moore15 dager siden

    Queen Jackie.

  • Melon E
    Melon E15 dager siden

    I was so confused on Keke Palmer's part lol I had no clue she also was part of Nickelodeon!

  • Video game Buds
    Video game Buds18 dager siden

    Stranger things trivia

  • StarWars Nerdette
    StarWars Nerdette19 dager siden

    I just looked up Shayne's part on iCarly and I'm like omg I remember that episode!

  • Zarry Lotus
    Zarry Lotus19 dager siden

    Damian I saw you in the Corey in the house episode. What was that haircut? 😂😂😂

  • Brad Kirkwood
    Brad Kirkwood19 dager siden

    You should do Canadian trivia. I will donate $200.00 to the charity of Smosh’s choice if anyone gets over 500 points

  • Su Kaolla
    Su Kaolla20 dager siden

    Everyone keeps saying "Destiny's Child with Solange" but NO! Its Solange with Destiny's Child as supporting vocals! Solange is credited as the lead/ main for that song.

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez20 dager siden

    Jackie really didnt do shit when she was younger

  • warren hall
    warren hall21 dag siden

    Cartoon Network

  • L Gorham
    L Gorham21 dag siden

    I feel like 'we have cable' was one of the BIGGEST flexes of the 2000s

  • Audrey Mattson
    Audrey Mattson24 dager siden

    This is my favorite Beopardy episode and I would love to see a part two to this 😂

  • Amanda Schneider
    Amanda Schneider24 dager siden

    Noah gets so defensive when he’s wrong, it’s like, no ones yelling at you bro, 😂 calm down

  • Avlin Starfall
    Avlin Starfall24 dager siden

    There are 20 questions on that board. 3 were Nickelodeon. Not really Disney vs Nickelodeon.

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith25 dager siden

    Star wars trivia

  • Ashleigh Martin
    Ashleigh Martin25 dager siden

    I found Damien in Cory in the House

  • Nathaniel Tena
    Nathaniel Tena26 dager siden

    i like when Courtney is the host.

  • Anna Jacobsen
    Anna Jacobsen28 dager siden

    Shayne in this video: ‘slowly lossing his pride to Jackie’

  • Sun Mai
    Sun Mai29 dager siden

    Shayne: Give me the Luck of the Irish Courtney: (tells a summary or info) Jackie: Luck of the Irish Courtney: Correct Shayne: *(dies inside)*

  • WiseGuys Gaming
    WiseGuys Gaming29 dager siden

    Jackie Stan of Nickelodeon and Disney

  • Anne T
    Anne T29 dager siden

    8:11 “There’s been a lot of Disney questions you were on Nickelodeon” and SHAYNE’S LAUGH THAT FOLLOWED AFTER I- 💀

  • Nora Erwin
    Nora Erwin29 dager siden

    We need a part 2 for sure

  • Kaleb Wilson
    Kaleb Wilson29 dager siden

    Jackie needs a Stan vs the internet of Disney shows

  • Andy Animates
    Andy AnimatesMåned siden

    Shane you were in sam and cat in that magic episode

  • JenniferSwiftBlood
    JenniferSwiftBloodMåned siden

    When the answer was the luck of the Irish, and Jackie also knew A ring of endless light I literally laughed so hard that passed out and my mother had to shake me awake again to make sure I was ok!!! lol

  • Hunter Messmer
    Hunter MessmerMåned siden

    We need one on the High School Musical movies PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Claudy
    Jackie ClaudyMåned siden

    Jackie out here making me proud to be a Jackie

  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy MifsudMåned siden

    Man! Fuck you Jackie

  • vernii mirnii
    vernii mirniiMåned siden

    I wanna see jackie vs all the so random alumns

  • Meghan Spencer
    Meghan SpencerMåned siden

    I was just waiting for Shayne to do London Tipton's "Yay me!" thing after he guessed it from the photo of her.

  • Sarah Dover
    Sarah DoverMåned siden

    College level history course test please!

  • sprym nuget
    sprym nugetMåned siden

    My second names Mcguire

  • sprym nuget
    sprym nugetMåned siden


  • James Darter
    James DarterMåned siden

    The minute Jackie got a triple threat correct, I knew I wasn't alone in containing useless knowledge either.

  • Alizaaaz
    AlizaaazMåned siden

    you should do a marvel, harry potter or smosh quiz

  • Frederic Chopin
    Frederic ChopinMåned siden

    Sorry guys i'm cartoon network.

  • Leah C
    Leah CMåned siden

    We aren't gonna talk about how Damien was in Glee. ik ik

  • Sandman Sleeps
    Sandman SleepsMåned siden

    Me, who likes to play along: I don't know many US shows. :( Jackie: *answers before I can* Me: :( Me, but secretly: :) I'm safe.

  • Sandman Sleeps
    Sandman SleepsMåned siden

    Cory in the house. Season 1. Episode 18. About 17 minutes in.

  • SpicySabs Roll
    SpicySabs RollMåned siden

    IT WAS HSM 2!!!!

  • Autumn Nevaeh
    Autumn NevaehMåned siden

    Me and Jackie lived the same damm childhood. She did it for the bitches that had cable instead of friends outside of school. 🤧

    EDDSTICKLEMåned siden

    Did Jackie just hustle a show for no prize?

  • andie
    andieMåned siden

    not me getting every single answer correct.... i need to go outside

  • Lianna Elizabeth
    Lianna ElizabethMåned siden

    they should do one about the Goldbergs for shayne

  • maddie , seth and nevaeh #131629
    maddie , seth and nevaeh #131629Måned siden

    Can you do a harry potter version?

  • Valquíria Camboim
    Valquíria CamboimMåned siden


  • Meg Meyer
    Meg MeyerMåned siden

    noah, I was also 3, if even. I still knew it was life size

  • Megan Gerdes
    Megan GerdesMåned siden

    Cartoon network or nick at night

  • Kaylee Hogness
    Kaylee HognessMåned siden

    You guys should do one where the catalogues are the people who work behind the scenes like the editors and the camera people and all the on camera people (Damien, Shane, Courtney, Ian if I have to pick four) have to answer questions about them. Like when Tim had a category in the IT version but for all the categories.

  • Kaylee Hogness
    Kaylee HognessMåned siden

    You guys should do one where the catalogues are the people who work behind the scenes like the editors and the camera people and all the on camera people (Damien, Shane, Courtney, Ian if I have to pick four) have to answer questions about them.

  • Nightmare Unicorn
    Nightmare UnicornMåned siden

    I dont know if anyone could out Dark Souls Damien. But I'd be willing to try. Bring it on fellow Souls Weeb!

  • Holographic_ _catastrophic
    Holographic_ _catastrophicMåned siden

    this goes to show that having cable has it's benefits HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • My Fat Face
    My Fat FaceMåned siden


  • miss aquarius
    miss aquariusMåned siden

    you should do cartoon network trivia

  • Dragon Chasm
    Dragon ChasmMåned siden

    “You can’t say that if you don’t want me and shayne to feel crippled.” Dude acts like he’s so old. The show he was on aired in 2011. Sit the fuck down.

  • bbsbass
    bbsbassMåned siden

    Jackie is the best addition to the Smosh cast in a long time I think. She's great

  • Evan Rogers
    Evan RogersMåned siden

    im falling in love with jackie help

  • Hailey Hunter
    Hailey HunterMåned siden

    I ended with 1,050. Im pretty happy with that

  • TurkeyLurker28
    TurkeyLurker28Måned siden


  • Jayron Van L Arizo
    Jayron Van L ArizoMåned siden

    As soon as Jackie said she had cable, I knew those boys were doomed

  • pandalover1234567896
    pandalover1234567896Måned siden

    Okay but I watched Life-Sizwe and I'm younger than Noah

  • Black Crystal Dragoon
    Black Crystal DragoonMåned siden

    @12:59 I thought Shayne was going to go into Macho Man speech mode Ooooohhhhhh Yeeeeaaaah!!

  • Lauren Stokes
    Lauren StokesMåned siden

    When Damien said it would be hard to find, but I found it in literally 30 seconds😂

  • FNAFworld chica
    FNAFworld chicaMåned siden

    I like the idea of a Cartoon Network trivia

  • Landon Smith
    Landon SmithMåned siden

    Why did I get an episode of Board AF as an ad?

  • Lise Magic

    Lise Magic

    Måned siden

    Same! I was so confused!

  • The AGL Clan
    The AGL ClanMåned siden

    I like how Noah said all of them together had 550 but really they had 650

  • octoberboiy
    octoberboiyMåned siden

    The minute the word Future left Courtney’s mouth Phil of the Future came out my mouth. That was soooooooooo easy I can’t believe the boys failed that. Lol Jackie watched too much tv as a kid. Her parents should be ashamed lol.

  • ellirambler
    elliramblerMåned siden

    damien: i was on so random on disney for one season and i’m pretty sure that’s it- cory picture in the corner: ar e y o u su r e a b o u t t h at

  • Charlotte !¡
    Charlotte !¡Måned siden

    Cable did Jackie well.