TIX - Fallen Angel - Norway 🇳🇴 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021


TIX will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Fallen Angel.
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest2 måneder siden

    Add or download the song to your playlist: Eurovision.lnk.to/ESC2021ID Read more about TIX’s victory here: eurovision.tv/story/mgp-2021-norway

  • yinloveyang


    15 dager siden

    @Faith Thomas 👏👏👏👏 bravo someone who knows that instead of trying to win with good looks, dance and boom boom disco netta's style songs (malta, serbia, israel etc.) norway decided to send a message to all people who feels (without any real reasons) they dont deserve the other person's love, trust and respect.

  • Karma IsReal

    Karma IsReal

    23 dager siden

    Hope he’ll qualify!

  • Big Brother

    Big Brother

    Måned siden

    The only reason some people don’t like this song is because Keiino didn’t win and they’re bitter. Good luck in Rotterdam! 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Luke Fernandez

    Luke Fernandez

    Måned siden

    Withdrawn Manizha with “Russian Woman” as an “April Fool’s Joke”

  • Angelica is Funny

    Angelica is Funny

    Måned siden

    @Jenny Pears i love tix and he is A greit artist

  • Ivan Ban
    Ivan Ban5 timer siden

    Gååå Norge!! 😘

  • Adriana Eskils
    Adriana Eskils5 timer siden

    What is this?????? 😂😂😂

  • Official Spencer
    Official Spencer5 timer siden


  • nora !
    nora !9 timer siden

    I have never listened this song before, but the first 6 seconds got me. It is so good, I like the angels and demons aesthetic. It is one of my faves, well done, Norway!

  • María Teresa Martínez Mena
    María Teresa Martínez Mena17 timer siden

    Winner!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Lydia Annamaria
    Lydia Annamaria20 timer siden

    Such a beautiful song and video! Greetings from Finland!

  • Giulia Gamba
    Giulia Gamba22 timer siden

    My winner!

  • Галина Кузьмина
    Галина Кузьмина23 timer siden

    Первое место 👍 Топ

  • D
    D23 timer siden

    He wrote Ava Maxx’ song Sweet but Psycho

  • Wrench
    Wrench23 timer siden

    Something strange happened to me with this song, at first I didn't like it at all, but as I listened to it more and more I got caught up in it, but I definitely didn't like it until I found out the background behind it, and now you could say that I love it even more for this incredible video, I hope TIX does something like that on stage. Wishing the best of luck to Norway this year, greetings from Chile😄🇨🇱

  • A V A
    A V ADag siden

    I’M VOTING FOR THIS OMGGGGGGGGGGGG❤️❤️💙💙 Love from Finland

  • Владимир З
    Владимир ЗDag siden

    My vote for Tix!)

  • Niamh R.
    Niamh R.Dag siden

    2:12 goosebumps everytime! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Relaxation Journeys
    Relaxation JourneysDag siden

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, may ALL your dreams come true, stay safe and have an awesome day ❤️

  • Monarch
    MonarchDag siden

    Who put dislikes?

  • Katie Chef

    Katie Chef

    22 timer siden

    He received 6k dislikes immediately on the fırst day after the video was released from fans of Keiino just for winning.But the most interesting thing is that Tix himself likes Keiino and even put some money on Keiino for the win of MGP .Moreover, he received very low reviews from critics and they even gave him the number 1 dice, which meant almost zero chances of winning. But fate decreed otherwise and number 1 literally became number 1 and the winner !

  • ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂
    ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂Dag siden

    Meint er das ernst?

  • Sergio Arias
    Sergio AriasDag siden

    Elton John AliExpress

  • JMiguelmartins
    JMiguelmartinsDag siden

    He is indeed a good singer but the song itself is a bit too predictable. A pop ballad that is quite average in my opinion. The other oficial video clip of this song is very good though. This should finish mid table. (4+/10)

  • yinloveyang


    Dag siden

    We will be very happy if he qualifies then I'm fine with whatever results will be.... but people who will be interested will see how a great artist he is and will become his fans and I think that's exactly what this competition is all about. That's why I was mad at Keiino fans a little .... that they would be more happy with them competing over and over again instead of giving chances to another contestants.

  • yinloveyang
    yinloveyangDag siden

    Man you can be sure that about 12am tomorrow we will see how the stage looks like for this awesome guy! ESC channel started posting videos with bits of rehearsals!!!! Yeeeeaaaahhhh! Btw. why did you turn off comments in a comment section of his new official music video??? edit: both Lithuania and Slovenia's rehearsals are out .... Russia and Sweden have also performed! Have a nice day and 100% good luck to Tix in his rehearsal tomorrow cause I will be working 😥😥

  • Katie Chef

    Katie Chef

    22 timer siden

    It’s turn on now hopefully 🙏

  • Rtom Pan
    Rtom PanDag siden

    better get better wings from some cosplay artists ;)

    AARON SHINGDag siden

    This live version uses backup sound from the singer himself... um.. in Eurovision it should be limited unless you are doing performance not competition. It will be interesting and excited to see if it replace by some backup singer which the tone is different than him... Another live version will fix the point people give this song. I kind of like this.❤

  • Joe Medlicott
    Joe MedlicottDag siden

    This song gives me very 00s/Owl City vibes. Love from the U.K. 🇪🇺

  • Hoolio
    HoolioDag siden

    Fucking embarrasing...

  • Θανος Κυρου
    Θανος ΚυρουDag siden

    Top 5 !!!!

    JXVX AXKX2 dager siden

    This sucks

    EST0NIA2 dager siden


  • Nickeeefy
    Nickeeefy2 dager siden

    Im sorry norway, tix is great and i liked his aura i paradise hotel but this song is just boring and dull. Text might be good but thats it./ From your neighbour

  • yinloveyang


    2 dager siden

    It's fine your opinion - I have loved it since the first seconds from my home in Czechia. But I have to admit it's really basic. It might not qualify but at least Tix/Andreas will help all those who need to get some hope for life when they're lonely or in depression + at least 10 thousands new fans across Europe.

  • Henrique Viegas
    Henrique Viegas2 dager siden

    simply this year's winner

  • Net Worker
    Net Worker2 dager siden

    When i learnt his backstory , the worst headband became awesomest headband i ever seen.

  • JermoMetGames


    Dag siden


  • Vlqx
    Vlqx3 dager siden

    This is the most underrated song in the entire competition this year. It's #2 for me and it won't move(#1 is romania)

  • Vlqx


    2 dager siden

    @kevlardog there is no way romania finishes at 14th And norway might ot even qualify to the final because semi final 1 is very strong. I really hope they qualify

  • kevlardog


    2 dager siden

    @Vlqx idk thats what the bookies are saying. the chance of that happening is very likely

  • Vlqx


    2 dager siden

    @kevlardog romania will definetly not finish at 14th

  • kevlardog


    2 dager siden

    Romania is 14th place in the books right now. So she wont problably be winning. But Tix is at the 10th place which is still good.

  • Правопорядок и процветание
    Правопорядок и процветание3 dager siden


  • Edith
    Edith3 dager siden

    well at least he didn't paint his dancers black like Cyprus did...

  • John F
    John F3 dager siden

    This guy looks like lazarbeam lol

  • Yemaya Ochun
    Yemaya Ochun3 dager siden

    I am so proud that you made this song and that you told us your story! You are a winner in my eyes🥇👍🏼

  • Kathrine Christensen
    Kathrine Christensen3 dager siden

    I listin to this song every day

  • ESC Lance
    ESC Lance3 dager siden

    I love ittt

  • Matteo Maini
    Matteo Maini3 dager siden

    I'm Italian and I've listened at all songs of Eurovision. Norway has definitely the best song and i really hope you will win, finally something touching and magic.

  • Sebastian EPA
    Sebastian EPA3 dager siden

    Dee han som gör russelåtar

  • Galib Aliyev
    Galib Aliyev3 dager siden

    It seems everyone who mocked him is now putting dislikes, I hope this song will be in top 5! :)

  • Hasan Kahraman
    Hasan Kahraman4 dager siden

    Gerçekten çok etkilendim Tebrik ederim.....

  • Jeldau Janssen
    Jeldau Janssen4 dager siden

    12 points from the Netherlands! 🇳🇱

  • Andreas Heilskov-Rousing
    Andreas Heilskov-Rousing4 dager siden

    This song is fantastic it is one off my favorit

  • Ayan Aliyeva
    Ayan Aliyeva4 dager siden

    Kids that bullied him in the past be like😳

  • Giusy Lop
    Giusy Lop4 dager siden

    Wonderful and emotional song... Congrats from Italyyy 🇮🇹❤️

  • Javier Jimenez
    Javier Jimenez4 dager siden

    I love the song and his vive. Congrats Norway

  • honzapm
    honzapm4 dager siden

    Public voting - The Winner

  • Benny BK
    Benny BK4 dager siden

    Love this song. Good Luck TIX from Haifa !

  • Θανος Κυρου
    Θανος Κυρου4 dager siden

    I love it top 10 for sure

  • helle tosin
    helle tosin4 dager siden

    Love, love, love! :)

  • Alex
    Alex5 dager siden

    How could I miss this masterpiece? 12 points from Belarus 🇧🇾

  • Izipunn
    Izipunn5 dager siden

    Pleas read his story, and see the music video to this song to understand

  • eman2091
    eman20915 dager siden

    His backstory made me cry

  • Tyler Walsh
    Tyler Walsh5 dager siden

    Usually when a song has this many dislikes it's very obvious why people didn't like it... This song is fantastic and the meaning is wonderful, not sure why it's disliked over trash in this years list

  • Tomáš Richtr

    Tomáš Richtr

    4 dager siden

    Confused KEiiNO fans, like both monument and fallen angel, but this more

  • yinloveyang


    4 dager siden

    Eeehhhmm you don't know them ... the ones from 2019? That's the answer and because it's cool to think that 2000's melodies are not cool anymore....

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker5 dager siden

    I wouldn't vote for this song but it reminds me fondly of my emo days back in the mid to late 2000s. Anyone else getting those vibes from this song?

  • yinloveyang


    3 dager siden

    Well I'm a fan of those times and Backstreet Boys and those were my days of my teenager years so no wonder :)

  • Anni Jalo
    Anni Jalo5 dager siden

    This is the best eurovision song what I've ever heard! So touching💞 12 points from Finland🙈

  • Epy Caves
    Epy Caves5 dager siden

    I'm not from Europe but I've been watching Eurovision for years and halfway through the song this made me cry... Realizing what exactly the lyrics mean, and even though the performance seemed campy at first glance, it's actually so poignant and accurate...

  • yinloveyang
    yinloveyang5 dager siden

    So I've just seen the whole documentary of Andreas/Tix and it made me cry especially the ending part.. one sure thing is no matter what happens in exactly two weeks from now .... I'll stick to this amazing guy.... giving him my love from me and support his career. And visit his concert! Greetings from Czechia! One day everyone will be a swan to someone.

  • Diego Vincenzi
    Diego Vincenzi5 dager siden

    He looks like Crowley from Good Omens

  • Ernesta B
    Ernesta B5 dager siden

    So I just previewed all of the 39 songs.. and this one is my favourite!! 🙌🏼

  • stream dynamite
    stream dynamite5 dager siden

    I find the song to be really catchy and i think it will do well in the competition, but the performance was too much. Not just the gold and the massive wings, but also the whole «demon vs angel» thing. Like the message is kinda just written to you. Love the song, but tone down the performance for eurovision!

  • stream dynamite

    stream dynamite

    6 timer siden

    @Katie Chef uh yeah i dont think u understand who tix is- In norway, when people graduate, they party and make these groups and busses. These busses often makes songs about drinking and sex, and tix was a person that made music for those groups. Yes he is very talented, but for the last decade, hes only made that kind of party music

  • Katie Chef

    Katie Chef

    17 timer siden

    @stream dynamite I’m not Norwegian, and I don’t listen to what I don’t like, this will probably be the most accurate answer to your question.What I translated, there was nothing like that anywhere. And you can twist it as you like.And among today's youth, such slang is in the order of things, not surprising.

  • Katie Chef

    Katie Chef

    18 timer siden

    @stream dynamite I think this is what was popular back then. But even earlier, he wrote world hits for Ava Max and Flo Rida. It is not Tix's fault that he was not taken seriously in Norway and appreciated in other countries. Do you think he could not or cannot write such cool songs for Norway. Can. But his desire alone is not enough.

  • stream dynamite

    stream dynamite

    19 timer siden

    @Katie Chef the thing i was talking about in norwegian is a famous song he made. Before he turned into a serious musician last year, he made party music for graduates

  • Katie Chef

    Katie Chef

    20 timer siden

    All his songs are beautiful!

  • Marta Langier
    Marta Langier6 dager siden

    Fallen angel should have dark wings

  • Marta Langier
    Marta Langier6 dager siden

    One of my favourite songs for Eurovision

  • kon air
    kon air6 dager siden

    Really beautiful melodie! Beautiful voice!

  • fr0mhero2zero
    fr0mhero2zero6 dager siden

    got some Jahn Teigen vibes from this. 0 points :D

  • Anarch Comm
    Anarch Comm6 dager siden

    One of my favourites for 2021 but ... seriously let down by the poor staging and costume.. almost takes a serious brilliantly sung song and makes it cheesy.... but...being Eurovision... maybe that will stand it in good stead.

  • ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂
    ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂6 dager siden


  • Miggy G

    Miggy G

    5 dager siden


  • Stoyan Petrov
    Stoyan Petrov6 dager siden

    Remember my words - it's TIX, Victoria or Gjon for the win! Many voters would overwhelmingly support the so 90s feeling this song brings to the arena. Instant nostalgia might work here like magic! TIX gets my 12 points from Bulgaria. Can't wait to see how it competes with others in the Grand Final!

  • simples1976


    4 dager siden

    Mine is Tix, Elena, Newman or Stefania for the win

  • Pikos Apikos

    Pikos Apikos

    5 dager siden

    You did left Malta out though! I believe we can also include Destiny's song as a favorite to snatch the win!

  • Blubblib


    5 dager siden

    I really don't think Victoria or Gjon can manage to win, I can't see how their staging can be that great. I think Norway is definitely the Dark Horse!

  • Hannes Daverda
    Hannes Daverda6 dager siden

    This song is the best eurovision-song I've ever heard!😍

  • tarıg tarıg
    tarıg tarıg6 dager siden

    It is a very beautiful song. my favourite. from turkey

  • happygoldensunshine
    happygoldensunshine6 dager siden

    Lonely Island vibes! Amazingly catchy.

  • Carolynne1999
    Carolynne19996 dager siden

    I’m a faaaaallen aaaaangeeeell!! Already stuck in my head! Good job Norway! Love from 🇸🇪

  • Yevgeniya L
    Yevgeniya L6 dager siden

    I thought that whole gangsta/ pimp look was ironic but then it turned out it's not oO

  • K. Lavisa
    K. Lavisa6 dager siden

    It's a beautiful song 🥰

  • Victoria Chekal
    Victoria Chekal6 dager siden


  • Philips Probuda
    Philips Probuda6 dager siden

    This song is among the strongest competitors for the win. ESC 2021 results will be like: 1. Bulgaria 2. Norway 3. Switzerland 4. North Macedonia 5. Cyprus 6. Romania 7. Malta 8. Ukraine 9. France 10. Lithuania 11. Iceland 12. Croatia 13. Finland 14. Sweden 15. Spain 16. Italy 17. Russia 18. Austria 19. Estonia 20. Israel 21. Belgium 22. Greece 23. Portugal 24. The Netherlands 25. United Kingdom 26. Germany 27. Moldova 28. Serbia 29. Azerbaijan 30. Ireland 31. San Marino 32. Slovenia 33. Latvia 34. Czechia 35. Australia 36. Denmark 37. Poland 38. Albania 39. Georgia

  • Brian Carlson
    Brian Carlson7 dager siden

    Sorry Norway - it is so boring and mainstream

  • stream dynamite

    stream dynamite

    5 dager siden

    Shut up danish, yalls was terrible

  • brian060983
    brian0609837 dager siden

    Awesome song & great performance!! Norway should get to the final!!

  • yinloveyang
    yinloveyang7 dager siden

    Hey everyone great Sunday btw! Does anyone know if there will be that official music video with this song or was that supposed to be that documentary that has just been posted on ESC channel cause I rather see a music video even though I'll watch that documentary as we don't have anything like that in my country. Have a nice day and thanks for your replies.

  • Hannes Daverda

    Hannes Daverda

    5 dager siden

    @Kristian Emanuelsen Yes it is so fantastic😍

  • Kristian Emanuelsen

    Kristian Emanuelsen

    5 dager siden

    It's on NOlocal now, released 8 hours ago. Search for it, links are usually not allowed in the comment section.

  • Joelle XOXO

    Joelle XOXO

    7 dager siden

    he said last weekend, but we are waiting... :)

  • Hannes Daverda

    Hannes Daverda

    7 dager siden

    Hey! I think that this is the official music video... I'd also prefer an other video, but this isn't bad at all- Have a great Sunday too😊

  • Vaiva Gr
    Vaiva Gr7 dager siden

    Play "Jaja ding dong"!!!! :DDD

  • Toasty
    Toasty7 dager siden

    I really hope that norway will win the ESC this year. They really deserve it. Greetings from Germany.👼👍

  • yinloveyang


    2 dager siden

    @SVETOZAR4IK Norway will be happy if it gets to the grand final... I totally love this song but it's a sure thing it may not even qualify. But I will stay loyal as his fan!



    2 dager siden

    @Vlqx No1 asks you to like this song But, maybe, you should like every song in ESC

  • Vlqx


    3 dager siden

    Unfortunately they won't win even though I freaking love this song Unless they are a dark horse

  • The Anny

    The Anny

    4 dager siden

    Da stimm ich dir 100% zu :)



    5 dager siden

    I support 💪 Russia congrats🎉🇷🇺

  • Mads Kildegaard Larsen
    Mads Kildegaard Larsen7 dager siden

    Cool song. Hugs from Denmark :-)

  • Elnura Safaraliyeva
    Elnura Safaraliyeva7 dager siden

    12 point to you from Azerbaijan.Mata Hari and fallen Angel are the best

  • Elnura Safaraliyeva
    Elnura Safaraliyeva7 dager siden

    you are my first place my winner.good luck.

  • María Teresa Martínez Mena
    María Teresa Martínez Mena7 dager siden

    YAs! The best song for me this year, so beautiful, the more I hear it the more I like it!

  • sunnie190
    sunnie1907 dager siden

    The music: 12 points, lyrics:12 points, the voice of Tix: 12 points, fallen angel wings, chains and outfit of Tix: 12 points, demons: 6x12 points !!! 12 amazing million points to Tix and fallen angel !!!

  • sunnie190
    sunnie1907 dager siden

    Amazing, so amazing, come on Europe sing along, let`s take Tix and this amazing song to the win .

  • L D
    L D7 dager siden

    My fav song for this years contest

  • Unni Plaszko
    Unni Plaszko7 dager siden


  • kaktusfreundin
    kaktusfreundin8 dager siden

    I can't take the amount of Songcontest in this performance, i'm sorry 😭😭

  • Anton r
    Anton r8 dager siden

    12 points from Sweden easily

  • Hans Marheim
    Hans Marheim8 dager siden

    I have heard about Norwegian Wood. This must be Norwegian crap.

  • A. Waldegrave
    A. Waldegrave8 dager siden

    This version is lifeless compared to the Norwegian one. Bad choice to lower the key and switch to English -- the rhymes in Norwegian just sound better.

  • Lis Cię Zje
    Lis Cię Zje8 dager siden

    Wonderfull song. Greetings from Poland🇵🇱

  • Mа ри
    Mа ри8 dager siden


  • Tamar Pelkinson
    Tamar Pelkinson8 dager siden

    Don't like the wings thing, but the song is realllly good 😄

  • BossYeet YT
    BossYeet YT8 dager siden

    Its so clean I love it❤️💪🏼 one of my favourites. Good Luck from Luxembourg🇱🇺🇱🇺

  • Ryzki Wiryawan
    Ryzki Wiryawan8 dager siden

    So 80's

  • yinloveyang


    7 dager siden

    @ESCxIVY SK Right... it's not anything 80's but I love those songs....Dirty dancing movie songs for example.



    7 dager siden

    Mid 00’s or early 2010’s maybe. But 80’s? 😂 bro, have you ever heard 80’s songs? 😂

  • Pia Hansen
    Pia Hansen8 dager siden

    So catchy

  • Pia Hansen
    Pia Hansen8 dager siden

    I keep coming back to this loving it from denmark