Transformers Pitch Meeting


Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Transformers!
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Transformers has been a super huge brand for decades and always a popular product on toy shelves everywhere. The idea of having Michael Bay make a feature-length commercial for them filled with cool cars, military stuff, pretty girls and explosions seemed like a no-brainer! And a no-brainer it definitely was.
Transformers does raise some questions though. Like what are the odds that Sam Witwicky would be car-shopping on the very same day a shapeshifting car robot was looking for him? Why did that robot attack the soldiers a second time if they didn’t have any data? Why is Mikaela eating at Burger King? Why does Megatron have the random ability of etching coordinates into tiny pieces of glass? How is Megatron speaking English? Why did the soldiers think it would be a good idea to go hide the Allspark in a densely-populated city?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Transformers! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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    UNiCORN45 minutter siden

    At this point I can hardly tell I'm watching a single person

  • Alexander McCoy
    Alexander McCoy49 minutter siden

    Please do Willy's Wonderland, feel like you would have a ton of fun with it lol

  • Mike Nichols
    Mike Nichols56 minutter siden

    Do Den of Thieves!

  • Didact
    Didact59 minutter siden

    I'm begging you to do Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon

  • Gone Nutz Racing
    Gone Nutz RacingTime siden

    "she's an attractive girl that know cars and wears tight clothes" "these are high school students, right?"

  • Grzegorz theMOVIEwatcher
    Grzegorz theMOVIEwatcherTime siden

    nice! nice! .. nice! nice! :D love it

  • Nitish Kale
    Nitish KaleTime siden

    Ryan : "Not dislike that's a bad button!!"

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude2 timer siden

    There should be a new Pitch Meeting episode EVERYDAY!

  • David Winter
    David Winter2 timer siden


  • Steve McKinnon
    Steve McKinnon2 timer siden

    I can see this entire conversation being the exact, word-for-word real-life pitch meeting for the movie! Ryan, you're just geting better and better at this!

  • Atikin Vokamre
    Atikin Vokamre2 timer siden

    ❗️❗️❗️ I am the producer of this movie and this is exactly the conversation we had before starting the production

  • Mike Warren
    Mike Warren3 timer siden

    Love your work!!! Would love to see you do a video on the Patrick Swayze classic, Roadhouse!!

  • Chris Percy
    Chris Percy3 timer siden

    You should do Boss level; that felt like a re-hashed, unfinished piece of trash. Maybe i'm just getting old.

  • wolffang76.2x51
    wolffang76.2x514 timer siden

    Cool fact it was also a commercial for the new Camaro which wasn't released until like3 years after the movie

  • Star Wars Moments
    Star Wars Moments4 timer siden

    I love when the producer just gives up. "Never mind.."

  • the big bang theory bro 333 returns
    the big bang theory bro 333 returns4 timer siden

    do the fly pitch meeting

  • Canned Bionicle
    Canned Bionicle4 timer siden

    So sad that every time people think of Transformers they think of this. This has forever ruined the image of Transformers for non-transformers fans.

  • Santi Lozano
    Santi Lozano5 timer siden

    Please make a Tom and Jerry pitch meeting (the new movie) 🍿🎥

  • Sean Bedlam
    Sean Bedlam6 timer siden

    Do Corpse Bride!!

  • Andy T
    Andy T6 timer siden

    Do the Mighty Ducks Franchise! It's complete nonsense on rewatch.

  • dasPitty
    dasPitty6 timer siden

    These pitch meetings are still funny but also make me kinda sad as the actualmovies themselves get progressively more meaningless. 😭

  • DJ FreeM
    DJ FreeM9 timer siden

    What about the internet?? What about it? Use it?!?! He did.

  • pikiwiki
    pikiwiki9 timer siden

    4:06 the beauty. The passion

  • Pat Pande
    Pat Pande12 timer siden

    Ryan's sense of humor is off the charts bro

  • Christina Anderson
    Christina Anderson12 timer siden


  • Pharaoh Misa
    Pharaoh Misa12 timer siden

    What are we selling in this?

  • Lesi Plays
    Lesi Plays14 timer siden

    wait there wasn’t a pitch meeting of this yet?

  • Sam Logic
    Sam Logic14 timer siden

    Cowboys and Aliens deserves the Pitch Meeting treatment.

  • Joker 1940
    Joker 194014 timer siden

    Revenge of the Fallen next please?

  • BubbaHead
    BubbaHead14 timer siden

    Do Boon Dock Saints

  • Pti- opsis
    Pti- opsis14 timer siden

    Fck story. giant robot punching giant robot is tight!

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson14 timer siden

    FOURTEEN sequels??!! When James Cameron sees this, he's gonna delay Avatar 2 for another 20 years just to catch up.

  • Sharrell Howell
    Sharrell Howell14 timer siden

    Can you do fast and furious 2001

  • MercerCreate
    MercerCreate15 timer siden

    4:00 No Megatron crashed in the arctic but the cube crashed where the dam is they built the dam around it

  • Glyn
    Glyn15 timer siden

    Since Last Man Standing is winding down how about LMS? There has got to be some great material in that. No pressure though.

  • caroline0204
    caroline020415 timer siden

    You should do a pitch meeting on the new Tom and Jerry movie.

  • We Want Labyrinth
    We Want Labyrinth16 timer siden


  • Matt
    Matt16 timer siden

    Love these!!! What happens in the 3rd act? Bang bang boom doof doof doof doof!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thy Lady Hyacinth
    Thy Lady Hyacinth16 timer siden

    Pow! Pow! Boom! Boom! Bang!

  • scott schriner
    scott schriner17 timer siden

    I’d love to see Grease get one of these.

  • Austin Ellison
    Austin Ellison17 timer siden

    This is the pinnacle of comedy for me. Drove 2000 miles with Ryan audiobook style. I am definitely a fan.

  • Migthulhu
    Migthulhu17 timer siden

    You described more story than I remembered

  • Aiedail
    Aiedail18 timer siden

    MAD MAX series needs a Pitch MeetingS.

  • Aiedail


    18 timer siden

    @Caleb Blacksmith greetings, stranger i'am glad you agree what a coincidence

  • Caleb Blacksmith

    Caleb Blacksmith

    18 timer siden

    yes i would also like to see mad max pitch meetings its gonna be super easy barely and inconvenience!

  • Bornevalesh
    Bornevalesh18 timer siden

    why have 224 people pressed the bad button??? :(

  • Optimusprime809
    Optimusprime80918 timer siden

    This is the first one of these pitch meetings that I've seen, it won't be the last.

  • Concord River Lady
    Concord River Lady19 timer siden

    Who's on first? Haha

  • greg kelley
    greg kelley19 timer siden

    I would love to see pitch meeting for Adam Sandler movies, happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Waterboy

  • Mauricio Micoski
    Mauricio Micoski19 timer siden

    "Robots love data" :)

  • TheUltimatePredikon
    TheUltimatePredikon19 timer siden

    do Age of Exstinction next! Do Age of Exstinction next! Do age of Exstinction next!

  • wuv03
    wuv0320 timer siden

    I'm actually surprised he wouldn't mention that strange yellow skin color every main character has. That can't be healthy.

  • Wayward Mind
    Wayward Mind20 timer siden

    So proud Ryan's Canadian.

  • Magnus Midjord
    Magnus Midjord20 timer siden

    Never realized Fernando Sucre was in Transformers

  • RoScFan
    RoScFan20 timer siden

    14 transformers movies? Imagine that Transformers franchise surpassing the MCU....

  • docfaceful
    docfaceful21 time siden

    Please do a pitch meeting for the dirt,yea yea yea the motley crue movie,if it's barely an inconvenience! I love that movie ,because mick mars firing that hippie guitar player is tight!

  • robert virkutis
    robert virkutis21 time siden

    Mrs Doubtfire please do a Mrs Doubtfire pitch meeting

  • BlackMasterRoshi
    BlackMasterRoshi21 time siden

    Scooble goop

  • Insetmirror3282 Ez gg
    Insetmirror3282 Ez gg22 timer siden

    Happy Gilmore pitch meeting

  • ColdChilln
    ColdChilln22 timer siden

    "Wow, wow, wow.....WOW"

  • Daniel Dempsey
    Daniel Dempsey22 timer siden

    Optimus "if something goes wrong kill me with the thing everyone is after" Sam "hmmm......or I can kill the bad guy with it" Me watching the next movie "so do you think Optimus knew the alspark would make the one it fuzed with basically immortal by autobots standards"

  • Jakedave Berzuela
    Jakedave Berzuela22 timer siden


  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams22 timer siden

    Bumblebee: I'ma need you to get all the way off my back

  • Zach Ruiz
    Zach Ruiz22 timer siden

    First action when clicking on Ryan’s pitch meetings... hit that “like” button. You already know it’s going to be prime.

  • the chilly frogg
    the chilly frogg23 timer siden

    its kinda shitty of screen rant to not link ryan george in the description

  • Wacokid Wilder
    Wacokid Wilder23 timer siden

    Megan foxes character has the most development and backstory of any of the characters. Unfortunate they didn’t frame her that way

  • Drea C
    Drea C23 timer siden

    I like how his eyebrows are triangles.

  • Azoran Rakii
    Azoran Rakii23 timer siden

    Hellooooo! I have been watching your videos and I have watched every single one of both here and your Ryan George videos! I have a movie for you if you want! Eragon! From 2006! It was a great 4 book series that they ruined haha. I would love to see what you have to say about it!

  • Eddie Rowe
    Eddie Rowe23 timer siden

    A Pitch Meeting for the 80s movie "Big Trouble in Little China"

  • B. J. Boyd
    B. J. Boyd23 timer siden

    I’m fairly sure this exactly how any Michael Bay pitch meeting works.

  • Mort Gnome
    Mort Gnome23 timer siden

    Big Trouble in Little China pitch meeting!

  • geonerd
    geonerdDag siden

    You nailed it in the first 15 seconds!

  • Guitarcat Lind
    Guitarcat LindDag siden

    "Robots with bad eyesight is TIGHT"

  • Bastion Wolfhart
    Bastion WolfhartDag siden

    I am on the edge of my seat waiting for your pitch to every sequel. This is going to be horrifying beautiful. 🤣

  • Zachary Lowe
    Zachary LoweDag siden

    3:59 actually they WERE heading to the Arctic, but Bumblebee passed them in the other direction and they turned around. Great pitch meeting as always though!

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin PorterDag siden

    Can we do a Divergent series pitch meeting?

  • Annie Beguhl
    Annie BeguhlDag siden

    Me, as a young transwoman: “My testosterone levels are DANGEROUSLY high.”

  • first name last name
    first name last nameDag siden

    A Pitch for The room would be outstanding

  • Rodger Sullivan
    Rodger SullivanDag siden

    Has Disney's The Black Cauldron been done yet. Seems like a good target

  • Aulia Ika
    Aulia IkaDag siden


  • TheSimba86
    TheSimba86Dag siden

    Nothing like paying to watch a 3 hour long commercial with EXPLOSIONS!

  • Guilherme Teofilo Cachich
    Guilherme Teofilo CachichDag siden

    "oh my testosterone levels are dangerously high" needs to be a new catch up phrase

  • Ruben Kuntze
    Ruben KuntzeDag siden

    U should do a Expandables pitch meeting

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    TimDag siden

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    Madhusudhan BDag siden

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    VillturDrekiDag siden

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  • Matthew R
    Matthew RDag siden

    Ah yes. The series that makes the Fast and the Furious look respectable by comparison.

  • Pony-Chan
    Pony-ChanDag siden

    My Pitch for Pitch Meeting: The Hey Arnold Movie Children, Spies, Corporate Espionage and References to Movies that Only Your Parents have seen.

  • j swails
    j swailsDag siden

    Lol when i thought he was going to say tight about the hot chick he said nice nice nice lol

  • j swails
    j swailsDag siden

    His eyes when he says ' i have a movie for you' lol

  • Anoymous
    AnoymousDag siden

    Please please please please please pleasemake a pitch meet for lighthouse 2020

  • Bob The Builder UwU
    Bob The Builder UwUDag siden

    “Boom-Boom-Boom.” -Ryan George, 2021

  • Broken Eyes
    Broken EyesDag siden

    “ I was told you were looking for a feature-length commercials with kind of a storyline....” If it’s got product placement, its an ad. Seriously Michael Bay needs to start making movies.

  • Juan Alatorre
    Juan AlatorreDag siden

    Click that subscribe button, it's super easy, barely an inconvenience!

  • Christal Larkins
    Christal LarkinsDag siden

    Oh Ryan 🤣

  • The Midlife Synthesist
    The Midlife SynthesistDag siden

    Subscribing to this was super easy, barely an inconvenience ✌🏻amazing stuff!

  • Anonymous Acc
    Anonymous AccDag siden

    Do a wandavision pitch meeting.

  • Sidney Ochieng
    Sidney OchiengDag siden

    Pitch meeting for Pacific Rim please


    This is one of my favourite things on the whole of the internet. Please never stop 😆

  • Jermaine Young

    Jermaine Young

    Dag siden

    I'm gonna need you to get all the way off my back about that.

  • Minhaz Yeamin
    Minhaz YeaminDag siden

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    G LinhDag siden

    Why transformers already existed video ...

  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Malcolm in the MiddleDag siden

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