Transforming Ourselves into E-Girls

No one asked us to, but we're transforming ourselves into e-girls (and boys)!
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit7 måneder siden

    Shayne… nailed? it?

  • Bob Plays Roblox

    Bob Plays Roblox

    7 dager siden

    Electronic Boi Shayne

  • Lamzo 2 trappy

    Lamzo 2 trappy

    10 dager siden


  • Zodiac Master

    Zodiac Master

    10 dager siden


  • Gudni Thorhallsson

    Gudni Thorhallsson

    17 dager siden

    FUCk har

  • Sleepy 2

    Sleepy 2

    17 dager siden


  • Metacorb
    Metacorb12 timer siden

    shane is on another level

  • Demon Child
    Demon Child23 timer siden

    Me having naturally princess peach lips: so um anyways...

  • Gracie Orozco
    Gracie OrozcoDag siden

    I laughed my *** off when Shayne said electronic boy 😂😂😂

  • Emma Tompkins
    Emma TompkinsDag siden

    When Courtney was showing off her out the "N-Naruto-kun" absolutely killed me 🤣😂

  • Hanna Goodrich
    Hanna GoodrichDag siden

    Wait... Ian said how do you do fellow kids... DOES IAN WATCH LAURENZSIDE?!?!??!

  • kiwi lemon
    kiwi lemonDag siden

    Courtney: this shirt has waves on it Me: cause your deep like the ocean

  • Francis Mareendran
    Francis MareendranDag siden

    14:05 Ian has such a dad laugh

  • Francis Mareendran
    Francis MareendranDag siden

    14:05 Ian has such a dad laugh

  • Kate lomjaria
    Kate lomjariaDag siden

    Courtney looks like a Jojo character

  • MoonDoesYT
    MoonDoesYTDag siden

    5:20 I see he's accquired the iron helmet. 8:09 And now he's lost his mind.

  • Daka Floof
    Daka Floof2 dager siden

    Courtney needs to dye her hair actually green it looks really good on her

  • Dino dead
    Dino dead4 dager siden

    Courtney kinda looks like a lesbian in the alt community

  • Ryle Baniqued
    Ryle Baniqued4 dager siden

    Shayne looks like me when I'm trying to find something

  • PlayinGray
    PlayinGray5 dager siden

    I made a mistake! Never listen to smosh and shave at the same time 🔪. I laughed and now I have a new e boy scared. 10 out of 10 would laugh again. 🥲

  • Keena Briceno
    Keena Briceno6 dager siden

    ok ian wins on impersanation but for looks i think courtney is first then olivia then ian and sorry shayne

  • Lua Bahia
    Lua Bahia6 dager siden

    Courtney really is cute tho 😬

  • Daniel Hayeems
    Daniel Hayeems6 dager siden

    Why don’t I see any comments about the naruto kun

  • ethereal_procrastinator
    ethereal_procrastinator6 dager siden

    Shayne just looks like the Borg tried to assimilate him.

  • Qistina Ashiq
    Qistina Ashiq7 dager siden


  • Fluffy Puffy gal
    Fluffy Puffy gal8 dager siden

    Shayne just became a minecraft boi

  • Cheese _lover
    Cheese _lover8 dager siden

    3 . 804

  • Henley H.
    Henley H.10 dager siden


  • Suckitgreenboy
    Suckitgreenboy10 dager siden

    As an e-girl, I can confirm this is PERFECT

  • Fionn Spencer
    Fionn Spencer10 dager siden

    I love shaynes

  • Ayla the water bottle
    Ayla the water bottle10 dager siden

    So we gonna ignore Courtney’s hoodie- because I find it amazing

  • Sienna Marth
    Sienna Marth11 dager siden

    Me: Shane wtf are you doing

  • Samurai Tac
    Samurai Tac11 dager siden

    5:55 ngl I just had a goldbergs memory

  • dont sue me
    dont sue me12 dager siden

    Shayen looks like hes from the forest

  • Shivangi Singh
    Shivangi Singh12 dager siden

    Courtney could be a gay icon if she wanted. Kills it in drag

  • Isabella Salas ( Student )
    Isabella Salas ( Student )13 dager siden

    Shayne....... WOW! COOL! 😆

  • Mackenzie Devlin
    Mackenzie Devlin15 dager siden

    I love how everyone is actually being emo while Shayne is turning into a robot 😂😂

  • X's gaming
    X's gaming15 dager siden

    Shayne is our new god

  • a̟r̟c̟h̟i̟e̟
    a̟r̟c̟h̟i̟e̟15 dager siden

    Shayne is like that corny dad that takes everything literally-

  • The Avacoda
    The Avacoda16 dager siden

    Ian: They tuck their shirt in and maybe roll their pants Bi people: Wait-

  • Siddhant A. Lokhande
    Siddhant A. Lokhande17 dager siden

    Shayne has no shayme!!!

  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus Parenteau19 dager siden

    Courtney and Olivia were legit salty about Shayne 😭😂 Ian is just like whatever about it but Shayne was having so much fun. How could you not love it lol

  • Amy Gaymer
    Amy Gaymer22 dager siden

    Shane e boy and electronic boy are different

  • Polka the mutated Cat
    Polka the mutated Cat23 dager siden

    Idk man, E. 804 seems like the best e-boy to me

  • XtechnicoloredhairX
    XtechnicoloredhairX24 dager siden

    Courtney, you look really nice, I think you did a great job

  • XtechnicoloredhairX
    XtechnicoloredhairX24 dager siden

    "I put a lot of effort into being a prick"

  • Luna lovedraw
    Luna lovedraw24 dager siden

    Courtney’s hoodie is my reason for living-

  • Niveditha Girish
    Niveditha Girish24 dager siden

    14:08 Damn Courtney really is mad at Shayne, she sounds like she's about to cry dude.

  • Brandon Pearce
    Brandon Pearce25 dager siden

    Nobody: Shayne acting like Shayne: Courtney being surprised Shayne still acts the same every video: “What the f*ck Shayne!” I love Smosh videos. Been without internet or cell service until today, since the bombing that happened here in Nashville on Christmas Day. Definitely needed this vid.

  • Deidre Cronin
    Deidre Cronin27 dager siden

    I was like- I'm so excited to see Shayne's...

  • Kali co.
    Kali co.27 dager siden

    I can tell Courtney was a little upset with Shayne.

  • Trumpet kid
    Trumpet kid28 dager siden

    hey ian remember.……… mortal combat theme?

  • Nikeeta Thanendran
    Nikeeta Thanendran28 dager siden

    The minute Shayne says E-lectronic boy Everyone: *sighh* he's gonna do his own thing again.

  • lagoona blue
    lagoona blue28 dager siden


  • ianchoz
    ianchozMåned siden


  • CanyonsEdge2076
    CanyonsEdge2076Måned siden

    Man, Shayne's joke went over like a fart in church.

  • AriesThe NightChild
    AriesThe NightChildMåned siden

    But drugs make everything better

  • Josh Walsh
    Josh WalshMåned siden

    I just realized how much shayne looks like the hacksmith

  • Amelie 7GachA7
    Amelie 7GachA7Måned siden

    Okay but is anyone talking about Courtney’s shirt at the start of the video, it says “Legalize Gay” 🥺❤️

  • Caitlyn
    CaitlynMåned siden

    I can't tell if them all being annoyed at Shane was a bit or not and that kinda makes me sad because I loved it

  • anniewhovian
    anniewhovianMåned siden

    I agreed with Courtney that the lipstick was kind of weird at first on her but once she had finished her whole makeup look it honestly looked really good? Like it's not for everyone but when you pull it off like she does damn I kind of wish I was better at makeup so I could experiment but I'm not good enough to even know where to begin 😅

  • FairGamesProductions
    FairGamesProductionsMåned siden

    OMG. Courtney was soooo pissed with Shayne.

  • Mark Jr. Luat
    Mark Jr. LuatMåned siden

    Idk what yall talkin abt, shayne's transformation is literally ahead of time..

  • Static17
    Static17Måned siden

    Shane is King!!!!!

  • Mate Slavica
    Mate SlavicaMåned siden

    shayne is best

  • Herpy Derp
    Herpy DerpMåned siden

    Shayne is best

  • the gays have taken over
    the gays have taken overMåned siden

    Courtney just turned alternative not an e-girl lol

  • the gays have taken over
    the gays have taken overMåned siden

    I refuse to believe e-boys and e-girls are real

  • the gays have taken over
    the gays have taken overMåned siden

    E-boys and E-girls are literally imposters of the alternative community lol

  • Isabella Efflandt
    Isabella EfflandtMåned siden

    Shayne literally is the definition of the meme "He a little confused, But he got the spirit" lol

  • Polka the mutated Cat

    Polka the mutated Cat

    23 dager siden

    Omfg yes


    What they think of eboy: 9:04 What eboy actually is: 8:57

  • Ben Webstr
    Ben WebstrMåned siden

    Everyone: Turns into an Eboy or EGirl Shayne: Beep Boop

  • Spencer _747
    Spencer _747Måned siden

    Everybody is genuinely trying, and then there’s Shayne just being a robot 😂

  • Sharky Dinosaur
    Sharky DinosaurMåned siden


  • SchwartzandSockz
    SchwartzandSockzMåned siden

    Court is so pretty what...

    LARCEYMåned siden

    Still can't believe Shayne has a diploma for Psychology HAHAHA.

  • Fred Rainey
    Fred RaineyMåned siden

    how is Shayne single he's perfect boyfriend material

  • Rammin Rhino
    Rammin RhinoMåned siden

    I feel like shayne is the only one that got it right

  • Scarlet Valdez
    Scarlet ValdezMåned siden

    Ian throwing shade at e-boys is too satisfying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ruby Rxses
    Ruby RxsesMåned siden

    Why does shayne in the start look like Jake Paul’s son

  • random show
    random showMåned siden

    who doesn’t listen to led zeppelin omg

  • lps gizmo the gremline
    lps gizmo the gremlineMåned siden

    Ian: Olivia: very fucken cute And courtny very cute And then shan idk what to say

  • Pareve Boutique
    Pareve BoutiqueMåned siden

    Ngl Shane’s outfit is fire 10/10 dude

  • {Lexi Dim}
    {Lexi Dim}Måned siden

    I just realized that Shayne's name E.804 kinda looks like e.boy in the video.

  • Comrade Russian robot ッ
    Comrade Russian robot ッMåned siden

    If this was emo instead of eboy/e girl old Anthony would definitely win

  • Millie Seadon
    Millie SeadonMåned siden

    Didnt anyone get the hello fellow kids reference from laurenzside?!!

  • Lamar Basman
    Lamar BasmanMåned siden

    What is Shane doing?

  • Brother Hogan
    Brother HoganMåned siden

    Shayne is a legend

  • Sectr Reptile
    Sectr ReptileMåned siden

    omg @_@ this video so cuteeeee! This is how Shayne look like in Shayn with no E :))

  • Ava Marie
    Ava MarieMåned siden

    I like Shane’s the best also Olivia I love you pls pay attention to me I will kill Sam for your freindship

  • Poolside Toilet Productions
    Poolside Toilet ProductionsMåned siden

    Courtney: Stereotypical E-Girl Ian: Stereotypical E-Boy Olivia: Gussies Up instead Shayne: Robot P.S. No one appreciated the work Shayne put into being a Real E. Boy and that hurts...

  • Diane Mendiola
    Diane MendiolaMåned siden

    Ian missed the opportunity to call himself E-an I'm out

  • Toxic_ Acid73
    Toxic_ Acid73Måned siden

    Shayne should’ve gone with Lil Sizzle cuz he has a lighter

  • Anianna Sands
    Anianna Sands2 måneder siden

    By far the ugliest e girls ever

  • name name
    name name2 måneder siden

    everyone knows shayne won they're just mad

  • Dani Belcher
    Dani Belcher2 måneder siden

    Also...when Shayne first brought out the casset player, my first thought was "huh...Darth Vader cosplay on an extreme budget". 😂

  • War kid knows
    War kid knows2 måneder siden

    Let’s just say that Shane’s eboy is....special..😂😂

  • Cassie Bassie
    Cassie Bassie2 måneder siden

    Shayne is a permanent troll 😂

  • Lachlan Miller
    Lachlan Miller2 måneder siden

    bruh shayne really thought they said e mail LMAo

  • Libby
    Libby2 måneder siden

    Me: *is excited to see Shane is an Eboy* Him: *takes it as a joke* Me: *......i should have know*

  • Mouhamed Mar
    Mouhamed Mar2 måneder siden

    has anyone seen a black e boy

  • Black Way
    Black Way2 måneder siden

    Shayne didn't get it...

  • Christiaan Baird
    Christiaan Baird2 måneder siden

    shayne's like mattraub when they did emo photoshoot

  • M G
    M G2 måneder siden

    Courtney looks like Chloe Moriondo.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki2 måneder siden

    Shayne made me do the most aggressive face palm I did to myself.