Tottenham vs Manchester United 1-3 Post Match Analysis| Cavani fires Red Devils🔥Solskjaers reaction


Spurs vs Man United post match, Spurs 1 Man United 2 Match reaction & Highlights 2021 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's post match,
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CAVA BIEN Tottenham 1 Man Utd 3: Cavani & Greenwood strike late as early effort ruled out by VAR as Spurs’ top-four dreams crumble
JUSTICE for Edinson Cavani, revenge for Manchester United and a near-fatal blow to Tottenham’s hope of Champions League qualification.
Their rage was only worsened when Son stroked Spurs into the lead soon after - but a second-half fight-back earned Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men a fourth straight Premier League win.
Fred equalised and Cavani netted with a diving header from a gorgeous Mason Greenwood cross as United avenged their 6-1 defeat by Spurs back in October.
Not even the most optimistic United fan will imagine a late collapse from runaway leaders Manchester City - but Solskjaer’s team are delaying the coronation of their rivals with some strong late-season form.
This match was far more important for Spurs - who are now adrift in seventh on a weekend when their top-four rivals West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool all won.
Then Tanguy Ndombele almost out-did Arsenal’s Alex Lacazette - the undisputed king of the over-scream - as he reacted at high volume to get Scott McTominay booked for an innocuous challenge.
What followed was excellent from United, but ultimately irrelevant - Fred feeding Pogba who showed happy feet before rolling a pass to Cavani, who found the net.
VAR Craig Pawson, a sensitive old soul, felt Son had been fouled. Nobody who has ever played football can honestly have felt the same.
It was at least the third time this weekend we’d all imagined we’d just seen the worst VAR decision of the season. But it’s progress, innit?
It was inevitable that Son would score.
Marcus Rashford then joined the theatrics after a challenge from Gio Lo Celso.
United staged one decent attack before their disallowed goal - a lofted pass from Bruno Fernandes, a Pogba knock-down, a Cavani pass and Marcus Rashford’s shot deflected wide.
Then that fateful flick of the fingers from McTominay after Son had tried to drag him back.
Spurs lacked ambition and tossed away yet more points from a winning position - which has been the story of their frustrating season.
In truth, though, there was not enough ambition or quality about Jose Mourinho’s side.
The Son-McTominay incident had hardly been out of character in a first half which was low on tempo, low on quality and high rolling around and screaming.
Mourinho was fuming early on when Serge Aurier went in heavily on Paul Pogba, who appeared to respond with an elbow.
United had been seething with rage ever since a Cavani ‘opener’ had been ruled out because of a supposed foul by Scott McTominay on a theatrical Son Heung-Min.


  • Soccer Gossips
    Soccer GossipsMåned siden

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  • Danny Gray

    Danny Gray

    Måned siden

    Cavani was bloody brilliant. His movement, his football IQ? He's off the charts. I just wish he was gonna be here next season.

  • Ritchie Baxter

    Ritchie Baxter

    Måned siden

    For 30 odd he is sharp. Strikers like him can carry on a long time since pace is not the primary attribute

  • Don't Bother

    Don't Bother

    Måned siden

    That cavani disallowed goal was a sham. That referee must have been paid to frustrate man united. It reminds me of the harry maguire header that was disallowed at burnley. Such a shame. Anyway, glory glory man united

  • Drake Geralds

    Drake Geralds

    Måned siden

    Mason was MOTM. Goal & Assist

  • Manoiu Music & Games
    Manoiu Music & GamesMåned siden

    I think we aced this game. If Solkjaer said something to them at half time that made them turn this around, he is learning the craft for sure. Son cheated, yes, but we’ve had many players over the years who’ve done worse. I maintain my belief that buying Son from Spurs as our number 7 would be a better investment than Haaland.

  • Captain Leeroy
    Captain LeeroyMåned siden

    Fenandes and Pogba dive every week and nothing is said. Typical double standards from United.

  • Steve Lim
    Steve LimMåned siden

    I think Man Utd players won it in spite of Solskjaer. His poor use of the squad depresses me. There is absolutely no reason why Van de Beek and Diallo are not utilised more. Lingard is proof Solskjaer does not read some players' forms correctly.

  • Athay Phom
    Athay PhomMåned siden

    Tottenham were very very lucky they won 6-1 last game because Martial got unfair red card early in the game

  • Athay Phom
    Athay PhomMåned siden

    Mctominay oozes confidence and boldness

  • Rob Shan
    Rob ShanMåned siden

    Son was trying to grab mcctomany s jersey and mactomany trying get rid of son while trying to run away. Idiot of a ref. Unfit to be a fa ref. End of story. Should be sacked as a fa ref. Malaysian mu fan s opinion

  • anthony jaffari
    anthony jaffariMåned siden

    Paul Ince is the only guy on the planet that believes it was a foul. He is an anti United and anti Ole. No wonder Fergusson kicked him out of the club .

  • mark edman
    mark edmanMåned siden

    These guys (especially Ince) are intellectually embarrasing. Spurs need to remember they are men and stop play acting for frees. Simple.

  • raul moat
    raul moatMåned siden


  • Dave Eccles
    Dave EcclesMåned siden

    Paul ince is such a knob

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen CooperMåned siden

    Shaw is best left back in prem at moment on fire .

  • Mad Ting
    Mad TingMåned siden

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the manager of the second best side in England (comfortably) and is trying to make that side the best team in England (and is getting closer). The league table doesn't lie. Ince was a great player but he's a bellend.

  • nor-wayking


    Måned siden

    also he played for the bindippers

  • Thunder Robot
    Thunder RobotMåned siden

    Somehow,my ears doesnt pick up anything Ince says.Good on me for that

  • SufamiDan
    SufamiDanMåned siden

    Stay salty Paul.

  • MojoMonkey 90
    MojoMonkey 90Måned siden

    Pogba elbow is never a red. His elbow isn't high, and he doesn't try and thrust it into Aurier's face. Just an accident due to difference in height

  • Neo 1
    Neo 1Måned siden

    Ince was a great player but he's bitter when it comes to United

  • Mahalo Inout
    Mahalo InoutMåned siden

    Play Greenwood second half and you will see his best

  • Gene Jen
    Gene JenMåned siden

    glad Jose left United. he did not know anything anymore

  • Fanboy Fezz
    Fanboy FezzMåned siden

    “he’s clearly upset about that but we’ve dealt with that“... we’ll actually, they didn’t deal with it. his problem was with Son acting like he’d been king hit and lying on the ground for 3 minutes, which they didn’t address. it’s disgraceful.

  • Thomas K. Siam
    Thomas K. SiamMåned siden

    JM tactic to intimidate MU player so that they will retaliate and got red card just like what they did to Matial. Lucky this MU player doesnt lost their head.

  • Auwalu Sani

    Auwalu Sani

    Måned siden

    what will you do as a referee if it was Aurier elbowed Pogba?

  • imanishay
    imanishayMåned siden

    Dont cry mourhino ya players are bang average and tried their best to cheat their way to 3 points reguilon startin it off with the most blatant dive ever then son gettin shot by a sniper in the crowed. UWS

  • JDN Gaming
    JDN GamingMåned siden

    Paul "I'm bitter The Self proclaimed Governor" Ince

  • Messymouf Entertainment
    Messymouf EntertainmentMåned siden

    how is ince on anything

  • Tony Nightingale
    Tony NightingaleMåned siden

    As a Spurs/Son fan, I feel utterly embarrassed to see a grown man fall on the ground as though he had been shot in the chest rather than flicked in the face. Collapsing to the ground is physically totally illogical when you've been touched on the head. It's inexcusable and Son should probably quickly go public with a general apology. He got it badly wrong. In the meantime, Jose is using lots of words to say nothing and talk total nonsense. As always.

  • Athay Phom

    Athay Phom

    Måned siden

    I agree, he was slightly hit on the eye accidentally, but the ref should have at least made the goal stand. Main problem is Var and referees

  • Matthew Tham
    Matthew ThamMåned siden

    Pogba does not deserve a red card other guy was a little low at that point cos he stretching it's not like he was standing up straight

  • Oudom Gaming
    Oudom GamingMåned siden

    Cavani legend never die...

  • Jimmy Jemal
    Jimmy JemalMåned siden

    Ole not a top manager but then you look at the away record, which is that of a top manager!

  • Chris Lee
    Chris LeeMåned siden

    Poor Glen, Spurs through and through and it must be killing him seeing Jose in charge!!!

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter HelmoreMåned siden

    and both play for france ??????

  • mohin chowdhury
    mohin chowdhuryMåned siden

    Every time Paul Ince speaks about United he has a sly laugh, seems like he hates United for some reasons, always negative, always has a dig at United. Why is he there? Go review a Liverpool game or his son’s team. United fan’s don’t wanna hear your negativity. How is that a red card? This guy Ince is delusional.

  • Tuliya Furaha
    Tuliya FurahaMåned siden

    Great match please mu player be consistence until the end I mean 5/23/2921

  • Ilir United
    Ilir UnitedMåned siden


  • cheezy gullyside
    cheezy gullysideMåned siden

    Cavani next best thing since RVP

  • Steve Lim
    Steve LimMåned siden

    Two things about Man Utd make me mad: McTominay's consistent backward passing and Solskjaer's underusing Donny Van de Beek. To me these two are only learning their craft and therefore are in over their heads.

  • Ev Gallagher
    Ev GallagherMåned siden

    Bruh keep Cavani for another year, still absolutely world class.

  • Anthony Hurn

    Anthony Hurn

    29 dager siden

    Athay phom if you score 200 goals for PSG you're world class. Mbappe and neymar won't get close coz they'll go to Spain and epically fail

  • Athay Phom

    Athay Phom

    Måned siden

    @Anthony Hurn so a player who hardly plays 25 mins a game for the past 3-4 years is world class? Lmfao

  • Anthony Hurn

    Anthony Hurn

    Måned siden

    @Athay Phom you obviously play at a world class level erling lol 😆

  • Anthony Hurn

    Anthony Hurn

    Måned siden

    @Athay Phom yeh he should get 25 goals in about 25 minutes a game on average lol. Tit

  • Tom keane

    Tom keane

    Måned siden

    He is world class

  • Rufaro Chikovore
    Rufaro ChikovoreMåned siden

    horrible pundits

  • seanemicho
    seanemichoMåned siden

    Mourinho is very good at instilling his win at any cost (cheat, whine, cry wolf) philosophy to his player. A shame that players of immense talent (Son) execute their manager's philosophy (even) inadvertently by osmosis learning.

  • Amirul Hasan Ashique
    Amirul Hasan AshiqueMåned siden

    Man United need to sell Maguire & Lindelof ASAP!!

  • Da Kidd

    Da Kidd

    Måned siden

    Maguire is good stop bashing him for nothin just bcause he cost 90M ! Lindelof is the one we should change too much mistake form him !

  • athino 5
    athino 5Måned siden

    I don’t understand what they are talking about

  • Ntwari Arnold
    Ntwari ArnoldMåned siden

    We should not try to sign Halland anymore.... We sould either sifmgn Hary Kane, or mabe give a new contract to Cavani...

  • jim stevens
    jim stevensMåned siden

    Hoddle lost 5-3 from 3-0 up in this fixture

  • S Kay trek
    S Kay trekMåned siden

    What the song called in the intro

  • Luke Louca
    Luke LoucaMåned siden

    Enough is enough ! Project JM is dead !

  • Smita Jalaf
    Smita JalafMåned siden

    Yes we need Greenwood in the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 squad!

  • Ilir United

    Ilir United

    Måned siden


  • X- Klawmation!
    X- Klawmation!Måned siden

    Paul Ince needs to quit it with the hate for United. Dude you'd played for United and still piss that Sir Alex got rid of you 25+ years ago! Or is it that he's a shit analyst!

  • Don't Bother
    Don't BotherMåned siden

    That cavani disallowed goal was a sham. That referee must have been paid to frustrate man united. It reminds me of the harry maguire header that was disallowed at burnley. Such a shame. Anyway, glory glory man united

    RALPH DANTZOFFMåned siden

    The Man of the match.... clearly was CAVANI, and they talked and talked again about anything... except the great perfonmance of Cavani.

  • Lee Matthews
    Lee MatthewsMåned siden

    Shame hoddle isn't the England manager now.

  • Danny Drinkwhiskey
    Danny DrinkwhiskeyMåned siden

    Glenn is talking nonsense about if there is crowd...United wont be able to come back....remember how United great comeback ?? btw everyone is playing without crowd this season

  • july99887766


    Måned siden

    I think "spursy I won nothing" Hoddle is talking about the reverse fixture..these pundits are delusional and so obsessed with Kane..utd is a good team and Pogba showed yet again that he is a world cup winner..

  • Utsav Dhungel
    Utsav DhungelMåned siden

    Bunch of muppets. They’re actually saying it could be red for pogba for THAT! 😆

    ADONISMåned siden

    So what jose saying is he cannot beat us with as a full team . He was hoping for another red card. United totally deserved the 3 point . They were the better team .

  • Famara Traore
    Famara TraoreMåned siden

    Fantastic job done

  • Ben Cheda
    Ben ChedaMåned siden

    Ince would never be a United great! He hates when United wins

  • Stu
    StuMåned siden

    Keep Pogba

  • Spyzy Vevo
    Spyzy VevoMåned siden

    We won again today🔥🛑

  • kendo Nagasaki
    kendo NagasakiMåned siden

    Paul Ince so bitter... Can't accept Ole has done well

  • zim prince

    zim prince

    Måned siden

    @Tom keane I hear you

  • Tom keane

    Tom keane

    Måned siden

    @zim prince as a lifetime United fan, I am well please with progress under OGS

  • Fitsum zewdie

    Fitsum zewdie

    Måned siden

    This guy has a jealousy spirit.

  • Hammy Chad

    Hammy Chad

    Måned siden

    @zim prince clearly live football is not broadcasted in Zimbabwe hence your severe lack of footballing knowledge. Mou is outdated for the prem, I’m sure he’d still do well in Italy though. United are clearly progressing in front of everyone’s eyes in England. Your twitter moulded perception is well off the mark sorry.

  • Hammy Chad

    Hammy Chad

    Måned siden

    @Tee BeDaGuy can tell you have a very little understanding on how football works haha. Also LVG had a better squad with 10+ prem winners in the team and Mou only won a trophy because of zlatan and the football style was poor and not united standard

  • Shaz0121
    Shaz0121Måned siden

    Ince still a salty old wrinkle

  • Paul K
    Paul KMåned siden

    imagine where we would be if we were going in front and kicking on from that ...phew

  • Andrew Blunt
    Andrew BluntMåned siden

    Cavani is still world class at 34 years old.. but imagine United owning him in his prime

  • A S

    A S

    Måned siden

    If we get a word class no.9 it’s over for everyone

  • Aditya Talati

    Aditya Talati

    Måned siden

    When Cavani was in his prime...we had rooney RVP and Later zlatan came but managers were shit and poor service

  • greatonesv


    Måned siden

    We will imagine same way about Kane and Haaland 10 years from now

  • KJack Timothy

    KJack Timothy

    Måned siden

    Him with RVP Upfront 🤤

  • Yam Nepali

    Yam Nepali

    Måned siden

    Wanted Cavani after 2010 World Cup at United but this Cavani still decent even if its only for a year

  • Lucas Mitchel
    Lucas MitchelMåned siden

    Super sub greenwood

  • Kevin McKie
    Kevin McKieMåned siden

    ole gunnar mason

  • kosar fatih
    kosar fatihMåned siden

    Pogba Paul hahhahaha

  • Efe Adah
    Efe AdahMåned siden

    Did JM just say Pogba was to have red card. Imagine

  • Kama Kazi

    Kama Kazi

    Måned siden

    He stil thinks pogba is the virus

  • Ebrima Dibba
    Ebrima DibbaMåned siden

    Congratulations to the Boys it's important point📍 we have college it ✌✌we are the 🔴United needs give up in Football⚽,

  • Nagraj Chandrasekar
    Nagraj ChandrasekarMåned siden's Tottenham

  • kimani Thomas
    kimani ThomasMåned siden

    Manchester united just needs one solid center back and a striker if we get that I'm certain we'll challenge for league title

  • Rufaro Chikovore

    Rufaro Chikovore

    Måned siden

    cdm like rice or bissouma or ndidi

  • kimani Thomas

    kimani Thomas

    Måned siden

    @Joseph Parr honestly I don't think the midfield is doing too bad the most important thing is to get a solid cb and a cf that's consistent I think that would be enough to lift the level of performance from the midfield and the overall squad

  • STAY_ L0

    STAY_ L0

    Måned siden

    And a RW, and a CDM, and a RB...

  • Delman Pronto

    Delman Pronto

    Måned siden

    ​@Darren RW, S, CM, CD - also bringing back ethan laird.

  • Darren


    Måned siden

    A cdm who can control the tempo and keep the ball is the most important thing

  • Didar
    DidarMåned siden

    Karma for sons diving antics and the poor var decision

  • Dan


    Måned siden

    @Joika Bolle Tottenham have same number of trophies as Man City. Bet you didn't know that.

  • Dan


    Måned siden

    @Thunder Robot I'm not Spur's fan bubblegum. It's just ridiculous how some MU fans behave

  • Thunder Robot

    Thunder Robot

    Måned siden

    @Dan And youre mad that spuds are irelevant..Good luck coping with Kane's departure next season

  • I frickin’ love the Smiths

    I frickin’ love the Smiths

    Måned siden

    @Joe Dias 😂

  • Joika Bolle

    Joika Bolle

    Måned siden

    @Dan nice to not win a trophy in 13 years?

  • Paul
    PaulMåned siden

    Rashford wont be happy at the treatment of oles son 🤣

  • SamiJeff KOR

    SamiJeff KOR

    Måned siden


  • Yanik G-Force

    Yanik G-Force

    Måned siden

    I didn't expect that comment. Good one. Lol.

  • Ritchie Baxter

    Ritchie Baxter

    Måned siden

    Haha. That will be up in Parliament

  • Loftus Blake

    Loftus Blake

    Måned siden


  • Haris Qandhari
    Haris QandhariMåned siden

    Glad Jose isn't our manager anymore

  • David Dorman

    David Dorman

    Måned siden

    @OABUSSMINDGH we haven't won anything since he left. Doesn't mean I ament happy that's he's gone far far away from here

  • omgwerockhard


    Måned siden

    @OABUSSMINDGH Have you guys ever won something? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D



    Måned siden

    What have you guys won since he left? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • omgwerockhard


    Måned siden

    Yes agree

  • Octo Fett
    Octo FettMåned siden

    Hahaha Solskjaer. No food for you Son!

  • George E

    George E

    Måned siden

    Ole showing grit, defending his team.

  • Bodo Sam

    Bodo Sam

    Måned siden

    @KKYU GGoSa are you okay?

  • malone


    Måned siden

    @KKYU GGoSa how is this racist?

  • KKYU GGoSa

    KKYU GGoSa

    Måned siden

    Hahahaha world : No room for R A C I S T! The strongest racist country in the world United Racist Kingdom !

  • Touch!
    Touch!Måned siden

    Very important fact for Southgate to think about “ going to the Euros need sub like Greenwood who can come on when u nod a goal” well said for once

  • KJ 2020

    KJ 2020

    Måned siden

    Similarly they should bring Wan-Bissaka as a specialist defensive right back. Unfortunately for England Southgate doesn't seem to have the brains to see that England need different types of players for different situations. Southgate just wants like for like replacements.

  • Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    Måned siden

    No let's not do that as Greenwood is too good for England!!!

  • leftenant_turk
    leftenant_turkMåned siden

    Jose is done for.

  • Rockintoes
    RockintoesMåned siden

    Love the fast upload! YT superstar.

  • Mike G
    Mike GMåned siden

    Cavani is Gold

  • George E

    George E

    Måned siden

    @Andrew Blunt In his prime a 30 goal man, plus defensive domination when tracking back.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    Måned siden

    @Andrew Blunt yeah 200 goals in France

  • Andrew Blunt

    Andrew Blunt

    Måned siden

    Imagine United owning him in his prime years.. still world class at 34

  • Don't click, please don't
    Don't click, please don'tMåned siden

    A Tottenham fan dislike the video 🤣🤣

  • Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami
    Kevoh Wa Pipeline TransamiMåned siden

    The centre referee was biased he robbed Man United the first goal... but what a comeback credit to Pogba, Cavan,Greenwood, Fred, shaw, and Bruno

  • Mad Ting

    Mad Ting

    Måned siden

    Doesn't matter mate, it was 4-1 to United... official result won't say that but United scored 4 great goals.

  • Dobromir Iskrev
    Dobromir IskrevMåned siden

    Thanks, bro... u da man!

  • Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami
    Kevoh Wa Pipeline TransamiMåned siden

    First here