Throwing a Dart at a Map and SPENDING THE NIGHT Wherever it Lands - Challenge

Throwing a Dart at a Map and SPENDING THE NIGHT Wherever it Lands - Challenge
Disclaimer: Do not try at home! Security is our #1 priority. I was supervised throughout the whole process.
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    Use code "Adapt" in the Fortnite item shop!! at 50k supporters IM SHAVING MY HEAD!

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    FaZe Adapt whats goooooodd then? I got the clippers bro. Faze up 💇‍♂️💵

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    FaZe Adapt I wish u would date me but I look like trash love u 😘 #FaZe UP

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    FaZe Adapt holy shit stay the same you look still sexy

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    Mark Antonelli

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    KozmeticYT your lying I checked your name on your channel it had 1500 subs

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    År siden

    His arm pit hair thi

  • Daniela Puentes
    Daniela Puentes17 dager siden

    Wait the girl called him by Alex not adapt and caught him so of guard 💀

  • Brady Tomlinson
    Brady Tomlinson3 måneder siden

    Out of all the places he could choose he does hot tub 😑

  • ImBlumb
    ImBlumb3 måneder siden

    2:56 "spoder man I love spoder"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • willie Bodfish
    willie Bodfish4 måneder siden

    I have coffee in I'm only 12

  • Nesehyo
    Nesehyo4 måneder siden

    Alex is the new batman

  • Spoonm4n
    Spoonm4n6 måneder siden

    What’s the background music I forgot

  • matts matts
    matts matts6 måneder siden

    Love u bro

  • King Unknown
    King Unknown6 måneder siden

    Pause it on 11:40 and tell me is it scary 😂😂😂😂

  • DDC_ Ultimate
    DDC_ Ultimate6 måneder siden

    Member when tfue was still in faze. RRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP

  • Kylie Ψ
    Kylie Ψ7 måneder siden

    That’s not even power puff girls

  • Kylie Ψ

    Kylie Ψ

    6 måneder siden

    TiffTaff ToeBoe what? 😂

  • Gavin8Cheese


    6 måneder siden

    Kylie Smith wtf

  • Kylie Ψ

    Kylie Ψ

    6 måneder siden


  • Gavin8Cheese


    6 måneder siden

    Kylie Smith oh ok well nvm that shit I was gonna say I’m to tired to look it up rn

  • Kylie Ψ

    Kylie Ψ

    6 måneder siden

    TiffTaff ToeBoe it’s not power puff girls it’s lol dolls 😂

  • Deputy Hoss
    Deputy Hoss7 måneder siden

    3:31 😂🤣

  • Burger Boi
    Burger Boi7 måneder siden

    wow the thumbnail wasnt clickbait XD

  • Ayden Harper
    Ayden Harper7 måneder siden

    When he said get some snacks then Ryan Swaze popped up

  • Myst Myst
    Myst Myst7 måneder siden

    I don't think adapt's gonna solve that Puzzle ever

  • NXR_TidoeYT
    NXR_TidoeYT7 måneder siden

    Yo when u watch this again he Coughs like 3000 times Everyone there: 🤷🏼‍♂️ Everyone now: 😰😱😨😓😥😷😷

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  • JB Time
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    Go to IKIA

  • dippydopey15
    dippydopey157 måneder siden

    Disneyland woulda been so much better

  • Alexander Long
    Alexander Long7 måneder siden

    Be a bad time to stay at target

  • bob billy
    bob billy7 måneder siden

    bro i miss tfue yo😭😭

  • Matthew Mendez
    Matthew Mendez7 måneder siden

    Was hat Diablo I heard. Holy shit?!?!?

  • - - -
    - - -8 måneder siden

    Did adapt forget to wash his teeth. Me: bring out something random

  • Foxy GirlHD
    Foxy GirlHD8 måneder siden

    That's a lol doll puzzle

  • 9AnCh0
    9AnCh08 måneder siden

    The pit hairs thoooooo

  • adam kells
    adam kells8 måneder siden

    2:49 what brain?

  • Founder
    Founder8 måneder siden

    His reaction 4:00

  • Bmxthegardennj
    Bmxthegardennj8 måneder siden

    Eatting random oreos in the middle of the store is fucked up

  • Dal
    Dal8 måneder siden

    He was 20 when he made this EXPOSED

  • Jaxen Hankel
    Jaxen Hankel8 måneder siden

    alex but you dont have a brain

  • XxKingJPXx Xx
    XxKingJPXx Xx9 måneder siden

    You should’ve done spin the wheel instead lol love ya Adapt..

  • s6n_uplift
    s6n_uplift11 måneder siden

    You should tell all the faze members if they should go to sheepy race. My uncle owns it

  • s6n_uplift
    s6n_uplift11 måneder siden

    You should tell all the faze members if they should go to sheepy race. My uncle owns it

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge GarciaÅr siden

    FaZe Adapt you are fucking funny

  • alexander lau
    alexander lauÅr siden

    His balls are cook

  • ChiefusQ
    ChiefusQÅr siden

    looking back at these they were all faded xD

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony HernandezÅr siden

    Nobody was ready

  • T Mills
    T MillsÅr siden

    If you’ve ever seen the og vid with Steve carell doing this it landed on my town... I live in a one square mile town.

  • Rory Bannon
    Rory BannonÅr siden

    Why did the different places have to be in a map of the US? It doesn’t apply to the challenge at all, yet he made a decision to make the image with the map. This beyond confuses me.

  • TDG Holvo
    TDG HolvoÅr siden

    Definitely not safe lol

  • Walter White
    Walter WhiteÅr siden

    Oh yea Midwest


    they face habe many pamps

  • Kylee Duong
    Kylee DuongÅr siden

    Vaseline- for....

  • Darcy Winsor
    Darcy WinsorÅr siden

    A NOlocalr named Derek Gerard actually came up wit the map idea

  • Emily Lout
    Emily LoutÅr siden

    can i join faze clan my gammer tag is awosm617

  • nah
    nahÅr siden

    Bruh you didn’t even choose the one it should of been you picked the one you wanted. Your boringgg

  • Henry Lahanmi
    Henry LahanmiÅr siden

    Adapt thinks he hits those buckets but he clearly doesn’t

  • panda552007
    panda552007År siden

    Ur hair lookin like tilted towers

  • ExTc Alfie
    ExTc AlfieÅr siden

    Is no one gonna mention that he spell cat wrong

  • Sherbieee
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  • ExPo_Itachi
    ExPo_ItachiÅr siden

    My state is a hottub

  • Ian999
    Ian999År siden

    What happens if you are cold vs what happens when you need to go to the bathroom

  • YummybigMac
    YummybigMacÅr siden

    6:08 aren’t you going to put ice cubes in it?

  • Jakegonzalez420


    10 måneder siden

    YummybigMac underrated

  • Hunter Anderson
    Hunter AndersonÅr siden

    You did not put gucci on the dart board

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99År siden

    Y was tea wapp awake the hole time

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99År siden

    Tfue is freaking talented

  • __ Lynx __
    __ Lynx __År siden

    Adapt is that your bro in the yellow hat

  • Maryam Louis
    Maryam LouisÅr siden

    The best part was when tefu came

  • Sarah jay
    Sarah jayÅr siden

    cameraman: alex u killed him alex:u told me to

  • Marcus Orozco
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  • Unity
    UnityÅr siden

    Who watched 10:06 and was like who is that guy

  • 1chrisf
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  • Moonlight TV
    Moonlight TVÅr siden

    Dude you really should have enough knowledge to not eat anything out in the middle of anywhere I'm not a person that hates germs or anything I'm not hating on u but u really should not do that there could be anything on that ..........drugs u name it if I saw that I would never do that in anyworld

  • rty ghy
    rty ghyÅr siden

    When tfue was in faze

  • FROST O6
    FROST O6År siden

    “Who’s kat is that?” I died 😂😂😂🤣

  • JohnnyPlays
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  • Summer Slime
    Summer SlimeÅr siden

    You are just coping FaZe Rug!

  • Alicia Selina
    Alicia SelinaÅr siden

    Hmmm didn't your dumb self do an adapt the type of guy and get that cut on the side of your car 4:24

  • Sone Taunuu
    Sone TaunuuÅr siden

    What om gonna say is just a joke ok When alex pretended to be a manican i couldn't see him cause he so white XD

  • OTG RyZe
    OTG RyZeÅr siden

    When he said whos kat is that had me dieing

  • solo loco
    solo locoÅr siden

    We want mocking Faze banks

  • solo loco
    solo locoÅr siden

    This video is cool

  • Nolan Geary
    Nolan GearyÅr siden

    Hahaha not the only thing Turner fucked for y'all

  • jayden miller
    jayden millerÅr siden

    More of these

  • Daniel Chung
    Daniel ChungÅr siden

    shits actually kinda dangerous especially with alcohol lol. His heart coulda started beating irregularly n shit. I'm a lifeguard I know. But still pure comedic gold lol

  • BhieNMer Juanitas
    BhieNMer JuanitasÅr siden

    3:36 What is that laugh 😆

  • Atain
    AtainÅr siden

    Bro you make me laugh and enjoy life keep up the vids and do you Alex

  • Swirlyッ
    SwirlyッÅr siden

    “AhhHh my brAIn” *drinks more*

  • Jay Bortoli
    Jay BortoliÅr siden

    Adapts the type of guy who’s nose is always stuffed

  • Brandi
    BrandiÅr siden

    alexs laugh is honestly delusinal

  • Bárður Dam
    Bárður DamÅr siden

    Its crazy how much people do for views

  • Noble Stormz
    Noble StormzÅr siden

    Hits IKEA and then hot tub and goes to target he’s cracked 😂😂😂😂

  • ktac army
    ktac armyÅr siden

    no way this is real bc he didnt have any footage of him overnight which is sus, but idc just putting it out there.

  • Adrian
    AdrianÅr siden

    sure the fkn bathtub thats just outside in their garden

  • Javier Santos
    Javier SantosÅr siden

    Your only supposed to be In a hot tub or a juckuzie for 30 min

  • Truthsfuls -
    Truthsfuls -År siden

    Adapt used to have a six pack

  • DomSoWavy
    DomSoWavyÅr siden

    16:16 ... 7am?

  • Taizai ;
    Taizai ;År siden

    Thumbnail looks like the dart is in your nose 😂😂😂😂

  • Karate Master
    Karate MasterÅr siden


  • Aiden Zimmerman
    Aiden ZimmermanÅr siden

    3:30 *Coughs* ELMO

  • nickdude
    nickdudeÅr siden

    9:10 the boy MightyDuck 💯💯

  • Random Random
    Random RandomÅr siden

    It was funny when he said small

  • R3d FloydDroid
    R3d FloydDroidÅr siden

    This was filmed on my birthday

  • Ashton Davis
    Ashton DavisÅr siden

    fake not worth watching

  • Naya Saechao
    Naya SaechaoÅr siden

    “Power Puff Girls” They Are LOL puzzles wtff😂

  • lexi
    lexiÅr siden

    adapt and Emma chamberlain would look real good together 🤭

  • Jordan Reyes
    Jordan ReyesÅr siden

    Bruh adapt is an amazing personality bruh

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  • Ben Page
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    Ik he peed in that hottub