Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Kjæledyr og dyr

At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on NOlocal: thedo.do/fuller527.

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  • cheeky bastard 101
    cheeky bastard 1012 timer siden

    They are beautiful 💖

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell2 timer siden

    Never seen one. Looks like a cross between a ferret and a Meerkat. Cool

  • Jim Tomlinson
    Jim Tomlinson2 timer siden

    I lived in England for years and never knew these animals existed. It was all about hedgehogs.

  • Bella Bellabella
    Bella Bellabella3 timer siden

    So darling. I love them 💜

  • Rosalie Trevino
    Rosalie Trevino3 timer siden

    I dont know what that is but its adorable!

    TIMESUP UK 23 timer siden

    Its gone 2 far now even the stoats are lgbtfqyz a girl called stuart 😲

  • teri galvin
    teri galvin3 timer siden

    They really cute. Too bad they are pest where I live and get trapped and killed

  • Basit Khan
    Basit Khan3 timer siden

    thanks for changing there environment time to time ;)

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood3 timer siden

    I will gladly take 3 please!

  • Son Woodpecker
    Son Woodpecker3 timer siden

    Yeah I think they kissed

  • duvessa2003
    duvessa20033 timer siden

    That outdoor enclosure is AMAZING!

  • duvessa2003
    duvessa20033 timer siden

    Thank you for getting a playmate for whisker. Don’t you have to be careful about giving her milk when she’s on her back like that? I thought there was a risk it could go into her lungs and drown her or is that just baby rabbits?

  • Caroline Petersen
    Caroline Petersen3 timer siden

    They are really beautiful!

  • Bladerbeast
    Bladerbeast3 timer siden


  • Donut Religion
    Donut Religion3 timer siden

    I've never even heard of a stoat before. Looks like a quarter-sized ferret that probably smells a lot better as well.

  • poop emogee
    poop emogee3 timer siden

    is stoat the same as ferret?

  • Coney Bathan
    Coney Bathan3 timer siden

    sooooo cuteeeeee

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan
    Lydia Waweru-Morgan3 timer siden

    Can I get this man to narrate my life? Lol

  • Nora Fl
    Nora Fl3 timer siden


  • JR Bailey
    JR Bailey3 timer siden

    I liked the video; he's got a top notch operation ongoing and it is VERY well thought out; obviously the man is NO novice! However, for all those folks wondering about the "Down Votes" (no I did not vote down); the majority of them are probably from fowl lovers, and certainly from folks who keep chickens, ducks, quail, etc. Stoats are WEASELS and weasels will kill fowl at the drop of the proverbial hat!! All it takes is ONCE to go to your coup/enclosure where you keep chickens (for eggs and meat), ducks (eggs and meat), or quail (eggs and meat), and find all your girls SLAUGHTERED due to a stoat and cures you of finding stoats 'cute'! I'm this way with skunks: they are the ONLY animal I will kill ON SIGHT when I am out and about! I had one slaughter 15 of my wonderful girls and that was all it took to change my attitude. When I find them outside city limits, they are NOT long for this world! Cheers from Oil Patch in Central WY, USA

  • bigbowlowrong
    bigbowlowrong3 timer siden

    These things are crazy cute. Ironic that they’re such adept killers😆

  • Meow Zah
    Meow Zah3 timer siden

    Whisper is the loud one?!

  • Anniee Oroya
    Anniee Oroya3 timer siden

    i want 2!!!!

  • Paw Printz
    Paw Printz3 timer siden

    A Stoat looks like small Ferret? So cute.

  • misterscruffy1
    misterscruffy13 timer siden

    That is awesome, thank you.

  • David Nehmer
    David Nehmer3 timer siden

    I see dislikes of this video how can anyone not love that video the coolest little creatures i’ve ever seen♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Blanca Davila
    Blanca Davila3 timer siden

    Precious little stoats remind me so much of my ferrets ❤️

  • Ari Menmo
    Ari Menmo3 timer siden

    Refreshing to find a kind and beautiful soul, caring for the small and defenseless out of pure joy. Thanks for sharing.

  • dave runner
    dave runner3 timer siden

    Im convinced that if there was a 65lb stoat, no animal on earth would be safe.

  • Chris B
    Chris B3 timer siden

    They are the most adorable murder machines.

  • Rare Breed
    Rare Breed3 timer siden

    If only all of mankind acknowledged that the strong have an obligation to protect the weak, the world would be a far better place. Thank you.

  • Eragonian1
    Eragonian14 timer siden

    Stoat gets eaten by snake...

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley4 timer siden


  • Knight Vision Media
    Knight Vision Media4 timer siden

    They are just adorable. 🤗

  • Ant Per
    Ant Per4 timer siden

    They're beautiful 😊

  • xxVEXYLINK xx
    xxVEXYLINK xx4 timer siden


  • Megan Strickland
    Megan Strickland4 timer siden

    These stoats are so cute!

  • Sarah Patnode
    Sarah Patnode4 timer siden


  • Elisabeth Townsend
    Elisabeth Townsend4 timer siden

    They couldn’t be any cuter! 🥰🥰❣️

  • Arcanum
    Arcanum4 timer siden

    Alot of clapping and whistling going on

  • пулемет
    пулемет4 timer siden

    what the hell is that its so cute

  • Eva Cooks And Does Toy Reviews
    Eva Cooks And Does Toy Reviews4 timer siden

    I just lost it😢😭

  • carlmj16
    carlmj164 timer siden

    Are they the same as a mink but just a different name?

  • Phoenix Rogers
    Phoenix Rogers4 timer siden

    Great work you all are doing! thank you!

  • Jamez Kpal
    Jamez Kpal4 timer siden

    By raising them in captivity aren't you just feeding the birds?

  • D Schulz
    D Schulz4 timer siden

    It takes a special person to do this. I wouldn't have let them go. I would be too attached and keep them :;(

    BEAST4 timer siden

    You will never see them again you won't know if their dead or alive or their a mother or a father:,(

  • lara collard
    lara collard4 timer siden

    Oh what dear little thing aww so cute!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson4 timer siden

    That was just so awesome that journey back to the wild. Very heartwarming. Thanks for that beautiful video sir. Made my day .

  • : D
    : D4 timer siden


  • pamela titterington
    pamela titterington4 timer siden

    Wonderful work you do, great to see 👍

  • Ness
    Ness4 timer siden

    But how do they know how to hunt and take care of themselves in the wild?

  • Chrissy Cornell
    Chrissy Cornell4 timer siden

    Sweet Baby God Bless All!!!!!

  • RichWasHere94
    RichWasHere944 timer siden

    oh... my... god..

  • PK games
    PK games4 timer siden

    Yeah, you just doomed them into running up to a snake thinking its friendly, knowing nothing about em

  • Allu9999


    4 timer siden

    Yeah, i have got to tell you, how do baby stoats know about them, what is different?

  • Alexa Penn
    Alexa Penn4 timer siden

    it was amazing how almost instantly they started talking to each other. and then interacting so quickly. he did a wonderful job raising the two of them and then getting them into the wild again. humans can be so incredible - it's so great to see people like this. especially men, because they are so nurturing - stands the stereotype right on its stupid head :) 🦦🌷

  • Ingo Molitor
    Ingo Molitor4 timer siden

    You guys rock! Thank you.

  • Marilyn Reed
    Marilyn Reed4 timer siden

    So Cute!!!

  • Murray David
    Murray David4 timer siden

    Cute and a natural born killer

  • Cesar Valencia
    Cesar Valencia4 timer siden

    Wha.. whAT IS THAT💕

  • Savage Gonzo
    Savage Gonzo4 timer siden

    is this the same as a feret? i want one!

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher4 timer siden

    That's A Good Thing You Did, Man. We Humans Should All Care More About The World Around Us!

  • martin poulsen
    martin poulsen4 timer siden

    Taking care of nature is priceless, the energy in those little stoats is endless. Cool new home.

  • Chris Hess
    Chris Hess4 timer siden

    I am having a crisis and this made my crisis not as bad.Thank you baby stoats.

  • N ight
    N ight4 timer siden

    Aww I want a sleepy bag like that too ^.^

  • Tylr Bk
    Tylr Bk5 timer siden

    It doesn’t seem like it would be safe to release them.

  • Zachery Hansen
    Zachery Hansen5 timer siden

    how does one acquire these so called.. stoats?

  • Nancy Lorenz
    Nancy Lorenz5 timer siden

    So awesome to se them grow and proceed with life!

  • Imlaor25
    Imlaor255 timer siden

    They are basically furry snakes with ADD

  • alch3myau
    alch3myau5 timer siden


  • SAMO
    SAMO5 timer siden

    Its scary to think that if both the weasel or stoat were the size of a large dog there would be no living mammals on land

  • logical delusion
    logical delusion5 timer siden

    I swear this video was published before?????? I watched this last year!!!!!!!

  • Zacks Random Projects
    Zacks Random Projects5 timer siden

    That settles it. I wanna get a Stoat and Im naming it Mr. Furrybung...😂😂😂

  • Garcy Barcy
    Garcy Barcy5 timer siden


  • Emily Willis
    Emily Willis5 timer siden

    Too cuteeee I cant 😭

  • Ken C
    Ken C5 timer siden

    This video made my day. Thanks.

  • 123GoBrits
    123GoBrits5 timer siden

    Awfully cute but an environmental disaster in New Zealand and they are determined to kill every of them

  • agatahb
    agatahb5 timer siden

    this is the best example of helping wild animals - preparing them to live in the wild, instead of turning them into human pets

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones5 timer siden

    "WHAT ARE YOU???" "WHAT ARE *YOU????"* *screeching increases*

  • Jade Ngoc
    Jade Ngoc5 timer siden


  • caragh lumpp
    caragh lumpp5 timer siden

    I want her so cute UvU!

  • Floyd Andriessen
    Floyd Andriessen5 timer siden

    Looks like a nice meal for a goshawk

  • Woaky
    Woaky5 timer siden

    This is just... too wholesome

  • No
    No5 timer siden

    Honestly, I couldn’t have this job. I would be too attached and couldn’t let them go. Thank you for teaching these adorable creatures how to survive in the wild

  • Nina Pearman
    Nina Pearman5 timer siden

    Golly gosh they’re cute.

  • Warburton 84
    Warburton 845 timer siden

    Click bait. Their reaction is no different to two stoats, who actually have seen stoats before.

  • Jennifer DuPuy
    Jennifer DuPuy5 timer siden

    I want one 💜❤

  • Fredboat
    Fredboat5 timer siden


  • Emilia Loza
    Emilia Loza5 timer siden

    Awwww, so cute! xD

  • Michael Jordan fans are the worst NBA fans then
    Michael Jordan fans are the worst NBA fans then5 timer siden

    Stop caging animals

  • Julie Russell
    Julie Russell5 timer siden

    Not sure they would be permitted out in the wild here in NZ as they are an introduced “pest” killing bird life here. Cute animals though.

  • Sgaragarru
    Sgaragarru5 timer siden

    "and now the next step..release them in the wild" my head "How about no? i wanna keep them!!!"

    SFMASTERUPFRONT5 timer siden

    Just by the thumbnail ik its going to be a cute animal

  • Jayani A
    Jayani A5 timer siden

    Aww, too cute!!! 🥰🥺

  • Jeremiah Thomas
    Jeremiah Thomas5 timer siden

    It's so small

  • Jayani A
    Jayani A5 timer siden

    Who else is here because of the thumbnail?

  • Ha-ha-ha-hapa
    Ha-ha-ha-hapa6 timer siden

    Aren't stoats the "summer version" of minks?

  • Paul Toy
    Paul Toy6 timer siden

    Adorable...and deadly hunters!

  • TheHighTower
    TheHighTower6 timer siden

    It's even cuter when it's tearing a bunny apart while it's still alive.

  • TheHighTower


    3 timer siden

    @Matt Lyon Marry me.

  • Matt Lyon

    Matt Lyon

    3 timer siden

    That's nature for you, brutal efficiency designed to weed out the weak and ensure a balanced ecosystem

  • Margie Ayuste
    Margie Ayuste6 timer siden

    omg its cute🤩